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Ol3-Cesium: 3D for OpenLayers map
An exciting library for automatically bringing 3D to your map
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Geospatial - Ol3Js Cesium
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OK so I we stop the annotation then you milord all of Hong Kong to conquer I am not 1 of the main contributor of of the coefficient in library the we're going to create and synchronized a pretty problem perfidious system where you love from an alternator freely and to the map but so now I will show you how to do this it's really easy uh set of if you want and whoever stack views that is uh the freely global is on top all the 2 D map then you get as the open there is mapped to the conceptual and could this credible for you and and everything and if you want to the side my side then uh you press 1 more parameter that is the the dumb elements where you want the system will have to be at that the with the synchronization by folds uh content would be synchronized between open there's the synchronizer is the thinker my that would be created in the conflict or but if you want to use you our synchronization logics then you can also pass and over a parameter to do this now I think some Paul there
vector of example from the project page we restrain the synchronization the 2 kinds of synchronization is that we have the foreigners but it's so the unidirectional synchronisations sorry I am being just that the cat but uh uh this presentation is is online and you can think and you would be just go to the to the example of I For that's because they don't have much time in the community so the left there is a the the operators free maps the and on the right in its decision go so it's it's it's a side-by-side um case and so there is a roster if it is to be arrested In the same on the two paths and some bacteria we some styling complex binding some of them putting guns circle even and summer some some some some marker and we do next time and some lines of so there we were some the some that that's fine and uh fall for football these layers uh the synchrony is from the open air to send him this name that when we change some something from from the rest of this time are the vector of features then automatically it could be detected and the change it would get change in the previ glow but it's just in the direction if you are if you happen to the change something on this is ue well with the system at the i then there would be no synchronization in the set in this direction the and there is the direction of synchronization follow the view parameters but these are the extent the resolution called map and the rotation if you are going to retain I can like Erik Satie can replace you open freedom map and it Due to rotate under and love and if you rotate the system of my moving the mouse then it will rotate uh on on the map on the 2 D map but it is true for the side-by-side example and it be 0 Social so if you are using the spike in uh in the 2nd case so now I will
show you a general uh about the interaction is now if if fits 2 different uh library there is open years and there is but still it is possible to have a interation back matter spanning from 2 D to freely and you would not feel bad there these 2 can different libraries school I
of the so in that we have an we ever be opened just to the map I was just with the cell at the same it's so that the video is also an intended to can you can just click on the producer links and you will see so there is that as a pretty much we've at some point here is the 1 point and put that interact with some controlled for business the you can um you can fans mother you can them in the mouth you again uh it's summer summer and some point of interest in a great point uh draw for some way points lines and there and so I want to assure you that into to so there is the there but then said to go from 1 from 2 D to 3D and from D to to the and so now I switched to to freely and you can see that that is expected of you and the freely glow gets the uh appeared and we're assuming the perspective and we are going to do move some points so we think and the within that under and then on that 1 of the of the of the of the Boston and to the more than intriguing all the we click on and droplets and if you get dropped on the terrain in the and can moved into the end of this is the very clearly what what happened is that we were in the we we picked these but of interest and with switch to to the and after Christian we dropped that is the point including so with took In the system up but he dropped is on the opening areas manner with its out coordinates and and now that the point of at and it if we don't move the full love in operators and
on unfriendly so many many things that we can share my beast between 2 density the bright on board you can get implement really easily some some nice mode and then you have the might 1 into the but going to creating it and so on willing to be prevented like this so far OK so unlike and so what is interesting is that we have been the we have shared uh the the 2 D and the 3 D view lecture the controlled in the same control when you enter right both we've it the the operator and we see that it involves and you can edit the body the but of interest um if you're in a the in the in 2 D or freely and there are many iterations but then I get banned from from 2 D to free from freely to the and it opened up the new way of interacting with the map now uh so about
the community so we thought it was started by free companies so ultimate account so can enable let's that means the moment for for for image from a from a contributor of we have all the good it could make any is a bit themselves and thinking about the we are doing it uh master releases so the goal is to 20 right uh the changes from from for free and sit down because both primaries Our so uh thinking at the monthly releases the face so we you and we was every month to to be synchronized with them and so it you want to check the changed the MDI fine in the root of the of the projects where you will find every year breaking and breaking change but we we have to to do if the young could Zhang but it it it as the main that's it's a product where you again have make a big big impacts by giving us your feedback regarding the issues and attending contribution and because you are at the end at the crossroads of the open their eyes and cesium you proc from you you can have a big impact in the In both communities before example this week we get a report from you it is something well the drawing out correctly in 3 and that that is what the current system is 1 of the 1 year old program in the glove and the because of the that In coming year and and I'm and the thing is if it if it took feedback we were able to move to get the programs of incident so today Wednesday we reason you really love cesium it would be fixed for every 1 FIL for the future of the of the library in the project we want to continue improving the policies of the 2 project and the code add more functionalities of course like to be able to more easily replace the features on to rank it to be automatic in the next uh really of system so we want to between generated these nite but uh the previous example this summer progress uh work so but the thinking phase like the nite most or of the this means that uh transition from 2 D to 3D like them up where do you have the line the bottom right that's the sticks you see that Sister is that the center of the screen at the bottom line at the we assume that there is more a more Walter getting ready in the in the project all 1 the findings that we we want to put it the previous year the operator and the based with them monthly the releases and author improvements and the very important point is that this projects the goal is to work but something that works directly of course that's every put said different needs so we want to be able to the because dummies able so much you can have you unsynchronized you and logics and we them minimize F wrote we will be able to use the library for for your needs at the end of the of the
presentation if you have questions the