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Mobile Map Technology
Developing Mobile Multiplatform 3d maps
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Geospatial - Multiplatform 3d maps
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important an appeal but his lawyer locked in only 1 of the knowledge is our rate is an open-source library there security appears here
here we have we have that very very real to change to good cerebellar today and in the in the next few weeks on the gun you have here all the gold found on information about what we would call on anything would on the week you with and without stopping are home to call through the directory to always uh and this is the goal of finding only half the people this is the fine and OK this
desiring is the build native mapped 3 D applications that is 380 goes toward the flood were essentially on the map is going to be in the form of the Our do doubly naked obligations and now runs of underestimated the idea is to grow it any device that can the guy with amount and we have to phase out of the forest to world the work in and and the way on to work on them alive the rest of the 1st 4 and in the fermentation uh the the people out of here who is working on with lowered why know that there would have from in in in the high of fermentation in the of we have our thousand of different devices sleep thousand of different principle a different procesos different memories on we have growth also within fragmentation of the a of operating assistance a different from the languages on this some very before 1 when you when you look at the stock the amount of the case the the with faith and Braun is the performance in big amounts on we believe that the stocks are of a high performance of cases to need to to the debt load although the face with the with the device you to to read order of of the dies a lot of information they're all this is to read then you need to see it through of of air passing stars on different this God the 2 to the use there there are 100 per cent of of the device can do for you our own this is date listen life we have developed on not the under the complicated and admiring true variables approach for for movies for the variable amounts is with the what k on the more this approach is not working always because of in in a lot of cases we need a a higher performance the brand is the study of although the amounts of top that was a colorful for the web in are the news and you give the way about they're basically the on the more like the devices is different there's solution of your finger is different or the solution of the mouse on it is still 1 of the other cases that my very it's absolutely indifferent to develop more when we analyze the obligations that with figure on the other uh the other aviators acidic of an when it to uh we need done you can use that would have been with the Library another recently because the problem complex all can develop native obligation in or platform the we're there the binding free food with their cultivation we developed all in their OpenGeo because we haven't really of and we have a lot of for being here war all of these work on these complex moral underscore we develop super that's wiser blessed last because we did that last week I work on iris and I was devices I suppose but as you can compile the profit from compiler on any platform on it is the minimum form but we have chorus of US-led with the score would you gowns you can see the map from fire on which as later goes to jail are we happen della 8 years find out that native baby a bot that is developed in C + + our data on the developers all you have to world use a doubt idea in the had to you don't have to worry about how old they are how they at the 1st go is people they had a goal is labeled by the for prices like tackled by people on we we make and other cultivation we've got thing how we read all the way on the way devices In addition today we have found part II us if they are kind of saving on GWT if and where you start on 1 of the and you can save a lot of gold for example there you to be the love publication and the on obligation can share their at 2 per cent of cold because you already have to develop the user interface on you develop there the obligation of also translating called you can shell is 1 of the meeting of the American In this it was must goal and we have found we have found some of the most is that is that on the last to going out to new platforms and you can we can go for example we have stopped Our of law for Windows states that these working it's not going to be working on now currently but we only have to comprise the super sparse in the Windows environment on in this way we can compile we our half there in almost any sort that wasn't supposed reverence there was
also a type of thing and that would be the 3rd ideas devised the seas on the this is our are to because use case where we have with more than the half mile we have rank and have under the model that is small we know there is this a playing that is if our standard data from the brain and it's despite the flying on this is that that come up with really support we have a lot of different types of symbol in error is
colonies Morgan will last year in the heart of the like the work that is and we only have to store on their to run about 4 and on the left added is would in is knowing what what is that different views that we have this
is we new things to be part of the of by a student of U. this is the theory of that out part of the training is set summary we commit the more of range that is a front you is that of history also in the primal where the data are similar will become was a diverse group in the gowns show any
kind of data quality geodata around we all have developed the biases but we have developed a different different tools to translate data to optimize is their native format still only there will be air wiII we'll we'll all undeveloped possibly goes there are it's the top of the apostles state out of Australian big move on we only need to see what on our graph of this is their use in there and people love because they that this is the other thing that we have we been in the form of the thing the right is a point cloud rust and they that the molars in because of the review a the
and there under the different capabilities that that have the library In order to tool bill while abrogated for example we have a common goal of complete control we know of garch to the same data you can develop their of like overview of land obligations all the things that that you can't answer to a server the way we can say from on our basic you meet database on the that of a sentence is more we can have for a line you can prepare adabase on after that you have there the multiplication normally dismal with begins in these notes are all yet clients broaden set client answer knowledge all their mode of regressors aren't always the capabilities on the firm so you have to you have to follow that different studies how in the library if you the possibility of the remains of this kind of for on the relatively lived there with and that without my if they catch would you I is then we have come round will only make use of power we had before you DVDs for all for the better than that because they were sampled that uh we have that about half for that on on the of little use for a task for for for the this is for common example 1 of the last thing that we know use that symbolic a set of the view these is is the
higher the success of their markets by never overlap between them they said as the example ROC believes that the that the for a few more we also saw the free
libraries uh that war the with in our larynx on that were Sabine for with all the so for example with the memory of the orbit of diets yeah
there what you is there a
there we get the data for the for the areas with various other very we not from the owl we make a very unusual but just dies on the ghosts and you can serve these these guys In anomalous server like can only a bare form of all the ties are Jason undergo 3rd normal would serve as a space best static data in the the an
example Morgan alone all in all variety but is there a day Bannerman instead of that of all all of restoration day that this is due to the near the effect of a that was found for example you can change very few would be you know on the fly of it is that this user
pays is very the from farm the for all this for fall in the current sounds C quality that you can have the form on this in real time 2 days after the attack this a lot of attention this is 1 of the 1
of our last at the moment the summary who show point clouds air of buried here huge point clouds really that I want us you so you the world in these
point cloud this hour 100 50 medium point clouds I mean their wave purposes data how we stop always our boys that are meaningful if a world where hearing only the bonds by the following our saving the shape of their of the point out on yeah we have developed their own the purposes the purpose is Larry I we had a better estimate server there if anyway I had we said already the boys to do need to show the due date on the sample the points are common on is the the began show the optimal this is well the last the last part bordering show these home all under its own ideas In the same way with a single when the points are common from from this how we use that uh
and we have found being we get the data we imported that the that the weather really read it we could stay very fast on we need have faster than they to to process the data because there are a huge or with that will go on the bottom we order the they went out we repaired out by mean in the same way out in the same way that day dies I know we have up uh a server the point out string there we have an 8 to support and the and the I relatively we fall with the shape of the point cloud the this is an example of
this is a point clouds or an on and there are no corpora Glover this same on on Lawrence but this is this is
my own this the then play the point cloud is is the same there on the right Lewis the was personally this
year's of the for someone to play economy so the this open approach this
local is there there we go the same is on the rise in the other stumpwork based on a server the a to so wrote a cell of and that this and that in the office of my phone is weighted on I want
to show you of media we it's different the
this is the this is the application that obligation may someday would play thought I know there up a store so use our summarise solve the freaky period very so but and this is a restaurant the the writer that can use any of us to write the with the the kind of time the for
example the fact that mean I got the right part of is related
to the show to show that writers this is true to those working in on on the device example 2 8 or 9 this example is the
style of the Soviet will the unrest the new on this side of no this is
of all of this is on 100 that in way
where is where we have the worst performance on the realization and any case this Victoria they death the idea disulfides
on I this is uh but when
it's was this similar the and we have you have lots we environment you can show that I'm very different weights for example like this
undergone make change their freedom or the with and this is
the point cloud would this kind of the point cloud in the around
of this is a an example of the use a use case the use of more we might sort for the brain you did that right by
in this is the the brain thinking of
fall from the was tonight for on their their obligation is given the data from the instruments of the hybrid on we show the beast is mapped to the shell of the shown on their on them screams of the plane or also known on the limits of
their present on this is a bit of a and the router into the way for example this is the view that you have about an hour and then of the brain always thinking of they may choose for all from and through medicines on that a
lot of different kind of you of all of the various with a of the face of the we have our with are we have 1 of those different kind of data working together Our work so on
on idea is the the very good performance
I and it's in the it's all if you have any questions the moment I on need you to do something you can write me an e-mail all thank you