Starting with the Yocto Project

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Starting with the Yocto Project
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the that's something that you get the point that if I just love I have so I am the immediate needs Indian equal uh we do was the on the it's the development process things in their wills also teaching some training courses and so the beginning of uh those slides now the meaning of all calls so be aware of 3 D 3 days couldn't goes on there just before that and this would be the beginning of I'm a so that the princess contributed so meaning the so and contributing in the uh the obstacle to fall at also contributed to be on the moment billing was cells Our muscle maintaining as a is that from the balls in the middle of it is at all which is the rate of the Gini awful the crystal balls thus so what is it the way that uh it at assist media and uh it doesn't represent any really it just an that object that is the only in of different budgets so you have a of so so it is a kind of like the quote but uh it's a specific to the bacon need and those things are just post-listening he much books that OPT G by the thing made of wood so as a ago components then says after the data so we make use of lindane so that it would be kind of flight made so it's what we call the past studio so you give to the past to the date it we all know many of them regarding the dependencies and that kind observe and then it we execute the source tasks you have open embodied call that is also a little project object but it's also an epitome embedded in project budget uh so openly because the sets of labels so I will a teacher went on the heels of tells so basically it's a set of and this these uh which I introduced us to integrate to create uh a package the package is all but 2 of the 2 is lost undefined at regional that um and then you have a bookie which is so if system so booking says that we will you to be in the distribution uh so it's small and examples that uh and of you put it so you should only use but the in your final point that's something that is not fade in Europe but it's actually a the bookies is not just the budget compliance so it has some implications yes so had
this is because in your the point X so basically that the but it is there so it includes bookie book it says we include open on the core so part of the when you dilute bookie you ought to be or so the meaning the epitome of golf and then it also includes a big banks it includes a set of states that we uh in but you will for example to flesh energies on the it's finally energies as job energies that kind of thing and a it also includes a set of fails sold in gained new of meals and those alleles of CPs and those visitors will do it also includes uh so I'd like to say that uh even to projection Saunders so and ADT and might books and some kind of projects that are used in the the Linux the part that women but maintained in law at the time you get to what it was then you can get a few different layouts from was also cis so for example you can have a make that that would be easy at Texas Instruments earlier pursue Baltics as entombment ball the CPU involves so between includes the so basically still when you can also get spider bore back chief iron that we're just to be Judy 5 but it's not part of the of the foot it's a so quickly off coming from a separate and you can also get you all in uh just on the yields a 2 week and I we mostly talk about OK let's keep out only up to with side uh within coming from the budget to get it to do what we want to but it can go all the way also like what would be the I gave you it's sort of a little bit embedded that this also yet it so it's not the of yeah I'm just saying that a bit of a color all coming from you but project which also out and there's only after that is coming from the open and each of its myth up ability and applying chooses a set of labels constraint got me if I
want to so I the basic organization of open a medical you have uh is like it's it's elasticities we describe the all to build a binary it was to be the package so he left to fetch source since then you have to continue as a B and then you have to combine and finally we have to cage um the binary is that are generated and by the polar 1 is the tension admitted would packages because in a with some sources you can get the binary tell then you can get at the nodes and the conditions of my beach is that we've made that may be in a separate package all you can also get some exemplary the document with that application that will be to fun support packages by getting a separate and then you have uh that set of fleeing sources at the flea off of including the spins the ends a you we use the and here's we also countries yet and that you letter but yeah annually on you silly uh into contigs and school things you have the mission of relations and that kind of that's for having the forest so uh up in a medical to both on the MIPS book C x 86 and it doesn't support any uh popular machine it but it's a pulsar you immediately missions right for the beasties instead top of open a medical so so the pulsing that you we want to do after literally in the book he will be to build an image right so you we want to tired and so you we want to build and so uh to uh be the niche so you have to uh 2 souls escaped and that's it will um set up the unveiling and that will be used for the computation of why do you uh when the world was is basically a tree it's got the pass through the gates uh to a set of 2 hours I drew so it's got a whole what machine you want to be uh well you want to produce like we say that all of the building is done in this it could have been directly so that aliasing is done out of the so you'll sources detach visited so it's really easy to work to do yet and he just didn't in India and then it was seen as the so all you need to be known this could that you salts that women value on on element and that's why you have to source it because if you indicated it will be executed in the sub shell and then you will use of of their loved ones exemptions finished um between earlier to user commands provided by OK so many of the debate with the so of steps um 2 was set that uh basically they so by before at the video would be a bit but you better so name it's like you want so for example if you want to do me to produce with different vacation population but with the same set of sources will be able to do that by having multiple the different of the vectors so when you add indicated you will also other uh it will so paint uh as a common targets set you also just some example value of a common targets is called a major new laws that would be the of the smaller the image that we know who you want a device and a with a command line and then you have got images subtle that will uh and the set of support so this is basically a UI uh is based on the magic books I think no the use of that would change newcomers would generate an ACK independence but you have different types so I had to go conceal your bid so once you have your big debate telling you have in that did I tell you of course that Italy and in the sense that you have to fight is you have the details that cough and could don't the people so many of the people we are you to say OK I have those alleles and the movies is alleles and that's where you will say you really that was mostly so you we have your list of fails in the meaning of that and then you have a look good core of where you sets you computation labels of the and so I saw in no condition is the that you could also use imaging stores and you shouldn't do that because it equivalent that call should be funny computational locally omission right something that uh it is then distributed as property of sources so I couldn't you find employee again say OK I have so many of the process also like and use so many of the cities in the final bid and for each uh you can also select as all the big phrase that you want to find and I you may also confuse a machine for which you want to to build so for the point the good will and all of that and you can also select as a package foment because uh uh the day can open emitted we generate packages that so is can be in that format I the defilement opti info the so you have a few of you read you want to be a it's quite easy you just uh and use the data you can buy some of shows that usually you vault and uh I see all the this is the name of a dominant so that it can be of Oracle image minimal state region in it uh you image so as that we use of food you will you wait at that time if it goes fast it means that you have the ability of away right as a result of children with these are so you ever seen would be in the that a of changes something you can fill they but for simplicity and been thinking about you can get some best Estadística uh in balancing isn't TMP deployed images when
the winner of you find on images so I tell you have is accounting majors all you may have you which will in can and in image of few of would system that will be able to fetch where you want your so of a T and T Welch that's where all on your pekingese I've been compiled so if you want to find the sources all particle package it would be there and your father UTC forwards we've due differences with so that when you look at the byways and enterprise Volubilis and the labeling is an enterprise that when used by packages for you guys yeah so quick similarly but it's easy you don't know the these source that you will all be in its bid on you go here you're looking at the core of and then you be and that I should have in each other so no you of image you with plenty want to uh To make medications that uh you shouldn't uh uh we find ideas sources that you just the within because we just want to make any shows all the sperm edition and if you want to live with the bookie at his induction kept medications area of conflict in it seems so you don't want to that so you would you want to create your own linear aimed to aliasing them so to hidden layer you have 2 choices either I'm gets out of your own a real so that lysimeter machine because I wanted to here could you speak up when the with with the and the inside insights and directly we have 2 kids 1 phi it took off earlier coffee and that we your Yulia and no uh I will show you how to do that just all you can also use the utility of the Italian the here that with the boss activity of point so inside your code of the earlier but calls you can you have to put to initialize at your valuables so you have to add surpassed you only have to the best so to make it so that you have to say OK what size of the my so you have to that there is a need to be the pass through all you'll uh this is so everything that is the the indeed yet and will be added and then you can name your collection so that I want to hit me Pakistan forms so it will be uh predictions of for sequence is that fonts that's what you and you uh you did a pilot enough n a if you want you can also add some dependencies so basically my you just and labels is depending on the type of is an arm and there is an object x sup uh because I'm basically using this upon there but you can also depend on idle MIT Lecture chief arrival of the French so uh the men uh blowback of having that they have separate from physical mental and that if you want to do the just customer when you want to distribute yourselves is there we have to the world that's uh layoffs called what it all the good conduct the convent so the computation itself will be done in the beauty of the cool thing said that and it just you just have to append the bus to Yulia in your big meaty of buying so the beauty of press acquired and you'll be used deal so is and the main clearly that we didn't so so that was equally and so now that 2 other Muriel you we want to add uh this is and that's when you we do the and of so you have the good things that you can do with vis-à-vis and so they all name some that you need and I will talk about that uh knowing that Mr. times because you have uh the speech about depending on also things that would include those other cities and the kinds so but you wanted to that it yet I mean that we get to the so uh the basics of uh like they said the the cities and all these finding out London of forget about your mechanical miscible begins and it will just be a set of instructions and what we call tasks that we get executed at some point by the are you we also define uh Wickerhauser being dependencies although 1 time dependencies selectively no OK uh I want to be the 1 that I gave you vector that's a depends on little package so each we select as a part of the cage 20 so as the fighting falls calls me UKUSA is a package name and the skull and adoption and good need uh inside that uh the CPU we have also population valuables in your head out so that would be the name of package the license of the cage the right what is a past which itself is like and things and because of the past if you want to learn about of past you can use the that C the name of your past and the package the so each we only in Tikrit 1 for example you want to fetch uh the sources for you would then you would on uh the data that she fetch uh you would that we just the sources for you which is is Merisel Inc entails some recipes and organized like that so you will have an include that we get into laser finally basically and uh it's just the way for example a uh uh having a common not Mr. bullets APIs and specific about falling for if you want to support which will you would the options you can help you with that think when you say OK I want to read I want to give you would like that and define your father and then you just have 1 ECG there we ordered the conditions so you just say
OK suggestions is that is at that location and that was all mentioned in another species OK I of the 2 solutions it is at this obligation here so that's exactly what I was saying so and the end 10th um is that you of of some valuable so that you can define the description of by each of the priority sectionalised by I we will follow and that you you would see that there is always at the top of your list uh the main valuable you we want to play we see is associated with high uh when you say where is the kid well obligated your sources right for that particular package so you will say it out to the cave uh this say so it would be able hear it Shigeki uh needs it appears if 2 key uh even qualifies and you can sing it looked as the that the of different ways to achieve and so the good no good guys I just know that you have 2 different uh by word about causal structure as those not find sparse in phys ics export life so if you want to add uh passed to search for all of our faith in you we have to add them to the log and that can be useful and we say that we the afterwards once you can also have you we just use left and those that have the big with selfish uh so for bills that top uh listed in the of the high-flying balloons which and in the naive on you of 5 them for you it's assuming you architectural name your machine name and that kind of thing is that was by the board to have a different for dose with the name of your machine by the Board and depending on which machine you are being you we the big we automatically selects as a quite fights on the guide for the when which is quite convenient I also just know that was applies at the ending in that patch all but diff all uh that you uh explicitly difference we applied because the yes I will be applied to the sources with batch show an order but she's will be applied in the although they are held in G just you a highly valuable a dependencies so you can see uh the 2 different dependencies of the mean time dependencies and the on my abilities so the big bang dependencies we're not necessarily be installed uh in your final image fidelity and dependencies we need is stored on the and know it just changed the needs of the dependency of women who too much in details so you the 2nd of the food tasks that are defined for each uh APIs and so I usually also defining classes so you have for example is it with the true class that we defined what to do we uh when an act of your time in that kind of thing so basically we just 1 the search for the so you have portal starts at using the if you want to know all of the is the task of particle obviously you can use the earliest trust the the so I hope you like the such because like I said uh the task is in the way of the job is done so it's quite easy to uh you will have to define the task like that and you have a mutual actions and election are basically uh come lines from so justifying his actions and you have access to all of the imperial you download a valuable there so uh the most important 1 being a gene that is in this tuition they believe on you as a gage value and and your so I will if that is the working directly for you package that's where fortifies off at the yeah of your wife with which we will do OK some and you are an example of that so when want to combine in a new combined we want to just go by so you could see see you buy this effect since it in defense and then you just say OK I want to give it a and it's coming from what do you because by the balloon near 1 finds that is in order to I had to install it then you just uh caught in stores so you get lately and then you sort uh in the region and India right all for example you can also use a make file and send you just say OK I want to hunt make so we will be on make it will just make in your sources they point and then just as saying you can install in the same way we what if you want to go there so I do you all so you you define your task and then you say OK I want to add that best so my desk is in the image I want to admit uh after LDA complied with the fall due in stores in it will just add another craft between you combined into the I am an example that so that's a force at this being yeah useless like you mentioned the what makes that's a direct function the shows class can be written by yeah but so yeah even more use walls yeah so if you need so you you were just saying that OK I was and saying that is sessions and that's the to them so I passed in by your because the making by you want to go to uh life like task in place their so that's my a recipe
for in the world so like I said you of the handles them so you just have defined you by words the 1 that is input comes there is a SLC you so I just say it's in a good fight that is and that's the and we just combine it with OK so now you know how to write your own disappears and you may also want to modify or to extend existing recipes so you have a mechanism for that the like I said you should that only find that the recipes input dealing with only only just them within in which you will be able to extend them in your only so to do that would use uh well we could up in fights flows along the but the the AP recipients a group that you gonna fill in those add a cost to all you been some existing past all even uh although heights of existing cost fuel and uh you can use some uh it all that God had happened in people and so to to assign somebody so for example or the lecture there you of you had so you equity with the chief of Don basically you had it that TI with is that you want it to be in you even at that include your principle and things that you can do in your only there you go I uh I think that speed so we fill the gap and all you can also uh th you on that we the include you with the that England important all you can also up and uh and some stuff to exact this but they have 3 different ways to extend an existing as so they said extensions are ending in the the appended uh you must have the same name as in the pen and elicit geology noted the median speed so what you can do also is that instead of the and you can also use a constant and it will just matchable deductions so I guess since he had been vise of its inverse their specific all that if you are using the sense that but usually but if you want to identify is then you will have to uh explicitly prepends uh is the file export less valuable and I am an example for that after once and uh using with the notes in those passed on left to right that's when you have to prevent you up and then you went to using the previous sites you want to use a new the so for example of that would be a mapping phi of the world's and you just say OK I want to prepend of my chillin directly and place and that we just I add a source of but she's quite important that the presentations and I and then it will match you can do that C and then it we still use the plan is to combine doing stored in past that way to ensure that the fact just as more loving you will find that in books he uh it's fitting that the this so you may find some tasks that building doing that kind of thing but they are basically doing that to understand where they're on the dominant and your it's and if you do that uh it would exceed at that point but obviously we not be able to uh think that anything that task because basically if we just accept interesting you up and it will be up and the between and but it may be used to really volume with but if you if you welcome it would have been finds you wouldn't title even knowledge don't use that concept so at the beginning his soul if you walking you have limited were way so and this seems to a police task you have the most of the loads the dying because you don't make the leak in your what wonderfully listing and you out or so can use uh development shell so with the date uh that she did shall for 1 of your disappear which we explore everything every year or the only element that that was used to provide you a space so you can just use make aware of their and intuitive uh which we just have the same environment usually you will be able to look when users in completion in all and you can also and type to actually in the history with the exact computation in the could of course uh that we need show you the uh what about the obligation inner-city window to the would be right now and it's actually of a 2nd and completely with it and it was and each commit when need so you enable to get between so know your inward to hit you on this thing and you want to add as a fighter Katie package to your image by the work all to add using your image and for that became a very uh images is OK so uh the images a B is just a simple recipe that is using defining whenever we included in about an image so this on the plight of the Binet this unity which I think of 1 avoidable color imaging or that they have to and the beginning of the new is uh is 1 of the images the usually they asked all the universities something images so but when you do the case with humans in case and uh you have an example of that so that's 1 and I've worked and so you just give a description of a license and then use that in which the image in stored as by and you just up and what it all you want to install so you have the package group called which uh it we just usually include a book for the legality of similarity and uh these books and and things and then you can add the most effective in the ability of these books that you use the ideal venue for a realist going abroad against and again seems when it off you want to install you can also select uh what
kind of uh the condition is included with the imaging less and uh there I just say OK I don't want any of the relations so I wanted to hits as well the and finally you just initiates a cough image that is uh base class all images following we uh that's the 1 that we passed that my aboard an installer order dependencies so uh just as the city with the same idea of because the level of complex uh image has atoms out as the and when you we included and those only CPU making that we really want to extend it so basically and using a subtle and unsubtle well we add a point of order the tweets I we add a few pekingese I can say OK I want some uh differently dual so likely and if a cell on campus yeah you do not yeah you can do that uh I of of freedom it's somewhere in years and build the it basically you you would use uh which installer and thus skull he moves and then you say well what I could you that's the way to remove as something followed by Belize you just put and copy-move it will move where there is so it would be enriched in and the snow and so and thus copy-move yeah that would enable the package the as you can picture of that or the title of the work of at some point it would be what the engine uh so uh you so that I used in each feed yourself of something kills you have uh but instead of using imaging you can use the meticulous and were fully in a solitary with mitigating store uh year and if it's a sound some computation in in the so called you out the but you produced the dollar on on that like that the so you so have if you want to tweak you in each you have a few mechanisms so they can send you a uh . 1 gives the full but basically it's implicit reactions you wouldn't see all because it just a you convention Phys and see things that uh the CPU we want to instill a match call the final volume Montreal quality although within uh and usually what you do is just if few you create your phone like going to fall back to also uh the media and insects kind and CPU just use the final exam ples depend too I had you come directly went so the tree and the problem of an inside of that 1 I K it's uh different uh for girls with the mentioning so if I'm meaningful CFA when that 57 of the and if we use that 1 if find meaningful see the world led to agent we use that between but the material because of of the high and I would talk about knowledge so uh in that Michael the you can just I have a few valuable so after screen actually although you can usually use you give all important role in all skip mode you can associate with and you can you worked with data all its orientation that can so this theory would of something that was 1 image where is the only thing I find will be those that might call the file and uh you will be able to 1 that's a image and different emissions because each machine would say OK I and sends the week so you can think of it 1024 by 70 and 7 and the Committee also I have on the success of multivariate full it so if you want to add a compromise and relations that's users stuff that you will want to do it you can just created this appeal to a sort of all your population finds so it is continuously and then you just select it all ties about that you knew you to which rejoice peak and then just installed them under contribution right let me just cooking up so size through those locations but I quite simple yeah so of some uh used food the common it's a bycatch please so uh you can extent as the commander of the city to install equipment and the deformed so you would use of media and the that and it would just be OK if I'm using the therefore the cis by in it that of exist the uh I will just sort of government before you with them using assist India with that inference the were remedies insisted a anything that combine different for example do we exclude differences because basically we had you is easier with that you know that was set up at the with time and when criminal something they will just a heightened this it and so we remedy it would connect with in so i'm just to you in your company that so it is a I think it's streets and can be thought of as flavorful I wanted to point uh ditch seminar on you is easy all and I just wanted to configure it so I'm just adding the you the you disappear the the core 2 as the FIFO of visitors and additional information on this looks this a then you can also want to changes testing because baby food you we got to the point x testing if you want to change it so that you can do is something that so I know it's quite small just look at the pth yourself it's quite easy you just the users that so you have your PNG from looking create the end of time uh and the between the interested in what so
which of the time uh like this said and so it went from there will help you to tweak your in each volume on but it but uh you made based on your put it on an existing Balsillie John you on bald we obviously have to you just created to include your history in you know what I mean the the new media and you will get Justinian products so the quickly talk about it and you will have to be connection that cough solution that cost will be your mentioning that you put it in your earlier in the course of the machine and if you want a better so he had some input files there that would be included from the you call finds and they have an example of uh and include
final but confined so basically a on the wanted signal here and a negative makes 28 ball uh so it's a fiscal 1 it's based on an excess so I included including a mix things do then on defining the associ family so it an excess of particularly in x 28 and actually it's also a sea freight 1 blend into 2 6 so that that was the ball that was kind to support a so you can select aparticular film there uh which is its he phase that would you might call it a Linux recipes his name units think we the have but wouldn't be volatile and you can select tell you how would build up on board you we say OK is a condition for all of my uh which X is as the thing I want to kids in the image instead of you nature uh I have a device see and that's the 1 of the most valuable will be used by you know by recipes of what follow-up upscale machine I want to always include as a chilling major in the calendar may inside the final word as would buy the the image so I'm adding them uh I want to hear it is the child of fine or is it shall we know the extreme I sensible that's well things and I we can also that by system images so we cater tell these you always be an extreme age uh I We kits available it's a mixes with this account and finally here we cater defined on is to get you can also select you you'll say a console you can add a few mission futuros . 4 use the digits you is the cost that is in the fact that you love Wi-Fi that kind of things that we as source z valuable win at which but a few of the cities to identify for your future so if you want to intrude uh is that you can use into it and you will search for us to you include 5 the if you want to extend those you can just into them and then change find aboard my debate the use of the machine also as that 1 party gallon as which can and uh so you just add your distant the so uh for the counterpart about having portray she's so I don't we either but she's a little and already existing asleep and then document the so we're going do that uh idolising include of using the media spend uh and you can also use your all and custom became all you can also use uh the main line it's and all the funds and chase you we want to using different uh quantity of his life so usually you use uh uh something coming from your stinkin window so you will see it you know this is still a Linux a mentally then you will want to like your new this people you all entailment SELinux something the window and it will be the fate of the book only them and then just go in the National you could be your patch is up to you will but the and there was little in experimentally so that would be for example of what I think of that that is you make a job uh the using a z of their the screens them and example 1 they with a few uh which is without going all the all the of his skill so is so when the ring uh then is just OK I want to include the magnets and it's uh into fine that's the 1 that is convenient for the task we need to create the chemical fixed involved and then deduce are deemed uh uh the association has died in your local elections in a class selecting the kind lunch and then down just a idea or it but is with the use of but she's isn't are hiding although the scale uh John you can also use uh the collateral machine so that's is used just to ensure that that article uh basically we only use when combining all population so if we think that the the the the 1 mission 0 1 for many of which so far the idea would skip that 1 room so I ordered book that's a list the when they're using local financing and said see you a high uh open ended we use uh with such fights sparse and mainly for forward 5 questions is the beginning so that's the basic name and also be here in a batch of key so that's so this evening a batch the suggestion so if you have look there do you evening is units that will get that as much value of just go off and this is a reduction the data the name itself is unique that's collected quote desk or get picked and then you have the dash and adoption so this just go and this that that can be confusing time the the and it sort of Kingston bakeries and machine a kind of a light can align the reflection of light in of what curve which are you no way of supporting your on units um FIL is just to use your uh system and we want to invite you all is be uh and this is very difficult because you have a lot of classes all uh and this includes 2 and that so if you are using the we just include the extension to be just after defined as source URI you always have to define as that is and last the so by the end of the day you can kind of which were mentioned like guess it so between claim that so that can be quite easy you just say I want to bring it into Canada class I really Quayle GGB just 2 or so and then my DAC and myself seasons that's all it's set 1 gets and that uh on that date determined uh people's daily funds and launch and this is the division that will right usually when you are using gets as we always knew what the it and it just means that you get the daily we neutral in what you said hey the so uh you it's not a few options knowledge you have signal that tells the know published and to have a view of small the conditions of their so you can get the condition of the project is the most interesting 1 uh the most interesting part is the value implicitly where you are a list of or the label you can use and what they are doing so this is a really interesting your so as the is in a pulse guided through our kind to to create your own use the layer and uh I mostly use year of his being used in that well so as but of the condition uh so just think uh like it said at the beginning with the 2 acoustical since the money duplicon openly eulogies so EU we do that I don't you really think of you can also go to all the existence the next systems are in uh not in your eye with statin entrenched and uh the uh the other 1 really in making policy with the speech in and they give you will find a way to get the the the uh if you won't see as or this will slides will be available on our website but it has informed and slice and materials all opinions also with really work all the on our website sold if you want to look at the data so you can get that all its when selecting and here many
questions you putting equipment which I was