Backporting Linux mainline drivers

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Backporting Linux mainline drivers
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Embedded - Backporting Drivers
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the without OK I serve as a header was testing a might so will use very keen so we let bark forties drivers in real time yeah hymenium so commands and I'm looking under the Linux backboned by backwards project and today I want to present you how until backwards and 5 uh somebody looks mainline icono to all the current versions and yeah I've been and looking on this boat Texans something 6 years or something like this on it was started by the 2 was 1 because of the yeah and John did a mango the problem is
Austin I the began development and he knows goes on in the mainline book so um for the event if you wanna news new features you have to user Morton Wiesen Cardoza and but often just start this some old going to wasn't like the new get get what support package from your system-on-a-chip and or and there's us support and SLE years old kernel version of something like this if all you are using an a blessing of distribution and I committed and applies so something like this uh mail it so everyone using would you would go and it's a handy thing you compared to what you can do content at all and so then you wanna use more recent mostly survivors to get support for all the new fancy of to get support for new features in B-spline as and yet you then knowing the best possibility to use your old support it's going and these new and drive I yeah the notes backwards for Jake and they're in your 1st started combined wireless so it was was focused on Wireless landline 1st and then some other drivers embedded so it was renamed to go but drivers and finally renamed tool by for instance the 2 years ago or something like this of the article and the research for of by banqueting drive us form of the notes next to the all the C 2 kernels for Minos tools and every kernel was in between 3 . 0 2 0 3 . 90 on down the last time I checked it was about 700 kernel modules I want to do not support all the drivers a molecule and versions a single for freedom at 0 it was walled 200 at 121 use so sometimes there's it's hard to get to that point then the 1st yeah sums changes are done in some internal kernel subsystem which you cannot that quality that had become the Kennebec but the interface and so if and not that many people are interested in this stuff that we just skip from its gonna on get on it contains um wireless LAN drivers that the main focus but also I to radiate and it's 2 . 15 . 4 Drivers NFC drivers Bluetooth was media so that's GBT camel and so on the bond so you'd yes and this stuff and some even on but he also would like this you have some other different drivers from different areas of few free to send some patches and yeah and it this also maintain themselves and the switching to a new kernel version of most EU something weights and depending on how complex and I was on giving you when you
on leave provider and time or it's on all that science you can just download them and build them against these are the 2 you gonna versions of the support the and we are leasing town that was based on the UK's next to the so the most recent stuff you can get from the Aussie kernels from the nose and there's some stable on P yeah take often takes some effort to do will have to switch to a new so we accordingly we're behind her things free something like this on my working catch up in the next 2 days on giving you an using you can just don't know what the term and um untied and use make menu could figure like URIs used to being absconded selected stuff you wanna use at all as there checks and that you have the dependencies in your corner you're compiling again and so on like fall Wi-Fi stuff need these and and what you would think of tool activated if you do not have them and you look at this feature so you direct the accessing the of conflict and 2nd and yeah make sure that nothing is activated it's been not to look at the end I so we discover come mostly copied from K. comfort from the kernel on video was some underscored 6 for all commonly used on most you have just I would this completely framework all I was this specific tied up for some specific stuff it's often used by people then in the end you can just come by the this make and install that make install uh yeah the better and that it will be sort of looks as quot course compiling the so it's actually integrated in old wrt the wife wireless will move WIG are using like uh coming from this and in some other discourse and yet but you can
also if you will is already for it i isn't um good for you anyone something special like your own and want to use that of you do not want to have all the drive us us your especially drive us in this talk you can also no entire base of knowledge it to be so yeah just this is the example and you want to depict the duplicate although and do it on based on Linux next other use another to be and be aware that their patches and so on some other stuff in there so it could be that some some better do not apply anymore because something changed or redder and someone uses some some function in some head of it's not in not that bought it gets up so we backwards from the API source as they are needed by the drivers you have not done everything that could be used to solve the avenue you do with this just a few Beaulieu you rely on into some problems and but the ethics of those so yeah yeah as I said them never poly
bees some problems annular do knots Yemen something changes like the news and other the was diverse and that differing conversion of so although it is too low and not depend that much on as of people we have some pet them so mobile is not to have the right to form form-fitting absconded on yes defaulted wireless also to form as yeah but do not copy them manually yes school them as you can so the posters is copying them but again it's at the time copy his stuff them ultimately funding is going to apply some patches on it and the some semantic pictures and is that it's possible the dual the taken them to use this as the status so ago Shane said we name some men bind some structure and so on because it this normal pets but then I and then it's done and 20 different fires that will be you would spend strips so very often not apply anymore because some new gonna developer change something of like that of 2 on and yes so we tried to do some stuff it's I think that's a assigned to put into semantic patches but those moment that's as and but in general a pet is a back of we retired civil put it in most of the stuff in header finance on yes some edified so just copied from the economy takes a driver form like than the of copying the subsystem like the ear and make a and them 211 and subsystem goes copying there had asked because you want to compare against the kind copy the headers from like phonetic subsystem which is in the Linux kernel because then yeah like is to act as it would be is that in many of the thing about and has a the this is stopped and the recent gone and the driver would combine against it and take met and take that member a is offsets but in the main I go annotated offset in 8 of them yeah that's the course some problems and everything the blow up and so we have to be cautious said so what so structures and so on we can copy into our debate parts and yet the nice and radio modest extent extend an existing arm at us like when there's of the new function added to including Oaks Connor adult age the we can create a fine and yet BIW include time the fallback a you combined it and that's all I had a fight in front of it and you know I had a fight the users isn't nice include next command which set and includes the next half of them had a fight and include Hioki the jury can just put our stuff directly fall behind the knowledge in and a 5 fold the economy compiler against so yeah yeah so most of them would and the time to think about the of 1 cone taking to copy the driver someone 1 different on all 1 is the set of filling kernels we again compiling against and yet we was that some C codes like what's layer for some big or functions to be explored and for some stuff where the need a tool and you have some static Iria those and so on and the code and if can yeah the main goal of
this and to make it possible for you to the upstream all your cold and um and to have no excuse that yeah we have to do is sit there and no apply that some light case because all customer someone to by using very old going and not so recent 1 and um so that's not in x use anymore so we can upstream leathern upstream and yet use this to provide a custom so yeah your upstream dialog looking for all the corner so customers actually using and I was in the different other side then you are um looking on system-on-a-chip and you're stuck to the all which corner there an but yet use this tool use the most recent ASEAN in dialog and try to but yup fixes any absent either upstream than and and don't use that ports for this but and yes I said and its use in old wrt and yes some bigger Japan always using that is mostly used in the wireless LAN area so think that is some um companies that are working on the mainline Linux wireless fly using this tuple like the customers this yes so Wireless for them all would on yeah let's sell wasn't and getting on the conduc just down the effort so we keep perhaps Sally you could call it up if it became and so have was and I had the gender of and you on it yeah do not even after 5 minutes I'm like many people do have uh yeah you of any Christians not yeah the I added the and here is what we have here at the end of all and you for yeah of the half it was you and the I I do I cannot promise that it's the the out of the box and attendees to be and we name or the functions of and to be backports vis-à-vis a mark for selecting and tried to colliding this and some back what's done by others but it's the same thing and we could have guessed and the present so and what happens when we can then you have to have any pets gonna like the and which commanders feedlots of them all see that for on and yet the do and I can promise that it's so would look of a box we tried so we have some vector but we try we the name or the functions and this some and because a magic and so let me try to avoid collisions this and some as this backwards is the same problem this and applies they also very um by putting barium much stuff but and he's venue mostly these bound problems OWL and that how to fix all you pull you have to fix is and there are many some people that are using this on and we're devices in production like on the default number you get a new by the phone the yes magazine going the all right I yeah present of this solid line as and then go on EVA only sample and on Wi-Fi blue tools in achieving their assessment yeah so a
these of assume tools and some stuff but we had some there for some time we had some and yeah driver muscle GP for diffuse and so on in there but it's also very hard to maintain them because there are lots of changes in the and you may system changes in their IV depending on your the and again raised system but generally is fully possible tool and include that back but although I was and then he's saying you have and it as a move module and um there are also some reporters to make it possible to to would incur so yeah it's possible so not by the forward but you to be extended yeah in the middle of the all and so on and and the customer associated distributed and Percona job on 0 1 and then on top of it is the uh the answers that he has the 1 travel of it's it's is always hold on come in the Bayport says it checks what export corner in Coney compliance against and so we have 1 travel if it's at all on those some extensions in their 204 was if fit somewhat didn't applies stuff and this and yeah and I would like to be the and the I you and the the you the yeah and I always understood the late and politely rechristened loss and if we also all get back but some other stuff like AT-bus that collect and uh I haven't thought about this and until it should be possible uh the main focus was to I was but as long as this is module and I don't see a problem this that and we assume that it does not depend on some fancy in Canada in such a chance that are in in the corner like no management system or something like this so we cannot by putting them we management subsystem my OK I the yeah I don't know if this is formally use some the Indian John there's also the Customers 5 assuming could be a problem but yeah I think that's not possible to quantify near and looked into it I just assume that the yeah but and this is at the to the and yeah and then sends an and the casting was and what do we do and some starts us change was correct and again it's always applauded and uh like for the I. 2 ability it on the 15 don't fall and subsystem there was the change tons of selected now and I think in the as gap bosses in New Member and and yeah many the almost this this is so we cannot die and order any and as structures that I was used by some of our kernel subsystem rats yeah impossible and the just doing good tried to obey them we've got the change that religious already here um you driver doesn't need this starts anymore but yeah that's the problem we know that these then it's not possible and yet many of yeah so if you really need this same it's not possible but yeah because the in driving click-through gonna depends on the offsets being like it's once this and you could stand the new goods and change your planner and your combining again so when you're on an embedded device is always possible to alter the and stops of it's in the cone and become part but the goal it was also support like the enterprise corners as male chip spinal is yeah here and all the the rest of your right and you write the the question was what is the what about device to 3 haven't thought about this could be a problem I don't know what I'm the the this I so yeah as long as secure combined against them supports device T not it was OK men that so this is gonna does not support device to be at all other than that yeah does look so and anything I haven't tried it and so could be a and budget and yeah I assume there must be something that passes device C and so on and it's more be there so you have 1 of any more questions we yeah I think it was supported


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