New features in Gerrit Code Review 2.11

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New features in Gerrit Code Review 2.11
Support for browser based Gerrit workflow
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Open Document Editors - Gerrit Code Review
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the OK so I would like to talk about different quantity of system and I don't know who use here all and presence hi guys you is an open source code reviews of wars primary local bike will now used by many open source project like open space and became media and also history because usage of in enterprises like as a CP I did go into an old therefore gical units and in the and those Saudi Erickson as the the the maintainer of currently have 6 people as all from enterprises a full time working on the so i'm just presented 1 small feature and the some guys ask me why we need it and I just sort led many of you know you have someone OK almost everyone or would you not this and the questionnaires In other little motivation what how you know what is your floor of his house you you go to the I know this page and you create a repository and then you add some files and now of the what do have actually is is is the repository browser and combine this I think it's a the yes and it is the that around that and the rat guy this our updated bathing so all you all this is that the new feature and you have been set to solve AIDS and 11 there um extended and to support almost every use case from to the 1 in for contents of propose a taurine directing browser so if you click on this button you'll get in a time you can change their directly in the browser and you hop to let's say what you can do more this class you can get a new file directly in this room the where you are this time and and so on somehow hidden features you can rename because it is input field you can directly the file what you once you and and for marker from market profile content you have Preview button so this is asking what all Britain and as you know something else you can immediately the randomized as any OK once you need all this you have 2 options you are committed uh if you have right to access to the support of the master branch or you can create a politically to as a branches enter if you own the payment for the did have reported no you have this the major button they don't want to make more floor for you for and create for you will be in it on this so this bottom content the business file called OK so now are you in the problem that you're trying to solve the there I Labour Office this using Garrett so if you continue to get the easiest way for a new phase to review your match and the then you are a new idea bench and then you say OK nice idea unfortunately it sucks OK so what you would do at that point change on OK the 10 days the mustn't happen OK disappear but I don't know maybe he uses the right more all is in this case tool or a speech to local branch from where this page was forced all all this game this download for them the mean and the reward of mn and the committee ended pushing me OK so what but for small changes the question is where is my in bottom line like this and In Garrett community you always there the guys ask on the mailing list OK where as anybody the the other contribution platforms also buttons for where this OK so I a look at the at this task uh how tune How can be understood this open source near there's a budget to license did have a school source obviously you cannot I take it and be cool and provide you continue about 1 uh achieved Enzo 100 % workflow browser right so they are maybe is is the is the heart enterprise the charge you wrote for year preceding and and it's not cool anymore for the call way to offer cool feature in the open source software that is the change in organs let's say why would 1 I'll additional you are the odds of this last point in modulation this are the collaboration platform already support this feature but there are also maybe it was easier if for review are sometimes neutrino change just the 88 there's 1 line and and and and and it's of already done so just review I can then watch this change immediate result of this are needed the command weighted interview cycle etc. and someone 110 slave the German command and he broke we have maybe you know all thousand of files missed you German commands for you to to total to slave those
save to spend statements from which have to pull to the uh by repository and cannot be page of wanted together and form for just the idea tool for small parts how can we do that how the media solve the problem of because in browser we don't have a deep right in must be implemented so I can just of money policemen commit manipulated mind my of mine 3 if I want to Our rename or remove or at change because the OK so houses the regular page enabler a F is the presented and get it you know in Indiana so down the solute and the 1 change for a period of 1 specific chain that I'll demonstrate how how how to change the the nonlinearity enrolled OK this is How will be added to the magic behind Garret if you post together the changes so this change for it was announced they're shown on their changes and this is the shot of the presentation of the pool last deviate from this change change number and fight with suspects number 4 if you are a man your parents and reports gains so it is just the new makes it is and so this is normal there or like all changes and presented so the idea the idea is is to say OK if this is my normal so patch centered a presentation and get it so the idea is OK 1st of all I want to support a different user was if the if the 1st it is a block world change the the page in browser so they of course should be and they're all in their already on the and so so so I extended the paths where the emphasis or this you and I change the uh the shot the change your presentation is use idea presentation and that OK it's not existing constant and this is my change now I don't to shot that already before they shot and the use of on the this is important thing that uh a patch said the it it is based on I you should imagine that the complexity of the complexity is getting that you have many uh um different that's it for the same change of your blog new beta the events at number 6 so that if you create an end if you have to base the those beatific pants and it is possible that these effects set so that you get the new and this is the last 4 and that the became involved can can be published and can be deleted and this brought to normal bake sale so in this case I would create an any on top of bytes at 5 and i'd publishing and 128 bytes at 6 for you in browser OK it's not browser Agaricus Rete-based obligation so you have rest point on this oversight I think I needed to on the new REST endpoint to implement the feature and the communication between the client and so on and so manipulating gene each other in the implementation in Java uh the whole 3 money portation in memory for you OK but so the new draft you OK so the the the real these advantage of I I think I think I skied this the montage of on power is of OK this need nice because there's a lot of people designer who work on it but there 1 1 serious problem is did have approach because the sample browser renewal and the every time you are browsing pacific file and you can only change this 5 so it's book by this fact because it's so my new histories immediately broken because if I have a change in mind that I want to change the and files in mind comment I can do it in the past using 9 entity John because in this case I would get 10 comments but I don't want and comments I don't want to I poison my my deep history so this is a serious limitation of this approach and this the sole gray nicely Indiana why because the concept of the entity is accountable change you have to change and you know you you you you when it really uh file and context of this change so if I want to create a new the modification of over over anything Indiana I need the confidence in this case a change so I have to provide it was also not possible Hooper provide way how to stop how to create and change in DNA because until now i've the only way to create and change in Vienna is to go terminal I conducted commit and push it again and then the changes created but if I want to start from scratch in only about 100 per cent more for I need to find a way to of course if you change already there and the reviewers just change something you don't need to create a j but to support 100 % recall you have to solve of farmers on this OK to great a change and it's a really things you need an project because every again installation of light by the the the office always open state has hundreds of thousands of projects so to great the changes you you you you have you need a project context you need a commit message and you need a branch it's solid most OK 1 discussable where this about where the about so the decision what 1 another the project change on fewer and a on the project
change on the other so just to show you
on OK so just to understand I can show you the whole of the thing on the and and edema office because of the outdated about all my changes more the land but broached in the Indiana cops to you in the the nice story about get nice upstream it's really hard uh the change of the get no changes in the cell but here they are not then they deploy every day as a really really nice things been deployed every day must all in all of their own who will salsa and rape and you may think you and the other logic so this is the
modern and enter and now because I am in context of my project it is clear that you would want to create this is is this change for you in this case I create the need for forget it project itself right so I just the of course that I support other completion all branches that insisting mole you can say OK let's say is 1 of the there is some for them and just you just created upstream change and that of course I'm not engage directly in this time of change right so we have now a change again at created from browser uh and um about so you get it to be have a new draft of mobile after Our changes so that means that this actually him and the thing OK we decided to graded as a draft for that nobody seat a new 1 sink it's is unusual and get it right of probably you never seen it before the fight there was empty right so as is and to change nothing there I would like to do something later the OK so this is only 1 way but it's also a good not wearing state formidable to project to the the ceiling their right 1 and the so use of PAC was all use case that you already have some projects this is the new ones that of graph so I have another project another change or area this is this this presentation this presentation that I show you ordered sir was applauded through a couple of days long enough uh and um let's say I would like to uh people would follow up change for this change right that you want a series of changes that lose some ground more and then you use this feature usually done as a serious appalled right so that's very usual thing to do is to create and follow up of this change if I create a follower of this chain I don't need to say that this is my last slide on you to say this is the other project because this change before a non Marcel redundant but all I need to create a follow-up of this change is 1 1 thing more than 1 p that is the you know you may be the exams and growing so want lead I just say here guys have for them 2006 in more cool feature OK so I created this 1 and is the 2nd changes created on top of this change also dropped also and tonight at that time about related to the views of the future I'm going to to go and no 1 enough OK so of here that this this the whole created change and by clicking Follow Barton create follow-up change OK so we have a change or we have already existent changes so I need to populate it somehow right OK this is a limitation in Indiana this is so how argued hop is so better at this because it's a combination of browser of reported browser and manipulation so get at this neutrophil is not before the paralysis of the good news is there and for a positive browser a support some of the other tools like the tiles lack of need like CG like you believe and so on but did not get so if you you if you're given below by you don't have any conduct is services like your foreign tool for you so it's not 1 of the 3 now how can you pop populate a change in change so um so the idea is to just the user but just move so it wouldn't change the advantages of what essentially you some of all of change the the OK so that the was with each to a it more and them some of the bottom of this area and of course the model related friendly to 0 if I have 1 solvent files in the repository tool to ask you to type right so in the early in the lab at this point you would the jump to 0 summit for the border browser like you have and navigate in my reported are select OK but you know you will see that this the this is although completion you can what alternatives but is other completion you can do so nice that and the the performance and really impressive so that you can I change screen of the change change details that the Internet is 1 of the open and I
have the interplay that I can just something see but and so saying and OK so I just edit
it and edit the and and the content to my change in browser and the the as a code review tools it's still in place so of course I can just say OK what what
happened here or maybe I can just the the normal on OK
so you see it you see it in the and the rights of and right of this so that said the panel of the and it's a medicine so so something that will None of his of his he is is the same but it would be more Peck said you can actually see what was done in context of these areas so this is change in this is not the change unwanted no model effects said you can publish it and make it and regular so that you can do just and the not that is basically can we can just investigate what happens on the remote side of unit I year Oscar and just to show you how it is now represented the special thing the focus something OK so I'll show you another I don't know why this is you more OK this is the man presentation and the guy has been commented on it so think of this command from for example saying the it's a Moses warped and OK you you have you have a what is this presentation will broken because I haven't updated the comments and so OK now the the new button here is this speaks about what is the command buttons then the John executive this line and this finally made it more and so if I fix I love this model and this confidence I just saying we of done editing and not now comparisons with more just 4 days before the coming for this what is 1 of information focusing on the only 1 thing was changed from to database at 5 so in the of the of the remote side that should work now ideas yes OK so what I have created here for the remote site is this threshold left or for this then if I of partnerships and then in the became a number 6 non-OPEC said so I uh this the comments from review of exact but uh in in in in 1 2nd by jumping on the right place at the right time OK just last just last focus on the
so anything changes the change and action partners who can download the the the change in its OK the nice as an extension to this idea is there based on this work is actually 2 of all so our resolve conflicts and the in browser so if you know if you if your paycheck conflicts 3 all conflict of course what if you really to build the call the more and more into the of change about the cell changes you can we based on the future of the future number in the making of OK in this similar water is the box flooding From a seperate guys and that allow also tool the Potomac and based on this feature in make system but there is a preview button and there's the markdown files and as the files of the end the page 2 million browser focus there's no question saying that the