Building an open Internet of Things with Java and Eclipse IoT

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Building an open Internet of Things with Java and Eclipse IoT
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Java - IoT Eclipse
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greater abundance yeah morning or good afternoon uh from the Eclipse condition I wanna talk about some school was prodded that we have for the Internet of Things applications um all 1st I
mean you guys know the Internet of Things right connecting everything uh all the analysts agree or disagree sort of to say that there will be millions or tens of billions of devices in the k connected to the Internet but
what they often done mentioned that also means we need developers right just like a couple years ago when mobile was the the uh the topic uh there was a need for for enjoy the rovers and and I was to represent and the very same similarly that said at the time that they went to be uh 1 million developers mobile developers they where uh they were off by the way 1 of magnitude actually so yeah the regional blood said that by 2020 there will need to be a 4 . 5 million I a two-year operas we is right now we have 9 10 million so directly reverse so um a bunch of companies
um are working on i open source are you just back for for John and we have of year you nation comes harmonized project for doing Domingo for for doing so essentially the idea is that we have is that those 2 and 2 terms and a device into um as and a gateway power gateway that will allow you to make sure that device always ask for pre internet connectivity because that's what the intent of is about right and that there is a wall ecosystem of protocols and and and and and and and promotes that's the deal on top of these formal for for solutions like home automation or industry automation and yet the uh what we do would you dive into some of the of the project that you might want to use all that you might want to to to come check out on on the word with on on the 2nd floor
so in a nutshell playfully with with the idea of the the same theme of the 4th and what like the like the purple is a bit too dark uh what is into a narrative very simply um uh I would you architecture would be on 1 and you house your car you have a set of since or set of treatise most of the time those centers on treaty have internet direct Internet connectivity so at some point you will need a gate with something that will reach the physical words 2 years to the internet and uh ideally at walmart ideally that in in in many cases you will have some sort of server infrastructure you don't want to uh at least unless I give users is the i 6 isn't there isn't there a completely you don't want to talk to the devices directly right they might not be always connected they are battery-powered they report their data only once in a while so yes there is a great way but there's also another sort of proxy to devise studies uh server interested friend wouldn't of 1 of the mechanisms to of the kind of a server obstruction and Server API to reaching the actual since on the field and up from point and also you uh into the direction we the that the the the actual devices so we're gonna talk about some of the solutions for doing uh more water all for the want of whether I hear to the physical work the center of the actuator as well that's pretty simple right the center at all for sensing what's happening the temperature you humidity proximity sensor column whatever and that traitorous our uh controlling uh extra curtain to returning relay on or off so how do you manipulate sensors and actuators in job well if you're running Linux there is uh and um and a way to manipulate it there and their the devices right from your file system right you might have heard about the surface of the devices that are mounted in your slash since last class of 5 hierarchy you can uh manipulate that directly as as file stream and you can during the allergy is on or off and this but you might not have access to the to the full and API for a mutual manipulating straight seasons were lost of like that you don't want you to manipulate the Sisyphus directly from your telephone API thoughtful point you need some native integration with the underlying OS so in the case of the rest very fine which is something that I kind of use for for for for a lot of of the knows there is a nice integration to the the Sisyphus underlying EPI in the in the form of by forging supply for is an open-source library that basically very that looks very much like the ones so you'll and actually I think now that OIC was becoming more and more standard my want you got on the Raspberry Pi as well uh the API all actually very similar to provide access to the GPi owes uh including uh some more advanced sort of protocols like squared speed SPI you major and it also comes with support for Aditi Katie third-party a shield that you might connect to your Astbury point uh that's uh but themselves talk overrides pretty by that have an extra protocol layers so the 1 can be created and the communication with the third-party board yourself fight for day and can take care of that for you while uh and I do something here I can certainly condenser
code for according to Gao's you know the better it's actually very simple you S 1 it what's that you have a factory for creating 4 in the heating you Udpa also say that you have on on the number 1 and LED that is connected while you're very simple a wrapper to your underlying DPI you and they're very easy to to change the state of the LED uh and low or high or even if you don't want to manage that this the current state of the pain in your angelicals than even total and depending on the current state of the of the GPA or it will toggle the status of the ODE for example that's behind relating then the center of but that's not actually the trickiest part that they're there where you actually need a framework to help you to build a reputation when it comes to the actual the way the actual bridging to to the the in the world so yes when your prototyping it might might be worth very fine but when you're talking vitriol uh I T U Archie have ruggedized to get when have lots of BIO applied uh of of our research 230 interfaces several interfaces and they are there they are meant to be in a factory where it's very humid made use of and this is where you want to rent a frame of that's gonna although you cost to interact with your senses but also an you to efficiently communicate with with other devices all with the cloud the gateways role uses to fall on on 1 hand you want to connect the sensors and on the other hand you want the gateway to help you manage basically all the devices attached to it and you want also to manage the software right when you deploy and energy solution your you talking about solvent of devices choruses um all home of emission thermostat of and that when there is a better you want to be able to have to agree both devices right for for connecting you will need to use protocols that are efficient in terms of uh bandwidths consumption terms of battery consumption so they are queuing very popular protocol that have a nice July implementations so once call up the constraint application full of all windows co-op all that's very very events hurdle corner the recent proposal to radical of in the eyes of open JDK uh at a club in the to over UDP replicate their and the rest mechanisms could post get that from that and of unity so as you very uh very little overhead uh you can also the quot over Sm has for example again in in just a few hundred them or invent the vise you can use and request response of workflows and there is another probable entities St. question would windows in QTD the more energy the uh it's about sub protocol messaging protocol your server and you can um that post messages the response of the topics and you can never time consuming the prime to the topics the pull out the idea
and again this is reached if you're unique to the basis for so look for an ideal world which might not be uh today uh just yet where all your devices are actually uh provided with an IQ 6 address or out uh 1 we would you order visible on the internet and you want to expose their their their their central there are treated as an address and phone right you want you to what the role of what you will post on the flight was read you want to get the current uh call or of phonology you will be you will get to on this usherettes recipients flesh to and resources so that's a very a very simplified overview of all of that
and you want to play with quark and job off there is a protocol kind funny on uh which is meant to be either use as a as a client stock or service back it's kind of the same in the core of anyways and some yea includes nite and nice and a nice feature that in addition to to pure and arbitral crops stock you also of support GLS is that TLS SSL fall for that i grounds for UDP so as in the form of hand young and secured at all out and I appreciate the based authentication what'd you think of the patients there is a breach in tune with all in GDP which is kind of straightforward because what we have the same emotions and the Yemeni bleeding call of very simple the between classes you know the resources basically like you that the server that this is where you answered the get divorced etc. you mount the resources on server and use of the server so I want to change the font color his time at the at the the the is the core of which were uh in the exchange method that needs are in the end of the in all of this is where you just like 4 so that this is where you will answer uh to to to a request the what where there was also support for content types in in in court so that way you can uh just like you would in http only in a much more than an efficient way the content I of binary and putting on the like to prolong it to the things if you had and and TTG how does it work in the police that right a mechanism so you have have a central role personal server and the at the endpoints will subscribe to a topic to say that the small i from 1 to be notified of the sense for all values of things for for the spill over there we know that the killing establishing on on this topic hierarchy we can subscribe and then at some point the cattle is going that going to publish uh some data which really even than others Many science I subscribe to the to the topic and you wish so an eclipse the implementations leaving the particle you could we give little clarify how it work in the world planning for your language of choice we have a lot of implementation of government by from the what will and job and so all the job right the idea is very simple if you want to connect to the broker and stopped subscribing to messages to initiate a connection with a broker we hold 1 and it feel free to use your charges of and many 1 uh you in you find your new collect code and the interface with the message arrive and methods and then you can make the referees of subscribe to whatever topic you're interested in and you will start receiving messages and the messages this is 1 of the I mean some people hate the fact about and get the hang of this and introduce the message is actually the field of the message if it's just a byte array so it's up to you to put in there you there's string there and uh basic 64 encoded J. image as if I adjacent document and you might want to use maybe the topic to to define the constant I but but it's it's really very flexible in what kind of messages you can you can transfer in terms of all the server implementations there is uh seeing them thinking of the field and there is a general implementation of all was that of the Committee um so yeah that's that's for connecting and then form an aging and this is where we have we come to the fore the Pawtucket core the idea is that your so you need a container right for for for for you up uh you want to be able to install and told you up in the the manage the dependencies between the ups and fit between them so of between us and the 3rd on libraries and you want to do all of this over you're ideally you want your between itself and if you want to use a 0 connectivity and you want to deal with them manage the PPP connection of your the modern uh from uh right from the remote ones and nice abstraction layer for all use so that's the core of what it so again include the hopes of course uh the idea that the of the JVM leverages always tion so most of the uh the core functionalities are actually and going tonight uh based on on some always check standards are on steroids I with the like for managing the software packages it's using voice going into mean and adding some some some stuff on top of that and basically you will have uh all of the future for managing the network connectivity uh all the basic services of the gateway and we will see in the next slide and then on top of all these built-in feature you know you kind of hold your own obligations in studying core izvor
simple and especially on the very fine there is given package that is ready to use of digital the package and going on on the Raspberry Pi and yet the built-in feature of course I would be in the form of managing the network like if you want to to set up a firewall rules or if you want you to do a network address translation of you in did that on modern and stuff like that this is of the course if you want to manage good overview of all Javal screening course you can also have and about this that you know is checked consul you exterior also have the shell that the axis enough to SSH into the and the right from the course interface and you also have an obstruction of the IUT communication in there in the previous slides a mention in PDT when you want to talk about winning the server you can manage all the connection disconnection uh by hand in your code but in in the context of parity this will happen uh allots right through the connection or to switch from uh 3 G 2 fullback Ethernet connection because 3 G so just died on your howto out of battery of or whatever you want the server to make sure that you always connected and not only to the Internet but also to your entity to sever right you you don't want to manage that in each of your obligations and all that all those services built in services they are excessive available as of API odds was GA services and if you want to have access to a GPS connected to your device automatically a politician service and course you i for the service will be available but we need to track the position of the vise if you want to do some work with the stuff you want to stick your your and safer have failed the reader quicker services that you use the you you to have access to the ESS and and stuff like that so how does it look uh very very quickly I do have a raspberry pi over here and if i connects to the Raspberry Pi I can actually access the uh the wedding there will be cure I wouldn't web interface which in knows me to easily access all the uh the future I mentioned earlier for say network management if I want to add a new a new interface like at PPPs era interface which will connect to adding it to a central motor might I could come from figure that from here the phone into a firewall for forewarning as I said earlier in level all the UI for that and if I want you axis my always Shiite consoled C 1 all all the bundles that are running on the act you got all the some missing is if I want to do some quick uh some quick the shell and debugging I want to to see what's happening on Monday devise and execute commands over there and at some point what I will do is I will my own out of the box if you install the argument but if you will you will get of all of the features of the of the of the of of the U I and soon as you want to say money choroid temperature then uh you will treat you own that you will use the pie for JPI you would use the new and QTT service that comes with with core to throughout and always on always available in the connection and yeah that's what I did here I involved and not on the stop is available over a year in the U 1 and what was familiar with with the room I could've as early August of a 3rd of the remaining and the way the uh the house is um is and is made of a lot of of always GI services some of them are actually exposing and some of some settings that using the configured mean and so automatically in India and you if you are in the of course would you why those settings are accessible I can change the world for example 1 in which the guilty that wants to use for making that that the data that I get from my from my idea from my application and yet it's essentially the SAP is now running and what I can know what I can do is use and a very simple um when you why that Aidid which is pure or HTML and JavaScript I'm doing in this you URI and you did your work so and automatically and hopefully although for some reason what best and common at the idea could work and I haven't met quarter more with lots of yeah for some reason I might not have the
internet access here I'm sharing the Wi-Fi from my laptop so this minor
work um but yeah that's that's how the and the out there in in the children
how the of the of the of the of a bunch of
of of services 1 that I give a decree myself essential service that is exposing my own obstruction off uh what is the temperature since for what is the LED that I have on my on my own house and that fires whatever Evans and to be fired you and whenever something changed and then there is another uh service on another service that is consuming mice interservice consuming the built-in um corrupt and if there is and I mean so going to and also exposing the metadata that we that we saw earlier but that's really a get your a mashup of of many built services are incorrect so if you come in with a in the application of the code and the use of also exposes the very same sensors over collapse so basically I just add 1 more service and consuming uh 1 more confident consuming the simple service exposing what resources and using the current phoneme and in terms of the generalization we're seeing we've seen 1 and if you work so that but there are a few many of the ways to your life and if you things I mean you have an in job client and you can do July explanation it converts 3 nights for me uh considered in the payoffs there is a the the Pavel client the College of a client is also nicely wrapped into an indirect service so if you want to use and and and the words that follow your and and without that could do that as well so I think I had sites for 15 minutes and I didn't have time to do that and I'm I'm I'm I'm near the end you where fuel to remember 3 things good we can look for other since you can't read it and you can flush the your coded uh but it's been commemorated little of course uh there is actually a nice tutorial uh and that is fully documented to recreate that you know that I have here and your work but that will very well on fraud in the times so these instruments see it the and we have much more than Korea pothole californium we have also stuff for a home automation for industrial automation like Scott are kind of stuff all the reaching the same of the same building but an old what can I do with each other so I can think of gelatin more of something that I wanna get involved make sure you're getting church monastery with me personally but of many of the men in the waiting for you to
go there and they have a few over there was like little detail tutorial I earlier and you uh created versions for yes and no and sorry that that may be handy and they have time for minus 1 question do I could show you what you don't want those who were 1st yeah uh um it's I think it's uh in RAM lady depends on that what have always J. implementation ran but as far as I remember I think it's uh 1 in 100 names of Ron total and at this storage wise I think it's less than 10 megabytes but then what you can actually also common ducats formations with 2 to see 1 of the kids concert commuters can I see you nodding uh so if you run in concert you can see I can see what the thank you