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Overpass API
A service to query OpenStreetMap data
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Geospatial - Overpass
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OK they give 1st of all thank you get a big thank you to the organizers for was the opportunity to speak about your present BI i which is in indeed part of the OpenStreetMap community and that is why
I would stop you probably with about OpenStreetMap the important thing is not just a minute but it's the general purpose due date on we offering you big huge dataset of geodata and not not American of Romania match the end of cause it's nice and library there's been a lot of discussion which license to take action i reducing that the bound to the Open Database license
OK to cover the entire world it cuts each and every subject and it is maintained by a marvelous
community this easy said starts getting light in the background this is a day of it it's in Great Britain and so and whenever there's something enlightened that's now aware of edits in rapid and 0 see there's even during the days as a lot of activity in the country so you have after a day of a different map from a country like the everything than then the day before
so it's actually we have a 2 . 5 billion notes which amount to in total 40 you about of compressed air using the it's a metadata and they are coming updates in each minute so although it's great to have such a new which dataset it's difficult to process it if you really want a processes you would have to run your own server was not so in significant computing power if you just want to process this would add a dump we are offering offering for dotted onto than it was an which is produced uh Rossi once per week and it's not unusual to have 20 fault last time to get this into a relational database so that's opens beat their odds you'll applies BI comes in and no but I only need some 100 points like this thing you see here I've just made a medical faults the all distribution lines in the Netherlands and you only need a few 100 uh and no it's too good to produce a problem at and you don't want to to deal with all the 2 . 5 billion nodes in this case so the Overpass API supplies you with the such a language such a duke and comparing your entire database and just get on time the result including the latest edits for example the 6 lines that is to get all the power line network work of the Netherlands the who uses syllabus b i
for example this is just a standard use case where you have to be met was appointment with a pie overlay so they have quite a few things to do you have just to do was somewhere static HTML page begin to use open as is a framework to to get a rejection and the data supplied from more the data itself comes from OpenStreetMap and to view of a positive b i in if the data suppliers such that you can move around this method could always a list of this case soldiers or whatever another more innovative use case is an indoor navigation this is always very few places think about and and I would have freely the Methodist necessity to have in the obligation to want to have a set out in the desert would only have it in big buildings in the city so um this is also the case where you once you are no which where which going to consider you 1 each quite a few distinctive data and that's also where the bank where the data comes from the of opposite the eye and somebody could concentrate on making a cool framework the to presenters and not out there and you need to worry about to get this data from the bacon the so just to give an overview this is a really these 2 . 5 billion nodes of decided the OpenStreetMap database and so on 2 key problems there to keep the database running even was very small budget the entire OpenStreetMap there is running 1 about 25 thousand EUR per year Webster's database server which and API on its own but this is the dedicated only to editing software not for data consumers because they really need to to get a synchronization because otherwise you would get conflicts when you try to write dictate data that uh updated were based on outdated data so only those only those editing software should should connect directly to the OpenStreetMap database of and everybody else the should run all user data mayoral Miro and this is why there sort this so ecosystem of the of and data mirror service they also take c update that our coming in from the OpenStreetMap database once a minute and process and to to keeping up to date a copy of the OpenStreetMap database for example even modern of my most In the renderings of France the task the EU where known methanol was and all that's a lot of talks before was as they have been used this is in this is produced in a mirror server that then DOS all the rendering and this is all too well about it the I is placed really keeps it an up-to-date copies now you again have innovative applications will be met or whatever you want was out indicated that the just by fetching the data as you need it with these requests from there were part of the i I just prevent some no additional use cases for example the making this is often the bread parity where could just the download to a certain region of the data and then produce a map from it and that sort of they don't need to worry about the bank and how to get the data because it's so that's brought by the of a poset the I and they could put on effort in making a good rendering so you could really have and and post all the men were quite easily was a software you could share bulleted a giant to curious there's you know there's a black in court goes and that will help you to put data from OpenStreetMap into Hugues and so on and of course 1 of should probably most important is that for me is the Euler past will which is which is somebody else Martin arrival as written which is the front end to make all of these but to make is that creates argument to be after this crazy immediately reply how this looks and a man so it's quite convenient to queries if you just could push on run this query and get the results presented in it's itself cause of most useful on those were involved in of pigments they're tho but just to get you more and more often to a figment our just to conclude with the explaining some very accomplished of for example you wanted to get all the post boxes in In at around Brussels that's just the 2 Anna looks quite complicated by word but I would start to expand the 1st thing is the statement noted OpenStreetMap data consists of 3 different types of data types is not organized in layers it's 1 big data set and there are no which are essentially coordinates their ways which I list of nodes in which there which don't carry coordinates it's something that's uh and of working for people about the it's just the way it was so decided nowadays for about 10 years ago and their relations with which I centuries myth of anything notes ways or relations and in this case In the case of the post office that's quite easy because they are really they have no spatial extent you can you can be sure that these are notes this can't be ways all relations so we can be sure it's really needed to notes for the sake of simplicity I chosen to supply a bounding box this is the bounding book between people and I degrees and it's a can read and so on every object in noise and can carry an arbitrary number of text this is essentially what should gives the order makes sale make content into the database when you really get certain we annotate these coordinates with the property of being a those folks or being something else being a bust of all being whatever and so on this is the free text features so the best thing is that the 1 of of the but the fall you common things like POS books a bus stops the schools a whatever they are accepted in the way you pair for example for both both the manager both both and you can just the like this and then then this will result in or noted that out within this bounding box and that carry it take many post books and then you get all the result of course it's quite arbitrary to take the bounding box and we would prepare proposed to take and take instead on is the results of profit this is what I've done on this next slide now we only get the post in wrappers the were shot surprisingly few but only the the OK so I've heard that just quantity of residents of the region market that the wine I've heard decided to very foreign area which is the name of Brussels I wasn't sure what ends up in the name this is a this is a long and complicated issue of people attending particularly in MIT language countries were the bride things in the name take itself because you have to choose who put to a Dutch 1st 3 of would batch 2nd and throughput boson order if you want just 1 so in such a mighty In such a multi-language country it's often best to choose 1 language and to rely on that is that the names are maintained
in multiple languages and think they are quite well people are in the net path of OpenStreetMap our really good in competing these kinds of data so you can really rely on that show that in Belgium there is the name of God Major hottie effects are maintained OK so the area that has been found is only been the city of Brussels we have to look after what's what's the what's the name of what the French name of the original and so on the everything else look quite similar eyes in the case people but the invective of the statement of decided to design the query language as an imperative language sounds quite surprising if you are used to use SQL would expect rather declarative language God to the the advantages it's easier to debug it's we can really say something has gone wrong laughter like 1 or something has gone wrong of the line to and the 2nd more important advantages when you do every year and a resource intensive query it's likely that that also quite long variants as people are lazy they tried to find a shortest thing and tend to use less resource intensive the that's in so far problem as that we are not joining Monday copper resources all the users from the word our infects uh and crane mostly use 1 no and the 1 public available instances and so as you have to share resources the it's important to design it in a way so such as be easy for people to be responsive to be responsible with source OK so it's going to go through this request have again searching for nodes which has been a major POS end which come from the area I've just found before and then we just on these nodes the to make it a bit more complicated we are now going to for banks especially sing about bank is there also Austin hosted in a building and in this case it might be that people have chosen that the building itself as a bank but it might also be that people have chosen that the building is something else and there is a bank branch in the building was point of view I have have a certain no loss on a certain sense correct because you may have cases where you have the bank and something else in the building that it's quite clear that not the entire building it's a bank you have cases where where but the entire building has even been known in history as being closely attached to the spends a new which intuitively say the entire during this should be the bank so yeah we have to search for both you have to search for the node when the bank is just to has just been mapped as a single point of this a point of interest but you also have to search for all the way In case that you were negated just met at the building 0 that's a pitty I haven't certain on the fly area of conflict represented as other ways all relations that's have my deeper ways as members bridges all addressing them with a 10 year backward perspective from would say was with wasn't the most lies the decision but stood on a hands-on projects you you have 2 things and so um the bank could you know the way we have essentially the same query as before we are of we are having an amenity you were searching for amenities bank this is a tagging for a bank and we are searching for the area the death of the different I distort the area and dedicated to very over the result of the 1st line to reuse it multiple times this is really this is 1 of the areas where we see that it's an imperative language that you have to store all the things in variables and they and then we read it again but on the other hand the most use cases other either using it from JavaScript or Python or something out which is imperative and so people I used to gender these kinds of things just have to do them together what to think of this OK then we want to click both so that's a statement around these 2 statements that make it a compound statement we had just wants to return these are these parents heated this indicates that you want as a result the result of this and the result of the filtering the onion of the 2 without the notes these 1 for example come from the 1st line the way things 1 for example come from the 2nd line and finally this is again no 1 thing where the query language should the account all the specifics of the data model designed the you want to draw the ways so we want to have coordinates so it's just we have to tell the thing that it should add coordinates to the ways although by standouts ways won't have coordinates it's just to to make it easy to use so we can never proceed with the final example so the the 1 why are people the short 1 the only thing that has changed in the we have only know we have only a single coordinate here thing of 1 of interest and this is because I've changed the the from out here geometry to our center which would show the collapse each geometry down to a down to a single point it's no fancy Ivan it that people often ask whether I should use the centroid of the problem is that you get all kind of we it could geometries that might be there that might be there for a away the major fault lines might have closed minds in native if you are thinking of relations to might have a disk was a hole inside and it's not so clear water descent rate should be it should be there I know what the weather's and which would go and watch a so I decided to instead returned to put a bounding box around the feature and just to return the center of the bounding box it's not something was scored and with that particular good properties but the to understand what's happening OK so 1 more is that we want to search for banks of a specific bank chain the 1st thing I've ever heard phone will have clicked on the results was named i G I don't know if it's a particular band here in Belgium and so on the thing that people tend to it's like with the buildings with a burning problem whether banks are know it's always you pretend to something to if there is a bank's it was a certain location In this upper some tend to name it the energy and then a name of the sum of for example this could have the name ENG at but could also be that the name of this bank is think of about a branch it at the end of the operator is i G and to so we have to search for quite a lot of variants of the whole thing could have been met but is that really what than crane language accountable that you could handle all these cases of different implement over this cases of different different by the mapping which I for some which you can of course go and asked whether we could 4th map us to to method in a certain way is style but uh we don't want this because it was the this would scare away people which is a big issue you want 0 keep a community and also also really two-year doesn't fit into the into a certain data model and so we get quite aware see speckle really to really looks like if you he said data model of open OK as I've just told you could have the ING
shortcut other and the name of the operator these are the common ways to to map think chains of supermarket chains or whatever OK so I could proceed with a final example that's the 1 that you have been already seen before as you may have noticed there are some more on-line and this is thanks to this tool of of a particle which allows to to give the results of style the 3 nights feature in this case it's called to and the if there and it's also a new language should centered around the needs of OpenStreetMap and which would allow you to to give in such to be MeV overlaid to give the features of Ferdinand certain design this languages alter reused in 1 of the most important in a test drove them so the but I don't know if there are any use cases outside of OpenStreetMap OK and so in the end when you have all these when you're there for the aware of meaning now OK when you have all of these when you always when you have all these methods can quite easily with a few lines of code you can get quite aware of quite a nice looking man that book which relies whatever you want to prevent in this case the Apollo distribution network of the Netherlands uh divided by the mean was a wattage of the new design would suggest that there's a certain and certain barging into another in the southern parts with the different network OK so to give a conclusion of B that has has often that you don't have for your project whenever you need general-purpose due date on then it's very likely that you would get a good good you did good enough you data from go 0 from OpenStreetMap and the overpass API makes his data really accessible to the level that you only need a single a single page or a single to and you don't need to worry about how to get updates and so on just fetch the dataset you need OK I thank you for your attention and so I'm ready for questions if of yes and all the the the as usually you can just quarried every time you want to render it because if you really want to to render it you have quite too few data and so it's it doesn't make too much load to to grade each time the of right injuries in their eyes currently 3 former to well over 1 this Jason it's not you Jason for mainly for the reason that you know that it's not so clear what's an area and what's not you have read in the dedicated server conversion step to get out of wastes areas you have you are getting in return that makes them now this is essentially the XML that we also used internally in OpenStreetMap for communication and you also could get to I could get a tabular we you review which was a a tab-separated missed of entries the the would the new can I ask for our body guns boundaries the the the the um serious said to returns a question and the In overpass was that there could be a suggestion of properties in fact there is it's called without it's if I go but edition 34 for this um but other than the English edition it's all called without if you click here you could share and as the thing like for example suppose books is in in Brussels and it would suggest a query and not a body could sure what happens in Brussels because and the truth Fotis design for these meiji language cases yes really 3 or more war the the and you can see the you can get the city barrier writing this is so it's called is in this query and adjust it when you have a other coordinated it's applied to the query or when you have reside observed form of reformatory step then you would get is comment all the areas it's at this point is inside of and yes of course and wanted to Walter be precisely there are 2 different use cases if you really want to work with the raw data and the back what's wrong with the data it probably better to to get to raw results if you really want to to be something that said that saying and sensitive and intelligent and would reduce it in a minute and because the mean item is really good edits understanding what's happening with the data and correcting errors but overpass API is a face for in the sense of that you always get the him and purpose to prove to allow debugging and data enemies yes so on of some yes it's and Due suppliers certain timestamp between 2012 and now it's 2012 because you change the license and which make mutations to to have order data also the and on and then refuse supplier timestamp you would get the results as stable as if they were at the point of that of the time so you could should you could too easily get the time the data as it were last week we would like to thank all the area yes the total it's still under development to be precise so it's quite humble Simone but possible you could get said new could either get the data from last week that the data from this week and through the conversion the self or you could even implies implies special comment that is called 84 that query you only what has changed since the last week OK but wrong that's difficult 1 but not that I'm media aware of there's some new obligations parts I don't want to and then the knowing 1 particular at the moment so and not the other thing that was the you know the the the all the and the the yeah like this and then again there is a difference of you know what you think it would not be the yes that's and it's if not what he meant this this searching for in ended application that would fetch a particular particular piece of data and I'm not aware that such a general and applications OK other further questions remarks you met is really something that I could suggest to you is it's really great but I think it's a talk on his own so maybe we should encourage you might people to to give a talk in the next year here in this room the OK and thank you again and