Taking Web GIS beyond Google Maps with the Geomajas Client and Spatial Application Server

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Taking Web GIS beyond Google Maps with the Geomajas Client and Spatial Application Server
Mapping stuff with Java, GWT and Javascript
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Geospatial - Geomajas
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it the good afternoon alone my name is still and will to I'm working with a company called Jukt spark and the will an open source product which is called the new mind or the amorphous you're my job if you just in to the pronunciation of support and I will give you a a short introduction to what you might have I realize that my slight sort of all the movement of the the today's menu as what this do you mind what is the problem of I will show you some code samples and will this time permits will maybe talk a little bit about security about this is this is a summary of the of course people often ready for the and I will give a quick demo and I will let to fire some questions so good uh weather's is here minus the as is this something we started so all when he started a and there it's an open source platform from at the time when we started that there was no such thing as an instance of the layers of the walls of 2 forever the but but there was not really a framework for something that is called a framework for a rough applications uh or uh much like applications instances and so what we did this to be a major role in the we decided to take comfort knowledge is like the 1st proposed Dogil nodes DWT of with and combine that with the job and because mainly the our job of evil you know there exists something like that of a script but we have of the the to embrace it's like the rest of the world so we like to the world make stable and testable that and at that time job was 1 of the but but the options so what is it is a collection of free and open source GIS libraries uh it's basically all you need to build a GIS applications without leaving your Eclipse IDE that's but doesn't provide it provides the client and server side of because it serves as the service of but the prominence of base formerly of the 12 years ago leading and for of the on and it has an additional of feature which is the built-in security but we have a very fine-grained security as opposed to for instance of the province would have only 11 security and so the language is so with that or GWT for sites and on a subset of the job of basically of and we have lots of plans
and this is justice of an overall view of the libraries so we have declined you have a server of you can actually just use applied understanding of 1 in that case you would collect to produce these sort of like the use of the volume of sort of but and then it's pretty much comparable to what you have with the movement in the what you have the floor uh but you could also connects to my server in which case you would use the energy of the of the sea protocol and uh you would be in the plants of set of which is basically just moving the client to the server in terms of what you see services so you you you talk to the same OGC services but you are doing that um technology wise
so are already said that we have with we have job far we use spring along on the back the soul the spring and being being used you to also JTS of course uh and Hibernate spaces which is actually also the spin-off project loss of as we we're already using our and we decided to at the spatial component
on so so there are some technical examples which I will move show you right now because I think that much time but the the what that's really hits the ideas for instance you can do polygon splitting and you can just at its the line and use that to split up of all In this case the country it positively or so it's not just showing data it's it's also working with the data and the thing is the the so just a
short and is the the the a soft
you of the the clients what's on the client side we have the blue of books which are just using the standard services directly from the line and we have the orange or red fish book walks with should are directly book included you might of on top of that we have some really specific plants like the other thing within a which is used for the freeze on and we have several which of the of what doing things like trees and stuff like that of now
since this is the developer audience I thought I would just show you a couple of gold samples of just to get to grips with what this slide proving would you minus the 1st thing is creating a map of this is not very different from what you do with an open Latest not think you just start by creating a map of the division of you just the word yeah to this particular reference the URIs you set a maximum amount of the and you set up a series of levels of a series of resolutions then you create this map presented object and then you simply add that up as which is the rest of your view so that's like 10 lines of code to create enough of would be shortened to use this resolution for a period of predefined of evolution ending they've so so for each type of we have the particularly line for instance so in this case it's the the image by so you get this thing for the given goal and you pass it to the world with over from In this case a very well actually is 1 of the of so you have to do some property of the this basis using an asynchronous interface so you will receive a call back with the various so well and this is the single layer that you have asked for and then you just told the DF place model on the map and you and the overlay of uh and in this case it also said that animated with injured it will animate on zooming from the case for WMS I so into space we also the climate of configuration a base you at all of the form of a version of the W mass and we add the the name of the file name and the w must and we use in this case the w must blind get instance and create the and added to the map and so it the sample is a service played In this case of detecting actually easier because what you do here is you think video you myself extension you get the instance then you initialise the map and uh you will pass it a reference to a map which is actually defined almost over so on the server side you will have your complete not defined the maximal the which saves you from having to define the different layers of points java script and I will show you of your but it's not the fault rather were voted by a come of but this is actually the being the this brings means that defines the amount of time and as you can see it has 4 layers in this so you can define whether that over there on the server side and you can the site which wave of reasonable and that kind of things initial bounds the selection of the and so on and so this is the the the easy stuff let's say creating your map and adding the latest I'm going to involve all this is a more complex and novel which is enough to for that matter controls so that controls on just Java classes with rich uh artist to do something on a map so you receive the events in model and you will know processes that to navigate them up and to the log of the writing on it we will use it to edit the geometrical objects that have feature In this case I've made it a bit more complex by combining 2 controls of we have something which is called the abstract rectangle that's a control rats will allow you to drag a rectangle and do something with it so in this case at all draw the rectangle of the use of the rectangle and it will be used to start another thing services uh by calling this said geometry methods and the editing service will start editing the rectangle and I will show new you later on how this actually looks like in real life and yeah so it's it's basically combining the power of the of the rectangle and everything the world to start creating a geographical filter object on the server side this
looks rather complicated here but it's not really that complicated so it's command so we always by using the command buttons of which means that every communications happens by sending a request which is done processed by a command to be on the server side so we have various layer services of course for the little amount we have process vector and estimated serves as a and B have whatever in the the 1 likes to implement so in the use old YouMoz application that has a lot of interesting remarks as well because different applications need different so we have different requirements of of and the yeah that's that has
to be incorporated in the general we have the birth the rather complex for the possibility of supporting the main minerals in the sense that yeah well it's not complex it's more that we need and I try to combine both what people are usually known GIS people using riches hibernates with the concept of lives and and GIS so that means that you can just try to look for jobs and of and that you can the you can expose that as early as in your mind this is what we call the hiding and the good thing about that is that you can also support the associations by uh 1 1 1 1 and still keep using your a standard cognates performed on the server side besides that you can also make custom leaves so uh it's very simple to implement the which is for instance based on some exotic REST services that you know of and then be used to retrieve the but what you have to do there is to just create an implementation of in the face and that means of you node fools at the like and the people who have to implement the stuff to create features save all of the features and the basic the blue here is that reads you getting elements of its so so it's fairly easy to implement layered based on a model of Web service the because you were in the in some cases working with the generic job the objects you will also have to implement model that so that will allow you to defined in a custom we hope for instance you get the of the of the world so in this simple case it's just the way it to implementation and more complex case you have a layered and features of language that you have the OK the spring
stuff this called the like use spring as much as possible and 1 interesting the example that I can give you is the fact that we use it to the pipeline the button the pipeline consisting of several pipeline steps and each of these steps can be used to do the the the the task for instance you can have a apartments that that's the applies a filter or prepared filter type said that such as the data pipeline that that use the style and that makes it easy to to modify only so if the state my geometries up to complex or I want to merge them and they can be on this you just add the next effect with which is the simplified the which takes all of the features and and and group them together to another which is something that you could walk along the lines of this of course but that depends only on the size of the data and the complexity of another thing is the the beginning of that's security of what we did is that of the Office questions of Security in the pipeline to do some checking on whether people are allowed to see features of for instance the and that
brings me to the security parts of which is probably something I would rather skip now because doesn't that too much I will summarize in terms of what it said that this is that it provides a way to straddle authentication and authorization authentication you can do it the spring rate order can with uh true differences whatever of vision system you'd like to and based on that we create a security company in things which is just the model toward object which knows what the kind of course if you what what if you can do and what he can on and just to show you some sample code on this or a sample of how fine-grained couldn't this is actually a feature of authorization interface the and it will depending on the feature that will decide whether it should be visible to the to the end user or whether it should be available to the people of the the so by implementing this in the room where you can uh configure whatever parents of security you want on the streets love the data that brings me to a short demo to
the thing to do and this is going to in some some of the
qualities OK so so this is
basically an application of it's so for all the you could see this you would the table to
see that consists of the other part of Belgium to school bombers ultimate complicated to so what is this application is just the a showing that this subterranean uh layers of the Belgian sort of this so it's called the board of them which means the so will explore or something like that and so the way it works is that you can uh adds layers from different trees of layers so we have different WMS services out there with the and with the leaves of the month so I will just for instance at this 1 which is called the historic the called historical soil profile and and it's a just a set of all these they've done very rulings and the source of the Columbus and they made profiles based on that the I know what I was going to show you is the special control what I was talking about and that this controller here so what you can do is you just draw a rectangle and as you can see immediately when I financing is drawing a rectangle the request is going to do so it will actually go to all services for which there is a later this and it will return the data which is within I so and we use it as the option to change this rectangle by ending points and in real time the filter will change and people but new data based on the new world geometry the I told and this this is basically a well what this application is all about you can show labels for instance here you can change the transparency can show a legend the actually all the stuff you kind of you know when when you think of a couple of in this case it's a tool based on Java and you don't have the of in the word moralists includes my talking of the questions the the question questions so if you are current in and well checking it out to a reference to new model or and have a look at it the this is not on this is not the the of the of the application of of show you some of the you know