How to test OpenGL drivers using Free Software

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How to test OpenGL drivers using Free Software
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Graphics - OpenGL Testing
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this the my name is similar to assess trying employee of the Gallia uh member of the 16th last year they started contributing to Mr. and when I was developing the uh bad to sound doing that some new features that I realize that they need tools to take that they was not breaking anything that was already in place and the for that for what I learned there in that this variances so it the rest of this talk but this is the the meaning the of
Indian say it the i for adding them to the young lady graphics uh it was originally designed by Silicon Graphics that you no 1 base is managed by the number of because the only consortium because they're called also use would be using different improper that I see is he sees them as 1 of the embedded devices uh use for running the the applications that need to be an idiot that is abandoning most of the time because we need however assimilation sector for example games scientific applications of but as a set of Indian it's only in the uh specifications and implement those for example in the the Iine their low or for example depends of war missile Mannila open-source are free to provided online on the on the kind of ideas on and so on so that you could be incompatibilities between uh those implementations and the opinion of the standard and so to take the we are the following the this dataset following the of India would stand out of these these are the kind of Indian performance
um of course Gómez will provide their own uh of India conformance this week that bad of lorries 440 also what developments uh is not so what actually you'll have to agree the the recently amended in this time that it says model is that if you have access to the so called by the the the modifications is that their modifications that that of school you can of a distributed to think about this so that the things that the community will have an officer out uh this so what about these 4 for the cases for example the stock is going to talk about that is going to go over the main door immense quantity forum and and things there's 1 is being being
was created by making making 9 by uh other going think I baths it was 1 of the famous ones for their for of Indian conformance let's when a have seen is that there than in last years that it hasn't been as much activity on being and the let's say this kind of haven't for you but the good news is being copied I and now the the communities maintaining this brilliant and improving the there's down the and adding new ones so
this is a rate but the figure then on I am going to vote much of it and to focus on on the in case of
the error and the alignments quality forum it
was developed as a problem of Finnish company called the vitamins a lazier in this company was bought by the Bible the and will go up open-source us as part of the and law involve the release for as with a with a a a party licensed to look to these uh component the streets of parts of India India's to both to that all that is the default in 1 area of in Seattle and you but it it is support of but include and originally analyst and the recently size 2 months ago maybe it's also added support for running they of Indian history there's from filaments compartments history the and the way tool will be its use unique the Prony from the underlying the about the um optionally you need to add the following lines so these inequities the the next thing because the 1st 2 ones is because it is looking for lead the Indian specific by running a specific directories and the if you'll hiragana writing stole within that I'm invited to someone you again only was yes naval but the the the where what what is it and the other airlines is as to enable the the back it will be a because sometimes you only need to have access to their DVB and and to the system to understand what the best best and on with the with that the the full open GL cause I know that then you just to compare it with the make and make the is that it doesn't provide a link install a that yet therefore make uh so it is meant to be a around inside of the wounded at the then you have there are 2 ways of running the tests but 1 is using a success a process that will use the a 6 7 is uh create the stuff that is that you want to run 4 that's you and that in the corresponding uh the model that that you want to there's for example in this case is that of Indian this beautiful can we share these common you create a the file that lists of this as a corner that is 1 of our then the once you have that uh neurons the execution chamber handing them let them know you run the executive the client a lexically Dorotea receives the different uh are that there's longings which my money is going to around the following example is the of yearly 3 there's these the same binary that we used before then where is going to find that the binary so we we've will specify the working directory then existentes you provide the business directory of what is the in the final created but is that and then uh you um a specify which kind of this you'll you'll want to run uh for example here is that all of the functionality of India earlier studied of all this of course you can use it to this year's terrible uh the the specified at these all of interests including that category so finally you bro idea Pulitzer find with is going to say the XML format of the cells I recommend you love the last parameter because this the this they knew something of all of them by the usually generate there 3 meters a source of um the 3 inartistic there's 1 use the 1 rendered by the of India there the 2nd 1 is the reference in it and the 3rd 1 the sound it there a mask which is the difference between the render and reference 1 the these images are safe inside inside the XML file us basics before the thing so uh for example as the solution of the is there a more let's think of a few more than 41 thousand there's you would apply them by 3 meters and then the size of the tenancies and use you realize that the end the XML file is going to be half a future with then this an example all of these of these XML file there do you have the name of the test that is uh around the and on all that information you have the time it execution dying and newspapers for example is the last available for the if you'll 1 to use this occasions said about you can use that against the deadly the the by a for example so for this case we have uh running the same at this same symbols of before the Synthesis Report no and the differences here the XML file and is In the name of XML fight would be best results of the review deformity Sicily the same I so this case the screenshot air shows you that the a so you the basics before images of things going to the generic and as there is more information that's maybe it would be interesting to take I it the story here for example this is the whole of the the result of of for running 1 does that this here what's another finding out the runs on a few things there it is the name of the various the say that that is going to use the bed fixated on compartments area the and then you for them in the looking for some of the the comparison was finally the I'm links the linking it was was final solved and for example it say the the end the image is actually the indeed um these starting Saturday opinion so whole the you convert the for the you compare the 2 of an actual the Indian it's you I mean you venues of the full as there are some of them are available online for example this is a website that is before that the men and thus and then if you copy-and-paste face then you will receive these the and you will have this thing to but 1 of the some of it the 2nd of the reference is the bloody and cholera between the black and red and then the mass of so you you the differences in its wings finding things this is that sometimes you only look at the mask because the differences between 2 images of that except for maybe a few feature the pixels and looking at then sometimes this is very high so the are like this very useful for the kids then the XML files uh as yeah they have not so we see to tool sometimes to to read you need tools but is the use of a lot of then you need the pass them I had to take what was uh in which states that are actually failed uh there are some the Commission flows for example this is the 1 that comedic XML find the latency is the uh 1 but there is no it's the middle of food or or any other kind of what would that would be more human readable so let us but it was thing is that a speaking a to Montreal uh having the report of running these you can be best without such information
so uh so that cannot be he was created the intervals 2007 this widely used in thing Mr. have 150 and development it includes this for of India of Indian years CEO so it's but the if you want to win the founding solid under his then you need to fulfill these these dependencies the 1st 1 is the fight to 7 and then divide on mental model that creates such files according full 4 of the templates you have a known by EC make India the land look like that and the moment that it is an fixing their analysis on and the and slowly if at least invariant based was shown waffle is not part of the of the possible so you need to install if we gave them with and study them and once you have everything that that's the way it even the things that is drawn from the possibility to of the with them and then it has it and is because the things those that that usually you you call the dual right from the of then differences that you need to do is take the style young fella things find so you need around uh in sending the In this profile dangling the limit of what the this provided and if everything goes fine the yes and you are really who will run defense completely the this then the this yes not the that they completely the wrong is willing to take a lot of time in the bending of of your system of course uh sometimes maybe half an hour sometimes 3 4 5 hours or even in the limit in defense of the that the CPU and the follow the extension of your of Indian that supports ADD and once you have the results that these they have saving J so the former you can process them and the reading and more let's say human-readable way there's 1 easy it's the output uh so it generates the thing it's the middle it's the similar a website and the so you make that then the command line uh all food and the office also you have the this is really the I creation this is an example of the gum underlying all of so it's specify the name of the best the result the fastest heat God has failed the widening whatever and that at the end you have a summary of these all of the for all the wrong for example uh we have 25 thousand fast this hopeful 55 thousand 1 am in in case of the it's the mn up with payment to so you know that yeah here is is some more human readable because of different reasons that is 1 is you have the status of of everything is being we've even in college to have ring for pass the grade for escape right for things like forecast a warrant for widening and so on and as you see they are listed by the all the or by extension 4 and portability that's it so it's easy to find which 1 you're the on that's they're doing the things you don't need to go through the all the least because on most of the time you're only interested only failed so here's gold to the uh so flat and here they're listed all the ones that have some kind of growing in in this kitchen a cool thing also use a you know that this this failed when you don't know the reason so you with me it's a middle full-year can enter
Click on newspapers and you see yeah what was happening there for example information was the execution time then this than that of output that's a that wars there were some prominence uh here we with the uh with expected values being in a specific pixels uh at the end here you have the Enlightenment the variables that you use the 2 of common that was executing so you can copy and pasted them and to give the final and the last part is the Venus uh both looking for may if you are ready to give you of enabling on the right this is the mass information what is the difference uh of the municipal before and after the execution of the of the test so you can give you out of there and this thing you're gonna die but you can realize the states was closing a specific criminal so or whatever of going yeah as I said you guessed
difficult and the command and you will have the same of well that is there are different ways still failure figured around the 1 used enable for example the image information uh the other 1 is being variables this is a very useful because some that uh some of Indian diverse therefore this is the appeal harms and sometimes there's going completely freeze so you to the lawyer however will be what is embeddable was hurt you this is a listing the name of the test that is executing on the runtime so when your heart he's going Kabylie freeze just need to look at the last 1 and most likely going to be the the good faith of of the stream you have more parameters of the of the given around you program or the official concurrently or disabled the the concurrent execution you can have them yes this for example think that in my name this case is the fake from all the things that we has used execute the ones we've texture the war you think that name of or a splitting mothers because of of sample of the 2nd example is we execute all of them that have in then in extend the ones that also have a goal world in In the parental of these things it's coming is prone to errors you can be mistaken that easily there is quite cumbersome to right all of the in the fall of the center that you when you have the floor and some specific this is quite complex so this the existence of the test revise this device is as and you suppressed that is going to run their that is going to run for some awareness sold 2 of them 1 was this energy this year that is all of this they use only imports all that this profile and modified by removing or adding this so but this is not always the case as we are going to see in in a few moments they are working by them and the this is 1 example that actually the for for 1 4 1 5 so I was testing on value Bolivian by uh defense colorful of of the of the final is basically a a copy of the deep you profile as you see things from but quaking bog we provide solely in parts of the of the week this profile and but it's removes um all of the combined at this I'm also you can remove them by the life extension or like did that the and you can remove them this 1 by 1 in this case a worse some enabling them because they were taking too much value melody and by that you will have another reason to the and as I said these this profiles Our within invite them so you can actually run that you you can actually create your own this prefunded that's something really depend on both and remove from the system uh this case can make European dearly history 20 a tap events as belonging to the debate run before making the deal is the way tool to run it is quite simple unit just above i'd where the binary case using an environment variable and then I was following the same uh for the same way that we are the self is there yes specified the DQ P dealers the profile then the following examples of if you like to be for the same condition of Indian the best and then you say this things things in and in some form of 5 then do come processes and is therefore of fun generating it's the milk with and instead of having a XML file and you need to that looking at with your favorite editor thought you can just use your browser and this is before yes click on 1 of them and you have a listing forms and the only for ICA with this is that these the enrolling imitates is disabled so if you see it fail it failed affairs and you want to take what was the what was the result of the units there for something of these execution so this enable executed by Hans inside of the so this our
compressions open dealings that in the
eyes the implementers and I have the freedom to create their own solutions so they can be compatible we do stand up grammars provides the on uh officielle comfort injectable was the states that there unofficial of 1 of them at the sides as being the QP feel of the and if you're considering includes this was that continued into the missile 41 for lamb of jail and a command you foolish that looking at the the database uh because if you're planning in of Indian is the tests are very simple the have focus on 1 specific originality so it's very easy to understand and if you want to contribute to the Mayor sat uh this is a good starting point because you execute given view of this review for the best and you use that this analyzing undermining the volunteers you have applied to the sentiment
so see so questions that was if you want to why by the you can see on and we and you to be in a lot of and by the end of it if you want to do it and he the the problem and you can use all of the you know you can do the we know that the the the the there for simple online find that they think this and sometimes sometimes because the best actually follow the because the the the simplest of the specifications of sometimes uh this was invented so you test so so we've in video what the and then the I mean if you see that most of the property values of going 1 way many you can realize colonies within your diet or for maybe the completely wrong with it was agreed to the button and what what you want yeah I'm going to push them when do you have a man of to but I think you In fact it appears