An introduction to the gEDA project

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An introduction to the gEDA project
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Electronic Design Automation - gEda / Pcb
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hello everyone became in the back of untreated of turn and I've been working on the genome project for a while now and and under the new brief introd Introduction to the talk but the trend is a little bit interactive so on start my making all this work so I wanna show of hands for who actually has tried the genome project a new tools within that sweet again as it that's a good proportion of the room and who like she tried it a 2nd time after the 1st this has sportily most same handed to someone working on a project right there in the audience so that's that's a good start and we can if the wife was there enough we can win downloading and installing on some projects while we're talking so genome all of but I'm not sure is switched on it but the thousand and if you were talk to the Americans who founded the projects you would we call the dealer project and part in keeping with the cat legal got data the uh out as it was intended by its founders now you represents the mature Sweden atomic design tools and the going around for a long time now that put it was founded back in 1996 and was developed according to the Unix philosophy which is depending on who you talk to 1 this case command-line-driven action is not that it is having tools which are good at a particular task so in this case we're trying to keep each told separate and good good 1 job 10 1998 so misspoke earlier uh and it was aimed to to address the lack of free and open-source tools in the electrodes ring so I should have as their wanted to do some electronics and he wanted to do that in a way which was on Linux posit platform and when he looked around wasn't a set of tools to do that so stop about writing it a my 1st involvement here I think of the project was in 2006 and some years later and that was funded through a project set up at the University of Cambridge which was to improve the tools they were using the time to uh run student robotics projects and we academics they're actually found a couple of placements myself and the Bretton ionosphere started hacking on the tools we've been previously using and trying to improve Due project is an umbrella um various different kinds biases and projects would call themselves part of the data on Roma turn but primarily when we told you we we are referring to G gas which is g scheme and friends so the schematic capture netlist and associated 2 pieces of software and according the Unix philosophy and we got little tools to separate into individual things we don't prescribe a particular workflow for a user so until the quite versatile and the way you can actually employed which naturally means they're not particularly integrated so maybe as a downside you've not got a single idea where we can execute entire designed by probably the most common workflow in use of genitals is producing circuit boards and the saying people in the audience I think probably picked on various different projects and their I know if anyone is here used to produce actual circuit boards and the web e-mail is yeah actual proof that we can
produce real Holland so what can tools in the waiting amusing this gives are schematic capture package and from there we also maybe need to enter some component data some attributes values what what's in this of fitting part numbers uh I'm in a spreadsheet-like tool that allows you to and that only
vol basis so I could draw my circuit and then after the fact that can go in and look at the part of the news and that they we have a told and schematic is only really very good if your document you design but if you're she wanting to use a simulation or to drive the PCT workflow you need a machine readable format so you need to extract the necklace from the schematic and we have a separate program which is command line-based which can process that is then discon schematic and will lend allows to write a netlist in various different formats including some proprietary from and as the tool gas from the gas as I said before stategies can friends of gas so encompasses a name for that code base and that was a written by protuberant here and it is used for command and scripting of things like export so if you wanted to write a file takes a schematics terms in the pdfs concatemers as DSU news the cattle in order to generate the banking start with the this going to proceed they and OK we need a better integration and always separate also we got a command line tool at which is a good this for a long time and allows you some sort of automation when you have a schematic and you want to take the components that are embodied in that schematic and ensure you have the correct footprints and at least in your PCB and that you can correct it would board layout and X is going to basically and 1 of things estate has feedback from students was the command line so so as the I get a lot of them so as part of the project we did in the summer in with the project University we developed by a small point DTK giving that affected rats and the PC and you it it gives you a few boxes you can click you can open a schematic editor and you can click and it runs the update process and I use it I find such a quite convenient way of remembering what schematics going to my project and i can access all tools from 1 place and we've got across the board led package now has a different code bias and we want actually juggling um jovial policy at the end of your PCB layout and asparagine probably will try to produce a circuit board and to do that in manufacturing data but you'd be foolhardy to do that with at least checking affection data looks correct this specially with some of our the so looking at tools with probably got at least for code places there was the gender gap sticking friends is in 1 repository blue tools of the top and they're all built uh using all the tools and and 1 hit it sticks into basically it's it's its own repository all service on the project website and PCB its own base and Jovian uh has also support did a gas is also used low for other workflows band PCB design uh we've got guys who use it for making a 6 lines by solutions and we use it I use it full driving necklace for producing simulations so we can target either spice place format or structural verylow type format if we have the log simulation models and basically I'm documents in a schematic format the try to analysis and if I get really diving into the details right by hand you can use the schematic tool for drawing almost anything cable designed a good people use it for hydraulic system than oil installations and something use a general drawing itself a battering package not Inkscape but some account as what it does and numerous application we don't know about we have no right way to really know exactly what people use as focus a lot of time it's used in situations where people are publicizing what they're doing because they using it with copper entities J. skin as but again if there is a vector drawing package it so draws lines and has a little feature for putting macros in which we call symbols which is your representations of resistors capacitors IC chips and it has a few little tricks that uh that helps your schematics in a way we can process for example it has a concept of actually it's name equals value where text objects which are attached to instantiations of components but at the end of the result with a text on schematic page the problems of had a picture minor and here is what you skin looks like I think that reflects what you would find if you download get head uh is rendered with current so the phone rings not reduce walls and most you only platforms you can build to windows and I think there was some work to have a not build tools and whether that's still current or not I'm slightly less familiar with the the some special CDA primitives that aside from the lines we have a special type of languages is next and that is a line which the necklace that will go and look at and try and track connectivity for and we look where next connecting land on a schematic uh ends so I'm on simulations we have opinions and that's how we look at when extracting in that list formal tools busses it another type of specialist mind at all in fact the case of busses is more a graphical line we don't actually at the current state of gender process the connectivity of a bus in terms of the signals within it it's more a construct the schematic action 9 individual signals when you pull them out of the box it In addition to having some EDI specific primitives like nets and busses there are also some attributes you might find attached to components that you came understands for example uh source equals attribute attached to the schematic symbol will tell that tool that's the sum represents a sub circuit than we can descend into that from within the giving but effectively the actual elaboration of the circuit analysis done at this time the so reducing drawing
package now someone argue that is a design choice and is a strength of the project and so I think myself included would say it leads to certain weaknesses at the end of the so the developing we've got to where we'd like to stop adding features which required the schematic editor to understand that thing your mass pointing out in fact connects to a particular next and when we across pro wrinkled basically told we can track back between the 2 effective so strength or weakness of deliberate design decision well during maybe out that 1 gesture to touch on briefly is a tool for editing all that is itself and it was used any proprietary tools you find probably workflow involves click on a component right click properties and it's something modal dialog usually OK and that repeats for every component you have to and it now a lot of what we've done the user interface induce game as made dialogs normal and actually pain can operate on use of components you got selected and gesture goes a step further is you can do all the attributes of properties for all of components in a schematic and 1 head and it looks a lot like a spreadsheet and an also for that gene at least is always a critical part of the told and up to this point we've got pretty graphics file format that you want reading Inkscape and you know this is a tool for extracting useful information from our schematics it's written mixture of C and guile scheme to make sure no 1 can confidently and and lists in over 20 different formats with a with a lot of other back ends that target things like this on all checking and utilities like dependency generation so for example you can run the genus back and that the sector limits and make depends so I can find out why master level docs schematic also depends on whether to schematic and the can't resist adopt a symbol was probably mentioning there on necklace formats backends for commercial tools as well as open source tools like I think missing a cake and 1 which would be so in which we can easily implement yeah simulation time it's mention for I personally use uh gender as a front-end for simulation more often than not than not and the backends which try and elaborate the schematic in a way that can be fed to spice now a lot of people on the spice talks and simulation talked earlier touched upon affect by syntax of a little bit of skill and has some requirements like a resistance to begin with all the capacity of the model and see so despise backend does aluminum mapping behind the scenes to make sure you component names try and match legal spice syntax and you might have a fighting chance of getting an atlas out will simulate without too much and editing if you're targeting unit cap what you want is Verilog the structural subset Verilog log which is used to connect the different models can account has been built models survival models that you actually using the simulation but you will come up with the structural viral and the final 1 is 1 and I had a chance to try books uh 1 that uses 1 of our longstanding users was written I mathematical backend which allows him to turn a circuit into i mathematical definition and then work from where to extract both symbolic and um analytical analysis of of his designs and and perform numerical simulations Mathematica and that's a very powerful tool is designing I 6 the command line tool and phrasal that died and updated fully the modern way of doing it but it was a project that gender and PCA undertook of the Linux strong where we raise some cash and funded developer to improve the translation between the schematic side and the the middle and the city now has the capability of directly reading atlas limited by the genus back in the starting at a particular workflow so disk into basically might be familiar with if you use the data tools and consist of a command line program you run on your schematic and will truck cross-check against your layout and look for any components that change value all that you've added to this grammatical removed from the schematic and Anderson updating the PAC the the and the beauty of always agreement is a little box lists all files you know process to integrate on that list and the notices is when you hover over the window if you touch schematics and the PCB befall is all that so it's a point my but we defined it was quite a useful step in encouraging new users who press once a familiar with the command line and if no 1 try your product because they put off initially you don't many is if you can at least entice people in Ireland benefits and may eventually wind onto the other more advanced ways of using tools than that then you can use the PCA the it features of the RC check gridless autorouter as an experimental topological richer which are probably would recommend using for anything other than small 1 labels and 1 thing which perhaps K. 2 distinct from commercial packages used is you can basically draw things similar to G skin it is a drawing package you draw lines on liars and connected is then checked off of facts and some tools of use commercially will insist that you can't draw a line unless you tricking of pain and it knows the should connect um which can become quite constraining the years to a package which is able to let you know what you mean and and and then check up the connectivity of this is what we see looks like and again should reflect what is in the upstream repository get head and 2 D view this and a little less they underneath that that's a the 3 sort of tractable tight control doesn't particularly a 3 D view of the
moment of the person perspective on the board and a lot of people also say that you know that's a toy feature we haven't got proper 3 data I personally find that by retaining wall around I can really visualize what then end up with is a product even if that is just a flat so people and later on 3 shows where that may be heading and what we will do 3 day if we get the time interval of the input to achieve that the city has multiple front-ends as a separate code to Virginia and has a completely different internal structure front-ends we have so we got a from which was written by digital Lori and works upon the older x 11 based front-ends that use the Motif toolkit I think um and from the before that the thing which it's
toolkit and is a very traditional sort of Unix a high-performance no-frills no gtk front-end and a lot of people quite like that a standard will uses GTK and to I would tend to use and that is built with either GL render render which I wrote for a legacy cheatsheet gtk renderer if you haven't got your the shade and loss was saying theories uh batch curious the command line going which would just make the command line program and for women that you can blow boards and export to the various manufacturing from the support JDK giving can be compiled for windows and I use that from time to time the work using the same idealized as the legally front-ends we also have i a series of export plug-ins and obviously the usual suspects so there you can be generalized for a system for X and we can emit a PNG graphics on the role of the individual layer geometries rendered as lines or any more fun touristic output which can be useful for again visualizing what you end up with when the family board we have PostScript output for documentation EPS began on image format was injury in that case but there was a specialist backends there which some targeting cancer can workflows so G-code uh 1 right users wrote the backend which retention targets rassist so if you've got a x table around a bit you can either do isolation milling or perhaps just for milling holes experimental code there exists for exporting 3 D models of the ball moment as the board so that interesting checked rectangular border you got rectangle out in a variety of people in the set when you start putting a out new you start using and complicated shapes the need to fit into a case works ability to export the 3 D model is is critical now those a you try product design development the just think and the I believe is quite extensively used uh it's got complete support for the past 2 7 4 x standard and I believe it's faithful that standard so if history says it looks like this particular picture on screen that should be what you manufacture producers and you
have a reasonably good conference such communicate and against separate proposed by some PCB and did potentially it would be something we would like to integrate uh parts of jumping which is I she counted as a library manager the and what allows perhaps to import java data into PCB for use in a in a sort of editing workflow we might choose the panel on the board that's a future of pie-in-the-sky sort of talk but occasionally come across work on ways so I got this existing data it came from all can Alchian I wanna move on from
there but what I really like to do is for example export In called so the outline level all design and make sure my new board matches that same physical footprint so that the potential future project for some contributor who either was to what was to have a an export basically files or wants to work with the city an integrated view of the and we have a whole host of other tools if you install data your then follow if you have a separate 1 as either you find quite a handful of little binary tools for reading obsolete formats that no 1 sees for 10 years and mostly as for renumbering schematics again separate tools there exist for refactoring your schematics saying I wanna duplicate this page and I want everything got on my master page to be plus 100 on Orestis plus 2 restaurants and we can make it difficult schematics that way and so the projects i've done with the circuits right to use hierarchical blocks of ice user renumbering system and so we start with the Master's schematic can you repeat that layout at times in a Makefile and with updated graph this a little bit of my college goes a long life try to automate the workflow and this is 1 of the core choices that a project made is that we're not try to force you to do something in a particular way that might be of off-putting feature to some people but pain other tools out there and what we call itself sometimes like the people of the complaint in much is a high the other great open source tools out there and we put them in the direction of content and for some people that's a benefit for what they want and for for us is sometimes if you targeting will work closely 1 hit simulation as well as board layout than just having a schematic capture package which don't schematic-capture in succession might be the better choice for file formats and again another of fairly call feature the people regarding the Jena project as a as a design feature was at fault for not so ASCII based and you divide milliarcsecond so only when it is like when they're in intended and but it allows people to to then adopt things like sed and graph as part of a tool chain and perhaps in some respects it weakens the position we have in terms of representing embedded graphics we attended by 64 encode embedded graphics we put in the files but terms it does give us some some flexibility when people I should go the schematic and say well I wanna for that they all of the track some exact location downsides again as I said embedding of graphics and sometimes you might for example value be to say this is my schematic fall he gets 1 file in which case a container-based format might be more flexible and can be considered as my schematic file the full of full of so attention the future I would like soon extensions of ontologies can support where we can actually say you come alternative his as it file which is a schematic 0 here's a folder structure which is your schematic and associated files but that's all in the future it future fijians can the moment we got a couple of developers working on gas and I haven't been really actively involved in developing the project for a couple years now and that's based on the fact that it's really kind of does what I need and your life gets in the way maturity find things like working for living in the like when you faced the student in a goal of time the world Malabar finish my phd but many many do have something to do that when the and so I'd like to see refactor few things in the future and possibly split out some libraries so that we can we can use the other corner listing functionality from from more projects and promising with the simulation guys I think an atlas library that supports a common as formats will be a good thing for the community to have a and to have a core library some of the things I would have prepped vision my ideal package wouldn't fit with the G of philosophy so I would be a separate project for where stewardship of the project and the feature detectors different direction we we really don't know this the thank you and so will point out when we get to take a look at our website www . Dudek project all and if the so it seems to me down to believe that the Hough have be thank work it you you excellence packages that really current in deviance and all its derivatives this account 1 of things we've had an issue with in the past is that the limited amount developer effort we had means that we try and spend time writing code and less time making releases of packaging code which is problem detrimental the project if you want the latest feature set you have to build that from the get repository because we haven't cover our backsides and actually all and that is probably 1 of my weaknesses in the project we don't really often enough and the you 1 that that's probably a good thing to do and I think I think for a while the reason for that is we reach 1 . 9 9 is a version number no 1 really knew where we're going to go next the it but you but the so you with with the question the question was where is the source can actually hosted an if you get a w w jittered due to this project all here and you have to download button and there are links to the source code for various different parts the project now due gas and PCB and xt interfaces they are in get repositories which are hosted on the same so as that website to the New Hampshire knowledge of the house is so scared source code on sourceforge and all of the projects there and get the the the are there any plans for linking I'll read those paraphrasing question that Holly cut out of the question are there any plans to link the schematic told the PCB tool in with you to sort of cross growing between them and I think the plans exist in the we all agree it's a very nice thing we would like to do a 1 point was a G skin plugin written scheme that would allow you to sort of get a at 9 from some you clicked on and to the PCB insect highlight that next and but fundamentally it relies on many having 1 schematic and then 9 is in that schematic being the correct name by the time it got PCB which is not necessarily the case in the media in general because you might have a hierarchy of schematics and the schematic you're actually working on schematic editor could be 3 levels deep into into a hierarchy and the men within that you may well be not be unique for the design so In order to do it properly I think we need a concept of connectivity that is that is come alive so alive database that understands this design is open and it starts at this word schematic so if I'm in the hierarchy and where I am in the hierarchy the the be if