Better Devops through Thievery

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Better Devops through Thievery
Effective Practices for Infrastructure as Code
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Configuration Management - Better Devops
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last time I checked some operations usually doesn't like release all the code all at once and change everything once a year on if you do our own sorry the center of the so operations is a really good fit for this sort of approach where you're constantly on the plane changes validating making sure they work and then going what so no this but that's a Cuban and my slides of me going really far ahead so continues integration is terribly powerful on for this sort of approach where on within you make a change your whatever and then you pushed into some sort of CI pipeline maybe you submit poor quest news privacy on Navy's get Lavinie's emerge requesters and like that on and so forth instead of on merging things and on net change goes through some sort of validation procedures test indicates interesting thing like that like you know that 1 co-worker that either you like space and indictment let they like tabs arise for saying they constantly doing you don't want them to if a stop no more on so that process you do basic unit testing or some sort of acceptance testing is the like that you do lazy and if from rod keeps using hotheads then on you DOS boxing reject the Buccaneers something like that on we have a process where you can say it is part of your core workflow of on you can bypass it it is not you can forget to do it you can actions and words things in in it this is a core part of your workflow where you have some guarantees that I mean it is and it passes CI you can merge so this is actually really cool thinking like and I would see the work still passing IID if it does not that horribly on its can be thrown against the wall see what sticks approach but this is really powerful now you have to obsess about doing everything just right the 1st time on on thanks a lot for an on all following are started in development to it EDI I found out how much freedom this actually give us because I mean I could I could try more things I could be experimental I could take a lot of risks and it was OK the this also gives another
advantage of yet its origins earns neighboring points the the or to run appointed someone remembers the all text to this 1 what the the so I I guess I'm trying OK I'll I would be deeply deeply impressed you get on but is part of this process like so I haven't hand on brightness point on the driving forces . operations in a traditional going set it up and do this manual labor process this is going to go away it is on given by the fact that we been on a meeting everything on in our society for the last 500 years yourself on relative developers at some point on or freedom of pre close to it so on word covered making changes so feeling when trying to work on something like to make a change in requirements felt you make a change in 5 minutes is a horrible processes are constantly being interrupted and so you want to make sure that you can actually a really good feedback really quickly about what's going on in CID did effects on this means that like the point the way you can do also the validation on from like once again is very quick doing basic unit testing is very quick on standing event on maybe cluster began to take a while but you can layer things incorrectly so that you can on you get feedback as quickly as possible on you can't meet those as quickly as you can and so using a process like that where you ladies tests using CI on year cycle time between testing right on making a change in testing that can be seconds instead of minutes or hours the the I thought isn't for a
while ago Matisse lipid on so fun facts on the I Jenkins actually are traditionally has on blue as the successful value this apparently comes from on I believe it was Japan worst relates used to be blue turned the green for some reason but yet so on no talking about having some sort of testing system and hands like if you have lot of us ever monitoring system a separate separate testing system you did the solid thing work yet Jenkins's a happy right Weber you there are great and not use crashing in bringing in infrastructures rolling over so on on so happy to see that but cool I'm not completely running out of time I from before so it will also return a thought 0 no all about how I would Livingstons band of light a small young squirrels the so if he did this approach of the CI is way you get things done in the same things are being used for your monitoring on you get to the solid state where I will actually freezes and in a plan in an inflammatory matter he can't work if it's broken this is a really good because let's say the server over here is failing in a you should fix it but you don't really want to go on in a lot of development and practices the build must
always be great you must Felix I recognize your like is that I have no attention span all of this you do believe me did you on so with continuous integration this was sort of workflow the build must stay green on extending right you can emerge new changes you cannot add things ontology you have to fix it right there is keep you accountable it can be painful ways that this stupid server that Bob will not attend to you on but he's breaking important work but it means of or better give a shit together or on His laptop is going to be like put like a block of ice is something like this but it is a good thing to make sure you keep on top of your system on children from the question do you have enough applicant the rambling questions I'm sorry hats I'm sorry and handle OK I'm slightly that's a very mediocre cool that means I get to slip in my come of Benedict Cumberbatch all reference the the last thing in and around 1 is basically how right things will crash and burn you like you will miss something you will on writing code you have test everything works fine like maybe is 1 at at a question like that where you will slip and subtle problems into your environment on and you're going have to go through the much like this is a common thing but I found that we don't do great but great jobless stressing like how to effectively like water problems like this so this section is completely like I don't have any toes to show you I don't have things like this on because technical flashes on technical solutions are a lot of fun I mean the yeah I going coding you get like solve upon your way and it makes a great presentation on and if you solve a social problem with a technical solution or the white you probably exacerbating the problem and hiding it I finish to frequently shot the shock and thing goes down what a good undoubtedly this this that's what change all but many times and so maybe like the only thing worse listening breaking not knowing lies in the now working in you not knowing why because you don't know right it is a scary situation to be and so it's this in a way that share locking but also seen this 1 where it's like OK well the thing is going down the list the services done let's think about everything that when that happened at about really hard and Morgan and our mixing deductions so 1st off None of your Sherlock and none of you are drinking after the
show what I'm sorry but now you can of undercover revenge so this sort of environment I mean the something goes wrong how much can you reduce this problem down I mean how many things can plot equation how we can use simplify problem and just down to the core issue on problem when you file above report on some sort of on properties like through season they're saying territory birders business the memory of case it makes a what are life so much easier I mean we can say here is just enough to reproduce this works screening many environments to on in operation we have so many moving parts I mean if you got hour shown in maybe it's the cable maybe it is on the routing protocol maybe it is spent in particle so really figure out how much you can reduce the problem and simplify things in the same manner of once again change 1 thing at a time make incremental progress figure out what you can do is deduced from the environment hiding time we've God 10 and when your story about how are these terrible so that hardly that is 1 the the everything really is terrible so as part of a bigger mediation on so this this thing that I I'm not sure many people have heard of it is called as Microsoft measure it it's think on and develop this also things installed on was it you want have yet to be worked on inventive on so what are the things we did a Puppet Labs we actually build a bunch of the and that ran on our on in order to on Microsoft edges Hockley came and every like 0 my god mean after you have to wear a mediation update Open cell and everything like that the and I think an articles partially this so the building museums and on so we have 1 we have 1 Burma that works as before this isn't on yeah and it works disagree with the Doha clear mediation we bring about and you know environment gifted economical box host resolution breaks strength and the will of the machine can no longer is all its own house memory gets a commingle harassment and it's like OK will well back so the same packages for like it was I using the client they backed OK well I mean it's the same package I mean what's happening on the actual wire sorry about 70 tcpdump and stresses the need to caught of packets on this really future only in Irvine without a this is just an event to where if you say like in the DC PCD clients can take on various wouldn't send hostname in brackets hold on on their machine that string was literally being sent on the old machine it was actually not the whole being in what your why this happening is the same package on both once I give the same vector and things like that and if I'm the binary different results yeah 1st rule if you ever rebuilding package with the same version member change change the I will find the time this is serious like it did 2 weeks of work at the same time we're trying all is both the version number on it turns out that when on they were working on this all of this is also the funding to male viewership to different configured like say on the baggage number saying on but different binary in a different configurations even more fun than you configuration they pull then was for the wrong version so it's game I got bond version number on turns out what happens with the I read over the forgot to apply batch so this sort of thing that is in the process of how I this should not happening was bizarre but it's the sort of like how can we systematically prove or disprove what is going on so thank you part of its kind of you they're having a prolonged time which is also because on questions with I'm sorry will be the configuration management on did you do do yes that that the configuration of European visitors like the Denver into stocks moderately high is word yet it is where a little bit that only the the things like how well does a developer with the matter of like how do you like how do we do about it and change may change management might have you on arrives in such drastic change in like how I my colleagues wrote code on 5 on the inversion things and working with each other and think that this may have been for the light of the fact that we're tiny started like 3 guys when I started we actually use on that Leslie been using high and the manager we saw my point every 6 weeks so it's kind of benevolent anarchy on but did not have you find process we did that see effectively you seem I and messages on we did not have a very good way of testing things is kind of the I hope it works in my recent tests after crashes and burns and I never thought about applying like test-driven development and things like that on reality is like we're going to basically well any developers in some manner on nation is going to be this is changing everything so it's also a very exciting time so it is a little bit like our yes the I get River I guess the best at the best M 0 god why on and push there are a couple ways I've done some prior approaches on how we handle back thank you on so I've seen it because I don't couple ways of 1 approach where you basically have on with the absences bicluster terrorists or some sort of like multi-node monstrosity Akinson soldiers and like that 2 versions on as you do a role that you were to them out file about using like that when it will crash and burn swapping back on it is something smaller hopefully you did change too much on and you can revert on like this like under your changes in then run same configurations 1 that is a tricky question and I the things like makes as in very interesting approaches to that on but will that is inherently hard because of you cannot only fixed as far as I know on the defense would eventually when she was watching out of about anything else yes the With this action actually examples of how father who as this is because the and that what read some of the this is a that's the relation of these very long and all of that the costs of the questions in the back of this and then the loss of the so long as and it is on the very broad so the question that was asked his hand on how you actually testing the what you test on is that a good summarization on and so forth yet different governments on the biggest thing is on when you're doing
testing test you the desired like the interface of the stuff that you care about like with the path of the apple I could totally stipulate the service for any IQ just said make sure the course running and possibly grab a webpage nature works on so the cover of the book the case mentioned you guys configuration files IndexError Apache will muster that's great group not will not be 0 on configuration is correct but what is your research and think will not be of on for the case where you have you crash a certain input will you bring your tests but on that's for 81 or 80 I would say that was color heisenbug were may or may not happen on but I mean not what you can do for assuming you have a guarantee crash for but active monitoring and not like America that a good thing to mention is we're doing testing test that you care about unit testing implementation on the source that was a little bit contrived it's can acute on but you do the aspect of it doesn't matter because if the pore is not open to all I correct on the but more base test behavior you care about not the exact implementation is like once again it is standing next discussed it like a test again aggression bourbon you everything with the information in the J. the liberated from time time so this is called the traditionally modify the there is word so on JavaScript and it's not that know there it here we like a hog it I mean it's really like the I don't wanna give on my back you but I will be back I will do that later on the in some manner like test the contents of a file and basically incident like this this reactor something you should focus on effectively in whatever manner you would do that by you have a way of Exodus like by doing a person acting changing anything for all on recommendation put is like 0 or something like that this on we can talk more about that in a specific case but on the same that matter to and you could say standard service like in on a test environments than the service aggression burns in some you know what the on unlikely to use 1 last 1 that was the question regarding of 1st but no ideas for matter so it is with our state you can be you can but you can say that my flight where a test if it fails beginning after capacity need not on you have there's a test for the called onion capital for matter which is also like it will give you know that 1 is running its great on in the same manner with our spreading ideas for matter it just runs tests and formats of operator they're our was discovered after right thank you
thank you thank you