Habitat - A programmable personal geospatial datastore

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Habitat - A programmable personal geospatial datastore
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Geospatial - Habitat
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I really I so my name is which Brabantio tendencies some of the amount of equipped and i is basically about operative and spend some time on immediate called habitat and the habitat is a self-hosted programmable geospatial data store and that is more likely to think like a digital system curve like Google now all of this and that and so so you have to self story at 1st they run things are um uh the less interest is I wanna talk there how it works in a minute and then try and embedded America's timed on him before I went the about where they came from and because of the amount of particles and other products and displayed point can achieve
0 chance scratch with building this proof of concept and the 1st of which is kind of like what we think of dispersal data thing is changing to include the abstract things like the picture we have I had to rethink on neighborhood and you this is basic think Google now is building in the background so it's no to tell you when you when you have these Echeverria shows kind of like about 15 is smaller than sum of the array of consists of having this is you stop becoming important I
years we have more more software more more places that agreement the full URI is moving towards context and push rather than uh much cables so this is a color gamut of space and you will now face and so easily there kind of In Inderjit geospatial of of the most important context of all the time the sodium out they have had
a steady returns and store but the amount of data that will generate easily of not and even bit like if you look at the the number of sensors are in a mobile phone a web page can access now it's kind it explosion of these things like the bachelor states in ambient light emitted dilatation longer before we know about but with that associated with the voice orientation this lecture was basis and so you wait you will all the data the going who you will be the broker he just wanted you all that I was of lack of alternatives that when
I then the full was um uh is everyone familiar with cucumber tests with a 1 norm not bad so they all kind of human readable software tests and taking the form of given when there is only given when I log in my should be as he might have made up you potentially re-purpose these things are as a kind of human language The of a natural language interface on 2 data as well so this is a photograph from a hack day that the UK Environment Agency organized add idea maybe using cucumber test survive environmental data is even say that when there is a certain amount of money during the raid on then there is a legal which so this is the cover of idea where to explain to you like that explore is like can you reuse the cucumber test the new other than software testing and and finally the other use
um that part of the Committee's like now What OpenStreetMap school more complete value is less than the mac on the polygons so you you think as a land use land use map assume any photos the reaction time time and that's really powerful so this is like an experiment built uh late last year so you before of just trying to um down a dominant polygons from OpenStreetMap put them in 1 go the database and then other web pages check my collocation decide where my mind so you can then also in an API which is like and when Paul uh only inside the building the cycle the outlines of old buildings among them you can try and work out whether your study inside you could then build other things multiplied by maybe your website is slightly different you inside outside it's tightening it apart so those are the kind of
point flavor of it to someone it's got to really habitat and let us think that we about what what it is how how are built said um at work with may also not trying to derive this time so how is a data store atrix location data stalls location data about an individual and has a bunch of cucumber still within it and they also in the future will have a bunch of Open Data sources all like your history so this is a and on top of that server this got basic mentation API and it it can then take inputs in a bunch of different places by about 0 point 9 um the and you can also edit that you come to Spartacus of God couple of example clients of history a minute for getting data in and editing those scenarios um and then every time the data comes in here these you can just get 1 over the data and then potentially stuff happens with stuff might be personally mouse and press euro so be taken as that of a lattice in this in this is there so the most basic example I've got so far is when I'm near a point in space when within 100 meters of 0 0 I think of the drowning of holes and then paint this URL so this is about as for that she got the welcome heading uselessly complicated things so that linking up with OpenStreetMap they choose I wanna Paul added so what is gonna rain is an exercise that right this very similar to this and that all of self crofted who now and
notice that maybe you make it a bit more comments this summer brought up and easier to tell we were the socalled work OK get on the ground based on a bunch of conditions and that's going to run misspoke Kobe could run on something about this so he starts I'm when I'm home where home is so we have to find somewhere and whether consolidator looks like snow cilia states that you've been paying is your all mimic Darwin that's kind 1 having having
having what made all of so the this example the conscious in any of go with them but by JS uh information exists decodes editors of inculcated mirror which is a kind of in-browser coordinating the and measures of itself is a kind of grab bag of technology so it is on the edges of itself is written in false with uh uh over and over and so um false vessel via the API are the data of August so demanded debate because that's kind of the easiest thing to chop due rat optically complex shapes with this kind of simple and the q confess of reduce get might comparison of Python talk with a similar read Adams when neutered new data get comes into the system and how it's uses a single cell like curing mechanisms are constructed in this of the if you know your way around
so hopefully wanna find demo the I might need to quickly remain rearrangements supplies the at the time so dental
server itself is a severe huge always on a on a box somewhere you just get in do well well um terms interface is just got a settings page and it says these the clients are allowed to post data into this sort of thing that has gone I speak load up on UNESCO's must be pretty stock
data tonight if the reason other than market
and and another we see clients on here sorry which users refer so I this
is the 1 for editing this cucumbers of science module 4 is alignments only paying
off to uh that is etc.
minus 0 yes OK analytical about the pre-existing and test out I'm
going on and it's very this fact is that he somewhere UK the citations of and change that we want here but and say that
saved the and so that's now later than that of um and then got
example at proposal occasionally reality this should really be something is running on uh opposes in back them with funds this is really really really basic just like post last on you see working so I when is 1 in its sends but other similar choose to habitat server that's going to go into the QA system which is meant to accelerate and then if it matches a lunch criteria so if come
with a hundred meters that point which hopefully this could be then old the neural so through the
of so vol occasion present
multiplication the for that works and if
we look at in around here sure how is see and this is actually the log of the the but that you can test running so just undergoing says so costs because anxiety and nearby and where's that involves going on change there so far made it
uh let's assume a small amount readers probably and they're in we are reported
again the text should fail and test set aside from that so there's but
and is it is that tosend files and because he did meet the criteria the and was when when it did so when he the policy as European this euro here um but that cannot be explained it works and I think I'm out of time now
that that this is just a kind of but sum
up briefly the and this is why it was just
this is not the kind of production many software it's really just me exploring a bunch of ideas I think there is some merit in and so like the code is a lisles of a of about point really encourage this is that it take so as is acidic apply them that other position were kill so the idea of kind of like that building cells you can program reusing cucumber tests uh have what you have you ever himself building geospatial tools which are not just planted data about bring that to us because if not 100 will now on the uh like will could have grabbed this space and 1 of them but again and again a questions the the if the the the the always alone and so I think I didn't try this 1 but if you if you take existing that's got the outlines of uh has got uh the pulse trains yeah yes yeah I think like that in a minute I think I think the answer is you you take the line you take a train line and you add to the 20 30 meters buffet that you then we combine that with what and why would not buffer and also then and when moving so using the and uh that kind of the the accelerometer fire water sampling see if you let you maybe you take for your full measurements and when you have all measurements within that behind buffet line then you say someone trying I might as well go and try it may be there is this kind of interesting stuff in the country gets people's activities based on most 1st of all my yeah I the if always area and so Polly went from it this is actually to mistakes is maybe too important to be slightly off the uh at the bottom you have in yet that yes of for yesterday and yeah I'm I'm really thought about other others may be considered the father of appears rate of the after they better yet build building is in reality you would want to integrate with uh other so these it was the easiest way to get a location that you or the photographs taken by which might be just the whole of good thank you for the yeah moneymaker talk the about that's candidates going you'd be tied