Internet all the things! Curl everywhere

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Internet all the things! Curl everywhere
Everyone uses curl - How did this happen and how do you use it?
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Embedded - Curl Device
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OK but the them but it's got civil then we can start with Xtalk and we're going to Carol lots of things and then it is going to shows how most of it is you know as long as you have here is loss you have to put it high was big louder or will be hello yeah let's make it this way have hi he the this method because eligible but uh there this is 1 of the talk about today women's dogma 10 to the 4 in bad sh and about curve solve their Internet all of things like as a client-side everywhere today I'm going to talk about how we got here who's using it it's a little bit of a very quick crash course how we use current and something about the future pH I think he them I work for Mozilla the uh these days I'm an network hacker I do have been working with Carlson's forever I did this type of stuff these days and do other sorts of networking things also participated in the idea of have been so please interrupt me and ask if you have questions I am each of the you sharing aggressive of my some of the um but I didn't make maybe this is a bit of a if a quick rundown of another column I'm sure there are some things I will it out feel free to ask you install Grafton talk or whatever how cell go back in the day there actually wasn't there was nothing I should while they're there there is another command line tool known as the some level tension the dual of the little about but actually it isn't it didn't exist in my mind and in a lot of and then 1 of these days uh back in
1996 and this is actually the day then the yeah then made his movie I think it's kind of fun and uh at the end of this which you know I wanna something I wanted to domination being on the some currency rates translations actually from Iseabal was right so I bet it may to live can actually dollars shipping so then I added a couple more particles flight if to be attached to go for the best in that's where the edges so that sentiment that the line and isn't I hadn't come or protocols and the former names were not really good since the recall disappeared yet and it was really suitable Morrison's it could should upload and there will products so and in Parliament called everything was fine and dandy 1998 this who you itself that today is slightly more well basically every single Internet protocol you can think of and a bunch of other things it happened on everything of course client-side still and if you're writing an internet-based client things would curve and is nowadays library on it was not originally but just kind of what you have drive the usage they had I don't intend new to action really care about all this but basically Windows Internet protocols sending stuff up getting stuff now on the same time all particles 1 particle whatever a lot of microphones roughly perhaps
and billion users so so the I don't know who knows I mean down the only is 100 count users when you're an open-source project there's some bunch of users of curl light perhaps
this 1 up and this these are names of companies that I know this comical because the polling or someone found out that they were using basically a lot of known companies and a lot of unknown companies and a lot of commercial products and on open source products of devices and a lot of whatever the to actually coming all of this and you write this open source project is open source in the license and I can use it and everyone is it or orders I mean you don't know and I don't know and it will tell me when the user column so others unannounced figure out of only using in a car and the car somewhere the they are used all types of and take on and you no but so so there's actually I I I had this is a list of companies using probe in commercials run is because I think is that this it mimics a fancy like and can showed others who all this was just so the other day actually a couple of the list had a 100 companies haven't 1 yet at 100 companies using your product as chemicals right but isn't really 100 companies question might be to war right framework so I started going and and this is the list of I actually doubled the list after 1 day will be so now looks like this and I know that is not going to the at a lot of users and what they use curve for I mean what are all these companies doing apart from the main coming there may actually timbre pretty much everything in your I mean these companies they make devices they make software whatever and they always come in what like the MacOS X it hasn't and 1 is at 100 million users source of the user by default so they use a lot of the applications the use lived colonies colic life and every single TV these days here the there that it was sort some fans intimate stuff so I interviews and having these days are all the Iran's girl i've of life has ship curled inside even if they don't expose at and all phones Linux there's Washington systems also using blog curves course it variant entertainment so the mastery the modern heightened car entertainments thing headspace Eisenberg being in the page visits then kind of way to do this at the time and neural things in each and pitch pitch-based since the beginning since the beginning colleges the the next 15 years so so pretty much all the all the main page besides music set-top-boxes Romanian into TV things in general so audio clip and these days we receivers high and do little stuff lurid players the their pencils and all little stuff some vendors 5 5 folks trash reported we might have fun because it makes me delivered in all the Firefox reasons have and 2nd whatever I would even say that there's not a single person here who's not
using current that actually probably most people are using current position 1 device problem in 1 of his how but why would these kernels and I would say that
there are and a number of reasons the possibly I what anyone recognizes as soon as it started I mean how hard is it really to implement anything that speaks I get a question a lot actually since people are writing their own whatever the speed of a Special stupid with because which appears the very simple the central text and you get a response back why do you need a big honking complex library to do that or you to another whatever particle when you need something there when you can do it very small and as a easily your easily misled into believing that the 1st time in this and after a couple of years to figure out that is all those protocols for a complicated and of course the Internet is not really the binding to these particles the abiding to whatever people decided to do over the years so we have to adjust and polish quarters everywhere so cars and and calming up resources and because 1 of the pop group G system during the keys answers to why people using low-cost without until the source nobody would care and is also I was saying and cost people will commitment but I would say also that the key to white is is popular is because it's extremely liberal is MIT license is basically is a simple this day version which means that you can do the almost whatever you want to do with the code this absolutely no obligations to get back to us within the purchase genius you do whatever you want you ship your products to patch change it go ahead fine but is on problem they will do that no also of In curl them 1st simple among students in this very simple and for most of all it's stable and but it's the same idea I we unchanged detail is the same would have the same sense 2006 and live in his last change at and restricted so Eurostat works with the new stuff and is still a powerful enough you can do but watch what you want how where we were clearly off only help so we what we provide a library and that in days you all remember him www right also library and was basic in the 1st is of a library it's super complicated when it was a really powerful back as the section still problems pretty powerful that I guess the using has the I would say I mean you are all well aware that interim so we all know that C is still the port of language is still wearing going if you wanna be portable if you want everywhere you don't go doing fancy stuff in as languages you go down to the bottom you intermittency c libraries is still everywhere and that means and that we're not only talking Linux we can actually be long was source or auto some B is the use of whatever and there's and yet there is some effort to make sure that threaten the run and work on all the systems but is still but there is no other cities and there's no other Internet transport library even close of whatever the liberal is an unpleasant and lines for every language I guess I and if we have models and actually listen I pay taxes and more languages that I know you ever existed and Lebanese information course and this instability of course with some kind of how did you find out that we support all the tribals basically everything you wanna do it over the internet as a kind of infinite transport protocols so if you wanna transport stuff from a client all this from the to this article since the system the Highlanders things it also allows you can be really wrong thing to disable a lot of stuff which of course makes it not exactly API Kennedy's shrink the non the footprint of something pretty small compared specific for your needs how any there isn't I I don't know any other projects the support is limited to those markets and this kind of a hold the line we support 11 different sundress I don't think anyone here can even name 11 different dealers Cyrus the child has to hit it with there are many until iris and we support 11 of them and yet and that's fun that is also kind and helpful especially from a different it's so is emitted from the standard a specific purpose things and when specific proper things you know when you can remove some features and in some footprints over Indian performance by removing some of those things and and a lot of these different Taylor's glycans allow you to 20 good luck as small devices still like say as but it was the same as the ones that
have been so we have a current project when you Carl Collins to come line totaIly encourage the library small tiny things we transfer internet the transfer data into modification data back and forth that's that's what we need the which we provide is the stable is the same saying we don't we don't really do anything and we do the same thing as we've been doing for forever with similar time we were on pretty much everything is 32 bits and has a decent post 6 it down in Windows if Richard qualities and but and the MIT license forms mentioned so I want often does yeah
where when as a we have a million users I don't know whether there are billions of but and and the product is not kind of but this still originating users without being that the we have 1 thousand 200 contributors if we count all the users that we ever got help from a try to track the interested to Democratic where credit is due sigh we made an effort in the project to keep track of everyone and say thanks because that's that's the way we work and so when 30 to 40 new contributors parodies when releases everything tweets every 2nd month messages only talk always everywhere in all the time never-ending and the number of of all continents and consider them kind of increasing linear in because a lot of our contributors are a 1 time not knowing patches has effects and when assuming where areas small projects in the core team ones about the entire core team is in the room today you will find them because they're hidden in the but but we're a small as since it's less than 10 but where prominent more like 5 this tiny tiny project that possibly but when from how it and I wanted to mention that we're all volunteers this act as an and I mentioned I'm employed by Mozilla but that's the reason frame and in doing this since basically my child and we all are here voluntarily 1 thoroughly and we will spend their spare time on this we don't get paid to do this list no big company backing this new company uh influencing us or the writing of synthetic interaction we we're running in all directions where we we want as individuals and we're having fun 1 I wanted to
mention those OK every language this is not every language but I didn't know what all these groups and we have bindings for all these or other there are bindings for all these languages 1 if you want access using something else than say a lot of people seem to prefer the I'm what's 1 acid bindings than I mean there are projects are are writing lines and providing bindings to to do live coral uh transfers will move from these languages some of them are not really good some of them are related America if you're missing your your particular language of choice of the excellent opportunity to and then so how can you use kernel all incur the and they're
like this picture is a bit dark but this is how we looked when you stress so the M. happen how I wanted to just show you a particularly pretty uh hot how we actually use the girl from them in the was basically says we're talking about and worrying
about around and use your often enough building in Part yourself 1st because you have your particularly if if you're using a minister of the problem just object-oriented or whatever but when you're doing it on embedded you're probably FIL it himself various just on amendment installed how what was them and again I'm as any these include along with open source you have a bazillion different covering options are again visited Tara to do whatever you want and not do whatever you want and this blah-blah-blah but you that the other along this embedded systems and build the environment cycle wrote and look to an open-ended and so on that will have recipes for for doing this will help you want me animals opted to build it with your test library the back have been right all interested in distance have practice and stones so but this is only about desktop is a reason I mean if you're running Linux most Linux systems with or have it installed is this kind of binary stuff have been so them and when
using in Impala it was enormously local region that kind of where where organize around transfers we speak of transfers you transfer In transcended upwards and or both some models actually support both in in in some aspects of this and like you can do with this actually post data and it'll literacy secondly 2 directions in which 1 will study particles will just in 1 way does matter is server transfer is you you could set a lot of options for anyone in Hollywood data-transfer do that with this is a set of set popped it said your own characteristics for the transfer and you create 1 of these samples for each transform this transfer he wondered if you want to encourage you to if you want of Syria and it can just reuse the same hello is that there options how we want to transfer part for example URL is 1 important characteristic for had transfer has been and of course because it is a mandatory thing wanted to transfer you might want to um receive your data in a callback work what how however that there are like that in 1 and sets of authentication projects and users credentials whatever we have 2 other options he want to eat what everyone in women into a transfer the support of all things in promotes the senate has from transfer done so for example and if you want it no you select and Italian can and can't do you want to do knocking harder and longer and blocking or non-blocking a synchronous chorusing friends we have about 2 different interfaces really it you you make a choice if you wanna know what you want is a lot of friends you might use the blocking 1 if you wanna do it in a single thread images a what in 1 or whatever it was developed you 1 the 100 Felsenstein things transverse T 1 and a looking 1 so here's encountered how can the cradle you have set some options and you have a URL you tell it some know i wanna follow redirects and the transit done that's as easy as it that's how you do have a single simple transfer asking for that year and of course this is kind with default settings for everything else and in this sense the standard out which you may not doing petitioner linear and there you obtain up to handle it you're done transfer oriented is kind of a single transfer and handed to bring a program if you want more of these transfers in a serial manner it would just reuse the same handling dense at some new options and the development of all so and then do this non-blocking it's basically the same thing with great and the cell which is a single transfer a set of options from 1 this URL and then I create Walter handle this is going hold many transfers and I add my single transferred to the wall to handle and I can do this any number of times any number of simultaneous transfers users do with up to 50 tape pollen transfers it usually gets messy when you hand up close to the 16 bit polymer the primary and of course need to expand the number of open fire stages supporters on and then Iran run all those transfers simultaneously in the final select loop or whatever this if and then you're not going they remove them from the most basic of the handle and conserving of 5 and you can also do and pays but if it event based on being called when something happens on 1 of those sockets um it award selected Paul is that you can do it without getting married to elements in a kind of about this library it will whatever you wanted and then it really status if you want to if you an array large amount of transfers they were amount of time if you want a really large amount of transverse plane and base is really a way to go like if you're beyond 100 200 300 1000 transfers as a waiting on stairs uh and that's the that's the name of the function of the that the basically and allows Lin curled to tell you the saga sockets you should wait for tell me when something happens and that's the way you see in in in base libraries in general so when the event like the event or whatever you and ordered them to whatever it is you'll will tell the girl that there was some action in this circuit and it will go in the fly and scaling really nicely really to read a large amount of transfers but I would say that amount not as you all know if you ever done anything based you know that the logic around that becomes really messy this report to follow because have to do a lot of wind state machines getting cold collects all over the trend now I want to mention that we have we have a forum then we have documented is pretty good I would say pursuant to the sometimes it's hard to find the docks sometimes because wrong all have this and I wanted to mention here that the missing effectiveness fans at best achieved conical along for the call online Tony if you have a radical online with Karl some people do it that special Carla code adults CA the an illusion right the card code for that corresponding command so you will have the code written for you the is not exactly the way you want you want tweets that code but I it's awesome template if anyone there appear to come on line in a car way that's the way to do it and usually it all I mean as I said before there are big Mozillians bindings but most mining very it close the lid Carlo style API and at the same time so you can usually converted into the into the word Python or whatever you want it doesn't generate a great way to kick start I'll just show you that we have some ideas on how to
do things in the future or what to do here are some ideas of course we're all just depending on what volunteers so we just do what everyone the next of course you can all help out the you what everyone into you're welcome and we do indeed have in the morning in this even valid and that's fine right it doesn't make any sense at all when is fun and that's it me too
few neurons and neural systems and the any questions what you generate a lot of what we want to do the things that you find
in the no what the now I right the the about and then the API is usually very similar to you usually of need to know which option is the use of that very often just the phrase they form conversion and you have you