How to program your camera!

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How to program your camera!
An introduction to the CHDK
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Embedded - Hack Your Camera
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OK so next on that we're going to actually have a look at cameras in our you can actually act them yourself to do stuff better than the manufactured did it for you last even after you to explain everything again thank you so as you save a the slide this is about 60 K 1 another talk on hot minus they've Adam a little bit of a geek so when you create a toll that says Introduction to ch you probably got around me types of people in the audience you will those who working from Introduction and overview Lisle simple way into the product the package that the bundle of code if you for those who knows HTK under looking to pick faults for the presentation and basically tell me about it it was 3rd type of person which is waiting for the next talk I just wanted to get a seat so I haven't found who they are jolly goods so In this talk it says introduction for very good reason I'm an idiot I'm not very clever so it will only be simple stuff what it is what it does and how you can do things with it the will of case studies if things that other people have done like inspire you to go away but not all of them are not possible with the original firmware this camera for example is 1 I use of been using all my travels this last week I actually ball this from a secondhand shop in north London the 5 pounds that'll be equates about 20 euros at the moments and maintain about it's not a bad can work through a point and shoot can put in a pocket it's novel fold but the stuff at camp on it is not the best it could be the hardware is capable of stuff but the actual software w access will come to similar things later so when you write your own from where you can do anything with it within reason and if you to follow the curve downloaded from some little leagues there if not the wire and the idea that this is not to quote the Remy is at you if you want know the extent of the exact command line to do something with it the documentation is already on the web there's no point in me sitting here in meaning out of slides and so you exactly what you can find out somewhere else this is hopefully can be slightly more interesting without the generalized looks for its realizes not old of Moses and flowers everyone says they could be so what is it but 1 thing is an open-source firmware will come to the power of open it really is so they is the point-and-shoot cameras this stuff the cheap stuff it you can get by quite expensive can is known as a new a new which project magic something-or-other if you got the Ds loss article complementary projects guess in that's Magellan's unless the public I the project is several years old so is reasonably stable and is a temporary upgrades so if you're worried about all lie nicely you can could go to blue no I probably wouldn't of contractually um so given above any account the data so what does it do well is an in-domain is the existing farmland the phone Wunderkammer doesn't business needs to it takes a picture it says the exposure it sets the the normal things you need but that's not enough I that very few gates site I put these hardware and it does everything I need and I'm not going to take it apart and have a look at how it works everyone and I will take a positive wanted to do this on like to put this in here but this is is always something else you can't 1 of things that not in a scripting 1 the would you script the CAM or why not the amount of money people awakening from high hyper collapsed applications when just waiting alone with me lines of scripting code increases control existing parameters this camera has a shopper speed because it's the crop cameras the low and the set speed on here goes up to maybe 15 hundred if you're lucky what exactly increase that's the Harvard in the mall well know this this 1 is a 550 to the PowerShot A 550 the 561 of cosmic 450 could all it's the same body it's the same lens was different the firm so what the about why by the upgrading can also be somewhere just buy the cheap atomic from upgrade you in some way uh control such as grids some consequence later and depending what sort of can we do have grits is just an overlay that appears on the screen the gives you an idea 1 where the 3rd saw within your find so for
example of parameters increasing the range of parameters you may find your time as an explosion of 15 seconds this 1 this I pretend can at my exposure is not the 64 seconds which means you can take a shot like this which allows you to see the the waves coming up and because it's been taken out of 64 2nd thing is that mistake effable kind of here the glass tube we kind of effect increase the shutter speed there
is a limit there's a fizzling of the shutter speed for the physical and all the shutter speed is not the limit of the firmware Canada novel bits so we unknowable that's not a bad picture really considering is built in LSS you taken some not too dissimilar to that 1 exporting as well why would you want to export as what you doing any serious manipulation of photography you want to have a mole option well why bother this is a high-end cameras spaces why would you have a cheat . issue and actually want more image to the manipulation while just because I do why do I do anything more because I can if I want to do something with more give me an option to exporters that's where you were not this is is as I like
this feature I'm not a good photographer I have a couple can was played around for a bit but I've never liked the flash in any camera I've ever had the building of fashion as we cannot have found to be all fall it turns everyone into non that's because the flash is meant to very close to the and it's very bright what you can actually do is say I would rather this fresco of politeness no camera manufacturers do nothing to put but would you like to control how much voltage goes your flashgun option but we can assume they did I said they divide an article that the obviously uh and and obviously there's lots of examples I thought it was pictures in it is at the top of the talk was put the pictures and this is an example of what you can do by manipulating
flash at is it site the yes is attempt we upgrades so when I switch on this camera which a memorandum which it follows that a is alive demo them into break correct the firm where there's no money on Haiti maybe of a syllable blocked coming from middle is running the new firmware we're not installed onto the device even if you properly installed it never over what's in there similarly if you found it is possible to break it but you can't with this was there was an internal flash in science the camera it is possible to information to the internal flash however it doesn't do that because that could potentially bricks machine so there was no code in the platform at soul that lights that flash 2 calls of attention break and I I I put the link down here to can failure suspected to be caused by this histamine on Estonian idiot he's done something wrong there was a couple of cases 2 years ago with a particular type of camera but there's been no reported issues in the last well since then basically of something that can be directly attributed to ch decay again I'm not alone you lies may vary yet and yet yet but the other is the can we you have compatible will this 1 is and the reason I bought this 1 was because it was compatible I went into the shop I had missed the cards on I cocoa I prior over the next file and memory can't put it in the camera you start a camera and on the screen it says this is running firmware version 1 . 0 Sea you trouble of to website and it says yes this person is compatible at which point you by the can and go home while the cameras especially old can amongst the bullet point shoes do support it it's very well supported there are hundreds and hundreds of cameras resulted because they're all using the same chip set if your operate camera it takes a lot of efforts to design or all the bits of stuff going here they're not spend a lot of time upgrading the physicality of machine of the upgrade the lands they may upgrade the form factor but actually the stuff that takes a pictures checks the exposure level does he also focused doesn't change 1 version the next to the very very minimal changes between each version to find is actually quite good compatibility but there's also tools II is the sole method of Craig a file on on the memory card booting out you can actually just use all these tools now design I learned the hard way getting ready yet valid by recompiling alone all use the stick tools which basically allows you to put the camera in the so have a look at it and 0 yeah of so it can get where but the stick is you take a picture of the camera you grab tape head you stick it into stick it looks at all the meta tags the stored within that J peg because of was David stored in this way so must be this karma and this can therefore you need to go down this binary image and it goes down and it downloads that binary image all automatically again I put a link some of those that can see the bottom of the mean to follow along the compile alone is a cross compilation process of this it can be an armchair and you'll probably not an avalanche of on a desktop a few of you lucky the rest of us have to use cross compilers you can build your own cross-compilers uh if you wish to this state I just download binary blobs and use them so and tagmatic and command line is basically the platform which is the camera number platforms so the version of the particular from aerial camera and fear which is just the format the actual binary blob that comes out the other end to the installation process has units of money out of that would think you competently cards and you start the camera that's it is not actually complex so it was that uniformities is cumbersome look at everything is not complex I had to you know I had this learning inside half an hour and I didn't under the look up and do the downloads this main ways of learning the firm the 60 K from of 1 is you say I updated firmware but it doesn't actually update firmware all the camera has as a series of vectors and says if you want to do the taking a photograph go to this routine and then that rooting jumps off somewhere else which is in the form of that he doesn't work that's in man also will update does is is all right you want update the table point these to the memory card of the so everything is being run from that point of memory not being written into the flash which is why it's safe to do so the other way is just to use the lock feature only cards for it and get this out you know that there's a little switch on the side that is a green light switch now the switch that to read only modes the can since in read-only mode and loads that somewhere directly into is ran but are you ask but but about never tough the but if I put the memory card into read-only mode how might any photographs back the lot correct the during to the talk is a developers and that this which doesn't actually changed we might all the colony just tells the operating system the other went on mean read-only mode please don't want anything the a 1 course if you want the phone where the goes on here you say all is that the light switch on the becomes yes is read-only and the current goes I I don't care I don't like the data out anyway which is a nice little had to just get it running everything is done in what we call all modes and there's about on these cameras which has got a printer on now I don't have any people plug this directly into a printer without fixing out 1st thing again I refuse to have any pictures in the online that have not been fixed up like it's like you with the bad skin but that long Brigham used acceptance HTK which there's like to switch into the alternate mode we get all these natural features that we mentioned earlier How do you know you and the ultimate nodes as the interface is an open source product and a bit the 2 are not connected but you know what I mean the this is an
example of the beautiful interface you say and all the parameters which have their on the Hollywood gives you that the canon firmware hideaway since the K allows you to expose so it comes with batteries and then we call the cops quite useful but good on this for the the of years ago now at MIT Lecture activity of our go to this ice flow with different along as I don't take many pictures by like to find them properly I like to look at what's firemen if anyone's further bombing the all the way to the other way which means sometimes it can take a couple of minutes for me to take a photograph however sometimes the people that I'm with appreciate the effort goes into taking a quick photograph so when they say you been doing that for 10 minutes I don't know the cannot like me from we oppose the width of the of doing for 5 minutes it was more useful but I thought it would be this also relative my well it's not about time and was another judge Africa and the value of money or 50 learning a life histogram almost sort of like colors are available in many of you have been shown in the image so if you're in for particular style of photograph you got this stuff exposure internal settings so going to do with the stacks of stuff scripting this is
1 of the things Ma said that is on file on from a cell normal scripting is easy is great fun all you need to do is led the script from the disk which is basically a text file you started you have parameters here which you can set up this 1 is an H R scripts and then you press the button on the top of the camera and it once the script the the user should go back something on the bottom here we have a series of parameters which are unique to that script coding a life that is Stalin buoyancy don't need to what is is there was happy simethicone the beginning of a script that says please show me on the menu a series of parameters which are for example exposure modes steps stops and so on the script runs and I'm sure for those who are reading ahead of me that doesn't mean basic as a Basic interpreter inside there and there's a little interpreter so this is an example of parameters you specified on the user can use existing set them up and then you scripts and as an example the basic spirit that just as you might perhaps it would take a none were shot over a period of time that you can and do something magical with right let's might possibly this is the example low scripts again you've got this meta tag at the beginning is marked by these minus minus bracket bracket that is what is at the same way it then works as little generally do this 1 is an example I think this is well to script and he said the cannot be take you press the button and then takes different pictures from the same settings but a version with vivid loaded of black and white red CP all wants so if you're not quite sure if this picture is gonna be a mean moody picture on nice font picture is through the script and and all of them for you straight away and you can work out later as opposed to going to the given trying every set settings to see which 1 looks the best go all the good job the également yes this um the yet I don't look at I think it will be worked out set property of particular idea magic number 1 phylogeny of what property is more values being sexes 206 is shooting modes 1 is a vivid phrase black and white and so on the the script also have stopped functions which allow you to call out to the rest of the firmware so you can change the focus of to some of the flash is ready single at the bottom so you can say click the button which is not as assuming and the 1st of his motion detection thing in there as well if you feel like it mostly a good example that later the always wanted all available from basic and from lower up a couple minor exceptions but for most of the things we like to play with therefore both this is um you know this is
1 of the main thing is justifiable of pictures all with different settings this is HT off so those of seen it but you take multiple pictures at different exposure levels so it looks like this picture on the top right so overblown unfortunately is a scene inside solves the the sunlight outside is incredibly bright and the camera settings for that is completely different to the darkness of the inside now normally you'd have to take a picture that roughly halfway between and just accept the fact that some bits from the overexposed some it'll will be underexposed well if we could take multiple pictures at the same time a pressing 1 button and we can change the exposure through the script which they take a picture with this exposure and this 1 and this 1 same time think again and generate 1 inch from it so you get quite good dynamic range that way here with 2 other examples was taken with a 5 . com quite vivid quite impressive season for me not mine pictures by the way they're looking back pictures and I think battle is his real name although as and so on you the use of of the good question it dates and in rapid succession as quickly as a can was able to so as long as it's not a fast moving object or you be unsteady you get back up a good image of the results if you want if you want to the taking of sentiment processing you'd have to take in all and then go and process it later I think for most purposes quick succession
is good enough and this is also my fear looks pull on it as active photograph so you can use it for special
effects so grades of this was the 1st can Hannibal nicam which is quite big and you know not expensive but for 5 and could camera I was surprised it didn't have grades these 2 things have grids essentially is an overlaid with goes on to the display as you're about to take a picture why is this important well they useful if you're trying to take a picture on composer not secure way you could call an overlay on the screen to line things up no the Canon cameras come with a set of grids that they think are useful now was always some other grades that you for me find useful for yourself in the type of projects in your involved a little bit of point really from what 1 can work out what that is on the right hand side of the haven't you good so the generated with a very simple place a script code it says all line here Doolittle it's
there and this is an example of 1 as you say normally it's stole a rectangle goal line was it well if you look at the currently owing to version on the bottom right this is where you have to put your face and your level for a possible photographed in the UK this is not stand in the camera but it's kind of useful so if you don't say what those little blue light superman and take a picture and you can just set this squared up as you see it is a text file it is programmable what else can you do well
you could draw lots and lots of lines like this also um because copying things onto the memory can't boot up the camera is not long process but I hate that process of having to go here so there to their directly try out a 1 1 change so a very simple parser in additional but you put in your grades it imposes a and renders it up on the 1 hand side the bit I actually like was this little bit on the right convert text you don't have a text option in the grid language we do have lines and pretty much every letter can be generated by drawing lots and lots of lines so I created a line-based forms and I Paul's the text I think we can all do that and then I generate at its white poets that article text as part of the great so the great that you have your name all you can do ideas
and put this can histogram because only someone the steals my camera and those in how to control the HTK and those have switched went off is able to switch that off with recently try selling it and the grid is already on it's gonna come up in the short this camera stolen which is quite good which means that only people can still this camera sitting in this work I got a B a picture of you later for identification purposes the and is quite usually was a size limit which creates a common model is a problem and 12 a some like that so you call a novel and stored on your screen but it's in Nafta and put messages often frame of thing so it's quite good fun thing to try and is so incredibly
simple there no interest compiling the binaries you can always put you on grids in the so a little bit about why the modules not magnitude get the same trying to an introductory type thing but modules employing so this 1 again instead and actually would not really doing right get everyone does do for some reason I always get can was about to put them on this is where you on so whether the instead and is not really did regain but space stopping it comes with the country's snake and text rests on a couple of things like that has nothing to that peaceful the device it's simple all you need is just grab the source tree build it with the cross compiler I always recommend doing the building things from source because he doesn't do decide you just wanna change snake all you can't place make it difficult you the school plus sequence tend to school plus was 100 at least if you compiled train learning you can increase the going that way the take the sort source code to a snake it's there is only 1 file from very simple change any with reference to the words make put in 1 ever going on white lights and off you go all done but the 2 structures you need to worry about the gooey handler and the module handle this just says when you start to make this is the function you coal to draw it and by the function you call i mean the camera will call that method to say now draw your screen as you can but be selling a DUI-mode manner what you below examples coming next the main problem that I have with all this stuff is the fact that the UI changes between these cameras and while the is not on what about but I will the colors used in the UAI will change so they still trying to make yourself a muscle marry a clonal someone here which you can do your find the colors will be completely messed up if you try using a different cam at there are a few colors which are predefined models so if you are trying to do the whole MNIST or something like that you are going to have some problems so you do need to keep it simple all just use black and white the methods the drawing of those you find my thinking do we don't see all simple it does have a full inside the can and a single chart but you've got all pixels I want you to 1 individual pixel and ology position in arbitary color you couldn't do anything else from batch if you want if you get a polite use the camera screen with in chemistry heights I know the resolution this camera but if I take the same code money somewhere else it would look stupid so it is always recommended you try and be nice and adapts your code to what with any screen size which is easier said than done couple of methods to get the keyboard information yes is called keyboard even though this does not look like a keyboard and you get the job will as well as uh things as the difference between clicked compressed if I remember right way round this is during the last frame to the bomb go from top to down and press this like is the bond down general generally speaking both of which have their own users and of course what you
can read from the camera into and you can like another 3 don't you can write a matter of what's a generator this is my go-to put any new device either get a new platform on learning all-white amenable set generator when I was learning script I wrote a job of trips man what's a generator provides needed to learn it so I might have to be able to let you only a bacillus and work on so maybe Odersky that each year in comparison that make it but trust me it's the uh this this is the after when the 1st time around he hasn't capabilities you use the the we have pointed out is the about to of the pads but flavone down the school around a cursor and you press the middle bump and assumes a null match for you it takes about 2nd half to render 1 of those all in 1 of those not the fastest thing in the world british proof that it works is always that good will things is so simple and well known rewrite 1 man was generated you've worked on the mole if something goes wrong you could imagine Olga is gone wrong it's not the mandible code is your code with the HTK so if you got 1 constant and the whole thing which is however when and what's the rest of the process is comparatively simple local unfortunately
not all code is perfect so how do you debug on a thing like this was an early day here and even to nearly the on off by writing to particularly address so as you go through the code you turn the light on and in the light of light goes on light goes off and you count the number signed the light goes on and light goes off you know how far you code is not goes as a bit of a plane and so it's actually easier just to make the thing crash in certain locations and then look at the long log is the same as doing any kind of GCC work you get a that and also this memory location you call this method that is memory-efficient this method will think crashes the 1 local said I crafted this memory address and you're all that memory addresses in that method and if you just the reference a null pointer or something like that you members so that's the method that's boffins is conserved Campbell princess and look princess sorted out you can write to the ST cards if you wanna have all of them a more explicit long is very complex novel way doing it is this thing and I have no idea of his sister was in 1 1 working progress things I thought this is getting at painful so i t wrote a wrapper so as a complete no driver basically I know what methods the can we use is to a pixel old lines what all rectangle so I removed then to call STL which is this simple direct media I then was another little map that says if the camera cone never tries to say what's the screen size with the camera code truck says what's on the memory card I remove those methods to work in Linux directly so I could compile the CHT coats its decay code natively therefore I can use TDB and about is a little simpler it's a you know is a work in progress it does very little moment but it got me through a couple sticky things when I was playing and the code is also by the way and is not get helpers I only did a version of it last week is that new and so if you downloaded the harass me it's still pretty rugby and you do is you decide quite myself honesty a window through the abstracted bag on and then call going and when it which is the same method the camera would call when it starts to initiate your particular module
so let's look at some uses for this stuff this is the bit where it all sort of dynamic and round of bit this is the end of the day you also pictures you taking lots of clever things can you now do well if you detect motion then why bother sitting there waiting for that flash of lightning that is for where can literally take the picture wouldn't it notices something strange is obvious but is not provided by default so this encoding in there with a full set parameters how much the scene changes to be to be considered motion across what sort of dynamic light range if you happen to be the might for example you can say any amount of light that appears during the nite time seeing is a fashion line and just take a picture and it's not a bad picture considering the so parameters you using so if you
don't want the computer to decide for usually physically you can actually do it manually shutter to release uh cables are usually 20 quit it was had to buy apple accessories will know the cost of cable normally came from Apple and the price between the same is true with cameras the shutter release from Boston a camera technically have nothing will switch to a battery in it importantly all planned in all that kind of stuff so expensive well since she cares little optional no that says if you connect a battery switch to the US people I actually trigger the shooting mechanism when you press the switch and it doesn't need to be a physical switch it could be a thermistor there's all take photographs with starts getting hot take pictures when it gets cold take pictures when there's like Paul amount we know in the middle of the large we know do something and Obledo control when the pictures taken i taking part of so I didn't think of it may attract activity at is like ch decay there's as a slight sheets I often wondered what happens inside the machines when you make so I to go where can I take it inside the bread machine and I switch it on and I have a very nice time next picture all being Bates and the web can burst into flames when all of it too hot you could do the same thing with 1 of these if you don't mind destroying your camera I think it was a fight with Microsoft webcam I didn't really miss so it was worthwhile all you can build a civil it's I make
so if you don't happen to have a switch on a battery lying around with people we don't have 16 different cameras um as I'm sure we'll have some well there is no reason why you can't say that switch mechanisms pocket also always can was put the minimize the chemistry of and there was 1 bond trader all of the same time so you don't have 60 cameras lying around but is 1 another example that we have
6 the this guy has said a lot I don't know if he's really printed these with possible not just 6 books standard cameras mounted around in a circle of hemisphere really triggered to take an image at the same time was about match well you can build muscle
most because as we point out earlier of the pictures we'll take at the same time you do the scripts is 1 page after another how would you do in multi tasking on us ing task machine you have several them this is the best way to make Windows a multi operating system like Windows installs and on data different programs here the guys take into exactly the same time on 6 different cameras running and HTR script to try get this depth of images what will a vibrant some color I can look pretty well no you don't have 6 times despair to make that but I something else than so without going into a
kite look height time camera to the bottom the kind monastery at to the letter say taking every 2nd every few seconds winning is light enough for abstinence when they're just will when I get this high trigger mellow push-button circuitry to make it an image and fake is like this the all this guy is what's the use
of very small very lovely man and a lower the cameras both of you watching this on stream hello and you'll still see him here and that's the camel the underlying going up to the still there's a lot that you you don't have a kite handy OK as far something else before we'll go hang around the house
what about when the blue about him he and and the willingness to put a camera on the phone to get up and sent out into the atmosphere 148 dollars some guys in the states and their camera out and is basically modeled bound from this of 93 thousand feets they 7 I gigabyte member continent they took pictures every few so within think about 30 seconds or so started to helium balloons and if you go on ebay you can actually get them not that expensive with yes I checked I then solve electrical awakening when you by get itself a helium canister all the Joe shops have the same user blow up balloons are making voices goes really funny the GPS phone on their this is primarily so you can find it again if you are sending out your camera in a balloon I'm pretty sure they'll will be at least known zero-wind between here and 90 thousand feet so for block also bits so you need a GPS aside all under this location so the text message to the point on the ground so they know where to go and pick up a can again you should put it on Xbox from both input name address on it it does forms on-screen house you don't wanna go to retrieve it there are various legal things you have to do i neither nor care about any of the main thing is I would do home because I live near an airport but if you start doing that near an apple was agent uh aviation authorities b by there will come a have words but if you go out a little bit too fills in that you can probably get away with it and that's not a bad image for the so if you don't have to have 50 on campus delegable at time effect you don't have a kite than the least build a balloon and send it out into space so basically others all
of you know nightmare lives not only 60 K is all you need and even the loss of clever funny and weird things and this is any questions on slide after ones all have a go at them now the same this time left the stomach it wasn't constructs the of the and you if you I believe so I'm not tried it and that when you have turned into a webcam I guess that it would be 0 it would it would be good fun I think it is possible there's not of tried for just on rejects yes you the the it was all about so I get and how fast is motion detection is the press yes some motion detection will vary depending on what it is you detecting if you're saying to I want to take this specific amount of motion then it will go through a lot more cycles try to get that but that was the time you're looking at tens of seconds usually quicker um which is good that's how we managed to get the aligning short was print outlining happening and the photographing tiger is any longer economists it's so it is a nice place for around 50 of the 2nd book for most cases but good question yes I might be too cumbersome chairs in the way of integration lead on the phone like I put in question like the question is can the scripts read the pixels of the photo you're about to take and the answer is if you have a fiddle yes you can and this added up and put the time that it would take you would probably be prohibitive the script is running for scripting language so is giving a pixel is like OK about it so now is a pixel back which point so too much time has elapsed due to much useful things with it the motion detection code is running on here is actually uh um a modules of over the latency natively but it's a very good question this is some other function as shown here which I didn't cover you know when someone says all lesson really question will actually mean is I forgot to tell you this before and you just reminded me I messed up 1 of the features you have on here is that and what it does is it is a part of a module but will needs the pixels from the display it will say all this this overexposes this underexposed people need to fix it either by refining the original you and is considered because when you look at it as big white and black lines going through it is saying this spread of prepare image were problematic so for most of useful things like that you'll probably best going into C and building it that way around it is and the uh again another question which also means I forgot to do this but as well as the question is do you need to assemble the immediate outside of the camera the CAM assembled in for you the answer is you assembled on outside of the camber there was so many options of parameters and tweaks that you potentially want to do if you did might something into the camera to say combine them automatically which is not that hard to do a now all why if it gets even slightly wrong your your doesn't look good so why you try and put an interface on the camera the controls all the parameters when you might as well just like of school the images of process it later in game because that's got all the tools implemented properly approximated of online 1st and then was used you and that you indicated the the things that's thank you thank you and because of the question is are there any other brands of camera with this sort of thing works from the answer is occasionally Canon cameras just with some quirk of fate happens to get a project behind them and got some sort of a number people who were interested there a critical mass both let's build and because most amusing the digit chip set some people knew how they worked they just what was to stick with this which is why that 1 codebase works with 203 and cameras people who have also done this on other cameras have done so in more isolated cases that I've got this camera would be good to undo on this camera and they're going work out how do would be written on that camera but not made it more generic is this code pretty generic even though total white pixel varies between cameras so a plant off you go 1 method it then takes a look at it does something else so there wasn't for example an account K I don't know what the orginal of why they decided to pick on this particular camera emerges been 3 people had at the family could packet so if you can why shouldn't you and it just snowballed from there we published at your direction the humans the metaphors with all usually the context in you this because of you will be the so the from the correct answer is I have no idea and so I have like an hour ago a could lie timings of France might I don't actually know I know these ones didn't use to be able to handle the big memory but I know you can buy gigs in this in a while we so I can't say for sure all that you could put it a terrible I call something defined and the interesting thing that look at if I do this selection include that in the slides you think know that you um be asking about the about wrinkled women's HTK into that of some kind and all the so yes OK so the question is do you can do firmware upgrades themselves in a similar way and the answer is yes they do but incredibly infrequently this camera does not have a firmware update since it was released but all other a month after its release of which is not surprising if you build a piece of hardware and shipping out factory in it doesn't work he published in the shipping it and it wouldn't that would put it wouldn't be the same way that we put on here which is a temporary solution they would actually write that flash inside the camera the the and so taking extra actions or the right the the it it yes the case so the question was find it down to something I can answer is all you able which to and functionality such as you know a particular area where you actually focusing on uh as far as interest income and yes you can that's a simple script thing again so you can say in your example so this is a touch sensitive thing unfolds use the D-pad and it is i in this script I will pick up where the cursor is and then when you press the bond that's that link all the press zoomed in public which is a script command which assist click and the name of the bottom you pretend to click I will then go through this process of zooming in and then you take a picture of from that script so you would be able to play with in that way as 1 over on the right the but so can the camera communicate over USB I believe it can I have not tried it it would make sense for them to do so you want as far as anyone the other 2 scripts scripts don't have any of that kind of stuff in but the camisoles should be allowed access that I don't know what users a terminal program on the other events in might have access it as just a memory device may be the case of this of available time so my to all of this stuff is from that 1 I was a diary of their funeral I think about the audience you know there later and that's we