Put an "Actor Model" in your House

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Put an "Actor Model" in your House
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Internet Of Things - Deviot10
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the moment that I let it is that we still we will talk about actors in the home yeah you what
it is that we define what is your but what you know this book is no need to model the of topic the and the the OK what the talk is to explain what is changing in the in the space and easier on the home information In the past well we had them automation may merely be even on cable in the walls and not all I can't speak a little you know there but no form and as that in the past we had many provinces practical but was merely of design as appeals to you know more control of then the real Internet of Things the To date
we have a lot of solutions very cheap that you can control what you want sense directly transform on now that's the simple in the Internet had is only 2 of a you work or with wireless inside and is only 4 seats either the same for park or iro that has a really small cheap and when the world from really is quite famous for for many of the Internet of
Things guys the problem is we have the device but we don't have the technology or whether nothing changing technology of the user might we only 1 solution for home information is a central coordinate value of a central station that get all the information state action singles by the fear but is not is not the internet of things that we are thinking the 2nd solution that's like Spike you'll of be try to collect the sensor this i o t in the cloud but it there are also other vendor but now our hardware single-vendor a little bit close is not really intimate of from my point let us start to think how to create more automation and keep this centralized higher the BTB goes probably his own life to restart something if your life doesn't work for your he that doesn't work well of the program OK that we have a shot of a big step by had with the new devices because all the devices has wireless but on the other side you don't have much CPU capacity if you want to keep the price low thinking and thinking and SAA-compliant come after my mind the university and the act more the way OK that's in the last year for really useful so is quite a high on on the IT how many people knows what is they have active model what that 20 per cent what the the whole is not a person that the fact no this is not related to acting the but is up mathematical computer science but where try to define a new approach made principle or are know shot at the that is perfect you want to build on this with the the 2nd have to be like this is for for for ITER where you don't have to fast and also as to be assigned kernels because your view of censor around you have an event you don't have something to court you can state state to wait for ever know is a complete a synchronous environment and the other 2 that are quite interesting ah OK any process of these you really like process as where they can receive a event where they can receive the message simple message if you want to something you sign the message a you have a state without any share from this model is quite
simple to figure out a wonderful home automation where you have a lot of small act this the the terminology that has a single function for example you can have a a ascent tend sense of temperature sensor that sent to a terrible start that the that that based on information received start another actor or send a message to divide the lower in same for a lot of the same for the Lie known you turn on and turn off the lights and you can also create skater more that this that grief that abstraction you don't think about of hardware you thinks about functionality or but that already with someone think and say that but for the functionality but what I want to say that if you have a huge ball of this ball around the world left and right but the main problem is how to find because
many implementation of the actor model in the language that we have is inside of the the and that is simple to find the in box if you are in the same year I don't want that I don't want to find the activities on 1 somewhere that's that's into the the problem that is not so limited for to Saul to on the path may box FIL you have a lot of actors around because it would be that you have the actors inside of your device or you have a raspberry pi that expose actor you can have a lot of cities the basic idea of my
implementation to divide our 1st of all definable meaning that communities of uniform inside of the DNS domain you have a small son the side of the said you have act the if so export i j so you see that the that is really simple and all the AC source are controlled by the Abkhaz that is a supervised of their but the problem of made boxes not sold at that I tried to find out or create a registration service I below registration service on top of the consul Council is erased all that can is possible to 1 in Roseburg by for example a maybe long and is out now if you are your like nationalized you at the through the system with the draft for variation in the text of the failure and so on that means each firm can run or not depends if there are not enough instances of the reduced rate of inside of the domain the registered that give you the main bullet that you on looking for I to so it works quite simple 1st of all I
need to figure out the idea of the reduced rate law or becomes of across than I used 0 0 comp I have also the HEP that you can return some information from the GP if you have an infrastructure in my home I don't have a DNS infrastructure it I don't want to put on than the lookup of their P of this service locator is come from there was 0 . com then they the the so or whether they're act of depends of the radiation 1st of all as to find the Council of after their we can retrieve the main box all that configuration everything is in the Council that that I don't have complete don't have to make configuration side of the of the sun because the conversion of the Sun is in the side of the when you have the configuration of the other of all the address of the other actor you can send a message and this can be in any size you know that you don't care this is transferred to layer to be the look out of the of the many books
a small they among I hope so you OK I stopped the server and the server was and a bug mall the domain is my house the 7 name the things that I of this as a single so is a rest B 1 and yet the booster type that the 1 on the way that I want to catch the Council like he is 0 the count there 0 counts and the locality of the US is look the OK 1st of all the process try to figure out if is already some constant somewhere some OK is there is some Council of the deed then I made the look yeah and I didn't find any registration then I start the new Council and use of overlooking the Eiffel because it could be that in the future of a changes with other solutions the after that the verified that sigh announced correctly that that this Council is up and running and get a get the configuration of the of the rest very of the sun and then I get their days on everything is Jason my in my implementation when found for the configuration that that can show you it set configuration RES B 1 the OK you can yeah unfortunately that is more you can see OK I want to stay on the spot and I have this actor in my in my son so if I go back to the start up as seen this resolution for each element is at getting the configuration of the of the actor and stop but also the configuration of the act choosing size of but and then I prepare and I starting at the editor system there are the worker on yet down chair the now what they can do I have the sign for these small they more of 4 actors the rock Vogts 110 virtue and 1 thermostat that I can use all single comes from online for example this 1 I want to get this status of the bond that I defined style not acquired the system with only the name that would be the UID depressed you can call the name that 1 but has to be unique because you are a nest is no SQL our I run the 1st things wrong and executed by the common line is to find a mailbox and find the 2nd no I find other cells the mailbox results the actor and after that I get I get the position of the files I can also the position of the vise 2 60 of on left my the 1st you to add the the this is a little bit better the me OK then it is a simple way to to have the control of the device no that you can set and get that is merely the protocol the prodigal is of void 2nd and in China because in 1 device could be that you have multiple operation and I presume you decide if you want to use are different LPC called with a different name with a different actors or staying the same actor with different subfunctions but I don't want to expose multiple functions on the actor actor has simple get and set this is Koeva motherfucking another case is the term step and then was that um is this is a special actors because a scatterer but this is executed every minute like this 1 this is a more example I run that was the 1 I get the confirmation that 1 in the that most that 1 the check the configuration we have where is the sense our and where is the valves what's happened here if I start doesn't work and June yes to 0 the count yes this is probably every 10 seconds arrive to reduce a little bit and 1st of all the get the configuration and this book this table I probably don't have to running that that that repair before the what I want to show you that smelly you get and send message and then you keep the balance between the temperature that you have in the in the room and and the status of the bonds the the check again no I would see later OK the as a set
probable is place on PC based and we have manually tree aliment channel command that is only certain get and appeal to the 3 of them and that you want to send have 2 main configuration the set configuration and out of the way is at the moment and tightened might come that that with the council that you have to the consultation some modified on not enough Binary other binary Library is improved by and you can write enact or with a really few lines because everything is handled by the police are that is an implementation of that 1 of the implementation of the that in the fight and as you can see the result OK a small in it but now only you receive a message because you are a to see that you have defined if you have multiple China is on the you can do in many other way but of which are not enough that you can apply the command issue of R is the reply with that I the GI GPA all that's is enough that you have an older depart and that you can put the portal the configuration of your ovaries directly connected in the in the adjacent configuration the all case
of what had build with that with this system at the moment I have merely 3 adamant and businesses coming soon and 1 for controller heating and and and an emergence of security and and other small staff based on whole matic then have reached on the on day 0 my the practical based on on the rest of I have a for leads some states and all that I used to catch the temperature of on the window or on also some some movement and also the life and have on the PIE EPR up against the board that is merely negate with these wireless older element of connected by a wireless and the way this is dedicated to to the control of the House the we have also wants to have some small extent around in the in the future I will have also z is the wave to control some PowerMeter because the animal of what I want to show that you can decide to use that but if you want you don't have to care you're planning you can build your your actor and immediately you can control and in and connect all the systems like this morning and seen really wonderful things on it's Bevan theorem the information on their but at moment is quite of a really nice and there are a lot of things that I want to improve and I'm starting to work especially on information immigration factors at the moment I defined activism the configuration this a static I wonder actor OK be able to go around on on different hardware is to have a has the ability and also I like to have the failover that that also for for uh I wanted to know my life all the time the and the last 1 that is quite simple I want also to avoid any preloaded the configuration of of that act of software I want that that when you have to stop when the cell decide which which act have to stop at only has to Donald also the cold that you have a lot of automatic deploying urine last change and and also we reduce the time to prepare the and I like to also optimize the left and the tropical because the chase on a piece of land is not the best way pro is not the best solution but at the moment really really simple I get I like also to try some other way to collect they Yvain thing create alarm and would question that if there are operation
otherwise the thing the the
reason that I the the the more the all in which for them was the support and the cost of repeat the question wide and at the moment often based on Python and 1 of the plan is to to move from from Python because as as these really fast prototyping really really fast that want to show you a long while as a said you have seen already that the actor but the entire cold the entire Cold
also the supervisor I don't know
who control and start there the actors is 22 at the line that's that's the squared amazing yes the actors in 5 as a little bit of pain that is true and but also have to if you want to move on on embedded devices you have to you to figure out it is supported on what is supported at at the moment I think the goal language is quite simple to go across all the laugh but I want to think before on it before to move completely on on the language because other language I think too difficult to to whom run on small our I the question of if do here you nobody from this more it was yes and no just of in the beginning and mentally I have also to figure out how to keep the number connection and request but this is an excess of the smallest possible and I believe was 0 if you know you have too often close what is you have to drop a relatively around on that I use for other stuff that is great but this morning and see your presentation about that I think is the is really really was and looking for have to understand how to put in the actor model and this is the 1 I would I would check because I never seen before I I I search something a search and some solution and find the through the rest of the and also I didn't find your solution made on of the brother is the biggest part because efficient way for example the whole magic that has a a world of a number of devices that are based on batteries and they really have a high i and what they can put a lot of small feature to reduce the energy consumption in I believe we have to do the same for i things then we do the number connection with the use of energy that means reduce the traffic there is some compliant that's so a I think for bit the 3 3 members uh but you have to stay below 1 per cent per hour of huge and I try to figure out something some particles for for our system that is based on like this this would work on this is there any consideration of the security of its just and you would have the known to the words in but the rest to park there are 2 parts but yes and security is complicated by a team and I've seen I I use all my thinking goes from really most of of of the people do some might was the people that knows by 5 from from Germany's within and when they introduced 1 if you knew the security that's and friction you spent on the in 2nd is the defense of the remember 2nd and I was a secure the Council has an ICI and then and 1st of all uh that act or are not able to change the configuration and all that means are the sum of can't change the configuration and this is quite important on the message level at the moment I don't have I try to figure out the usual uh ensuring key somewhere like like teaching this from muscle divide that those z the wave and so on but I like to find a way I that's the operational are to be really simple fast and probably you have to all and figure out a way to deploy and amassing way goes I for the that you have 1 of the device in your home the then I have to think on it I didn't find a solution the moment to the atom that that a given network avoid to 290 configuration on on the on the on the is also Council and yet that some other noises public that have to be a shared key and this is the message the the yes and to collect introduced as you think will be will while I'm thinking like and whether we play their protocol remove the IPC Janet sonic PC all our was in that they that to extrapolate yeah as to understand that the form of the packet I like to keep simple so I'd like to get effect the because of this channel because of cities around and in I have to feature of the new devices but I believe the gets that should be co overnight and 90 % of the king was so for example the state you set the profile in the profile you have the time this kind of the time frame when you want to change the temperature SNPs Steve when you want to show them the 5 on the season of the device that have to be a I have them that is question your state and for for i the moment is and the the limit thank you for the