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Internet of #allthethings
Using GNURadio Companion to Interact with an IEEE 802.15.4 Network
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Software Defined Radio - Sdr Small Glitch
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I this is crisp right can tolerate wasn't free but that's privately say Lord have half of it is good talk to us about the Internet of Things that afterward I'm sure Mr. Internet toilets for half of what happened at but these looking what measures and yeah and so and here I I wasn't or by my company i mean networks of we deal mainly with ZigBee also everything else so that you believe you 15 of 4 but so people just go ahead and so actually have done some work and there is a
little bit surprised to find that a bastion I was here
and I basically uh bunch of 15 of force 7 Morelos itself and then only your prior and the the sun so this little review of I'm not sure how many people are familiar with it and you have to look for but I'll just give us a brief overview and I'll just show some devices the other for consumers that this is primarily ZigBee but in stock kind of agnostic and then all just go over kind of my implementation details so then all this says realize idled Guinea radio probably into validation that's typically used sort of homo will not a lot of nation as a primary focus is to be smart energy at and my company was involved in a lot of this stuff so we have a lot of time clients who we bring to market because that have new 0 802 15 up for India's on onward per and with all the silicon vendors and stuff like that another couple of modules in case anyone wants to see them but I wanted to bring a couple the giveaway but unfortunately I can order them in times of search for the relatively cheap so in many case so all primarily focusing on the ice and then 4 the but so that's the the efficiency of the 0 QPS carriage here to 24 50 and direct sequence spread spectrum and this is this is also the ultra-wideband now which is I find really interesting because it'll somewhat writers which but having a man's amounts of hints so as you can see there are channels 11 to 26 I guess there 5 there it's a part and I think the 1 on the and actually were not was to use that's just a rule fun but because it interferes in some other medical equipment on military so you're looking at beginning the physical particle that to better synchronization header i which consists of a preamble which is all zeros for Oct adsorbates on the mood of the start of frame delimiter as 1 bytes 0 x 87 minimum frame-length for certain action frame length is 1 hour 27 by so this is kind of the odd thing with with most mediation systems you have as being communications we generally refer to that is now a by order of i tripoli which you 15 of 4 is a little bit odd that it's little-endian and significant octets 1st so that's the comes into play later and in any case a theory that Gray coded differential modulation over here answer you can see that you've only got a maximum efficiency of 45 degrees no zero-crossings mean 0 using opponents which is great but it's it's more robust to multipath then we're gotta have signed pulse shape over here and I'll talk about this a bit precarious symbol to chip converter so we take 4 bits and turn it into a series of 32 chips are the odds are 6 the even ships become the holders with everything that i in phase portion and the arms chips become a q of so there are many people remember sort of block coding stuff but this is kind of the the typical of a characterization C and N K D D is the minimum hamming distance between similar chips way back in the 2nd and so here and yes the file responsible for calling quality indication and receiver energy detection others you with the collision avoidance and clear channel assessment on the Mac of the game could an example that's a real simple 1 is the acknowledged frames so essentially got payload size of 3 times I didn't have a full example that what of the this is signal of a request so every packet the sand you can actually requesting knowledge for another hand you debugging network stuff and there is a I think the usual as this 16 bit addressing we actually up to 64 bits of all so the MAC layer uh the and I used a bastions implementation I think it's sort of just you know can the minimum to get but is required years post-implant all these different functions functions of the MAC layer I think transmission reception is you know more or less the minimum but in theory tionals to sort of general Sussman and stuff like that and of power kind delivery and some the this is and often everyone's familiar was indeed but that's meshed our so you yet a star topology you that kind of regular mesh topology and you get a treat of all you know that that the coordinator so there's usually 1 quarter per network that that writers and then you've got the device and devices and this is usually a battery-powered I of events which is the battery power stick onto a wall they actually have us which is the mechanically actuated the generate electricity required to run just by pushing the button itself which is pretty it's a pretty amazing feat was these little devices they're running in cortex and 0 on think these 1 0 cortex and 3 there get cortex and for but it's it's pretty fun to play with these little arms the focus here
is just a couple of examples of not affiliated with the National but my company help to get a few these guys off the ground and here you have think so desire control there is the present thermostat which was originally pretty successful I would a lot of moral safe plug and these guys central it's a couple these devices with as well and some few blinds and Quixote door lock here is the thread of the reimplantation or whatever you wanna call it
and so frightened off everyone knows thread is a sexual pen-based and so although we focus primarily on the were also doing a lot of work was 6 and and even apples I OK it's the role of new things here in 1 edition of on so yes but the question I'm trying to answer is why would you wanna use an open source 802 1504 stack and you on the use of the of the a software defined radio to do this stuff and but I guess for me it's a it's because they work with a lot of these vendors and each vendor as their own software stack are that you have the license of but you're pretty much fixed seizing there's I when you buy the chip and use it in your application on so and then I guess you're kind of tied to their whatever bugs in the system the that whatever security issues they have of and promising refusal by this but this is my so some flexibility especially if you wanna do some experimentation with different standards so sick and for example it which you little work that on so I have to do security research at the files to be able to inject noise you know per perhaps corrupted packets from and the needs drop and work and so on and off in Iona here of freaks Z it's and I think this guy's from Tokyo but he developed this source ZigBee and the stack the of the it's not certified obviously because you have to be a member and all that stuff but it so there and and just pick it up couple weeks ago and you know had a bottle tool support and made into a shared library and reduce dependence on Contiki and stuff like that these prior it aims to and I come the simulator and so it before that was kind walk simulator and what I did is I just opened up by using the port so that you can send and receive packets in the UDP the and of course the radio has a pretty great the UDP block actually bastion I think I might have done that a where the MAC layer to the people like in the McLaren and messaging policy the and since they're already live in this little guy it's kind of naked at the moment but that was a rapid connect you the module and this will actually got program to do a node test that were you can basically told to send toner you can talk to us and a series of random actual actual packets so to enough for packets litter in not corruption will actually be accepted and so this is really useful and things here the whole receiver architecture and everything and and and now I was able to disconnect GDP say some world messages and other realm of things like that so acknowledges the pick up the communication I didn't get so far as to say creator of really simple app for my computer would be a kind of as in the end of a Cinderella at the same time were coordinator but I was going to the end goal In any case all show you a little about the freaks z test out structure it's pretty straightforward and so here is the freaks z it's BSD BSD-licensed course you wanna do anything other than research if you want you commercial product you know if you want a ZigBee than after you know that pay the royalties and become a member etc. of course you sixel panel you can just go going on that's of the skills where OK so here we are with the attributed to fit in the whole block because originated in the ceiling and I I don't know much about but I feel like it was gone suddenly because they're all these references to it and then the Solutrean on and I think bastion pick up again and so on I think there are few people or so working with us so I was lucky enough to find his repository cloned it's I just took the rhyme part of the block fixed a couple of smaller issues that I have I see the yeah so this is essentially the rhyme I transceiver minus the rhyme water essentially it CA Ca Mau invented the the network layer here and just gone straight to PDT sockets the and is quite simple but this is a modified and and what here of this is the receiver and so I'll just quickly John Berendt to freaks existence that
open and so this was actually a if you'll if you've ever work a B. often you'll just find basically a Test Act and were a lot of stocks tend to do as a tender just provide user study the phone which is someone OK but that I like to improve this interface if many case it's actually pretty straightforward to user commands structure here there was able to send messages in 1 hour on I see I ideally I think I would like to with the shoreline library have kind of a registration function where she register but according to an interface a structure that has a of function pointers and I think this little bit more flexible so as I said like at
and sort of getting back in the Union radio on this is what I got when I'm finished so this was me with my the 200 and this 2 antennas rate their eyes had a back test going on so this version this is a video that's what I notice here is that they can actually see the group delay for having and so I knew there deflated synchronization issue and and I wasn't quite able to decode all all packets from answers getting on various other areas that for sure enough need to get a copy of walking because normally this would be pretty nice next he PSK constellation yeah OK or they're all and any section pretty that here readers and also almost a new government in radio and so that's a real if anyone has any pointers led by more than in of a so and then we just kind decoded the hello world message here just nice and so a couple of things that they noticed from the iterative for block was that the shift register internally was encoded in the wrong direction so worked really well with the rhyme hands a simulation Walker order but instead of having Chib 0 In the Alice another sitting in the the after 30 years of and I don't know it's weird but it will be and figure on the think sharp threshold was set to 10 ends 1 thing I can remember was that you should be able to theoretically detects up to a certain certain D is right here it 11 errors and I guess I'm just gonna my interpretation of the if you're architecture is that setting threshold the 10 and and his passing often use a best effort to recover the fact that even with the I suppose you're on so I would probably just insert a check to see if it's if the the number of rare bits work lesson 5 and then you know almost actually that you that the current packet of so yet they still need some of frequency compensation but there was a big a prose future of each class so before the before the presentation so it actually fold that was fairly easy to pick and your mind till this day going on and I still do you know I some feedback in general with them and even probably be willing to error rates in documentation once I understood a lot more roads and opinion and message passing stuff I but it was a little bit unclear found it quite you so low that the I I guess is originally trend induces a stream my 1st implementation which is a little trickier right because With packets you know is have constant that's kind of the idea of having to stall or what and so there is a setting for the block where you can set the max and opens the men and their plans and so this case if you've got a 32 bits and 4 bits coming on of your man would be 32 and your max I think and set it 127 because those a match with the packet size of over 120 let's on what I found was that it was going from a 2048 all the way down past 32 and it wouldn't stop at 32 so there it is the the legacy a buffer was now located as I would expect that some minor be by but it's a kind of value was it was a real respecting that of a certain men and output that should be met In the case of an animal questions so FIL 3 times on the safe thanks everybody go Matisse forensics and user P initial the questions that fill the Marcus smaller was really helpful but obviously Thomas Schmidt and bastion of further work initially and this this Hongbo John for that at a car when he goes by that that he wrote the fruits of stack them on the subspace such on yet and obvious nonlinearity authors and contributors so thank you that disciplinary every question it what that was the different and think of the I mean the industry in general learning the the you the we already have was really interesting 1 thing the the local and and no 1 of the other yeah and what you I don't to dn either by honestly but I think there's a lot of interest in the ultra-wideband this is the the preamble so long they actually get a really get a chance to mention the entirety of the of the 1st packet of when I in CSS is great interest in the of and that was you rethinking our legs in year 6 a long OK that the all the island analysis same same phyla through and that this is just now working about so I that a few I would be highly suggest is for exam things it's it's seems really easy to use it and you should be able to just drop them a sample of whenever they are what I wanted to do a pile of thought was just as my my laptop is using react with an on off so they could use so we isn't pretty interesting desktop software and just kind of go through the dust of this you can toggle the on on so is going get to play a part of that but colored a couple weeks all the knowledge then the religious and the this is the this is the ancestor of thanks yeah and and so on most of the vendors that I've seen as stock actually very well to the specifications laid very few actually divergent at all just below the considered Amber is very that is a very special provider so usually a them all here yeah the of numerous what are means of the few