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Native D3D9 on Mesa
Gallium Nine: The status
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Graphics - D3D9
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OK so so so we're going to my the I'm going to look at the you hear me in the back in so before everything please forgive me if I French so if there is something you don't understand you are probably not alone so and so I'm going to talk a bit about and again the 3 D 9 uh but you this so I have of us and put it in
a short introduction and we think but we can integrate with into wine country move with different said a few hours ago and I'm going to look at both as something than I and some Governments comparisons In all plants so
why do we want if we design supports and actively in the limited river when basically and it had a lot of games are supporting the benign so so as you see even today we have a lot of different event games let's to support is in the eye and and the 1st game on who using the but was using between the event and if we 9 8 and didn't have any couldn't about was 4 years ago so about that means that these we can have a very fast and working in working out of all these games there then we can be uh so yes we have too many new so it's I think it's really cool is a revision of the new mixed up that obviously in it are some very odd games that if you love to play them and you would like to pay them again at very the conditions and so that's why you you need some different 9 supports on so yes there is when support that we can get even better with Figure 9 from another that's and that's the sort of a so the projects and was that the ability for years ago by Jenkins and so he did that to understand how he you were working in the dinner for that it would it would go that far and going into further infecting create stuff but in the mean been there and I wanted to to have stopped for a 2 and were working there way on and survival so he's starting to investigate the land to make it work a little bit and so it's at that time at beginning it quite we're working and so he proposed that it to be mountain is evident wasn't integrated right away and then it was integrated with 3 4 months ago up so how does it work exactly so fast I have to remind Ho and as reverse works so here we have some gay and divers that's implement and get an API and implement uh that did see inside there should be no range and basically and state trackers use this API to do everything and so we set k is quite simple head the local we uh how leaving the class being at the front and these are the myth that is looking to the diverse we get up and the nineties using directly the CPI some of them very well whereas uh very open to you on the using this of course is not directly myth again the worker so here we have all the verification work easier did and it goes to the right drivers like being a driver of very old noble and with favors and it those of a monastic Africa but the talks to the so here we have 1 layer less than opens since we we don't have that but it's a dictionary and compared to wine red ads and of a lady and that means to me so hopefully better future overhead a species he seems here we can do about the exemptions on what works what will work so we have much that's sticking to and so Holly even 9 uh basically when you play it will gain in mind at all did that fully windows units are implemented by way developed by Dylan's created by Y and then uh we we have to be pretty 9 DLL let folks 2 why and if we believe that those 2 of and yeah and what we do these 2 when the application connects to the we say a way not to lose 9 you but if the user asks for it uh and uh 1 encoded on 9 east the scheme to the x 7 directly and instigated 9 as a way of X and you see later but anyway you can work on when only an experiment in having infrastucture devoted to will directly but I don't think they can mean to the improvement and we could do was slightly differently as tho by the 1 staging wine staging the reverse they say that we could instead of I have included these who moved here we could have our our on the 3 D 98 and that this and related to online quaint if the and in that would rely on the on the winning windows if the eyes so that we will talk to 1 year later but the the peak at the end so not be marked the vote went deviations SO so 1st 9 as you have met these these being it's even it's about to the graphic so we don't have a and the Denver across that some people coming out I have whether it didn't work like so while you in you could have something similar in in proprietary 3 forever of and and so it's it's a money so since in developers didn't like Gilliam uh we we don't have with about point that there is a you drivers and that he didn't look at I a in very very simple example actually would work but not not games and so how aligning mind things to together so here we have the led by the online that amenities if prior to create the 3 D 9 and then an open their 9 and it it hence create the devices that you could be 9 the instance in this instance is used by the application to do all the around being fixed of creation so all of this work is the United and what is done In wine is that would the window hunting and uh the implementation and this and that that strictly is used to get what the devices of things and and so we have to to Google negations so to implement these uh wine is talking to me 9 and get aligned to implement the presentation is using these wines that that's the the
presentation the uh also and we could do differently we could have ordered the and this is included in now that uh have good that can only be complied with wine compared it's another solution that was initially taken the 3 D 11 as they prepare but was dropped if you have to go back and in the area I and we can have a different names about we will twine as so we have worked but the for that uh could be combined that basically you implement quality wind assisting needs that we need and that is in line a neutral together and then directly so you can have it so we have I line we need implementation legal twice so now a bit more belittling this so what we want to and from between 9 is to have he'll say the predication and good Matija few efforts have brought sweets involvement is and welfare Whalen invented and is out of bank and have because behavior at work is expected so that we we choose to do with something crisis and head there right the in prison present a neighbors to I have a pixmap and I want it to be present there are the subsets at this time so it's pretty hungry and use outside of India and and the the Opry these uh basically have a buffer American you made fixed not of the people so they have to be using context 2 you have about the way it has something to fix mapping of isn't the and think uh there I've seen as the somebody in the fact so uh no distributions our understanding of this would support for heat In this evidence of situation uh so we implemented flip back with the right to but basically involves over 10 copies to the it's not so it's when cooking on that it works but son of and the free 9 contrary to avenge yeah Honda's presentation safety differently and it has a random pick so for example the shot you may hear you say I want then that the 1st and I want to 1 but preferred to be displayed every true at the bank and so it is perceived the week before the 9th that was very we when he was about but not straightforwardly and yeah uh for example uh these 3 D 9 apps we've uh basically we've the missing you can ask to have to but differs and and and it's we expect that at each would present them the and have and it's something very small and so when you have a distinct on every frame is going to be presented where was uh on imprinting of mentation depending on which implementation you having to get to the Super deferring which means that if you are presenting 10 friends In 1 at the anode it's going to display only 1 and therefore you the ones so it's better for speed that differed denying is not like that afford friends are going to be presented so that something that we the present extension we are able to implement the precisely so I believe that the the number DigiFuse about so we may self and you and you can get uh uh book miss likes about we've reciting which if you you want to rent a new propagation it sends the from and so it's pretty cool traps that note that and so a special remained there on how the physical to work so this is the right what if the I I used to get to nudity and access to the device who gets an you considered anything who would find that the load to the user device and so in the right to to get access to the secondary device we were some specific plans and being extended to the like the but now we can just use run the notes and and seems to the graphic arts don't told this same bending modes so exciting is a way to order the peak season the the probative governments and you read are different deepening of the graphic out so what we have to do is to use a burka we those failing to go to each other so that means 1 be and error in the right to look at these and the example for us there I free and if you don't client side and the center the Northern thinking of those derived from so I must say I'm sorry because I am I return the there I've freed there I principle and at that time it was working that that I know of no it's critique of the the government so idea member fancy that are now supported by radio and interval will i in the canon but let's by infected by the and that means that if you are interested in cap you don't have any synchronization between reads and writes from the cap and when you were programming is when you send a buffer and that to have not finished wondering to eat you we I expected at the beginning the 1st is to be ready so in the end that's going Kavli with weight would wait before reading the birth of the I and the would have finished wondering that's a good thing don't and you have offended safe tuning and fortunately the particularly so I'm happy to know that there the spotted I heard about it and and that's what they of this so do right wouldn't have attended shapes steering programming uh because the the copies and slightly different differently so the 1st is done on ways under the on wonderful features is anyone the fit for the communication so you always with have 2 rings because your right everything that the the uh whereas so there are a few you use as it should be done they were the 1st and use in 1 way you why to another 1 that uh because of missing synchronization you can get uh shown frame the fight is run that so you have a friend very or that and that's difference on the strength of the so
it's not very good so for the 3 9 actually but the time when I came in the project I wanted to implement the right kind of support from the project to her to me to be able to use it and Friday he was within yeah and so instead of expecting synchronization then this Canada reach which should be done about it which means that they think diver we'll have to wait veins driver to finish from ring so we think that the intake and many things so where are they could do about things so it's former debates about reducing condition client side the and so we have a optional permitted to try the so I what we do look at these we use another friend earlier between weights very rendering is finished and then it will prevent it present so basically doing the this accommodation play site so even as the same government that it works perfectly so if you have such a sustained tried this parameter with them I think it works for everyone we we make the soul and so I'm system to 3 different of the uh just to remind that week sometimes we need a copy and even if we vote in the user's sense for example when we view on that for me it is something that you have to put it to a single simple before so I know something it's the friends uh let me that I wanted to mention is about 4 approach protein from protein and it's about like ensured so basically when run the very fast and this if you is are you sending very fast commands and sometimes if you is just too slow and come to that and so running to gets longer and longer and give like and to prevent that but what he's done is that when you not to early when you have submitted to too many things you wait so it's done at presentation time so a form is a driver and you usually so as to the 1st so if you have to bear fair that are not finished rendering wake In its preference on the left in the lab so if you want to play and see what's the impact of forging it online you you can maybe get line we have affirmative about 4 protons by you which made it with his and if you put 0 you have the inclusion of image so uh no agathos that slow and if you put a minus 1 uh you don't for thing and you can see hello you of your have we this month so a bit about and why uh different in 9 engage means is so here how 1 ring maps uh fine education industry the 9 the all of it right to so basically it sets some rendering states so rendering states to use how to to interprete as and fixed arose how to uh do the rest arising so it varies a lot of running states and something stays picture of states at the trough so applications and then uh 2 recurring you therefore the rendering they have the advantage of the stage where about running should appear and they we define which effects in the search and I should be used there that should a constant but I was by the shovel and individual and it interrupts there hundreds of thousands maintained so good applications and events in the tonight where basically you have that buffering uh so application we in all the the broker so that's what this thing is what will happen 1st so when you draw what he's behind and very graphic out we know already the need to learn that because it's a pretty and the unfortunately some games don't do that and good at good applications were sold actual is in which order is going to happen to minimize for the state changes and so for the CPU overhead but he's still development and if we need to add is about reducing the overhead of the thing that run the state and so indifferent 9 held but they changes happen to basically that you have a list of States said individually that's been greatly if they are the the bad groups so every time you updates 1 state it's going 1 on the group is going to be a pretty big in you and so applications and I include we developers and the and know which as they change of them and actually groups and so the optimized so that you will see how the good paths and yeah so what we do in 9 is simply to implement these groups uh when you of its 1 states that adds the drop with time you wait and that's 1 group because as the changes and its state in the documentation there must be committed and that actively so when you go to draw primitives and many defined that everything is going to be sent to do that you and so think a road detection peaks she so therefore when you play a game and than a wine you are going to give a bit frustrating because of the data compilation issue that's depend mention that uh sometimes in the middle of your game the game is going to be stuck far the most once again because it's going to be combine students because the whole line and this you know they complied at the draw QuickTime so the 1st thing they are used and so we don't have a problem because we combined the center directly when the application as we combine them so everything is provided the correct movement so we as 1 exception when you run down from that that's fixed your will sometimes apps can read the the state of what's was rendered but that is different and and the state I could version so we have to recompile that's the statement is the only 1 so that the the transition
from the 3 9 and and could easy because they all repetitions of each give us a precompiled code so all the mediation has already been done and so this here is the beginning of the the and so here is the clear inputs he became outputs so he did say that agreeing to put Victor coordinates that need to combinations of you have a diffusion of when constant and missile 1 complex thing is of mapping the those foods to bring with severe fixation and how to map the inputs to whether we really think and so I think the idea behind behind you eventually API to the compiler at state and the fragment and that exceed those at the adding them together these tool uh that mapping between old within the food so that we don't have that to be really 9 hopefully it's easy to implement and the like so we did the care inputs and we remember from which choose of a where and when we a map that the the takes the date uh we just map using thinking about the occasion so that that pretty straightforward so that for every user age position we are going to map January the time index use age so every use age here fix called 1 it's it's what is being to be mapped to a fixed generate next and so that's another 1 that exceeded can be used with a lot of attention we will tricle fighting which I think you need recombining wine so how when it
should look like this so far the intake of the Rashidun and this looks like that then everything can be frustrating right using integers science and except some so it where for example receiver C code as where we and with the Freedom 9 application I think things sometimes that it's count because all out where we're behaving like that and so we have to add instructions to movies something hopefully they're back there again and there is going to optimize these 2 remove it when they have a restriction and with something and and some wine is doing the same the what and the uh I think it's for the and it was 1 that was divided by the number and you like what if you want to use so the right some of the people the what do you think it was a lot of and you only have all so to retrieve the basically some again sigh expecting some infinite sometimes but I think it's rather because in the South was the the that the number of atoms at this stage so the issue of AMD uh the international code and we we see that there the somebody has some specific in Section thought uh having a clone to the action of this 1 and D free deny notion that those that do something that's when it's infinite considered for the rule so it's harder to implement forest and sold since these nationalists better we prefer to work partly prefer this 1 that if it's needed we are going to implement the something that the will vision so mapping differ from my is extremely easy with we just have to invent the other compared to what the application is asking so here for the the and so the conclusion of this everything the 9 is easy to implement basically in so why not implemented because basically if it's easy to see that turning to have a an extremely low overhead whereas if you have to go through open when sometimes the mapping is not straightforward so you would have to have more checks of things a that would have had you ahead so we we we can do a lot of assumptions that can make it stressful on therefore brothers we have different names however our implementation in the we of those actually more again some working and that we have gained its work on 9 not online and indices do because of the things you could do that key that's when developers is that a lot of things under the of so for example and watch what happens when the application is where I rendered the uh that run that I gave it a bit further is too small of what should happen when an veranda targets is defined to be near so we think it is especially uh the former that was implemented to say no thing so basically the application was 1 that would before that's and there there some strange behavior was but you use you have to take into account only the rendering size of around the target but in from the specific from I don't have to so we discovered that when a train things now called and we think that when he's not implementing that's that's why for the past provincial those that the thing so I have those when developers to investigate this in the house verb shadows on the agreeing to be broken anymore like that was the state votes are very hard to implement this big blocks of a city those states and and don't say Boston and restore them but and sometimes there are some parts of the FBI out just recode unius upset of and exist Ryan it difficult to implement in a fast reliable inefficient way so for those of you overhead and guarantee we have very low secure overhead and that's what we think we can be much better we have some optimization if things and uh basically very very conditions as to do this much faster under done for example and when a subset of the rule that states it shows that we're going to have few or restrict your again to read all have a discrete 9 states and framework of these could be even faster by hiding or a divestiture forgotten and change 1 thing I don't that of was more things like rats and read and and state changes that could even more use of so no that difference so uh I have to this
configuration to do for you so the first one is made up of so I don't have time to do a lot of precise this that this marking the so my laptop has an in-vehicle which is good and the lower and the mobile cannot with over so as to stand out so I'm going to be security and so I tried under Windows 7 wind through the vision and talking next week sees my that the think of variation and basically this is our bunch we've uh 9 but she's the last ones and you see that some right the only uh of of the mutations that have only 2 days ago that they didn't on the that the time the benchmark and did Michael P. is that's a of derived from systems you have to do a cookie from taking the threat to the number of and that can be than actually by the hard way we vote using the graphic and I but for the make cookie that since some people who uh had some issues we that looks back that wasn't so that the message of of the liberty and sequence of all the so I'm really enable it's far for me because it gave me a 5 cent boost and most of and so this ends so yes uh many cap under Windows we would expect that if you have a secondary cast with government but the Monday the 1 so it's not always the case for or against all for you on the 4th day we need to think fast but of all of our you know and so we see that we've 9 we when I was too much most the windows governments and the frame rate is much smaller and we wines however we have the government similar to the and that the the ocean and that's in values and is doing quite well but not as good as the wind of labor up I think there hasn't rival has officially been optimized of a game that what could expand versus an actual pheromone and I didn't do I've the rocking that's basically I gave uh freak out of windows performance with 9 and antidepressants we went to another the 2nd the think of aggression much more of this I can do it uh that grass rate that we operated by 1 of all the this and so am this is the most acutely and I 0 it's not using a laptop and this if you even different so we can rely on the CPU for something so and here is the
game had that shows that the frame rate and this if you use age of when you play the game and so on the 9th of this particular game we see that we have a some something matching for of this if you use lower and much higher um online and so we we're supposed to win seats in the which is the common stream of communication that those all the if table 1 friend so basically she had 2 we have no as you use age and that the performance we have a little for the games so this is
defined the example where the out of the way of online so I think this is due to some missing of simulations that everything is really by on so we have no you have very few of them that's Capon's then was in so far far of freedom the
remember to we we have that bit of government so I don't know why I emphatically 1 this is game to get much of it all or not seats it's still a mystery what exactly the gain is relying on to be fast uh but basically uh we have much for those of you and so you see here is that you you need because 1 guys at 100 % and fast think the false instantly I was told it's no more than once you is at 100 % because the the main that is having the rendering is busy reading so that's why I wonder if you will with the object and and in the and so here too we have the so under the
game where we have uh senior performance boost and so he's going to leave the communities and given we were much higher from rank rate we will have much high lowers your overhead so that we think in the so here you see the 2 friends at 1 of the person so the mainframe waking up in the mainframe and rendering the so we experiment so
uh force so forth therein we have a lot of proposing that Gilliam 9 is a really big game far from being the conditions because every time a new objective appearing uh on the wine and receive being to be compiled so you see a Mr. and then you are blocked where did this and that and right so we see so I was in each of the and
so the conclusion of these benchmarks is of you see that it's works and on the right of games uh a B it's online that we are working on it uh yet when it works it is the faster it can be improved even more either said earlier we we can improve secure overhead them all and usually we don't have that's much secure ahead of there was so
I'll not uh we we don't uh to be fighting wine actually we all everyone would be happy we've a very POV for a full wine uh so will fall some people asking us would you like to do it if you the 11 you the factor and I was saying no what they want to 0 when fast wine then so he please owing to the present over a graphic proposed try find solutions she extension I know anything that could improve situation so that we don't have to white and others that Africa and that's 1 would be the best solution for every 1 that's well that's why even 1 but since it's own process we expect that in the next 2 years of age if you use good 9 arriving to gets so I went and so crunchy 9 8 is available on the left is the evenness is of action the and we are putting at the new fixing in it so that uh some organs are working we we have no opinion it's about it because uh since the 1 pattern that the stream and people would have to combine and since then sets wine it's not very handy so then index external to instead directly upon by notions so it's meant is the point and also we are planning on my ways when staging intervention so they this would be would likely change no good to to be able to integrate people when thinking so it would probably need any the aperture so thank you for your attention to have indications good yes I think it and the whole the proof of this of with the of of the coverage of the area of the use of all of the size of of the do you think that you can think of the and all that we do thank you all the time that the the the this is the topic of and you will so where question was about human differences so unfortunately yes we we have to have to have been defense to have something perfectly synchronized but found all you we can use it the fridge to for the condition of other questions this is the it is not what you so the question was about me GQ it's it's funny for of the like systems that a running at the same time to replica the same other questions this and I know of the of the of this for all the work the so as we're question was about of that so the question about where the load line in 9 career painting together a tool to get 1 but very fast so actually we do cook for all because uh fricking so we don't have different set of that and so when we know why for by the observation is that we we can talk to the others so every time I say something very strange in whole application behavior i i go as to define with the king stability and so sometimes has and so on and they have a hand when I think something is begin wine that we don't have a problem my community so we you know by the food of last year what is the problem here is the well I think open J. very tricky to get the traffic performance hiding them as a defense of reading they work on it that's the for review need more money the because it's too complicated it's much easier to Rutherford 9 undefended make certain you last or not as acid everything in the there what what you so like which ones lately what you and so I think function by 9 uh um needs so it basically it's a sum some extinction that needs to be translated to his yearly said all did you sign so we don't have a tool using put uh in 9 in line for about and that's why we don't have the same behavior was to go and what is in the that the here so it's difficult to share its even who it could be done in if we really wanted to that by the key when both get something working 1 way to do this but and it this is and the this timing of the a lot of last year that I know this 1 the on and the 1 from the middle of this year you know all of the all the theory and there and by the time actually
suggests that they are very
knowledgeable you know what you call on the sum over there so that you know you of you you know the here so the idea of the you know there might be people have more time the so the question was ability integrating we were in staging held uh with we could do with a better way so a bezeq see what's we do currently wine is not perfect we we don't find very keen we we didn't even Due request because we know it's not taking remove the approx is came with not the white bar and so when station developers went to see us and say that they would be willing to integrate Telco the bad but they want to be there to be slightly Schengen may want them the was was so and so that it fits better but how they work and how they work week season the because a variety thinking the and and the thinking and so basically we going to do the same way is just a matter of putting could of another finding recombination setting differently something to be complicated and that's what we do in the in the what about you read it that way the prospect politics and find out what they was and what it was In this work we find in the the so over command was about what's over the internet API between 1 and 9 and with the study did you know so uh we have a lot of work to make he favored and pretty silly from a thing to me that and which we can support extensions to it so basically the idea that if we need to use a very few things that we can do with appearance at the i which we that we have 1 example let's navigational tools but threats when we went to the rats should be do things differently I think this this could be sensed when genes are off to the table we can implement the better way which used to comprise Virginia 9 we is wine compiler so let's get so where boats memory allocation and that we have x is the key to the function we votes in the guy that's that's probably going to be done when everything is great there was a question there the to find so of the on the model on more rule warm so the question is uh what about integrating their name window so that actually act I don't know about the boatman overloaded silo how much it would be pursued by the feeds what's we would want doesn't really have differed 9 application that would be willing to work with that of a lot of time the why is apparently a few applications we've been that's obviously we would like to have perfect support for everything but sometimes we have to make sure as and when almost navigation does something that we shouldn't think connection to other questions yeah OK so thank you for your and the and