What's new inside the Linux IEEE 802.15.2 subsystem?

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What's new inside the Linux IEEE 802.15.2 subsystem?
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Internet Of Things - Deviot09
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use Alexander acting it to on the article about the lower I to the it do something 15 had and enough to 15 for this and this and about what's new in the uh that's a system that we have and another body in the compromise mentation about what's new invited mean that have the infinite 54 from the thing so um 1st I want demonstrates a
little bit more here I set up to richer machines come and each half of them I use the term what item I to the Internet to 15 of 4 but with speech consumer connected and I think between its nodes inside the richer machines so the that's the example below in some very high load paying told its you probably don't want it because they wanted time is over a 2nd so it's very low weight and it's also because low power and such thing and but it's only to show what's possible to use the mean and stick but if the but if we showed interfaces species I know pen interface and the button I can Woods and indeed I am in about on the 2 people can have a bit of the even interfaces the the do you I took the antenna 254 interface Mij center the height of the Internet to 15 want friends and on the top we have to know pen interface that's for making the I 6 stuff so it is not only of the true interface and internal condemnation isn't and translate PC 6 into a 6 open and if you look to a shock I have open to web shot Mendel's and this 1 this the for the beep and stuff so the bar 800 254 the PC and not also will pen friends because we have to hide thing and in departmentation and of the sea in 6 openers fragmentation and of because uh the use sizes big enough and then on the pending of this
you have to play in IT physics few so that's that's done slated 6 no pen into IP physics they'll so you see it does and I futures expect fragments so we have also of fragmentation over the fragmentation for at 1st the half of it had to be a kind of 254 6 Lo Pan fragmentation and then you have like a physics fragmentation but that's only because it's a lawful idled thing another example is I have here Contiki notes
parents I want to show up on the i UDP example below the energy thinking now and then we look to buy a again the then we see under what interfaces under the pen interface did it too long edge uh 6 plant few that's for example and we can see here the the key and a UDP header compression I will show you more about it later so we see I used especially report range led to a safe room 5 . 0 5 to buy sell Find 4 bytes problem long introduction them now it starts a presentation them important you put where it project updates and the last yeah I told you the name was being exceed the bumps in the domain of budget in the biennium mommy on all and links pan and you have up new meaning this this posted on Canada all and a new website the bank of Canada that book and currently and you have a even in book of borders because this last the coolant of the station was not very nice to use and this contents and that link framework and a 800 254 I will talk later and them you have I could do layer but we can't deny the existence the couple of all of them you have support for the spots on the need to exodus from you space so we need to at model for this and different parsing and generation is more very um frame time but see Fig that that means that we have different frame types like a Wireless they have of also different tribes and then we need a little past and you some speaking frames and friends and so on the new frameworks about 2 if you we work and the basic idea is cherry pick a good thing from the wider sticks to your other up all the nodes of wireless implementation room in your notebook so if you on Linux on and then you have the for of Eden system the interface that we have also all of the food interface naming if you connect up it under 215 form on the right and is with a stated as the pen FIL invite us they have also different interface types those that's a station at if you a d forward but also there is excess point and money drawing and such devices and we have also different friends interface types like an old and money to our will muskets mode and then data you want is the port also are coordinator interface type so the we also taking take this stuff from the user space to with I read you can type of being you know book if you will have new noticed wider support and we have this is them as a tool 1 and 2 in this award framework to easily add new commands and the name is just B and then at a upon behind behind and the correct do from and yet admittedly canon of frame I will talk make a little more about this it's named 800 to 11 and we just we place that under to 11 the state under to 54 and also Wireless have the same paradigm like doing soft and hard make into interfaces so Tom Seaver scan can be them can be accessed by they're making more got rid of complex stuff on undertones unified all during the soft fulfill the soft make doing and on the countryside so it's a different kind of urgency 1st which you can know why and what exactly is a and really just did been so I typed I that's the them the minus commands you can see a set frequency name and raids bonds much and so on and we just had no IT pen and this looks really the same it's just this 800 254 functionality we them it's very easy should edge adds new commands honored but we have not many and I also apply I the pen the idea tens 5 and it's also elevated in the in a wireless and to show all queries that tries and therefore all the distances in the face on the coast and in 5 0 in this case and we have also some make settings like product has extended interest and the type which IID node and the then and start saying so you can also set T stymied all it is to win the and we do this all the this N a and to 54 1 of those there what is in a it under 254 nm engine on to fish a kind of space netting framework that link is a circuit communication between um use of space and can space and is used mostly for confirmation stuff like setting frequency and uh interest things and the goal of the new framework is easy to have a framework which and also to them indeed at new netlink commands fixes this formula space and and my it and this is the court looks almost the same like minus so I might as people get easier familiar and it's already well established framework and we hope the getting model widest community when 800 to therefore antenna 254 I use cases that means that you don't need to put the antenna to Ilham consumers into each smoke detector all such as this is more cost more power and such thing then you can you can will go on to use it on a 254 code example and that's accounting Shane from space shared onto the kind of space and I this should this example shows the polity and or I cannot say that there relationship between each reflect some for example you to hear the net there and you can see it required death and and we have an account of space implementation of of Flickr need net deaf Ville you need to type of death uh from the less space science and some it would be the same like wireless stuff the cream on this so for some call they interfere and public functions to them set and gets the net link entry boots so that's the time idea it could be the number in this case the another framework is in 6 open which is only a fall for making the Physics stuff is the next header compression and by the maps is 2 6 open next the convention as a this 6 open our FC is this convention for months that's also for IPV 6 commissioner and also for the next had been extended is for example the time spent transport it what accords like UDP also the haiku physics had and extensions had like a hop-by-hop all watering and um there's an see framework is the December because uh it's them kernel doing describes 1 compression format but something UDP and so on it has to call local begs for making up on compilation and on under compression and not only is and it's UDP is going to be elevated by them demonstrated here I type
as much to list on where a lot of modules and we see the NAC uniquely is here and a lot of on the other hand a CIA at that UDP is easily so what but all the other ones all indeed there because folic at the legislation East and if using an unitary hop-by-hop and visual warning you all the food in the mid is far uh don't using it in network look for now I want to make are noted NEC UDP conversion we have no UDP coke compression anymore and start again there 180 on of blue and the and show what the
Wireshark this case here the and we see it in the 6 plan and I really don't see any of them next header compression anymore it's just a plain UDP this has FIL future work is done
fall I to be tunnel 215 voice so move toward net link interface because because now everything from minus and that's pretty better and the mentors to be here it would be moving parts which I mentioned before and more makes functionality that's for example a coordinator the port and management layout triggered by netting you want us means is there activity 800 254 a standard this book describes also some scanning for her hands and we just making the wall of the Latin for that's in the of space we just implement some that link and configuration and then the tree girl the other with me by I made a management they scan the now think a comic business this just like wireless as all of those fuels gaining access points and for 6 slope and the configuration interface for anything but this means is the need some steps also some NETinc interface for the next header compression because of for UTP you can decide if you want to act as checks from order finite effect checks on but the Sony at a moment Mary default that's that's an emaciated should check some they're all and in the midst of course the more energy more rules a client of floats Our the are 5 which describes the thanks the compression so summary of them yeah but I told you in this talk is them but we form the light stake and if you it's that is the same um the but I told you also for of the wireless think holiday deal this net think and we just we have also have the ideas from and so you can do now this is the the but cake that but augment flat and you have some table on which is the water's hot for items In a 250 foot on the and get it on 215 for standard that of some test environment is although described on the next slides and the possible taking task how as a new we and that's in the task like this is standard this lot lot all numbers but they also have some proper names its modeling and CAD mode an uh 1 is from out along or something it's for collision avoidance and finally you can become a while the school and he if you are that you can look for similar paradigms in the and 100 215 for an 102 nm and friendly competers solution from minor subsistence so then we and call manner together to making more of free stuff and it's very easy to handle in both the subsystems if there are any questions yes order also ideas from 6 and this could be used by the way this is this and so the question last that's and 6 pattern can also use it analyze a system of 2 you know the ideas from the wireless is so I in there and do Christian us that we also crept ideas from the 6 open the wireless implementation into the ITER via Internet to 15 by this and limitations the no if their ideas for the sake of from the 6 of opening from the used by the so an unclear his ideas from the line implementation Essex opened Beijing implementation can also be used in wireless implementation OK and no because be in because it's Excel then is that need to be specified so um to all our the 5 4 spend describe facilities 6 ILP although it had um 800 215 form and proposal energy that it's the only needed to they had to the word on which of there's 5 2 1 6 open on so maybe you can do some stuff there yeah but does not we use a standard and thank you for the rest of it this is the same as that of using the natural because 1 of our lives the had to using the the the invent any notes is because the greed is so close to the standard and and some you can't believe on the B in the in the less space but then you need them all of them better access to the clear I want this the what's the best is viable OK did best OK the question of what modest a best have so I worked myself Mr. H key test a team 68 and 200 society and as a lot of up man the consumers syllable believe this topic we have this on the web site but and a lot of core and maintain drive dozens of what everything and to set up on the school's mode and sourcing but a t have to 200 and in the city was applied on the most of it OK yeah there researchers in all of or so on and the this was laughter yeah and it's it's not already them and it's just did LCD for long-term Pluto's no energies signal plan and referencing there and 215 254 uh of see for the header compression so we did some work showing code because it's almost the same just follow who tools have I think not bytes uh make interest 6 and in need to fill up um actress and so on for the next 2 to um said specification and 4 . 2 is 6 pen indicated I had to use in new created in the at times he wasn't such feature this is the problem there's a problem when exporting the data for like when you read the you got to make a graph that works for you that from the time after each of them just format for like I'm going to impeach to question the at the time of the actual yes you think for example of the war In in Jason has this problem of that kind of thing when you right of of new data that that it says will go straight there after the program would be unstable online out and you want to do something so that was a very well I don't want to hear the the so I think most you know that the the the the the what we have right now I think the more questions about