Reached milestones and ongoing development on Replicant

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Reached milestones and ongoing development on Replicant
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yeah OK but we're going to move on to our next talk and ball is going to explain a a few things about stuff that achieved with replicants right so been on both sides of the into they'll be talking a bit so that's on what's have accomplished and the Replicant projects and what we're going to do next so there is my e-mail is you you want to use an but anything that the remember that we have the forums and mailing lists and other public means of communication that's uh enable other people in what you are asking so clearly contact the privately it's a private right so what is the applicant well on the website you can
say you can read that sense so recognize is a fully free and and the distribution and so lot things but so that's a free software operating system that is putting the emphasis on freedom and privacy and security so how did you start well known from the very beginning was designed to be some way some pragmatic way of quickly achieving software freedom on mobile devices can but when started it was the 2010 while the situation on mobile devices was the following we had the OpenMoko for that's this life uh devices and that was that was really good old talk a bit about it so I'm a bit later on it was a really interesting device and at the same time rule and started the H is a dream which is 1 of the 1st the things and it's the it got the attention of many developers so many people were working on that and some people may be from Europe wanted to tell you fall tailored see if we can if we can include the suffering and on the device let let let's see what's all the non we false but also the list like you different of them all over the place and so that's the that's how the idea of trading a fully making and I came out so now since the very beginning I meant to be an difficult projects in the sense that it was based on the use freedom and it's also and it means mostly that 1st of all we don't distribution the software and we don't recommend the use of numbers of because we believe that 1st distributing on the software along with the system is taking the decision instead of the user can use on often we think that's acceptable for any project or entity and we also going to recommend the use of non-free software because it's so that the the very uh ground ideas behind behind replicants of all the ideas of free software so we do not want to work on this offer and obviously something that has some sort of news related to be to do something and not just to the south the oracle system that you can follow deal but not from the user want something that's serves a purpose that so you can use as affirming that and I also can be it's about privacy and security so we try 1 possible to run and makes a better commentary on the of the technical
grounds for the and all the following if a solid is and as as a derivative of arity which is the Android open source projects which is roughly the prevention of evidence that Google releases but when they feel like it because sometimes and the and read the from a source of they had to wait for Version 4 so that's what we use as a base at the very beginning that's what if you know about it a bit you you will see that the is clearly supports a few devices mostly the annexes devices from Google and that's that's why we decided to switch to sign a good model which is of community and version and that supports are really a whole lot of more devices variable range of different human factors so it is more interesting for us because it gives us more devices to choose from when you to add support of for the is sort of total about making a fully free system what does it mean technically off but yeah the the main thing that we have to do is to get rid of the non free software obviously so we had just 3 movies and in which case the the functionality that depends on a piece of software just doesn't work all we try to replace it and those non-free itself of software or either executable so usually diamonds that from the bi-directional Library is essentially a whole lot action and so those are kind of drivers users and others who have formal as little bits of code that's going on chip in which all bets not only the view that all the achieve that of science and and others that we also want to get the world to get rid of any malicious feature on a on a system because web-based of Ciudad not there is some nasty stuff inside sentiment that you don't really want to have an replicons are especially tracking of users and stuff like that and CyanogenMod moderate cost Google Analytics when using with the with only 1 that we have no reason to double that you're using repetition so registered for this obviously and I know that that that's so that's the core of which that is the that is the endowment accounts and obviously there are also some of them some sort of destined level as important in that you have to do next mostly on the up I'm at the forces branding and look and feel so we change the bad so that you know it there and then we also do maintenance and security of base obviously like the distance of a system box the 1 that melts that's atrial port to add up the system for the lack of monophyly components because the mostly the and we get expects that non-free software is in place it expects for instance that we have a 3 D environments but we don't because really like this on the devices among free so we get rid of them and the rest of the system expects you so we have to find all sorts of tricks to me and to get it used still be usable in 2 words so that's a real challenge and the same was why was shot and which is you know why was usually required volcanoes vitamins below the final and then baseball discussing with the chip when the final is located chip is running something and so they can discuss but when the final was not there because we didn't ship it on is non-free and we don't want to recommend using on the while the driver very often but doesn't handle that very well so it might be frightened load upon when you can fit in some values who that so we have to correct itself so the the explodes and so it's it a it's a knife and so we have to look at those things in adapting the harsh and of that says a when the when the on the final is not there was just give up and you don't try and inversely to to to make contact with the 2 of the work right so and as I said we want have something that works so that we need as many features of as we can benefit from and that's when we start doing reverse-engineering because we can't just say 0 this is non-free let's reject it and not use it because that doesn't work if you do that you basically cannot with this system you can do in there so that's when we start looking at what is the monthly he's doing and can we do with a software instead that's the whole of the whole word that is the undertakings and that's reverse engineering and so on it's a big is always on the the notion of also all really on a variety of different domains you you've you've got someone graphics and 0 dual-gender sensors so real that's you're radio interface library that's what tossed in their model and the other component that is shoulder and discussing with the telephone network the mobile telephone network so we have to we have non free up on on the program for all those things and the more like hold uniform the the of software for that you so we have to understand how it works and how do we do that well we can ask the manufacturer is the other companies that actually produce the chips and when we do usually get that kind of response which is to make errors in a position to provide details about the formula that we no means the only and so the the form factor of the
so it's proved basically a very often so we had to a really think called and find ways to to understand what it was and there are many many other interesting techniques to do that so we can start by looking at large interest tracing the fusion we can look at strings on the binary to pilots but look at all that the assembly of the figure also betrays the kernel driver because thankfully that kind of items in this office so that and since non-free component is using the kernel driver to communicate the whole of the can intercept the communication and fight to decode it at this point all we can perhaps modified and you have been on the program response so that's so that's the sort of thing you to understand what's going on and to eventually right free software that does the same thing and sometimes it takes on a bit of knowledge and have especially if you're dealing with sensors where you have some room data that's coming in calibration values may be 1 of the 4 or 5 different values and you have to figure out the a mathematical formula that case all these things and put them together to have some results that has a physical meaning in the case of sensors if you look in a magnetic field sensors that string to be the case are going to have to figure out that for having and obviously it's very frustrating because of very often it fails because just to Hall and you need some of something that is some background on how these things work so the actors very frustrating but be we succeeded doing something right so eventually you right so this result for replacements and we do that for for things we know that I list lists the birds but not for the test because some of them all is very hot especially graphics acceleration in 3 D that's something that has never been worked on by replicant their workers because this is just a very hot the people who all into that field and we know where they're doing so there also separate projects that do that false some of the devices and that the interesting so especially there is freedom which is more of a reverse engineering project that aims to write drivers for of of the energy use and it's actually very robust and report is looking at in this month's user individual of wonderful things lives there is also the matter that is 1 that is being worked on by a new the height which is in the back of the room just over to the other end of the week and so that's a lot radio not stuff that we don't do also cells any and all these 2 and obviously fine words all very hall to write as well because they're not executed on the main CPU instead they're working on the of chips so usually they have all instruction sets and they have all sorts of of called were specificities that all just very hard to figure out so we just leave this that and the modern system of the model so that the peace that got them all to network from its own operating system that is is all monthly and we don't try to understand how it works is so complex and thankfully there is a project that is called look the which does that have anything for that for a few and old models which all kinds of 1 of the few defining the OpenMoko that I mentioned it to so that's great of all these beautiful during this things and we're not doing ourselves but we still do stuff right so over the past I think 3 years that's the stuff I have reading so for the library the library I wrote some some real and it's something like this the thankfully and something I'm pursuing and it's all contributions that's the wrong 30 thousand lines that works in online devices in Afghanistan for that's the 5 to 10 thousand lines for devices audio sensors getting the ideas we we words of good around of free software to to get those devices work and thankfully sometimes some other communities are interested in many and helping me do the words so we had the S all and FSO community for some right this is so this is not so familiar with those of S all is a lot of ring system that was initially written for the opening of growth it's a new release of a lot of things in and so it so it was interesting for them because they wanted to get it to run on sensing devices so they contribute to its opportunities that I was great we also have all the community and with measures such as saying that involved also on the phone and they're on to the next which is a special is that specialized to you on something of people working on something called work so all those were interested only in terms and or defaults because that's we wrote that was something devices around and that which usually is shared history in society in automatic and so when I write something kings and signing of people are interested in the usually take it and go the other way round initial patches of the this and for them if they're not that interested in now having a fully freeze office it's also a great technical advantage thank you
that the the well I'll mention that did you yeah I know right so that's a rough timeline of what happens as that also in the summer 2010 with the adjusted rand then we will was kind enough to send us in axis 1 morning can answer a editable for that as well so that was another thing to point to I joined in a flow through 2011 with only the k it that's the software development kits and then we went on to work on the something you see so that's basically library that that I thought he money on it was a Nexus S at the time that it's the same follicle long most something devices so it's sort and ribbon axis has a very extended for the devices so then worked on something real added support for the Daleks here as a vendor duties role for which I will mention mention of it further it's a very interesting device or reasons I was so this fading support for it in September 2012 it so you kind of data I can get anyway and and see that right and during 2014 who I thought it you and water and its again soldiers detail that starting its and along the way we added support for new versions of Android so running from 2 . 2 2 2 1 3 2 4 . 0 2 4 1 2 and it's time and a new devices so so at this point we have a good Americans at 10 or 11 or 12 different supported and each time we
want to add support for new device it's a big challenge because I devices all essentially the different 1 from the other but thankfully we find similarities especially on so on the array during to display as I said we have some sort real which I think this is the thinking that what is coming from devices reading in a generative way in actually have less some of them to the to right its from structure because the old was nonstandard and I agree with that since really generation and well on all 11 or 12 devices so that's something fantasy that's the device-specific fault that have implements the different chemical interfaces to communicate with all the so that that's a really is that's a big part of the work that was 1 of the things and the time then you can see that they're all different generations and families of devices so those are using the same chips on the nexus of some galaxies that at something as far as the eye and standards the code of year that the associ on those we had to work you on the that's up to you working you knew that that information was a bit of a challenge uh sensors also we had to figure out how to use the experiment words that's what you need the so that you'll screen a friend of attention bias but also the magnetic field sensor words very of it was kind of terms in both devices but that's what you need to get from official lost and if you have a compass applications going to use the magnetic field sensors and sensor coupled with the excellent to figure out but the position of the most visited and that's how you know and that's how you find a way so instead of importance rights and run the yard galaxis true Jackson nodes that basically the same divides the direction it has a bigger screen that it's the same model and there was a the following ways of audio because they're using here and that using a non-conventional chips which is the gem a and C 1 into the and people at training of having its gonna because there was a whole lot of monthly libraries that's hard not integrate well the standard and read the environments so it was a terrible for them now and at some point I just looked at it and voted for the annotation for audio so that was a big challenge as well was Canada fall with doable and this same thing was going on with the canyon and they can only be a monthly monthly model so replace that as well and only gets its free energies of the newer generation and there was the same right of problem of atomic hydrogen and then on the long so that again I refer since it was a different a different so I 10 of reuse the same code most mostly change it was a bit of that's and indeed the the backyard was very interesting is the S 5 cities of the but is it has it has a very unusual interleaved formant because if you look at the you know that the propaganda the marketing stuff would get x as you'll see that on the device you can actually be called you and take photos of this enzyme so that implies that that that we get is both preview friend that you that is used for recording and a very high quality frame on demand so we I kind of had to figure this out was not so easy right so that's the stuff that was accomplished mostly and where are we
today well only during the there is 1 that will working on it that's me unspent Simon on kind of disease so it's not moving forward very fast I we have very few external contributions mostly in the least by the year is a it stops that's just some the 4 different and that it helps if they don't believe in war and all that version is based on cytokine mod version 10 . 1 which is going forward to and the support of the 12 different devices which are mostly something the and it's like if so why because life is because they're they're the easiest ones actually rates basically because they don't require so many loves so we can do it because of the next devices were good at the very beginning because it was easy to install and novel version of and we don't and nowadays it's kind of normal magic reflection device is not operating system biking 2012 it was really hard to find places that would allow that so that's why the exercises and something that is just because the features using the existence of actually not so bad for for them and I mean we used to understand what you're those so and the whole thing is funded plans to the nation's I'm not paid for the work I do and devices are expensive when you have to bottle devices yeah it's so it's a lot of money and so that's why so we have the nation's and the helps also different larger like this on for them so I even talk to the right now that's from the so that the dates things the support the so that's what we've been I've been doing as it
really is on 1 unit of local events some of the persons are involved in the decision making process especially when walking along with the result of foundation that handles the nation's for us so we can have this gives the direction for the project and and that's that to you to uh territory and the use of the project is to around is not contributing to the very edge of that and we discuss a lot about what should we do what we should do and what he be honest that's all the future so that's where we are now and while you take a step back and look at those that's the devices were supports titles but if all those have graphical bad word in isolation which means that only those devices the modern which is always connected to know about from enough and running on the software well this this piece of all that has access to the rest of the device to a certain extent we know that's on the next assessed indirectly you can read and write the run and that's really bad bad and if you have some sensitive data out if you doing encryption or whatever the fact that non-free software that can be controlled remotely as access to around mostly compromise is a device so that's that's really terrible for privacy and security and this is a dramatic from all this bozo all Qualcomm platforms where the modem and the main processes on the nature so we can have very strong suspicions that the modern getting active basically everything and we know for instance that a lot in our system installed on the same memory as the operating system so it's and if the modem John we modes of the system from that storage can also known the data and control the certainly also money on this so that's that's the only thing this will security so those all very bad devices but what about the others well we cannot tell for sure on whether remote the modern isolation is good or bad we just don't have you that it's bad but it doesn't do just means we don't know right there because the only way we can find out about those things all mostly unreliable we I mean we we tenants er just open advice and look at the board meeting for the complexity of multi layer of balls we can just look it yeah it's long and so when we know that it's bad for sure it's because we had it in for instance the kernel of the kernel so study there is that uh then the random access memories shared it's in the modern and you so that we can say yeah OK we know that for sure so all those devices that may be good and then you've got that problem was good that is voters all basically the equivalent of the bias on the citizens of so that's the kind of the 1st piece of software that's situations and don't it's not exactly because there is something before we of which is probably would from and that is and read only on the on the efficacy chip itself so that you can up on point it's always going to be there on every single as a city but the bootloader that's the next stage is before the Council all that is well and you can be installed you can modify the theory would now atoms is that's the 1 on most modern devices are like on most modern platforms that on the chip makers decided that and the the bootloader would have a numerous signature so just kind of like a GP is initially I would find it you that used to assign a binary and a public key that used to verify the signature while in that case the boot from inside the SSC as it has been the the public key and it uses the public key to not sector the the signature is correct or not if it's not refuses to so what does it mean well it means that if you want to replace the bootloader on those you need to have a private to sign with the so that if you allow it to boots and obviously we don't because the priorities all light so we don't have access to them and what is it in the end what it just means that we cannot have pretty good progress on all these devices so all the time was spent trying to liberate the devices following the end uh and they cannot be you know it's it's limited that we cannot do any better than that you cannot meet anymore we cannot have a free booklet and so that's a big issue so what do we do now well they're
all basically 2 different directions the first one is to say well that's the way it is it will just be patentable toward devices will just try to catch up with something that makes a new revision of doxycycline line every 6 months of the voting on have the support right so to do that obviously we need the latest version because of the the new phones on of and 4 . 2 and they're going to notice we have to keep up that's a lot of work to do develop a with the new devices in Belgium it don't really doing anything for free because that's what he mostly concerned about we want sort of it right and as we know we're not going to have non us and and we'll we'll try to avoid the bias is that by more than isolationism mostly the fault and platforms and others that we know all bad identified voice well all of course that's a good idea because in fact in some to some extent simulated because if those devices are going to exist they might as well run a if and even if they cannot have different but it's always something Handschuh but we have I mean I have very limited time so at Western do well there is a 2nd idea which is to focus on a small number of devices but devices that are essentially better that you are allowed to have free will orders and that's when not proven to have a better than isolation and it says allegedly good were them isolation 2 that's how we take them to the next step right that's that's really your own that's moving forward it so obvious is inspired have very little time I decided to go with that solution and I'll be talking in this form of in the next in the 2nd part of the what exactly been doing lately with that in mind it in a way that we also often gets some people asking me all the community what but why do you keep working on engineered embodied nose and its track and wages to look if 1 ties in offline for so as sole means from while while they're all basically 2 reasons the first one is that of all the reasons the first one is that and it is quite natural right we've got all the features uh around that's already there we don't need to write in new view of a new interface and during that just have to take it and replace the than on the drivers he also on thousand for times because obviously those projects there and you for your and really what we face is just the common stuff what was already 3 units of the French modifications that's nice but that's not really what we need what we need is we have a support right and so so that that so that's 1 reason and another reason is that and supports really crazy amount of devices I don't know if you can even family member of and adviser of that improbable odds to look at stars in a 5 4 so as I know that ties in really this sense in z something that you need to know which is the only official ties unless so well that's 1 device but that's not too much interesting if you going to have to ports ties into another life is going to be a lot of additional words and we don't really have time to do and you might want to support that's what's important and so as that's basically the same story now I you got some is usually less is more and more of those but they're called devices so address the not interesting at all and so it's kind of a waste time and the error that's what we still believe the so it quickly the the
OpenMoko fairness that was uh the 1st historical example of a device it had previously an isolated modern uh no did not refinement as but obviously still nonconformance running inside the chips that will installed it concise farmers states accruing to Secretary you decide right so it had free will say this is that all but it's kind of all this only 400 million words 120 megabytes of RAM that's me that's low and that's and flow and eventually the company that made that from the time and unity also retired and now also a few systems like you to know growing a on this but we do it in a way that's that's that's the most the past so that's when a company called Golden Delicious in 2011 phone call decided to introduce a model replacing about bias and that's the DJ 0 4 and so just that multiple that you can search by the media objects is a virtue and it's uh it's new holiday and another 3 which is reasonably efficient by conditions influence maybe now it's so that it's still better and you know your Michael so get that stuff from the pool of a futures In most importantly it has a pretty good so that it doesn't mean that achieve doesn't change the signatures so you can actually build of manifolds are we have supposedly doing what isolation because we have received this is designed so it can change that to extension No we cannot know about the tremendous match the actual ball the so something it's not butterfly and finally manufacture didn't support and then the chips all well-documented fall critical they so that's that's that's so obviously where I was confessing advice on video the rights in the mid 2012 and the beginning of the week thought getting involved in that but there was really a lot of trouble with mom and authority on the tunnel right we had no involvement in the load issues this is presumed also was was not for the and you also find walking individuals have the problem of long if getting the and possibly can working with them and with the rest of the world because the channel that existed for reduces row for was a regular journal minutes from the time didn't have any of the education so I tried to add that's miserably failed because it was that he hauled I think it was in high school and you know what I was doing so just standing there was at the time nobody else to give the words so just stay there for they also and thankfully on gold engages in the company and that produces the foreign territory is a for 12 journal that has the same support that's the 1 on which it was easy to manage the procedures and the others here is kind of working out solutions with so at this point something that would you on replicons support so that's why get along the time you should the you can see that there just isn't possible and back and that's where it is now so we have 2 versions 1 made by the manufacturer Golden Delicious where they and they use a single partitioning approach which allows them to have no achievement in most of the systems and uh in parallel and they also supports all the form factors because they also make a tablets the bigger screen and stuff bayesian they have work-in-progress originates this library search call stuff they have working for a sensors and they should the non free Wi-Fi from something we don't want to do in the of the on the other hand on the official repeating because we have they are typical and both politicians team where we for politicians that also that's and this allows for the encryption because of 100 is and the the system is expected that sort of watching layout and so that's how the encryption is implemented so only a few of them that have control and we also have recovery which is a nice interface to install the system 1 for means so about the future and so there is there a community call open finished which is designation really about the digits 0 for 1 of the devices that all large like the new 900 which is not coming out of a replacement for the and that was originally made by Nortel so in the plans for the future regarding replicas for me to have and no support sensors lose all the stuff that's missing basically on the official of the condition so that you can use almost all of those things that's important obviously we want to have a fully operational can also available here shoes now they call all and have multiple devices support so also the start of the vision of that hold were uh supported the only the single image for that would be interesting because 100 usually make 1 on 1 image that nothing waste because when advice is all really gross you could have some at runtime and changes in optimization is going on so that's all for so they have some links out to learn more about these projects and you will come to tree all to the next revision of the ditches row for all you know 100 those of the authors of what are interesting things triphone if you want to talk to you about today and I'll probably be in the running of time and that's the LG Black so in in the next 2 months of written a series of blog on schools called hackers journey from from from the ground up so all that this device of the energy of the light which was released by LG back in 2011 the I can be powerful just like there you for and the technical a condition makes alignments that on that file the dude that's basically all the of of the electrical wiring of advice against many relevance information about about its new regrets is something really nice we have already written explanations of those of others so so stood was released by LG because I see those all GPL license often they release the source code the modified from infinitely great and once really interesting about it's also is that it's an old map GPU device uh because the only that so the associated by Texas Instruments you have 1 high-security HS version which does change the signatures of mentioned earlier and you have the duty which does not usually an mainstream about devices you get the HS and on this 1 was very lucky to find that it's a Egyptian device that's uh diagram something that's how you find out what is on 0 3 means there and I think he knew we had you know any difference chess so elected so using a tax-free referred a possible
what makes that's how do we went out and advice had to be replaced of right because that's a lot of few good for the ones with places well I'll let's 1st think about how been use to find out where it is going to go the root the from and they all these series of resistance which indicates on what's in the mood fiery liked it because the have different options and obviously the motion has to decide where to look for the for the 1st and 2nd and so on so that's the that's dominance is extracted from the technical documentation that clicks this year the resistors some have a little box around them which means that they may or may not be there so what I did basically was to open the device you get the ball like that and it and its just so you get a very of names and just try to know is that 1st so there are not so eventually I came up with this Domenic's which is the reality of what's actually on the device and so you see that when your wife to 1 . that's a logical 1 1 0 to like to round of loop you so from that to get the and this is good thing and when you get the new map documentation it says well is wood-fired equals 0 and if you have a good set of bits 0 2 4 that people base it means that our fossil fuel you have given C and 2nd year of the communities and small storage and that's right that if I want to know if I want to develop more because of fighting solid through amendment fares unintelligible right it's to write a new reference point because the moment so I need to have you as the 1st right and if you get a presentation on this is that when this is wood-fired was 1 is the opposite of stress the 1st and then in the 1 so what I had to do was to change so this is with 5 and as you can see it's the only 1 that has to so I figured that speech you remove 1 of those as to uh that either 0 or 1 drafted 0 I wanted to be 1 well what do I do I remove the resistive from the dangers down there are committed to run then I did know so then I get a logical 1 answers with 5 and was would 1st so it means you minimize so on a very tiny board like that but it's possible evaluates 3 time I think our succeeded in its I'm not very good at solving so if you just have good equipment it's possible to do
on so that's just 1 very tiny resistant to remove that's these different X that's the actual ball so it's it's kind of the other time and when you do that you can is being said this which is beautiful for and as great now load God that's but now
what was still mine shock loads bits we don't see it from rising to initialize yells needs a it's really complex to do that so how do we how do we get some output fell that's when you need several output so that's duality you out and the thing that that that something you need to run who was going on so where do you get to all 12 you've got kinetic and there are some connectors on the side the wall of the wall and you can see that as that is that figure 2 soldier to 2 very tiny wires on those plants that invading although I and wife I think but every time hitting the ball back on the case where rate of something and so you never worked that and eventually I and I found out that you also have you all a on ensembles which that is accessible from in from the boards sure I just find out about were physically the connectives all on digital and sold the very tiny why there and eventually worked I have to songs were sometimes
able to find node my code and it said free suffers from the society it's nice and in and so that converts and the thank you the in the robot rights and so on and song those of you from that bad so that would be liable in the end devices like this census same 1 we had our serial connectors that art is used so it was time to actually stop
words in there was a version of a biology that's on that I use at 1st but uh on it and and that's it so there's a kind of the prevents so I made it for which had a phone resides proceed but I'm not going to be tainted by my blog released from 1st and this interested it was found that it was hauled from more will and
so we find a solid and in a few support for its show using you would SPL instead of a so that you know where is so funny and that's the 1st of the 1st stage were so this idea using the reference code from Nanjing because of I can't just so that's what's going on was supposed to do I just read that in the natural way and already got a few precious accepted but in some that on generation to the amount was from that because if you want to send patches of this into the board you 1st have to implement the supports and it's not really yet so what's going to be be 1 of the big series of actions I will submit way in the basic stuff is really so at this point there is no boxing axonal as a cold stuff like that with the support I go training error I think that's which was 1st great so that's usual and the thing so that you will be able to that by seizing we should know the total formulas discipline that and the kernel I'm using is there a clockwork motor recovery NASA usually think of anything things it's pretty a pretty great because you've got the interfaces and everything on an interim affairs so you have to have a full tuition charge the useful and for the future like to model the the the detection to decide what's the most the form and I probit no goods because well some issues with that's and getting scenario out of as connected with the very nice to um it's possible on the objects which is where you can a direct you several from reading so that would allow most people tune jets and several without having to sold on the this which like I did so that's something interesting and understand some agenda of and support for its own which only will the 2 had real support and sensors I'm going out of 50 documents all of what I did on the directed and weakly which I do that is was variability and their own have maybe absent all support some form of the nice for not not so many forms 1 of a few minutes so that's the occasion to do it or not and is not all that great because some of the features was still using this itself especially GPS and search of this for the whole region your hands and the just dissidents fold in that case it's useful to you decoding that's no that's not going to work with and with lots of his often 1 1 is you it doesn't quickly I'm also going to focus in on unit and that's I just thought is that of because you can also run you moods and few and then there's a great community call minutes and here it's not the 1st person to talk about it today so all of the company is not supportive the community is very rage that's so Michael with the virus and the reason for it so that's that's really cool on many of the influence of the that's and since there there are also many ancient Chinese times tablets and that's and support for that so that's used that platform I'm going to try to add support for all of and since I'm so is a around the single image that and that the training time on and to each target so that would be challenging retirement and the idea on how the it's so those that don't have time to go on to discuss with interesting the an say out already have a handful of isolating fiber 6 so all the other support for them all and you a lot the national all trial and so that valid challenges because of the whole was a bit different so we have to have an objective I was for which the in which the nodes and uses this models and only effort to detail that's a rich that's a general sense of what we mean by this and then a few other things I would like to be assuming that's adding support for the Kindle fire because it's also GP device with some of all of these things is also of interest in lies there is all only if we move further on it's fluctuating there is in maybe more devices more interesting devices in use and also allegedly replicon RecSys so that's it would have been stuff for device evaluation so hard to define that devices in arts that would be interesting I have a bit of the condition that's how it it is flowing from this insecurity and also in isolation make a list of which divides have uh which is that which devices have signed a non-free referred as all that stuff and you have to get through all stuff that's something to you right so if you want a little less the case but website blog that's a face in the use and communicates also ensured mostly and stuff and for like for you to communicate with all forms various channel and you will come to get international go with me with me you London vol than user so that's all but sold
and fj j what was the other way so if you have questions you understand me on the way out of hand