Xvisor: An open-source, lightweight, embedded hypervisor for your car

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Xvisor: An open-source, lightweight, embedded hypervisor for your car
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Embedded - Car Hypervisor
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OK button now we're going to continue with our next talk I call Legendre spend everything about this light weights embedded hypervisor but I thank you for being here as my sincere so told and I will ca belts it's wise or on you can see here this on the planning since I don't know why I couldn't with such a long final but it's the topic will be high pairwise orders so this 1 will be advisory so as began sorry for the deformity OK so just the
convex OK the projects uh I'm Jimmy draw the sky when also uh I'm working at open wide a French company that there is during open source software services and engineering so you all we you will have all the details of uh at the end of the slides the will of the slides uh in the end and everything yeah you say more about how will not show this but you will you you can take a look and I'm working in the technological research institutes of system x In subtly cross I get the context of the opera was or is in the cards it's a solution we will use that it's just the context the topic is i'd stories OK just to be
sure quick definitions I think you all know that but just to be sure I of each election is an efficient is elated the plicate of real mission just to be sure OK thank you really know this but funding this is here as quick definition and by or is a software all form where the bending of the classification of vocable this later uh that creates an around Veisal missions will call them guests and that these very hyper was or is the coast will we invites yes on the board I this rely on socialization support on the erosive you you use the CPU to execute the the instructions did the guests instruction to be more uh this is different with
unemployed Geronimo later is avoided the blicket real machine you see you also see of full real from guess from but view of full real machine bets the CPU is a militant you'd translates the proof so for quick
classification and there are 2 types of of by resort the which which is called various all the type on and so there was only an ice again just to just for example a object we will explain the classification but the demersal is as a better insulation and improved reliability and of course it can be smaller since it it can be from it doesn't have to be and full of rights that's for the the fighting you of lower costs that may be interesting no additional writers so this development that it's a full price for example you have for all tied to view more workstations neutral but you you know in know little books all of them were I think I kg m and besides I gave full the type 1 U
of them were is x as fixed fight sense lies or water I k are the 1 way or working on KVM and the OK not nothing they just OK uh KVM and the BIC are more qualified as type 2 but as it is running likely all the all aware they may be a confusion but it's more likely to be excited just a precision this talk
about a slice of the
CCI words it's a great project very well designed by and but they'll URL we launched the projects in the 2010 uh is his 1st motion is uh was released in October 20 11 all 1 all of grace the now we are at 2 5 0 contributors it's growing growing very fast so it's it's interesting to to go in the project now since so they are all few controversy you can submit ideas you can to whatever he wants with its and if you think you have a good idea please tell and tell them what you think so many commits it's already you can
already play with it there is the more I will I will show but it as a high performance and low memory for 5 the blue memory footprint uh knowledge should work with many on platform and it's a just sits there and support it's working in the for a for tests you can be really really useful and you can give a try you get as you can now whether we you lot lots of work on the last so the repository and and you try to uh they are already as support for many platforms you to really know there was very by are there is the the expressed a 9 that you can use also on curing a and B the scoreboard beats of a like my children physics and is supported the key we can import to also so it played interesting uh and the call figuration is a really simple so it's it can be a very very easy to go he in testing and then er controverting if you if you will and i its support different flight of simulation I'll talk about this
later it is fast an interesting
and and a puddle Rawls a research paper very interesting I hope this will be released soon and so on tests of you have been told at that time a it's faster than caveat and exam and it it has been better I read of my operation so that it will but there is some there are many features like a Linux so that the framework is really like line it's I will show this but there isn't already networking some examined little modules and very very nice features for inflation yeah for example if you want to support you bought of why next waivers on board you only have to trudge the API market globally a simple vision for example the completion easy at 1 extre OK nothing to do with perfect but of course
some layers are not implemented yet of course it's still a small projects and the use of mechanisms are simplified and of
course president it can be very funny feed was working in already a you know that manufacturers and we will 1st after use sometimes some work-arounds in drivers for Linux you all layers and and you have to deal with them and the all the work is not perfectly attitude so uh so that's leads to birds and for example if you what should be as MMSE is the management which minus you of a 3 layers the MMC layer he UHI layer and the driver finally to ship or the other way uh sometime the imam cilia is doing something in minus which is not completely is give your can be a bit different since it's simplified it is wiser and we add many problems with this you can port of arrival in of I will say here 1 which but sometimes can be long or more most so it's easy sometimes and painful but to
retire so just to show you the name
of the configuration on some In fact supporting can and right and this is an example of configuration if you know do streets you already know this if quite the same not completely the same syntax but it's very close for example what we we have here is the configuration off the coast the upper will layer it has been split innermost multiple of 5 to be more readable if you will look in some all white board of figuration file you see something it's for these but for which exactly what we have you were bored exactly like in line x and this is the board which is very very very similar to what we have my X so what see and finally the posts the ivories or is very you can you can have a very easy configuration think also the DS can be really simple as it is that the same thing you have a device treat you root exactly what's wrong where you want for example you like the board to know that varies BCI but we will not Fourier ITC but we will not use it so it's control and we define the memory area target just to show you a
bit this the army I so that
various multiple way off and waiting for example you have in the same you out of free uh us alignments you don't want to modify the drivers you can in late completely emulates the device OK of course that is useful but you may want to have which memory interface you may want to add directs on so director of memory management memory so you can configure through the in later at best through the the pass through year to access travel faster access to always you can do former optimization with or without verify you still trying to that was shoot thinking with bribery and finally we are all aware and we see there need configuration files
idea of specified this 1 also if you are going and there is also interest rate 3 choice trees that of all
use and quite similar OK now this is just to show you the whole the memory-prediction is about methods have the Advisory support all the 2 with doubts therefore isation extension which is really really cool and of course it light on software but you can use use them so if you a simple board you can use advisor and and the a full useful over I Pairwise or should I you can of course use it with the employer vision expansion and our assisted material just a point here they may be something the French they are both in user mode is predicted with domains so the user space we cannot is predicted from the use of space thanks to the memory domains I don't talk about x 86 I don't know of you you can ask and issue of a project on x 56 OK why always you we
used this how there is a translation we have a guest beautiful address which is translated which school intermediates physical address like the it's the field show an arrest of these prairies or its rise or and frustrated finally translated it would be post a menu into a physical address so here it can be where if you out the authorization extension or each and beat software if you know OK you know that to do
this so for example uh ulators around ad education science shape what is done in the code we do not 1 this it's too slow warehouse and that it we want to speed it would we want to be could be closer to as possible to the the the uh where we were the same year so this is done offline who of your binary you have to know where your code is which is of which is why we use on that we use the l-th format we know where code is where not our is so it's it's easy to know where are the the privileged instruction and we translated into my particles I don't have time to explain all this it's very interesting but it's it's a bit long the of slides from June phone but you can find on the internet and which explain this very very well OK to some links I want you to know a bit more and there are many things many cool things to do so if you want to contribute please do it's really interesting that is from is a really nice projects is very the community is growing every day there are many many comments so if you want to introduce a tried this do users or contribute as you wish um a few rulings also with divergent from sites and I will I will try to show you a quick demo around thank you can the and sorry inside of user have
features which is not we really want to this I put the USB over 1 my computer was listening so we I have to reboot just to be short KK exec thank you if you have questions uh we we can so of of which will just after but since I don't want you to to take too much time
OK with of the I think I can the considering ontology the so I'm running out I'm running scripts on my the edge effect we're going to have what we see here is not very useful the other this is more useful you see Advisory running are within the hour side of our because of my is a gun which is not not so the rate of you you add a good monitoring of what's called the drivers running while other yes running well what we did everything we we want to know about their status and as you can see there is already a support for the screen if you're screen is notes of woe you just have to just need arise recover ratio knew if only grows well your screen will be supported OK for example we can change the backlight isn't very fun but you can see something the limited government and the durations I think the part off the full board but of course etc. you can add your commands are this command uh didn't exist at the beginning you can add very very easily commands and debug everything you want and the if you add energy back from you can do whatever you want with explains or it's quite simple so there is a slight sort if you are interested please we can now we can tell later if you want thank you for for being here Thank you for your attention and I enjoy frozen thank you and