Welcome to the IoT Devroom

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Welcome to the IoT Devroom
Welcome to participants and explantion of the day
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Internet Of Things - Deviot01
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and toxic candidate in the corridor outside and also when you come in so you ready in so that's redundant but you can try to spread this culturally connected generation the common we try to squeeze in the seats of the space is still come now but by a by a 10 o'clock 11 the clock I want look perhaps it would be very full OK what if try to encourage the speaker to do is to 1st demonstrate their work and then explain their work and then answer questions so I tried to avoid this a slide show disease where we just look at screenshots of things and what that means is that if you have questions just interrupt so I'm going to do that we try not to be a troll the um en constructive questions are always welcome and I think because you enjoy that and for the speakers I will I will just
say 5 minutes before we er we shot and then it at the time we will just stop so very brutal I will just interrupt and stop speakers so I'm auditing all day long but uh Benjamin and Vincent occuring the audiovisual which is a hard job and but right plot for them to the and as you will notice on filling in time until people right you don't like anything that's all at the end of the day so you can see our talks with a bunch of different torques which cover um the much everything in very Iucky space that matters I think it's a good selection at the end we have an open space which is normally 1 hour now there were a few speakers who wanted to talk about things which were too late for the program and we have a deadline and tell them that you were not going to just keep extending our our deadlines that they will come possibly and presenter stuff after that enabled to shorter talks and more discussion so by the end the day people tend to leave and it becomes less structured and will do we have the room until about I think until about 5 maybe 5 30 the so if there are things that you want to talk about that you have seen during the day not gonna talk about our proposed or in current others to compress and that's the time to do it OK and it'll be very informal just just tell me that you 1 speak and will find space in the space the reason OK that's it everything is being recorded but for some by us and will be online
person like I don't know if it's alive or not it was last year I don't know this year we got that working is alive OK and have at the microphone is is working or microphone working microphone working testing testing testing testing testing testing can you hear me is this working how about now so the only problem is if on the recording the audio is really bad so that fact lot of having this OK 5 more minutes talk about talk about 5 minutes with sorry what I will give you I'll give you a vision of the Internet of Things right it's just computing the future nothing special about this at all the notion of the notion that uh this has somehow whatever this thing running running a fancy stack is different than a general-purpose computer like this so this I think is bogus my thing and the future simply is running the full stacks on everything smaller or larger and this Indian really no difference between 1 and clouds overdue do commenced exceeds please don't block the corridor moving moving sit down because otherwise you know things was working and if you must add up going by copy pebble published the different uh the the so I think what we're seeing in this in this room is the development of protocols that work better for highly opportunistic and slightly less centralized networks so it's a it's a vision of decentralization over time but is not really very different than Cloud decentralization or know mobile phones in the home or whatever else that's might be that then line good really interesting was quite a lot of things to think about what is happening have a mobile phone in that and what that means the 7 not here today I mean there the who equal here's the thing I T stuff so that's 1 and 3 of developers and the set of all of the time that so our 1st speaker who will introduce there are no moonstruck destruction in is not talk about said CP which is the only talk today which involves the ranking which I'm so proud of that were not really using this promote my favorite incentives in the of which is 0 and protocols coming from we have space the we and I'll talk about that OCP which is a particle built on top of 0 and q and which is used for orchestration of light performances which means music right it can be it could be OK so
what I'm worried at the this problem it's 800 by 600 on published yet but it looks like the fish in the moment OK this is why been a little beeping things are better than a lot of presentation on screen and the this we OK but we have to wait another 2 minutes Walker talk about 2 minutes the have anyone here using exactly the anyone using q t t it was using said MTP OK just give some protocols that are used for a i t that but particles are very important because they underlie the contracts of the system so if your device can talk a portable other devices can talk them they can interconnect otherwise they just sitting by themselves and some island the 2 minutes to talk about articles and more more detail giving up well will take a 5 minute break that was very exhausted uh 1 wants water you can come and ask for water here we have what as much of speakers but we have a lot of water and don't forget the books for this of and and we will introduce our again in about this by this time so thank you all but the