FOSDEM 2015 - Open discussion

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FOSDEM 2015 - Open discussion
Slot was labeled: Using GSM network for IoT
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Internet Of Things - Deviot05
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so that was actually fools you should think OK I can libraries using on the time of the nozzle with that for like points and grew every article likely to ask people at yes you this is the case in focus on yeah so it it is our 2 conferences all-time time I was asked this question and the numbers get higher and higher beforehand that when a man is about 5 % sir I guess that was his would Argentina caring is word Russ applied who's worked with some custom controllers more low-level stuff curves interesting so they are still don't like 10 15 % if the instead of how many as connected device does something and the I gave the girl not broad view of a connected device because what about 40 % now and his were the iron anything about yes yes that allows everyone of the sun and of it well here and this is built on top of these API is always connected devices such as cellular is an imagined doing anything with API care about 20 % less than actually and why is i is it just a bit of time which is more interested doing it the the this guy said you need to and JavaScript's such as the 1 of the you know who they are you all over the world so many of them in the absence as a REST API under very law but it doesn't have a lot of the real rate in the world of and it's going to be all had time the for the world that we would call it an almost time that you can build 5 year old you know that the log of the k so API is a good enough so how do things should solve less and I would like you to 0 the the I here the again the these prologise everything's being solid so that's a problem and we don't work . vaporizes joint client libraries in your and languages that up 1 solution you think the no 1 the from list we that get with the hardware and the stable working yet and knowledge to do almost everything to open doors uh we use by the user as the and and the use of the uh the core of what buy you and you get work so more low-cost devices that can run better particles and we don't use HTTP I don't use it be these things all the time the the life that the laws there was no clear and so the problem is that the integration platform and 1 of the things I OK enough of a set of rules whose use open happier how long do tend to get set up from scratch I saw of time for this this crazy sees here on the all here know 1 some of the things of the intensity of would you suggest everyone tried out yeah yeah I k of and that the apple go and get 1 you have to know the and I think the 0 . 1 Summary of the of the other the protocols they of all every year that it was what the standard yeah there the application layer to and the I don't think I'm old enough to be used to extend this kind the who has used Uzbekistan and use that stands I have no again we have that is still on the the the the things that way the more interesting here up here so this is a great example is both which would you prefer yeah this way in the so here if I go on like Amazon that I look full of Z where x device whatever I wanted citizens agree I always find lot stuff I'm I'm really into that I think in the US the lean more toward the degree but I what opinion is but not going in that direction and you every 4th year having you know I wasn't nineties on conference we the a lot worse than that of nonwords the what so that everything that was there any physical layer radio 1 more the the ladies and every device properties they animals which kind of land in the the problem with that and the more the following yes the European the this I don't no protocol adjustment on that that this long works this very the the long run millions of devices and you don't even know that what and is it an industrial solution as I was the new was the main use case you may to just general summation OK in your title as for the occasion it can be tracking yeah and about using you know the physical thing is what we do to change the discipline and hopefully everything
so widely no we do the other things you know and of course the reach to between the as the can explain part of the data in this this is actually um who knows who knows Sunday accelerators and uh the large hadron colliders and it's it's kind of like an internet of things because they have these really huge is trained to kilometers circumference um collider system and their controlling all of the different machines in real time so this is this this thing has 2 halves there's the Control and Experiment and spinning up these particles which go faster and faster and faster in the use use magnets in accelerators and lasers and whatever else magic add and and this actually experiments themselves which are these big machines where they smashed particles in the photograph the results will be the captured of data so as the 1st part of that i've I've I've seen and that the problem they have there is every single manufacturer has their own protocols so we have we have 5 or 10 thousand devices and have a hundred different suppliers and they're all providing these things with funny industrial control serial ports in our 2 3 and some random you is being it's all different in all these are and so the solution is to basically right for every device and the driver layer which will talk that devices custom-coded too bad and then map that onto some standard open political they can then build infrastructure and middleware on top of and then they can do command control protocols which talk to this fabric and and talk to the devices so it means that they can actually bully their suppliers into writing these drivers and did the the drivers can be closed source doesn't matter as long as they're talking the open protocol this come up against the API and libraries we want you to write all always high level all nice libraries of in our languages well it comes yes it comes to giving developers I think very simple API is at the right level which which are simple and which work in HCI work in Python work in PHP work in Java and which talk protocols which work in any language so you don't want uh protocol on API which is language-specific otherwise you start making fragmentation and you don't want close protocols otherwise you can never actually do a kind of a hostile you know hostile stacked like it you know the suppliers not collaborating so you can fix this stuff if the particle is open so I'm sorry I think the room is full and mate searching martyrs fall outside so we can come the and that seems to work that's that that's a very slow project is still takes 10 years and years to build up this infrastructure that was there that was the goal index actually using core as their messaging system and then moving to a 0 and q based system which is open but that's not really the thing this is the simplicity and language accessibility simple API that you can use quickly and the shorter of the boxes in the if none of us have time to to spend right so is there such a protocol yes yes yes there are then yes CERN I other I we sample so for example this morning we so we saw examples that CP which was and this is the funny thing about so I'm not going to advertise Iran Cuba but you don't you at she gives us is a kind of a a toolkit for building custom particles very quickly testing them in developing them quite sophisticated particles ending a very very quickly in in Language Neutral way so we can experiment it is to take 6 months to making the minimal protocol and maybe several used to make a real protocol now we can do this in a few days a few hours but that's interesting in terms of developing simpler solutions to connectivity there is also a solution that what they and of things let's think about it all the time he yes the and you can use the how efficient is that listen to your mother what was originally it's not just so it's not like the it reaches the standardization of how to find the time of the of yeah the action Pb transport is an XML-based therefore we can extend it at any time with namespaces so on a WTC has an extension called that yet I'd wed you can binary transport in XML you just move all tags it's if you have 7 tagset 3 bits so if you have a hash table with all the other repeated strings is quite thick and then you if you compare compress the strings as and that's standardized she can do it on an XML amount at any level but of course know it's not for a temperature sensor but for an open house for a device that your gateway throwing up to the whole federated network of the diction pp servers any thing to talk to anything in any other domain and you can use any physical layers you walk in and out going to collapse or whatever and then fund-raising making business between companies whatever any device in any company can talk devising another company just as you would do it instant-messaging 3 people you have advertising in your talk but it was I have some ring Methodology Overview the workings of the gold IG methodology um so you have a laptop can use of leachate connection with which connected to the Internet I have a Mac by data mining adapted to the the and a connection of tones in the beginning of the but it's a lot my name is Tom Collins with the also of called smart living built by were Belgium based on a building up and and things end-to-end solution and basically we're working on this for to connect year of the then with unified Europe 2 and that I've been involved in the different aspects of the platform want to do now is to share some of
things that I've learned from that uh and make it easier for other people to build piety
projects the the I these ideas on back the the and that no not just of you will be there this past and that was that the building you what I think
and there
it is there a lot of but I'm working on this crazy Iady methodology of the that the person context for this and to small living as a platform of building in this moment all right so we're kernels path and bassist and connecting the governor's small firms there's a fictional 5 widgets is also the things that of back and forth we using rather and cues and connected to you and keep the stall MFIs REST interfaces and promote what want really pushing Z-Wave as well so that was a good day we're working on Rosenthal to develop versions it can extend the gateway and we have this really slim weight so z white convergence 6 so that does everything in the cloud and just put this in Toronto things are connected the devices so small living that's from a few interesting about piety methodologies and something of pushing the moment so it's o'clock best practices for purging t and obstruct between designers and developers the biggest from half of all development team user we get lost a crazy ideas but then they start about limitations of protocols and technologies and How can we convert these ideas into working projects actually Cybermen stops in results straight away and as recently in some units as well trying all the Addison Gallery which really also per type in bold if you use Argentina even hit roadblocks eventually it's the not reside variety just microcontrollers which people try you fighting now the Galileo it's kind of divided to Edison's reposition throughout is this tiny little control about this big running on the Linux operating system has Wi-Fi bleats unified surrealist the so the goal is i the methodology is to allow everyone experience the Internet of Things by seeing the potentials common use-cases through iterative prototyping of rolling stock mentality everything I say the moment is people talking about huge numbers of connectives and World World income families it's the same planet it'll talk learners their racy at much action of last 2 years and really seen too much all these conferences and still people talking are it's alive demos and it's it's quite hard to find and the common use cases or I mean by that is dual co-creation sessions and people always go the same use cases smart fridge they're was not columns modest on smaller and until these people see it and not to try it out the looking to think what would enact sold and build on top of the system concerning the service and that's that we actually build on top with common use cases so this leads into meaningful Internet of Things humans Cisco IBM pushing smart cities I don't know if you see many Use Cases for the Smart Cities if you walk down the street you think how in the heck is allowed to the sparse and his car builders also application this is really what we're trying to push but I don't feel that inspired but I wanna build application basis sparsity regards so there'll goal is to enable individuals communities and organizations to think margin and question what's next and inspire the next corrupt thus throughout Persia and get people to stop building things and this this is the this is the floor the force of the whole projects and it is this pair of the World Wide Web open sources should be governed by the pop profit of politics and it should be about creativity enthusiasm and pushing people to do something you acid the IT methodology is revolve loses such because mutual value for participate by sharing collaboration and learning so I don't know don't what enterprises and people governing what's going on enterprises should be involved to provide the aspect which is really a top down but it should be from maker community building things test and things are really trying things out so certain ecosystem of tool design patterned offered to reference models guidelines building IT solutions when we build small living there is no real references with the findings of silence solutions but some is very hard to find actual use cases of people using this a lot of you certainly the more exciting applications the the original not called on the side of the that was the of you the all the all the case so the most interesting IT solutions can hold up but I think no bread Israel soon and so 2 years ago but demo of it is in a conference room and the guy's name and they had ever in the room using Twitter to interactive is IT platform as a let's lighting up on this device that does a real to use case of everyone interacting with analysis of real from of the benefit of that the just prototype really easily and stop looking at these devices and building automation so even if you distributed platform does matter if it's connected to his zebra day where if fits makers devised this some consumer solution you can start organisms because all of the loss of life the Mars yeah not fall in the life all loss of the this would be a real real life some of the most exciting rely on the announced that the profit and loss of a of the and if you take the the the this the rule or as a series of frost detection temperature detection general environmental sensors regressor in this field information the and in a little part of my part of the information that the lost and you because I can use the of this very much sort of building automation and emotion of our food of all models and it you it what the last part what for the large-scale stuff was small cities I don't actually know these great use cases and the SmartSantander additonal also stuff and as these things going on but I can't give you can also use case let's say if you want to use another leading to the speakers on the question here you can go to the public and feature of the vector that is if you can see them yourself you from roughly but because the of the In another use case this is not a society that has a lot of work and this I want form what do you think have the function in the in with the use of I look at the very concrete itself and we have a lot of in general and because some of the what about them in the UK don't all you transform the word then it is a stable in our society it so am news case small cars apparently you need to keep because the charge is maintained or what the all of I think you know this is a this a more it it the to of the recording and all that and you know what you would of course we're going to into conditions job at the back that of the government did you look at it slows the Almighty methodology double present in the image of an