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what Marx and humanities so high everyone we present you so all the water the long to make for a running on embedded systems IMAX matter I am I'm walking in the and the team and as a PhD student and they walk on the assumed that his dynamics of late it's very far away from the plantation and all the what we cannot present is about his work but it's quite good stuff so the presentation will photo the serotonin we're gonna stop with the most so but we can stop you can sort of play with further the Raspberry Pi where all the convention if you want and well of course of it that you more and how it works and then we're going to do a quick update on the difference that use of oral on different embedded systems wealth for the thing we have a raspberry pi which is here and on the GPI also we have lot of people that is more than just a couple minutes to see what is emitted on the GPU ideas just for to true that there is an interaction between the so software furrow and the how so on top of the Raspberry Pi and make a run we use a P go to see what happened on the details and to interact with its as we don't have the best and the a screen and the a keyboard we use a seaside which is this what's the obligation a and so we can interact with it dynamically and even now the use all the benefit of having a life code on variants on the Raspberry so I'm gonna show you that if but FIL so they
see is a simple counter that runs on the Raspberry Pi and if I tried to interact with its by implementing it you can see that the LEDs all turning on or turning off number it's but basically of Bihari concert despite despite on the different Eddie so I can even use the as I said the benefit of being in and there meant to gets uh the an axis and to the the far image and execute code right here In just like in a normal uh far away to you it is not point so here for example if I try to run an example of a was warring P. binding I can execute its and its automatically of doing this nice little thing the let's In the case of so this is a full dynamic environment in it's very cool to bring um this kind of coding to on the Raspberry Pi because it brings life hunting with robotics quite easily and that it can make that uh life off reverting the proper way easier of course if you have a screen in the keyboard it's way way easier than using the uh the web interface so if you want to play with the counter yourself but if they can't find
back not note you can connect them
the 5 that is broadcasted using these so computation go around this year or and what there are already some people don't think as its so now somebody's we present the 1st that you the a became idle little and 9 follow entities and actually we zoom maintain hours of platform on form the far apart language the so I have maybe you didn't status is no but far one's quick show the same DM tool which is kind of context that we know so we push some information together in the same that's we have some the specificities allowed connected with and stuff that we'll weather front implementation of the same we all understand which so a known as it is presented the so some people already playing with account of that is good so you should madam letters a day to play because I'm not as our we need both speaker so fast that extends and those the police and who make and but while that is so called air I have added to the people the meaning that the that you even have a head man usually at the end the women people do take a break my stuff and that is the growth cone so and basically uh the VMs are resolute a as the Greg explaining previously user-generated in C and so we need to present on every platform so uh we have now is a stack and a potential to directly as a view and that using the existing stick see the nice stack that means that as the the object maintenance and do not have yet so main combining ideas just and then combine a phone physicist on the but for the end up from it so the as by that's 1 some good things is when it appears that so some depended on as a Linux based I'm from and there is not being a perhaps sodium in less than 1 the so it was a just a good fixing and a so called SOS about someone on ideas by a cartoon the and doing what called so the level of the UN American could with the process of that image of an to so we digs unless this so as we end take position the we take a look to training we construct on the CIA on continuous as to aggression platform weakened by its and we can use a 5 in addition to that we have entered Richard only slowly over integration and the relationship was the blue zones with ROS less so as process of being integrated we have a rule we have integrated that have had steps so we can use with was a GPA the that and then we GPA instable of just so now you can go into brings us after hours and the idea of a software that that is a semantic language provide to users are using direct manipulation known genome input the output so you want to know what and progress so uh we want to because many of the evidence tests there are the physical slave so that there that our be constraint in fact because it means if you have a problem you need you need to move and take a keyboard and screen and you can is there we would it need to requested money it is a weighted whirling so we used to be the road to assume that everything and we have you that are that of Hawking so using community the generator saying the and the realms of test on them answer was a computer you uh virtualized slave so that is quite clear because we can go from scratch reset everything the have a cheesy were state and we test all the chain and the and because from the we've wanted to do a to 0 each update of raspberry we need to have the display there we need to take care and that they can dying the thing thinking about of manpower and and 1 2 2 2 1 in light of the so another project is the room and try to make fun of matter from more specialized the because of the lattice on different constrained you do not have the same luminosity capacity you unit assumed memory so we try to and so the way and you do that I'll also that every time you write and that you can that modifies the man you made using it on the societal on whatever application so like we do wouldn't templates it is 80 so we try to make that Latvia and that is a bootstrap projects battles about for predict when bond is the of what so we planned out whether you have have found so many the if I depending on the platform so if you really do that and maybe sink about integrated local think yeah local so that is basically a bone uh as somebody generator so we see it that the student was in digital generate directly on from the Ireland another on which we're so membership did compare that is actually uh but lips value a tremendous thank you uh and do not know the steady but then you a less than a suit was would enunciate was closed comparison and so you will have the same just combine as a strong when the so that so that there was some useful integer play was boron residential that is a link where you get the last of the and that is called by and that is where you can find the time the source of the in of the main forum for there to be a few to extend its using the CIM element that is but to me and that that's explaining just that you followed so if edges so we could that where acquired project on would that walking some years ago but it was not a date and a man because we not of people when
it and the and we know and the CAM has a the and whereas and effect so the 12 maps of dated from the file of from friends semantic the speech fair use unit the friends of laps roots so it where the latter is rather flexible inundating the mainstream do not OK we need to have a specific people but the main thing 0 and read branch so uh here and 0 the zoo by objective was to OK we basically 180 Jesus sandboxing Xing Unix with some specificity so let's just let's look there exist unique sources and makes some specificity appear and in the Unix source and after generate from do unique source and do some small litigation to just make it when so it run that is a trade of the world with it invented the machine you want that could to so you know what you think so we you have that definition then so the process so those are that of competition process is not so obvious at at least for me and so the candidate tend to do that but uh we will whenever the breast tissue that leverages them to redirect ends as also on the bed MIT to the specific cops message to be stored to do certainly especially execution transcript stuff and so we have a lot of have been there for a spring said that he had its own of so and so I have moved to just to do not considering the him as a random Boolean them this ability to believe given to build some generally the reason to take in times so Andrew should manage to extend display because we want to add 2 and 2 of those of Joseph L. U. displays if you want to do you when application maybe you don't want to use to stand this time there are uh just on their own as a members because and basically the commitment Android maybe you want to have some I live along great application it's stem so you we you know we you need 2 of us some biting display and really for the dual so I know it is for this do not the went good and then the front of your image 1 also proved and now we limited movements that suggest to if when they just didn't know that walk walk exactly as as the coalition that we want to think about how and managed better other just 2 and that of other but the on the lead by uh just a because it provide would really good a and I in I'm from out for managing just there was no manage with a fairly opposite doing master men to extract all the testing and put indicates that experiments it will be done so in the configurations in Irish that is pollution so the engine processes walking so when we add them to the question completely and we put it is only the interests of the file review and now that we do we have to have a set of operative to confirm the importance of a pairing of the the being of the keyword and the Bayes and bone some include features that you OK I want will 1st and they talk or this kind of primitive of step but how and know where so as the people do not want to just play with a language you want to do application so we need to to refine the ways that we package amazing to provide I'll LL yeah I use under the so basically that we just of a approval because of the Enron and we can use the you add a final that's nonsense just because we were to use as under of 1st so now it is a good plan there was so about about the clean it is a if you add up what's Fisher OntoStudio can show you someone would move will support and everything that and that as it heats on to show that the In present as I guess who will do that in pre-beta your itself In the present nice so thank you and if you have any questions yeah 1 you all the uh we do not junior high in fats and from there we I will be the question is uh so OK as non Usenet contributed to the resonators station on the question is there a way to use the limit is limited to work on it was very p that all you got to eat beef or on got from his managed In fact that is not limited but it is the only I know that our ways for as of the end up running head that so basically the Zulu raspberry PV in that up in the rules that we combine is medical committee that was most of the units on platform we are we brought so in fact it is just after a dynamically but we problem we knew we plant that on armada that his respect among of money is yeah it's easy to that there are many ways it is a platform of using inward thinking yet usually reverted it is on option x 1 in Austin explain the idea can I think about and there and throughout we can check if the and the basically it was brought in from 1 day just changing your uh as a linking of 1 the variance was what perfectly walking and some people using it not there of 1 of the right of each yet yes you should watch there are different book forms were so I don't know what you mean the version where the student is veridical betterment of this is the 6 now which is called by adjusting the president and processes just combine on this 6 if I remember well and the rest find the regularities and 6 with so
it is it is 6 but this season is so riddled at about the frame of the any difficulty no the magic of fighting and you you assume it's montage core and then allowed to address when a go to simply make tend it and so basically should be with the combative elements uh I assume and stuff on if we use basidiospores sinners might for obvious reasons in fact we can optimize the inferred the competition process that we need to do it that teachers would that will work better than yet the I and none of the DPI
now know the from now on we implement we implemented the GPA or contrast using the liberal we call rewiring p and we factor to to adjust compared to a and demands a user access from the library so uh so that we can read uh we can write obviously uh wearing PPE propose some but some of bank assumes the visualize the well so specific binding for boys and the following about being people and we basically act on what we wanted is to push it listing uh for modeling B so here from Piedmont was a suitable wouldn't be manager that's why I think it is Britain completes uh we manage it so we should be getting a good and you can or as you can arise manipulated by and if if you have many many but indirectly the 5 of any it's of from valued and it you just there was student and member defied is that it it and that's yeah this this house the no a number of different companies and that all of it and yes so the the I uh you cannot infects to you mean you do you have a complete parliament if you have a screen if Henderson while you you just a little bit of money demand from the benefits went up firewalls which a
medically yes because that's when message addressed permits there's a remedy that what is needed to because it is a raspberry but the clock you have a complete environment in fact the use yet you can manipulate it on a yep yeah the other thing that's a missing previously it was the initial we have not used in the it's
86 got from and the we do not have it patents in on that
from that now we replace it slowly lasers for if if I and the me you can generates on Assembly the is entering the commands used that someday they wanted finally again and and you know you can do in fact our image some of our from not the
performance especially the UI it's not no that that's a the uh infects uh is not form of it is really so I do some metrics and it is really a painful developing their met foreign encode it's really really really enough I mean she said run well in the there because of the of the whole 4 so maybe very useful things which we really might be the which is 2 I repeat falls make uh max explained that there are a are some room at the beginning of a solution that's exists and that these is pretty pretty advanced no fill it out of ass that project that it is invariant need for so I think you can find but I think that the need on the Linux platforms that have and you can readily image and remember to do this in the end that the Linux 1 language so the channel it is you you can it generates a summary that is not to crunches the yeah it is what we recommend using any 2 people some people to ask all of that and they did rebellion extract from and just
could be easily made in the form of effect you want but yet was worth on the idea of what the where we can you speak louder please so you ask me if I if I hear a lot of them as you have a judgment some and inference and as such efforts and so you ask me if I using directly the on the on the GPU you uh we do not to get it on the order of meanwhile the order of are so how do you know what I was looking for a while now and you can get the when you want work in by usually when you turn on the 1 that the towns along the 2nd of the right to respect by because he has it's on I had all the things that the have and then use I OK you mean the ozone those you can open numbering I at that systems and some code full switching exist in other words I use exactly the same as the wiring P from that's it is interesting that that or inference we can just but tell you losing writing via yeah the the fact that the what but the