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you might have about the place user the well known hi I'm incensed stuff for coming from times already came from a French developer and and I'm going to speak about the demand and you'll see to look to the up and so my name
is a lattice and on the president of the vitamin nonprofit organization of being working on VOC for me too long so I don't count anymore have it's been great and our times to including those days and so on the
donor and that is a nonprofit organization that started as a project is doing a lot of open source emitting a software and not on the VOC and the main 1 is by the size of the people use its but we of the Costa so if you know my talks there is a very long story about
why and we'll see started so if you don't know the story I can give you for a couple of beers out tonight or go to my other of some talks but the short story is some people wanted to have played doom and they couldn't so they may be of the power that this all versions but some of you guys know it and I can take it but not today because I don't just have 25 minutes so we'll see no 1 knows about it everyone knows about the current player which it this completely crazy call that plays everything you throughout it even VHS videos if you push it um so we'll see has been
known was too because it can plays everything everywhere I most of the Codex and starting a long time ago especially when people unlike those inferior OS like Windows where you had to instill good it backs and all other stuff like Mac OS where you couldn't the DVDs with obviously out the that's how we'll see become known it was also really I'm good because 1 of the main idea because it was that the network layer was you were able to play video file that we're getting down it so when you actually don't adding the Disney 5 and and you could just like 0 see that it was an Adam's movie or if you a during the opposite poles of so that was great in the and the donkey days and that's also 1 of the main reason people of people starting using deals in those days we'll see runs every fucking where that from
windows to mac to Linux but since 2 . 1 was to support is males and we can play real the on was 2 and a 3 year those are very happy had we've been spending a lot of time on to port on the very bad at mobile Open Rating Systems Inc. underweight IUS Windows Phone and soon many others I hope I am we'll see is very portable I we've done that since the beginning and we want to go on I but numbers yeah you crowd
don't capture but mostly what we do is 1 million downloads per day since we started counting its 2 billion dollars and it's important to know that only 1 of the largest in term of chooses of course the open source software on done by like actually does people where we don't we not allow we don't have 500 millions dollars per year so we're doing that on free time so that's pretty cool but it's important to know that we don't count the Linux distribution of course and we don't count don't . com and all those copy website that repackaging of the ways while some to boss I mean jokes aside of forms that is definable it's someone every 6 Max and it's on the top 15 and software used on Windows that's pretty pretty cool I think and you don't care but it's French sometimes French can do stuff in um OK so as I was saying feels he's great because it has support for so many stuff from DVDs blue raised network streams of onstraints xl r how they're DVB In satellite that is the I and so many others and we'll see is used a lot for the users but also by customers I 2 becomes coding and we streaming I this is a common use case so that was 1 of 1st so the
the land clients and version on good known animal 1 something and and that the 1st to be that way is played by uh we'll see you which is goldeneye as you can see and and this is why in most of the release names on onto 1 dog still where named after goldeneye correct because that's where the first one they manage to as you can see it's called video and clients at that time because it was really the client part of the vitamin solution and as I was saying they demanded a lot of other stuff like the less hidden service but also video and starting the ITS 2 6 4 project and Lee CSS and now liberate and so many other libraries that I use mostly is the bite by see all by professional like the last or it's a 6 4 so we come from then to move that that is 2 . 1 was bodies of referring so that's as so far the version we have I need to mention
that of the OSI is done by a very small team and the core is 5 to 10 people are depending on how you count but we are quite large we have around 600 said 700 contributors and since the beginning of the LC every year we have 150 mmol as contributors so a lot of people come standard batch and go away from that some that's important uh because that means a a lot of the spend more time now reviewing patches and actually coding i which is sad but that's the cool thing but that also means that the decision when we match features is not based on the usefulness of the feature but how maintainable because you're going to come and say hi I'm going to give you that is all that's reconfigure a I'm going to stay yeah yeah yeah yeah no no no you don't standing since when I started in 2005 there were 3 people who are still active from that so we before merging the code we really think can I maintain these code result you and if yes we match if not well too bad and it has been the case that many times we had the some really cool features that we can move because they were not thinking being maintainable is important because that's how we can do cause platform and caring about so many different platforms most of this season all done by the people could so on the video and nonprofit does not do any decision on the Helsinki it's the code of the code the more you could there are more important you are mostly we try to have to reach a consensus that would meetings and if there is no conferences willful has so far not the folks of a sea of a tree lived on and
we'll see does not exist so we'll see is the 200 lines of code pop up around the B so the you'll see as you mention it is the full multimedia framework like the tricks time just the mouth and the deformation directional it builds a graph at run-time depending on what you need to do and he does that with a lot of models and and that's how you see it so he he's is a very very very stable we never break the MPI we never bring the IBI and and everything happens in the core so 1 this is just for a wrapper that call the VOC and everything is done in the core and the core is managing the models the the course is very
light and around a key when the thousand lines of code he doesn't know any Kodak any format what's the world is just to do memory networking fine and for obstruction be above the the operating system it's also be able to do the model loading because that's 1 of the major and major things to do I I need a decoder so I need an encoder I needed at this time out and build the graph and then just the clock synchronization between audio video subtitles but nothing else is done in the core it's really cool because that's 1 of the reason why the you'll the what is was is so popular compared to competitors like him player because we were able and very early to take the best and the best technology from the US for example a lot of people say OK I'm going to do a video output well let's take up in jail because it works everywhere right who has done open GL in the past yeah it does it work anywhere more and more yes it does work not allowed to have him and he's In the best idea yes it would be nice but in in real in real life doesn't because for example doesn't work on Windows XP as want always of course not on this beer Buisson always to but it's also the same for all and audio output are you can use openly and going to be great everywhere yes but all of those libraries at all great work every region you have a lot of issues and mostly they don't work correctly on 1 platform and for audio and video where you need to be very precise this is very annoying so this I'm modularity obviously is 1 of the best Mr. idea that was done I'm not sure they did it for all the good reason but he was a good idea so this is I'm finished with the general we'll see introduction because some people
have never seen me talking and I do longer talks about that and you should come to see me to we'll see 2 . 2 1 so we'll
see 2 . 1 0 was released in October 2013 so almost 1 and a half ago and it was called ducking Swindon which is uh 1 of uh who knows you you yes 3 projects that this 1 because we started on memory naming REC history prejudice words since 1 that was able I mean we've made something like 5 or 6 0 point really is this and 2 2 2 . 1 . 5 we counted 400 million downloads sigh sink and the last 1 to that 1 . 5 is already 245 million let's be OK and is quite a stable release in terms of pressures and which is different from the 2 of the all but we have important regressions in usability are some stuff don't work anymore because we made some mistakes and so it's it was a good release but we could have done better which brings us to it to the and whether walks and he's almost ready we had around 5 ended and thousand 5 sorry 5 thousand coming but it's been way too long to come and I'm really sorry wanted to go faster boats and we've frozen long time ago and we found so many regressions that we had to fix um blood I think doing to be a very strong release them because suffice extremely stable we fix most of the important regression refining 2 . 1 and and also we did a lot of it is that are for the users and and also it's quite important that's and I went on reserve and changing of licensing of its modules and most of this teeming out with an encoding modules are not no edge appears before I only did 1 the payback part so this training part and is he's actually usable because we're using it for a lot more I we have more than user since we moved to and GPS and and let's see about features the
to the 1 of the most important to look to feature is in the news but I'm sorry this complain on Google Plus and upper if you've seen about why called you'll see and we is fucked fucked focus somewhere as a linear style right and that's you take the you your phone in the wrong direction and of course and you need to be like that to watch or then you haven't all some featuring see which is the hot date which is actually coping when you rotate which is completely useless and the actual patient feature you what is called comes from which is great and makes so much sense for the end users so when we thought it was thought that was not a good idea so we have no the auto addition feature so we detect in an and before all and KDD or 0 8 2 6 4 What is the rotation wanted by the camera of of the phone and then we do at the rotation by inserting the time from filter but it's very bad because it's going to do many copies and so so what we did is that we got basically now extending the video output internal happy i we estimate output can you rotate and if it saves yes we rotate directly on the GPU if it doesn't then we set inserted which mean that in most cases except on its mean but it works directly open general Mac a direct 3 D but also on the way that media could act on we had to fight a bit rates he did not guys but it works and if basically works are directly on full we limits and its videos this very all these video that you can actually it will actually take care of the times from filter and it on the CPU before sending to the GPU so it's transparent for 3 . 0 Linux Arlene export is going to be using up engine by default and so he wouldn't get and extensions
of and we have had extensions and placed an extended extensibility of you'll see in you are for 5 years no 1 knows about it and it's how you can play YouTube video we'll see I don't know if you know but you can take any YouTube you and put it in the LCA this is going that going to go in the page text video just show it video which is good because it uses less if you would give you higher quality than the bid the usual LGBT scaling issues see on you tube it unified they all the fashion but so now it's directly reason new uh websites I don't I don't on all and yeah we copied on Firefox ways that because they do a lot of cool stuff and all you i is not yes good but we working on that and resume where you left off as this is probably the because feature people ask yes the and so on this on my OS and unalloyed US history as we only had that and on the version on Windows RT we have that but not on the desktop and so we bundle that on in the acute so you and the Maquis you uh so yeah basically it kind of works as so we had a lot of support and a lot of take the Kodak whatever it reads the bullshit means but it's the CDP 9 of the sort of work at it was already working but now working most formats tears and KB and 4 the erasure of our menus actually work now so there won't be doing an amazing time of code on the Blu-ray theories many many comets and huge but of Java code results back I have no idea how they did that no attempt was managed we supporter FTP s and digital digital cinema package so you can actually play the file who arrived in the movies yet as the 400 gigs fires that come in next at 3 5 about OK most of you do not use that I know but some of you might and we also support of the decoding of at the word the kitchen so we don't break anything we just do the EDS already if you give us the stadium fights but that means that maybe you could do a video of the movies the the Opelika based on the UCI result buying some G. Beck 2000 because cost 25 thousand euros so but some people did a lot of cool stuff by adding Codex that we're already playback backing never of play 80 plainly could I can we didn't map them so states very useful like the P 7 all being for auditory 3 who knows what dk 3 is you can read heading so 1 end we did a lot of changes on speech if for ever be 1 and simplifies like of PP 18 August the the or is it the way the teacher for the by that 1 some people are actually Gelimer that's of life and so those are we also did a lot of we worked on all seeking organ WMV and and before was really not good especially for W and B I due to be jealous uh because they all use the same encoders is Balkan and does not signal and the I ference anyway so when you are seeking it went in to a great block frame that which is not what you want and so we think that had her and we add a new modules on how we added the the PXG big is BG and take and PNG modules are mostly those are decoders and now for the case of distribution like shoes and the where they don't should be declared by default so you can actually play the wall whether starch 1 of the major change and is under it is a GPU 0 copy so in the old way when you were doing hardware decoding the LC you take the video what you do not it you take the the elementary string you sent it to the DSP decodes then you get it back on the CPU will you do to and then you send it back so you're doing CPU-GPU CPU-GPU which is very slow especially because men copy is matter thank you and so now we have what we call 0 copy which is basically we have fake formats we send directed to the to the GPU and what we get back is just the idea of the frame and we go that's bring this framework can do the filtering and then the video output is just saying now industries is 1 of the industry's is 1 of the spirit is which is great because it allows us to of and the GPU even for k decoding onward if you watch you can do that I mean we support that so far we've been exceeded PAU although media could act and uh raspberry by a man sings and we're going to add more of those 4 3 0 0 so we did a lot of stuff in there always 6 so and you wiII uh mostly for your sanity and put and we also added a lot of encoders it's 2 6 2 2 6 5 and appears to pagan printed the when we're going to release a 2 . 2 1 next week helped and we're going to reuse at the same time I US this year US 2 . 4 on the 1 . 0 0 no but tiny more windows um windows a move down the middle there were 1 . 0 also and all of them are using hideous heated up to which means that we'll see actually be usable because we use it now and then and so that's a lot of not many do not many function where did but but not well now on all stable and you can use in so now I'm going to speak about my ports
wealth and we'll see for on the way that has been there since no 2 years and have it always been at that are we still
work on all the way to adopt 1 even if Google does not like us to do that I to full legal player and support exactly the same because it's the DOC and as you know the does not exist the in and it's also compared to the VOC on desktop before audio player was a database and search and cost of that we've never been able to do on the desktop don't ask me why um the 1st reuse where quieted the
resists my article book and it's if you use this as disclaimer we don't use screenshots the
quality and the um and then we started to move it to a cleaner design but that
was not really goods and finally for want civil we're managing to of the whites and a
black background that match they all attempt great now on the move to Newton as so which of the 2 custom to get to a low amount they moved to material the good thing is our while Mr. using to I wondered Seawolf onward we already have 1 . 1 0 0 bits from material in nice and blah blah blah shiny and so on and it's going to for it to be on next month so for once we be the on the band wagon and we have yes
groups the story I we have 14 2
million users on on weighted
and 1 . 1 The we have flat with acceleration and some back mean uh we finish support on all the way to the we wait for more device to be out and we're full of the l this ways to that falls in is going
out soon onto requires a I USS exhort 1 i which is iPhone 3 GS and so far we have around 10 million users and some cool screenshots like small flattened I US they teach and but it's quite quite good and it's still very fast and the faster
than uh all Oppelt on on the weight and and on Windows and it's sad but it's true that we support open it to the comma conversions so we have the mystical decoding we decode Tate 10 bits of videos and we haven't obviate ball that is really fast and doing more than 1080 p in software and which we condom on any other hardware we have a wife I don't also you can appeal directly without going widened but you can also download it so you can use years years of USB chief for your iPhone which I'm not sure Apple know that we do that because it's not the compatible with our terms here we have added a cold cold backs are so when you call you'll see you can have in back so now if you do you just ask and send the particle is it well is simply that's because on I was doesn't have some intent like annoyed and so you can get for back so that's cool if you have we have good and you don't want to ship all was good acts and we did a lot of but fixes we also have C for Windows all
the time it's for you why so it works so so far I quite well and there is also a Lipschitzian we've seen a bit of a Windows Phone which is a noise where the lips sees walk and the video put his work in the Old Europe with his work and there is no PCs there is no compiler but they really do not allowed to exist spider and you don't have friends but we're getting there and I'm going to finish before they kick me
out and 3 . 0 so next week we hope we're going to release all the platform of you'll see which is the first one on we enforce the as I said we froze to look to since along time so we we'll see 3 jury's already quite advanced the most important is that we wrote we wrote AGS dash and smoothing smooth string support we are also working on rewriting the HLS support so we can speak play all those adapting streaming the only dash we may see the wear them 1 uh working on way only and for the next hour uh units output is going to be open GL by default and we have now 0 could be also for the open max and underweight which is the old version of onwards and also the media correct we support a lot of stuff all of a subtitle and camp None of your Japanese I guess but that's really cool for them and and we also as we did a lot of the work on AVI and full and WMV in the In all in the last version on this version with we worked a lot on the M P 4 1 GS Adam access so that people I realize idiocy replays and then we have uh some Bauer and service discovery browsing so that we will finally have a European peace support that works and I got 22 seconds left and think you know I can take 1 question before they can make
but if the walls to 2 minutes to questions quick questions yes I can't and so that I can infer that might and the question was why the Cohen and I will answer later and some other questions no questions and once fell asleep yes always so we can and because I already did 1 told this morning but who were the you'd headed because of delirium cafe and also because now I do 25 minutes talking 50 so that's of yes we do 1 part of your the you so usually and so the question is do we update from 2 . 1 . 5 2 2 to the and on on Windows and Mac yes on weight and I USES on its needed this commission do it what we do is we never a day to the fell . 0 never ever ever because well we all or some of the usually what we do is we do the doves zeal and then 3 weeks later we do without that 1 and then we have update given because well you block that that that that that that that that that what was the available to the store well I'm what you're going to see our Aporia uh so we're going to push a version of you'll see on my US again uh this week we have the up or will it doesn't have Dolby but what I can tell you is that the building patterns for the people for Dolby Digital decoding of all out on June 8 2 thousand 15 so we will be backed with gold and you put it