Automatic Multicast Tunneling & Upipe: A Proof of Concept

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Automatic Multicast Tunneling & Upipe: A Proof of Concept

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Automatic Multicast Tunneling & Upipe: A Proof of Concept
Multicast inside a web browser
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Open Media - Upipe
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you know really going to the next so now what is the matter of the past few you by framework so I you have been here many times a single here you really practical application of life so thank you Mr. SRM is the talk will be about new protocol that's called automatic mode accustoming or a and C for sorts and the proof of concepts that we've done the web and you bite to display motor guests content inside would bother us so I start with a little introduction about
multicast so where you want the multicast so because it saves the network bandwidth labeling Packard dedication and of course it is but to useful fertility in but not only how does it work here um well in
the unicast environments and for its clients and the server has 2 outputs of the data at once so there is that the case in here 3 times a year 2 times of the day that when the Bible it in multicast the client wants to receive the data and ask the what local Walter uh to sending the data is the work of a doesn't have the data the it adds to the upstream motor and so on and if the world already has the the data is just the tickets In the correct way the 2 dozen that they get all the way to the server so it's much more bandwidth efficient uh and full between like the identities of course very useful so the 1st 1st
specification about motor was called a missiles motor gas it's not I've seen uh so basically motor gasoline is defined by an address army the so to subscribe to many definite as the address and there are several to hidden political that are very complex and uh that allow them to get him to be sent to from the server to the client so these are also requires a central authority to assignment Augusta refused because there are a limited number of it uh and this is all going mostly used all but we only use enclosed IPTV networks um there is a 2nd specific is in this years later that's good so specific multicast so in this specification my guess address some of the gas stream is defined by the is to estimate a guess breath and of the source of that standard so 2 addresses uh so that makes sense in subscription probable much simpler because if wantonly on to subscribe to a stream you just go upstream 2 words the source uh maybe it was stopped on someone because of what already has the stream but on the of the scheme of subscribing is is much easier and so it's also very common have been I continue networking close IPTV networks uh as you can understand is also been built for the internet but have you ever more already seen emoticons human internet probably not um so why and and the so the 1st reason because there was no incremental adoption strategy that is either a on about at work and you get the string volume Tottenham at a guess at work and you get nothing nothing the so it's 1 0 0 and since today it's mostly 0 no 1 has an incentive to do multicast are also the industry people and then if you like Cisco deliberate targets and so on 0 whether they concentrate in delivering item at a gas networks that could support it already so they're they're not interested in the big Internet so far so far because of a few players of gathered tools 2 traits a new our since all consists only of laughter but that's good automatic multicast annulling a and C and it's a protocol this in the gateway gateway that would be on the client side close to the kind or in the clients and the relay that would be a server side close to the server all in the cellar all coast uh and so this tropical allows emoticons distribution to extend even on unicast only connected receivers uh and the you know there as well you if you are already on the mud doesn't work the so you have the benefits is of the cast and to the big sensible after 10 the thing it would seamlessly uh well flight cell bits how it works on uh with
this slide so it's 1 of those 3 Mary on the right content owner so if you are in a multicast network like the 1 on the bottom you have the purple video strings that are flowing in just 1 uh copy down to the clients that are down there so I seems effect now to put you in a unique gasoline network as the 1 the last 1 of the clients here what they want to subscribe to emerging rest but nothing comes because the network doesn't have the notion of multicast so what do they think they asked to talk to the nearest relay so they discover the nearest a interrelated in a new cast unless the in Augusta arrest point to this relate you pointed to by the black because like our here and this relay here will send a copy of the string to itself the unicast clients so instead of sending from the server to the client it's only from the nearest uh and the relay available relay uh on the on the client so it as another interesting side effects and in that's where the eyes the here was probably we want to switch to mount guess as soon as possible or partly to what aghast because that would make his backbone uh well more efficient other than its own and using if so the um the way it works AMT is that through the clients and other standard multicast joined the idea it waits for something of spine out of right B doesn't is not a two-way protocols we don't have an answer let's you must with a permanent ban out like 2 or 3 5 seconds something like that it'll get stream when you switch to aim to political science the any guess address you get the address of the nearest relating you say I want to subscribe to this group and the source and EIA and relay will set up and the point to point unicast tunnel with the wanted to data and when you want to unsubscribe well where ask you relate answers from you the claim to lose a great that although a few things
that it doesn't fix um scientism you'd is the UDP protocol only this the like most of them Augustus of well uh so each of packet loss on your network where you have packet loss at the end of the Internet and think that's also a few other latencies data on a packet-filtering while you have to deal with that of the addition of a level was but a list of RTP for instance uh also if you have network congestion uh you will not be able to adaptive bitrate streaming like do currently and you have to implement that and defocus and they are the well the switch to a different matter getting the ability to it for instance of that entity with this is education um so now I turn to the the proof of concept the tweet tried to do To demonstrate the technology and so it's approval but adopted under the EU letter whistle sting has the servers that we use uh also Cisco was provided the whole uh well to an open and my company also provided as a streamer and some code uh and so the proof of concept was to be able to display a multicast tree a in a web bother using AMT switching to in the if needed without having been to support in the US or in the network that would be cheating and so the 1st person in the world that the US probably is how you displace it's kind of video in a web browser uh well you know there's you have things where things like issue 5 on a flat and so on but it doesn't deal with UDP is the busiest fires there's ways HOS gender and so on and so if you want to do a non-standard protocol how you do well in 10 years ago you would have done 10 and PPI and PPI was the way to do model Laplacian in the what brought on not only from other levels of by the way a lot of roses supported its it's now the trick is even even disabled on some balls nowadays because it's not secure um come from the same year I was flat ActiveX that would be Windows only any Tymoczko only in with the same qualities and then falls and from a promising technology minutes was extensions fantasies I'd look into intermittent looks very applied to send delivery uh so you have to know the like 8 so that's all that's the ends dozens I don't think I could have done something with it so we packet-based delivery like we have the so we turn to world optically could pick API and Native Client so that's a technology by Google um and it allows you to run native code for native C code on the inside of it was actually inside a sandbox um so that's protects the environment of the users from my where and so on so that's an interesting technology so the web bother with the the other components we've never used is aware of the School open source in the library so I think it's abuse the uh you can only and you turn on the sides are all available of them side of the plot for the websites fuel and so the into libraries it is and is written this way it's it mimics the standards of disease we get API so you have a call to open get you have to quote from John emoticons as group and you have a call to read uh from the at Augusta on-stream you want to read the and the library will either due and the some some SSN standards a multicast all the uh after a timeout so so that Ivory doesn't does work for you so you have to do is use the library instead of joining the will to self um and will needed multimedia framework to bind the whole of these together you so might the products is you buy so uh John talked about it earlier today um so you buy his a multimedia framework that is a little lower level then we'll see in just America and it allows you to connect pipes on next to each other so here you have 1 bite that is aim souls uh and that does the job of getting the packets it is denotes the decoder is and the way scalar and so we simply as a from the 5th and barrier and we'll we'll only has an would display model for Native Client you by bite so that was used as well um until the current talk works so I showed them all later about although a few limits that can be quite annoying um 1st that focus about by default of Native Client so that's a bit of a pity you can't open the so capital and there is a crumb flat from flag to enable some kind of circuit support but not enough for our case uh focused work you have to specify come line switch to crawl so that's not very practical another phone isn't the circuit API and cruel that that's all because of the sandbox and books so abstracts a lot of calls and also doesn't have support GNP at the moment there is a ticket opens new forms of ticketing the website that some of those guns knowledge invisible so actually ain't is the only thing that works in the plug-in so it's interesting to see how am I in the can be work account for that concentration actually I another tivity that's a where there is no assembly optimization a makes noise the and so on and this is and beg so that makes the decoding very slow so it works with SD deal at all with D that I have a very big machine improve it won't work and native kind DB some kind of assembly uh let me make sentences C but not in the wave of an but uses it and so on there is probably some kind of free writing of code to make it work but there is a lot better Wilson actually in that the PPI now vision for for a few months but has featured in the new decoder interface have not been able to add at work so I guess it's still under development but I think that the way to go in the future if want to go further that way but probably in the very long and the obtained should probably intreated into something neatly into the I can see or some other type of the literacy specifications so I switch to
the demonstration of the to alone to explain what we will what be running here um so we have and the you in Switzerland where we have a and this as a stream that sense of emoticons stream tool but again in the middle of the entailment moment is that would the you and there is a Cisco relay that's acts as an aim to relate and here I am my PC that will talk to the relay ask for the rest that's outside of that's coming outside of the cell and this plate so it worked 1 hour ago
probably work today so this and this is nothing for the moment this is something
many so this is the page that is actually running from you buy . org website so you can go to bubble toward it and public if if the 20 people of course to go to the same page at 1 sample you bandwidth will be happy with that I think its way to annotate them onto like 3 or 4 kinds of and so if I click in the or yeah I see the
video appearing so that's generalizes from
the I'm actually amazing for so well because I'm only going to deal with Wi-Fi for that is we have no packet loss from the the you to here including the Wi-Fi because would see them there is a lot of have the day the died in business is said that this out the the for federal knowing that there is nothing useful to to to recover from packet losses so so this is the 1st of
use and uh the future has been
available for quite a long time now
we started working with a ton of from those and 35 and think
now we at 39 the th the so this is the latest version but it should work with earlier versions of the well I know the on these specific thing you have to do is you have to look at
the opening of the mine of does that
allow emissions so at Shiite you but equals of
the the to allow these websites using
uh this of Canada is not a technical limitation of course because the problem doesn't know how to open the so that it's more political limitation so maybe if we go to war with people from and
people that can be arranged so
um to finish up but I'm almost done actually I so to finish
are there is also an the EBU
fault on multicast so that you know you are aware of the you did say it's ch so websites uh for multicast uh very the configuration for a year for the school most online was she put some text about that he was aware of that lives in the freedom but that some point there will be I think you need to open an account but I think it's 3 and thank right so you can't take you to the the we the has to do with the so I can only can modify it to the where and so that was the end
of the talk show on if you want to well was still some time for questions and if the Bilingwis of the polished and so you have my e-mail here and there was also the need to show off from the you by to roll Sunday at 2 o clock so of the ball from I think the really 1 before this year so well what it says anyway you know it is I but it be you know how they are questions that we so that the perspectives how the what is that and the the who found without the need for it be of if you have that you have on the image because it's on so that the next steps about what what are the next step for adoption of the ANC so to probably however that this is this a proof of concept that we've gone know it's probably wouldn't be the way to go production I think um is people wanted to know whether that of course the interesting for broadcasters because of that would say them a lot of money and on to the end and so uh and so on are so good guesses would be the primary our clients of this technology um and most of the time because of an application that allows for application going off iPhone Android application and so on on the TV like it to be so probably has it we need to merge this code so the leading see their things either applications uh so that the probably the next at 4 then uh if want to do it as well and evolves best would be to merge it into was some kind of fantasy uh there was all it's not that I know off the aim is to not be specified today is still left so that means the specific it's Maciej standards why it's version 18 so it's an advanced graph but uh I think it will become official on very quick very soon I think the expression of the draft is June and so on but it's still last so for the moment it's quite new it's something that's been done last year online so that they admit that the was not the case of the the main thing idea that if not and so I would like to go around they're really not I need the as some of the that's the end of the last so the question is if there is a free implementation of the relay squad that's there was are alive haven't seen this goes by the bay and teach from what I've seen is only the implementation of the client the the will in the triple addition to the relay Mary was that I highest in the 1 who has a motive amazing from I see I I don't know this sorry uh to this is going to about implemented it into the products on a some versions of the products of uh probably the experimental from whereas overwhelmed but button while in open-source reliable but clear actually quite simple so it won't be difficult I think to write the other question was pushing you just behind there is no way to people the later on the way you can use the point and the pressure here on the world all the same the so the question is is there a way to add a delay of some between the was 1 of the things that are more OK so so it's about synchronizing uh several clients so that they show the same picture exactly the same moment for those a questions yeah I how long the interview or something the real part of like the last time you have on there are a few you can do to support agility wealth multicast is on the line to to to to send all I data however that people are doing a video-on-demand also other well on Broadcast acknowledging that even when the tedious and so on so basically that works with tools of pushing the the contents earlier so for instance if you know that 1 of the of the content will be viewed a lot you can push it's few hours audio during the nite when there is a not so much then we used a in the data to the satellite or all you network and the and so that they could claim can catch these data and read from the hard life when you really it so that's listed it's something that most standard practice already in the book of industry In the DTT satellite world so the same kind of hero could be implemented with against of course so that would require the kind to only subscribe to multicast was that would contained a you I was a evolve of fires that would be often uh watched the um you couldn't and maybe do it's otherwise for some kind of replay TD also on but but we acquire new customers throughout was pretty much to to view the so pretty much at the same time I know that's not impossible but that's application defined I think that's higher level the here the the the the 1st so that we have a version of the was it that we use like I have no there we have it in my field of research in sitting in you get the best of our knowledge of the people of all people what about the center of the state and you want the rest of you that you was so that we don't know well as a I had the slide knows something very clearly
that what we don't do it will uh that's kind of the things we don't plan to deal with and probably in the per layer of possible way the thank and yes probably it and was of this it's unique UDP so you will have to work with that you are you with that of the module in the next that as well because of the 2 from what I remember the political 1st works by sending a packet to a and the relay and then the relay gives you the address of the on the missing you have to talk to together string so there is another circuit to open uh we since you since you the 1 initiating the connection probably it would work if and to you know was was that you right yeah that's the mother must not sightseeing that when you send the packets to this nation and the decision replies it works it is the fact that severely you it works in the year and we are initiating in this case so it should work I think yeah good answer this 1 work at the present time the like that we have and and that the of thank the you so the question is whether the ideas is are active in this domain in our well proxy in this domain huh we've seen the Moon and the Sun a high-speed something that would agree to I think a or accepted with element to be you already so some of them are the probability is of course a preliminary version to run it on this is who we're talking about this shows that a bit after where the vessel of course is not products ready that for the incentive to that's where if you're able to bear the issue the good bits of data on the Bible maybe worth doing it but probably the main isn't it we come from the content provider because that's what people are paying money to send friends the and and the yeah so um still use their own mechanism to discover the closest related to the question uh it's an a cast addressed so I'm I'm not so the biggest that work hours special is but I think it would be a gas so will be the key point to be the unless you given with points we was also in some way to the nearest in relation to that that the principle that any cost uh a NY Amy casts in you want to explain why so what is the goal all of the moles of because of the and here we here because you will explore the thank you very much for it