Kodi mediacenter (XBMC) past, present and future

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Kodi mediacenter (XBMC) past, present and future
A brief history on the trials of an open-source media centre
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Open Media - Kodi
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I well I guess we should just start I hope you can all hear me of their OK good well I am very much a people showed up to a CIA are talk which is a good thing I guess the depression that although 3 and of so this is the the talk about their Cody formally x B and C and all the source home entertainment center for doesn't know it allow we customize scrolling going on optimal presentation as you can see and what on March Kaiser I've been using being since 2011 I'm currently project manager of Florida 14 release and probably also in 15 release have been the that probably is just stating that knows about on the board object's that I joined in 2011 so I only use it for half years I was invited because what I contributed the that's basically the story and my name is a all the and username at the forms be using ACS means he says expansion 10 which is not fully through I actually did use it on the original text books but I only did that for short time then I and as an end user than I was involved anymore I came back around 2011 started supporting helping the forms and picked up and skin I II which wasn't support anymore to fix the little bits and then joined the team information in 2013 1st as a for moderate and almost immediately as a full team member uh because it started doing server maintenance as well goes on a server that so for people who don't know as uh what is Cody we are an award-winning suffer media player an entertainment hub because we know that the we wanna sort for awards for best gain I I thought it it would you know so we work with the because we ran we ran on the x box so we run the in the game parts and we we actually have the waters as best games for never ever since we've we've been telling people were an award-winning suffer media player which is funny and it says were world's largest open-source multimedia projects I guess that's true if you look at code and we urge appeal the 2 that you get to free and open source and we basically playback everything except that sorry yes that should be coming through right and the so basically what is it's it's a it's a end users going to playback media wherever it is locally stored Internet story so what we
run on basically everything and free busy the will become a little bit more clear why I say that's once we get to some details later so Linux Android iris uh X Windows after Vista and previously if you have hardwood is capable of playing back we need open GL support and we still run on the original Xbox we don't maintain the gold anymore but it was forks and there's a group 3 dedicated to cold she 4 x 4 x walks missing ecstasy i which is still maintaining the project and of course the newer versions there are doing cool stuff that the origin like smoke simply can't do like other media stuff like so as you might know
and some other media playback things like the the cone thing in the and then the window saying to what makes us different and we have a unified interface to view pictures videos and music music I we were 1 of them 1st layers to come with a 10 foot interface remote controls control it from your couch few media expansion it that way fully scalable using XML we have currently for the latest version about 15 skins I think and that our fully updated you know that and we use almost the same goal based on every platform which basically means you can download a code compiled for real platform there's no separate gobies anything and we support add-ons written in Python i currently have around a thousand years and which are in our official repository and there are probably a few hundred more that are not in the official repository for various legal reasons of you can imagine almost the entire program can be controlled through Jason RPC um that's still a goal to get everything intuition are RBC as more to that later 1st integrate feature related because of yes and there are some distributions waking get Cody on and most notable open a lack which is a minimal in Linux distribution uh directly putting into coding also nearly anything with our x 86 that has open GL we have our own distribution called Cody brutal which is standard Lu Bu into with code of up Erasmian for Raspberry Pi there's a few other distributions for the Raspberry Pi but Ross is I think the best all you like while Prelec like now of course it's if you want to do a little bit more of the rest of that we have S B and C which is an unofficial test for made by are 1 and only Android Developer so if you remember developing and a single only 1 yes we need more um and several other distributions which the consumer keep there's no demo because we cannot do it here you're welcome to join us and AW building where we have a small stand and we condemn 0 the application there we are currently running it from Amazon fired easy the 1st inferred if you stick we have the the deck books we have meaning it's so we can load to tablets here Android phones and laptops Windows laptop so we can showcase a few different operating systems so recommended hardware this is the question we get most the forms what is the recommended hardware does not we don't recommend anything anyway things you should know why Apple TV he goes when supporting them anymore and Apple the user never works very well after 18 to 83 has on the rodents and above the code and the was possibility to have a crystal leads the card inside to get more performance out of an original Apple TV and that stress lazy was supported by only 1 person was basically the fighting against issues and it was more a more trouble and he just decided to give up on it so nobody is developing in developing for it we drop it so from 14 . 1 which is our latest release code-named helix we are not supporting updating um anything running Alwin and draining mall name brand and were device I wouldn't but by its and if you want us to audio you should know by and work at all because it's not supported in and would itself so we can do it either from 105 it's still not working correctly I think it is it is OK after chases them and and what's I generally don't recommend is running it on slower hardware a lot of people wrong the Cody or X. means the older version on Raspberry Pi very she platform to run it on reasonable experience video very well the gooey though not a snappy not as responsive as you can guess when running it some more decent hardware good for a 1st try secondary Broom bedroom what what do we
suggest run on x 86 device so tack until March figure by breaks Fourier popular the moments and anachrome boxes also very popular forms we see a lot of people buying those if you're going and red because you don't care about the the through because should testing the new version of does that with the product and fighting the nexus player cheap performance as it's as low an arm devices give you basic experience if you the real experience I get something like a 286 and some of the hardware not to run it on but additional heart rate you can use stuff that we really like is the flock infrared adapter we can learn a remote control and then use that to control you're expand your code insulation with and the AC might see AC adapter so you can use your existing remote Fourier TG because not all devices have uh see she supported the Ross us then verified the stick those but that's I think about it and you the added the like this if get a developer over there is a labels for Moria for and we have 2 100 or 2 thousand member devices the so there's only a few to so the main question we get the mode is
what happens in C. while this is a very simple story um advisory but we are being sold under the name x means the without permission including adults that were streaming parsing video streams we are a registered non-profit foundation registered in the US obviously this is a problem for us and there were several groups there were claiming they were x C sending e-mails I won't name names but we had some issues with those so what we did at 1 point is we applied for trademark the and probably should have research that better but what happened was that was another company that had a name that was very very similar to ours and they had to protect their trademark luckily this company was very Nice to open source so this set is listen we have to defend the trademark we don't want you to use this name anymore we don't want you to use this name in future anymore but you're still allowed to keep using the old name keep the old sites but just change your name so some of while they gave us an X for ordinarily amount of time to do so and of course the company is just legally required to defend the trademark and make they could have just killed us take your sites of line they call the balance of line with saving to so people I guess it so to for a brief history of and where do we come from where are we going and we start among the original X marks as I already said I'm not gonna say the self as there you can read it if you want and in 2001 when it was released in the US and by 2002 the worst x multimedia player to the why the original like spokes at the
time when the original X was released it was 1 of the cheapest ways to get decent hardware to run video or it was a very very cheap way to get a device that could do all of this it was also hacked very fast so because it was hacked because it was cheap a lot of people bought to run as a media player we get this question I I put this in we get this
question a lot because people say what is in the wrong on the Xbox 360 well that's still a different story now is it it's expensive as a media player and has not been hacked so yeah they you the is so originally all home required the marks of S SEK he could distributed source but needed desiccator comply which essentially forced the existence of overflows ecosystems and providing binaries was illegal a label my of never did anything about it it agencies develop NCC both plus it's still partially structured around the game loop because on the original X books this was the only way to get it running l over the years many parts were taken out but the original core part think it's cool see application the to I'm not a program within you have to years to provide new programmer details yeah I think uh recently there was some guy cool the new guy who came up and said the let's say the most the application the yeah he has the yes yeah know I think he you provide its he provided the pull request and get up saying yeah this gets rid of the old game low and he did it for like 60 or 70 or 80 % and basically the minute somebody saw the so the quality of the code went yeah you should be on the team and and 22 members went yes that was a very fast I think it was the fastest the new team member with the use of all the global behavior in the right now and like OK and on well we have a good library that defines which is from XML uh so scanning is relatively easy actually nobody's you but at least as possible we have a lot of skins and you and there's an embedded Python interpreter for the Adams but scripts the that then it is done through both will play a cost I called DVD player key player and amplitude and clear and there's removed at what was the history yeah for of and we on well quite a few open-source libraries there's a little love picture here this shows you the open source libraries that we rely on and think by feminists and Baker probably the biggest the between 2003 and 2007 uh X was media player was really becoming quite successful netbooks and the works is for also becoming cheaper because Microsoft was evolving and making their own production cheaper new X which is were becoming cheaper will become a chip and streaming media was In 2007 the leading exporters started and which started into those 7 was a name I was already usable in June I think it's pretty much incredible and late 2007 window sports early 2008 always export and all In 2008 in November extreme she 8 the first one to use a code name Atlantis was released only always examiners at the same time now this is also about the difficulties you into running a big development on multiple platforms and growing as an organization so what happened in between 2 thousand agent 9 is that we really grew up as an organization and the development team group the community grew and there was a general consensus that we needed to start looking at the future well not we have the gas back then we we came later and we do had the nation's interpersonal PayPal account people were starting to wonder what happens if people leave Our gonna continue this there was some companies it said hey can we fork your code in there can response you but keep it open but can we sponsor you know yeah so foundation was 1 exponti Foundation was born non-profit foundation registered in the US lawyer costs originally sponsored by boxy who did a commercial port that little bit difficult to set up because there were no board members initially that were in the US and it cost an extremely amounts of money and time to actually set this all and also when we recently changed our name we had to of course go to parts of this process again and the time and costs were again significant it so there's a lot of effort to becoming a non-profit foundation for 2009 big chapter when it's been sheet arms was added and you and I'm going to speed it up a little bit because we have too many slides 2009 OBL Yale yes on the go board 2011 I O 2012 Raspberry Pi we got a new sponsor people's which really boosted and development of and then in 2013 tree has frodo we went through Atlantis but it'll come about dharma Eden frodo and we got all the platforms and which still a little bit on the rough side and in 2 thousand 14 we really still last XPG version Gulf and which had the full GO-based all the platforms our latest version here let's was released in 2014 in December and actually yesterday released 14 . 1 with this guy really yes there without telling me so talking about things we we grew through what did we fail on dual licensing because we didn't sign over the rights of the source to the foundation we would now have to call that every single developer that has ever contributed if you would want to dual license the code you can imagine it's a bit difficult because we're spending a long period we have 15 something team members and hundreds and hundreds of contributors to the code over the years we didn't all our brand from the beginning we did focus and trademarking so we base that the same situation as Mozilla Phoenix Jill Firebird then became Firefox the back-end server the quest that's many many times should have been there years ago I guess and last developer conference we really made a point of this is the next big thing we should put in and a lot of developers occur only contributing on this so no dates but it's it's gonna come that's the and communication I think this is still a problem communication between so many different people from different countries is always a problem we try to do through the foreign free e-mail Miocene get of that I think the best thing we do is the uh the yearly Developer Conference where we meet with all the developers and get our heads into the same direction and will be user friendly it's getting there but there's always improvement possible page missional being organized I think you were actually working very well on the the last 2 years here so greeks that's
a 83 team members says here well I thought it was like 50 something still increasing
sorry the yeah that's about 50 L lines of code this year code is going up until something like over 10 million and then coming back down to something like 6 million lines of code estimated costs is like
100 million if you technical coding model and I recently so developers say yes I can optimize something by scraping 10 thousand lines of code but it will make our project 60 thousand dollars less worth the yeah languages used this is a
very hard to thing to read from there it said C and C + + contributes to over 60 70 % then it is axonal Python because of battles and they go to like shell script make use e-mail assembly Objective-C but that's all less than a per cent 30 languages in total are used throughout the code top contributor and think
still at the top it up at this uh this picture is Jay Marshall with over 60 800 comments to code How do we develop how much
find for the and how developed we call contribute contributions are don't through gets help pull requests the coders reviewed by several team members and and Brill build on all platforms in our CIA Jenkins and when it's best to the end uh reviewed OK we merge it into master the we did we build every platform well people nitrate you the land the morning actually had it the well the local to the server the Bellman morning show that he dated like 7 young leaders we use words windows so there's a there's emerge when there uh for future pull request at the beginning of the month and then trivial fixes you can merge throughout the month as we usually do off of a battery is Canada released but we have been discussing doing faster induces maybe only 1 alpha I think in the In the past will sit at several battles sometimes so that's not happening anymore want to release more often with less changes and also less breaking off Princess skins and stuff and and we use milestones get up to track the progress and only allow a AP breakage it British during the when and respect the windows only love stuff to be all that outside of the API and these candidate windows only allowed but fixes so once we go into his candidate is basically just checking for books user estimates by
version of the get that because it's not up to date anymore users country also gonna skip that not that anymore but platform that's actually quite
interesting 2 . 3 million people are using Windows 2 . 2 million people are using Android and only 1 . 2 million people are using Linux and as you can see 0 we actually have 599 people using previously during the periods where if you wanna how we get the statistics uh the Cody installations have adults which updates from our servers some of these atoms are and art uh by design in every single version on every single platform when we update 1 of those everybody will get it will just take the statistics from that 1 we did at 1 time to get the so get these numbers
Android only has 1 developer the fastest growing user base of any platform only has 1 developer are you in under developer to you know and developers the please come to us because we have a lot of people and only 1 person those very by
open like gonna skip some stuff because we don't have
time in the the the their and others to the future thing what have planned for the future binary adults annals occur early only in Python we have some internal Annals like your the no no no I know you don't know the view that order uh that are written in C and and compiled by us and we're looking at the possibility to do more and all types of binding also allow external people to submit code that we will compile into binary at all obvious uh pluses of doing binary will be improved performance for devils and more possibilities for him better integration with the core stuff you can't do from and Media importing so also on the on the future list and that integrations we get better integration of installed content for instance you have a spotify subscription you could have a binary Spotify add-on on which shows your spoil the fun music list in latest right in your music instead of going into the and seeing your playlist you can have them right in your music grounds more integration player we're still waiting for that 1 and the ability to play loans flowing that so games statically as it is a video player just passed late starts playing you can rewind actually works spherical hasn't been finished was it's finished it newly goes and Cody server headless instance mn many people written for this almost done it will probably come this year and other DSP processing adults as another example binary Adel's adding more possibilities to the system the I'll leave this and although the questions what I wouldn't we need to think about it not a single question this is still a lot of good regarding the deal with the decoding of years and the and this is what you can do I said at the end of the day yes so we use of event that we prefer hardware yeah that's true if we can only do hardware what we use out of library we know politicians yeah yeah we always an issue to to do Dolby decoding In suffer think the main thing is that we are selling our software for boulders OK sort of hazardous and yes no yeah we know that we'll we'll see we know what it is again you know so it says an object we we might have to come take another 1 point but said and the best performers anyways to do pass through to an 80 hour which is my recommender solution anyway any other questions of of the of the of yeah and the question was is if we're and because we're a nonprofit organization if we have any problems with solver about those who were afraid of you yeah because we're in the US and yes of course the and well we have we have uh some and legal help and if we get into trouble will have to sort it out but yeah you can't you can't finding is everywhere so almost 12 years and coming to still here and you and me and you life the the you the what you the the that and that I had the question was uh over time Cody accumulates can accumulate some some stale Annals or probably thumbnails and stuff like that you talk about there's some and and and do we deal with cleaning this stuff um planning on on dealing with cleaning the the the crafts that you accumulate by running code for long time and we're not planning to do so there's some external of applications that 2nd clean up your tongue no caches for instance and I do think personally that's been talked about In time it's probably a good idea if we integrate some of that code that's already available in external applications into our own code here can't there's not known strict plans to do so at the moment but feel free to submit your full requests any other questions yes i of this is enough you was a set of what you uh this C C code and the the right all the idea that what would be the end the the because of yeah yeah yes is it that has been integrated if it was in your repository was enough yet so he developed it in his own repository it interfaces with lip CC and once it was finished it just went through the normal pull request was reviewed and I was merged and is being lost for several versions I think yeah so what would you say that the I think I think that after the talk you have to talk to him issue it's because he will tell you think about what