Why open source lets a broadcaster sleep at night

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Why open source lets a broadcaster sleep at night
Open source project within a TV Broadcast Workflow
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Open Media - Tv opensource
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Googol Open source
right and I'm in a league of working for trace TV we are of friends broadcasters and that the goal is presentation is to present the famous so open source projects and how we use it in a broadcast environment so
traces of a bunch of different kind of channels we have our full opportunity linear music channels those posts into 2 main channels we have 1 radio station FM and just from from the since now we have 1 orange here radio station so we do with the 19 fields uh old produced and broadcast from Paris and there because in 160 countries of associate satellites the so mentioned
this to Roman later was a they because manager on Germany but was here with us today who was a technical and development manager now for the people working with us we have in our country 170 servers to monitor and maintain provided by 20 different constructors I mean we have the um under the fence over each times and so for us so they time doesn't really mean anything it is the time for 1 of our friends all the time and there no 1 in the technical team is working on site at at nite or during the weekends so old proceed some dramatic effects and have the sound 0 sorry the you have account I will speak rather have OK so 1st the implementation of an open source project is an edges of is and if I remember correctly the very 1st project we implement this is really the key of forced to sleep so as you can see on this graphic here uh you of all the different servers in a good but we have all the different playouts over as a different information servers the different a graphic server as the encoder is maxing equipments all of them are in in in a debt Nigel's graphical in this graphic interface here basically when I 1st implemented the version 3 . 3 1 but it was very of for these graphs and you at 1st because if it was read something went wrong and if any of our articulation can easily understand what the problem was and there we had some basic made with warnings which were concentrated to basically this is very important for us because any of our technician and we have even some people at risk on uneven technician but Warhol working on goal can understand what's wrong even isn't technicians because basically you know exactly this expressed I need to remove the server and you may not even understand what odds interaction between the different servers and you may be over in in an operational context the context it may work the oldest treats the 1st 2 of the road toward phoneme is I think pretty simple to implement as another really good color um is scripts were mainly designed to and To Wong and sorry to read some love Phys and recognize and correct some patterns warning heroes and then do some from conditional logics to know if it is important not to return to the operator who was in cold uh but then the project so as you will knowledge motion is in charge of of involved in it uh so no we list of the main warnings in were working get directly was assigned traps directly from the different broadcast equipment so it is much more of a precise inconvenient and we go further in diagnostic diagnoses the so so basically you know we receive on our fun often in the middle of the nite I don't know why ordering harbors days of this weird days where all everything crashes and we receive préciser MIT messages which say Turkey which equipment crashes what kind of problems in the homework problems related to like let's say if you see you a consumption is 2 1 of the person and also system is off but against we can monitor to run uh some application noise they crashed and the what throw working on Rhino on this environment is to send to events in in key older resort to which we do right now is a we have a change of our equipment is dead changes which are manufactured by which is a Swedish company and we can so the principle the principle of this generous to switch to some of in is of a of a poem alarming signal and no we can directly sent an innocent trap to switch it directly in our in when we acknowledge that they usually will directly switch to the to the main freedom when the problem is solved which saves a lot of times especially when you're doing everything remotely on of opinion your in in the middle of the nite you just apple is a problem and you switch the the the signal from backup 2 main main dimensional all the opposite and this uh this is as being more developed to his as a tactical view uh 0 which is much more just to a bunch of least of all a it's all warning ready to use and much more easy to do with as a as you can see our view of this was the you probably last year and we had more and more and more equipment switched start to become a little bit the z over there and this is much more clear to be redirected redirected to any of the different equipment so another project to
we work right we is is a Google it API and this was a uh regard for the marketing department was a requirement for the marketing department because as we have all these clients and always in the middle of the nite like it's a we have a cold and I will make it a chore for you but like I will have like going from Indonesia of black signal but and of course I don't know by heart all my of clients so it is a really easy way to do zooming partition of 2 badinage a roughly you zoom into the country and you may find you draw the country clients in there then we have like some color code to make it know make it more in which clients are more important I won't save names uh and we when we take here we have this market information transformation for numbers and the predictive use on the satellite they're receiving you have to with all the different of station and can create work like 0 who e-mails uh who contacts and sentiment ematical you generated e-mail to all of them like let's say we know that there's an issue that is is something station because of the of the of of a child parent logic you will send directly to the constant person the same e-mail saying that we have known issue shown here
and we were to our with that another project them Redmine a what helped us a lot to for much more for the uncle management affords can double as you can see here we we're doing our project management in against Inter 1st there I think I've I of this this and this project and it makes it much more easier uh what we do too is that we are working this servers on establishing our 1st QSO reports which basically are just some SQL request directly sent to the minus critique or a friend mine because as we will report there all the different incidents we have on there dream there we just then do some muscular request on some on some key words and we can have our mean incident we have from related to transmission related to to to crush of some servers except run produce pretty easy some QSAR reports and so on monetary central this is much more and dedication to the to the end user uh because the when I arrive at traces for years ago or even 3 years ago and all the person there was to working Wizard of paper like just for the work for internal workflow process to know like verification process uh like receive media from other types of content providers and he was we complicated for them to check the quench of which receive a foot we send so basically is just a really simple of forms but the bootstrap project to make so I think it is very easy to have this kind of interface old round because of because of its vari ety an hour we use resized the automatically the different platforms uh iPads phonics interrupt and then I have wife who is based on among would you you that the basic but I like the idea of just pushing measures and is that the base and getting back my I like I think it is it is very simple to you to use I came and then there we created to lose so this web interface for a fight converter is kind of the same many of our people are converting size with or even really understanding what is the origin is so we just but needed like an interface you throw a youth refined their annual was a correct not correct we don't even for someone who doesn't even know what is a new formats and I would say that some it's of something user friendly and absolute our chain and then it is a conversion work is done by ffmpeg scripts the we use a system big to for summer RGB transmission toward an emotion you can string harder our life of the child so they're emotions and uh and so is basically what we do is like when they directly already multicast IP streams from are encoded as we send it to a system by created different bitrates depending what the emotional or you to want were walking was written out to and there we just pushed to there are gender server uh and they're like all the different sort of which are implemented in the of operating system are you have full but this stub streets I want to with the program name as a leveraged small program in supervised which just quantification crushing reporter restored the application and then you can add semantic discrete so like 1st just cinema to say like the the emotions are just crashed or nowhere working for for this year to replace this by simply trips be integrated in Najaf as well I remember for that something to is that big project so that we're working on is merging their red mining Niger's environments because what we would like is like I said earlier when in I just we are knowledge a problem like it to create automatically that incident in in mind OK so the so um so that the ongoing projects where our friend the users of open and in the solutions and uh based on on the crystals products so it happens on many different tasks but the 1st uh the 1st 1 is that I think we implemented using the the recording and simple extraction for what it is you extract um sources are recording 24 hours a day so over through the open and interface and open it in interface provides to a very simple way to extract to scroll the the like so string which has been discussed in and extract what we want which is exactly what what the what the the the view that the malls or uh it can help to for a legal compliance inference was assessed up when they say that who want to have an extract of that video could from yesterday at 6 is very easy to do we just the implemented through this project on the which sharing is working I implemented and make a change of our system was to another of open it in solution what is a very convenient is that so OK so we switch from the main feed that idea stream we can switch to a local file which is a which is played locally on the server this which is very smooth then we're reappear easy to use and contribute to our different uh that in that the centers but what is convenient to is that the local and the phyla which can be directly extracted from the previous application so because back in time he was we had always goes the production team to recall what happened couple days ago and then converted and inserted this system there we just move a fight extracted from open and then and then it's always looks quite recent when we switch toward it and then no we are work right no implementing an open it and bricks to 4 for our internal IPTV network so you just have a server an open it and key and you basically have some some cars 2 of the 2 research into the mixing everything was with you on your on the GPU to guests strings and the OK and there is a
little some was a different projects I just mentioned and I think we can go further questions human a the question of the British the yeah the of on right the it should not but I can say about the all sorry of the this is the question here is that is that if we have evaluated on much money we saved the wizard using open source and I answered a lot because just going on I remember 1 of the very 1st I a 1st didn't receive money saved the our life quality as a technician because of the 1st measures implementation just to help us to sleep what was really not possible the 1st 2 years when I announced the 1st channels so yes this has no value the and then uh yes so I remember is that we need to recall the streams of fraud Cysticercosis they compliance and just a recorder provided by being near commercial services like from between 5 and 10 graceful 1 feed so just now we slightly different a pencil servers it's much it's much more convenient design for broadcasters and yes chip and now that's what I'd like to all these different servers we of noise-like were buying a bunch of sorrows and is aggressions we can just replace it as it is compared to the commercial world when you have any problems any commercial solver you just have to wait that they sent another 1 and it can just be replaced as is India's is buying then age pieces yes you know in the library you I think of the uh some 260 equations are user are we encoding real-time 9 x 65 we haven't tried yet I just have I just tried the peaks 265 a decoder I'm mainly interested in the x 265 projects to save the to save space because of the use of bandwidth reduction and this is my main focus for the moment that the better archive is a what is essentially our projects much more for the June to December 7 15 run right now we're working on on finalizing this integration of more of a between a just remind were phrasings this and the beginning of this year and then we true will have to say space was off recorded 5 so yes it i diff I will definitely consider a 2 x 4 65 project what you you have the so so the question is the regarding is different could acquire using uh and uh we are using me you multicast uh we are using some origin for the the motion of platforms and then for adaptive streaming at but it's an example of this an external company will you who does it from from the UDP streams even really closes question for the you elaborate a bit on the scale use a city of the country a this life 200 users of the users in in in the devices on instrument which question because 70 services like our control is made of 70 servers different graphics of a spilled service foreign antigens that's and our goal is clearly to decrease this number a working on on the transition model work with I consider buying some of some blades and and tried is a different of main I chose shared between 2 different vectorization of solutions but just he will rehab was to decrease that the number of servers because we don't have that much space in our offices so for it's already too much sense so a question maybe you'll see distribution states you what about product in the form that you think that all you see here investigated the all you would do yes if and whether he that was about it even and less so Forza moments after I remember I'm sorry if I'm and because in natural remember exactly the names there's no 1 in this and some new Cinderella remember that 1 and I remember 1 of the 1 that I mean sorry I will find the name again uh I read see the force regarding prediction team for the transcoding options for the moment because this is where ordering like especially when we have to transcode always assume find the same for much we always implement some and biggest scripts here and there uh regarding anything it's history complicated to meaning even for our editor achievement even to for switching from 2 commercial product from a finite that to
toward I mean it since or an extremely complicated uh the will any days whatever you choose you will cost a lot of money in training for all the teams album just refuse and we don't really have that we have work kind of entirely on that aspect of foments where are only working on a final cuts but we have issues with them except from that as version and that would then so yes we are reconsidering different options that I have made many images and what about the handling of production former here they have to France i and you on yes but basically we simplified arising as ingestion of working with the aura of ready to broadcast phase from a to z were working on Linux effects digamma 50 megabits from a to z data directly from on the on the reduced broadcast violent it's just a different folder and copy but we we say to do this so everything received basically going up in what shoulder and is being transcode to a mix of is gun to be then really used by the editors or whatever quantity application could this work the the end of his and want and as we found this incorrectly question is a that is a is part of the experimental if index servers this Sen no but I think like when the owner of my of my group seal cost-effective it is to use a 5th and they go to experimental war just disappear and they consider it the prediction of so yes it's been nuisance 3 years now and I don't reconsidered so you all the the answer is no the now the world our servers are under the with wasn't the plan yes yes good and we use this little G. query interface 4 for our you end users to access the servers because we don't really want them to be involving the sovereign but this at all the time or or what we and all of the things that you find in bars so in the so it is to so the question is how do we protect ourselves from external content from Viet various and all it is not it is really really complicated today uh trace main customers and main producers because of many offices in different country or from South Africa from manager and from South America and so for example in the case of so suffragan Ganjin board is extreme expensive to adjust uh symmetrical guaranteed 1 megabytes connection internet is a firm several grounds amounts so it's extreme expensive so in this case we're still how working with Andres this in our drivers and by cadres we try segments we tried that i've to please there are many many dime out all the time on on the 2 position as soon as we basically the report the US so yes from and the excessive quickest ways hard drive and divert over an open source project name get appearance which I would like to try made by imagine America but I don't have more information and predict from virus I think the the apple and Lennox environment we have because we already have this is in our in other facilities really helps to to stop to from a virus so expansion in the hopes to answer a question with help of this work questions about licensing because of all and then you can go the for you the what would you mean that the license so I'm sorry I'm really I'm not aware that the yes and the mention of the of the money and operation time yes you who love you let me know and that to for the moment they I think for the moment they just see that there is a value in in the occurrence of projects it took 5 years to just reads angle because when I arrived they just didn't want to hear about it or I use it in secret and it's after 2 years of specific they working that these all ah yes and it's interesting factorization is along spoke to pay for my tend to get to come here because I come here every year because they really didn't consider the source so ashamed and I remember three-fourths the 3 1st years I was not 302 to to this kind of presentation the if the the if you will the the mean that