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Contributing to Foreman
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4 of them that and these there are so many people have found that the right decision was to come to this 1 I so hope all of you like a fan but we're going to basically go through like a process of contribution to form and what is for America's I'm assuming that maybe some people here that I don't know much about the tool and what kind of what kind of features or do we need fix the wanted to fix what kind of and in programs that we have in order to fix those things so but before I start I this is a I I decided this is like
if you get his form and in production or even a development environment I take a vector in so In word survey and we're trying to figure out what you get like about what you guys having 1 for the next versions but what are your feelings towards how we duration and how are your feelings toward always support on on them in with and so forth and so on uh this is really there for 5 seconds and and we can cite OK and I know who is actually the use of formants the of it
so but why my given the thought that I I that's my from the handle I right on the so worry but for them also develops tools I guess but so ieee road and I work in an informant proper so I mean my work these days mostly uh it's on forming court and for men Dr. which is applying that we're trying to 2 means to make so that you guys can use containers and manage them and mountain and manage our private registries and the puppeteer but I guess it's because I love for a public to other community management solutions anyway so human we don't know what form and as it so cycle management also basically you can get an inventory of your machines and you can also get uh Europe so formant takes care of the provision that instance which means of would end up if it's virtual or of the government if its physical ed and you can figure in well with normally with public that we have we started have support for sold and have support for report for a report from from test and that and then we take care of computer and in the lifetime of that of that machine of a 0 we can do things like power operations we have role role based access control for for the URI machines of some it's nice if if you guys have to manage a large inflation of of emissions of so form laughter had yes that's what I mean by that is that red sponsored the product very heavily like most of the of the team working on on a full-time I work for red head and red takes the type is that and it is support but it it also that's a little more niceties like the integration with pulp and so on and so forth you can do it with the open-source regions as well carburetor gives the support of the sum of all the form an open source of clients that you so I know have like contact there you think in using for men of then you can reach out to them but some of them are like concern is to publish how they use like their setups which are very interesting to see like the and how do they and they make their form and hide highly available and and it's and so forth
right so and the idea is that we're going to go through 3 main parts that where like where should you made that this contribution how high the process and lastly Allah give you some ideas and but hopefully by the balls them and comfort friends on campus will have 1 4 request by some of you OK so well where the who inference the it let's start with the most
obvious 1 but technical Contributions and how to do them and our process is very simple we have a public issue tracker and in which
the you guys know that it's it's the URL right there how products of the form and worry while you guys can I create a criticism views form and you also want to tell us about that something is not working as it should or or the response like that so you go there and tell as and you can also be used trying to figure out how to counter that you know how you go there take and start working on it but obviously it's it can be hard if you and don't and if you've not all worked it if its surface and abuse as old as I go through it a little later in the In the how to contribute a section the ones you have when it was you have you're your eurasip Don you'd go to get have slashed the form and find the product that you want to submit iteration to your the effects to start and elegant review boy someone from from the team depending on the project it will be and you'll be you know 1 member of the four-man team 0 was you get some contributions L it also running Jenkins and you'll who will go through it later but will run Dinkins and you'll run I have some tests if you make a lot of contributions forward so that we can more or less of a trusted you'll be sending a nice that will be running up your tests automatically before that we need to review it quickly and active the that that's of 1 part of that analysis that's it for a forward technical the contributions like really or our writing code in in any of the products so that's something that we will probably not help with this accident of you guys and but you do I'll come up with support for the all the systems right now we're only packing an API 7 and that's and given us some plug-ins are not packed as as as that's because it's so difficult in some cases how we know when we're have a like a little bit of a hard time to figure out like that the dependences and keeper I we have to keep up with the IAEA seals and consent 11 so that if if you're making contributions that have dependencies like here so you're making no and that's a a plugin for and civil and you need a possible so all you have to answer Millipore request there with package imports of and stand and that's at least API and that's the only 1 that we for it but I did several tours are important for us so that's what we have right now or something of that I think you've been very nice and it's a community that we have not been target and and and maybe some of you use that it's an makes a less if you guys can and you see you like our respects and translate them to mix there's the correlations it'll be very very nice or archlinux it's a pretty much of what would you guess 1 on what would you guys will think they'll be
useful so audits by some of you at the leaves 1 hour form in a production environment there was there where we have a security team that make make sure that I like permissions were reinforced properly that the roles were working as peoples of thought they were working on so i have something that be useful in this view you guys find areas were and related to permissions or to or security problems in on the way that for a minute is deployed with installer or the the through all of it would that with away form actually works you can but you there if it's not very critical or you can just go to the ship rapid oppose that yes that was the before or if it's very critical on and then we have a slash for a form and that security that lists that I used to send your adjacent neuron I report to so that I can get it again was so we can make a CB out of it and it get fixed and in in time I know if it's really portable problem make a minor release so that fixed and go and by anyway way up most of the team of them really have production installation with thousand of net thousands of nodes and thousands of users for and dozens of users dependence on your case 0 well well I mean by that is that but you guys are a critical part of it in if you let us know that something is wrong we have to take it seriously OK so of and
this by another area you guys can help with 11 there a lot of plug-in that do not have much of an users many users so but in this case had chose Hodgson and digital tuner really new and not many people are using it on production so that you guys are find problem with it instead of us wherein for a new computer to afford to tell what's wrong and given that the solution for the total blood inference and that it was started by a guy who who want to have the lowest and but he's uh he's not working on the project and on the product were for an intelligent word I used so it's calf abandoned so so like I said does a will will go through on means and to contact us and and other stuff later right now there's a full list in the form and the art of love plug-ins and if you've made some plugin that is not in the list it so we keep so all of which was you tainted and and hopefully you'll get more users
and so for non-technical non-technical interventions that is the real the really important and I will start with the relatively easy of 1
of being on higher C it is helpful for a really helpful but we have like 2 100 to 300 people in the formant channel at any time the big so mean especially during the of the US in the US time zones there there's a little bit less people but things that are going to be able to help the facility but Pacific time so people were constantly asking questions about the field installations post there's lot and asking about it x use cases possible or why use cases uh is possible so but even in the doesn't want to start answering questions right away it's it's a surprise if you're around and someday I you see that this guy's this guy to commands Hayes on and I wanna use for my with uh to have what kind of of what has gotten should on the 1 4th of the so the disk of hang around and if you see anything that you think you can answer great
and translations are goes through how to translate a few strings it's a really simple processes and a helpful it helps us but a lot so the and put it
there so note so we use effects
forward for this and the way the translations worry you'll see it's it's really really simple to to buy a translator few strings and we have few languages that are almost 100 % translated like I think it's French Spanish and think it's German is is the next 1 it's a little slow effect
so here you can see that if you make an account here you go to the Organization for man uh the it's on the on the formant side also you that later so but until you come here had it is in 1 language that that you speak well there are many more than even like I and they're language that have a very small translation because when it's only a plug-in that it's translated what it was translated only 4 of 1 point and for for 1 point something 1 . 0 and now there are many more strings on but anyway so since I speak Spanish L up pick that 1 of so I clicked on the form and organization then for men discovery needs some help but we can translate it and that of basically you see here the strings that do not have a translation you click on it but we have a glossary for terms because we know that things like provision posts but they and translate will in some languages so In this case on provision in the light of operational it looked like it was out of provision and the so I guess it's the that OK so OK we save it and now for the next minor for the next
minor version we'll so that's a
relaxed major versions are of formant 0 we
will so did that translation
report and put it in the in the
package and also you had to you
have to users do not have to use the translation that you choose so you can have like different locally are dependent
on the issue it's like it's configurable but
the design of uh we really have people working full time on this former for this but I'm aware and I think it's an area of that and it it doesn't have to be like the change in the interface of form and it's it's made with bootstrap I can show
you some more and less higher weight here and have my that that really broken
if it doesn't look like that normally but in a way will you consider that it's made with and it's like
that because it's a 2 that's in my external hard drive and and have it in right now
but and weight and what I would always say that on it's mate with bootstrap and I the but
also other some workflows then I'll need some help like I views they your problem fact find the way we associate operating systems and and provision templates and a little bit complicated or association roles with filters is it's complicated and you'll get it after a while but but we think that it can be improved so you guys are I u x or you i methods that your help in that in that in that part will be really appreciated as well at the docks we have a huge manual right now it's not how it works
in and was I'm gonna show so
this is basically how the form and that at the site looks now we have a some media like article the best published you can the requested here and they'll get published there and if you not speak uh some conference or something about 4
man then by the thing this guy spoke in in Linux Australia something about public form and then about we'll plot publisher there it's a single press but wake so the can tation of we make our manual their release and and basically the manual covers a lot like at absolutely moves anything that we can think of and the problem here is that it is difficult to kids the manual up-to-date but like for instance here are it says that these teachers out there that would way for this feature to me to be completed and so this is indeed the in a repository which is in the given in the form and get every organization it's the former not Oregon and it runs with Jekyll so long it's literally like but it's my cup that is really simple it's like my works with marked down I think Oregon have flavor my down and I yes you can help was either there's up-to-date or arms you can think of a way of organizing this better would say that the problem ways to organize a better of them I will be and will be reviewed and hopefully we'll get and of for the way we plug ins normally art documented by us I really in the body in our repository that's not very good documentation I think so so we started the manual manual part of the of the documentation the former is anybody in order 1 tell us so here you go out with the exception of could tell which they and the 1 the highway and they even made their own the mentation side which is I really
is is a it's a very full 3 full-featured plugging of 40 content management In informant
OK so the layout use cases is
another another part of the before men that that people constantly ask about and they wanna know how people are using it in we have decided that by that if any of you were willing to do so I I get filled we accepted quickly as well and find like some pardon in the former not worry are you will you can write like a small article about how you use and of it you have to give us like your name if it's confidential or somethin just are maybe said the way you're you're deploying it but right now people are doing that on the blocks and we agreed that informal literary but from all that's by another part of the books that it will be nice there
progress in but so how to actually do this on and the present is really I simple now it's guided by 3 friends
so Jenkins and for many of they basically ran policy assistance which is so we run tests while we make packages of deviance and there's that we talked about and run them In in vagrant and then we run like a fully I mean like a force set of tests that actually connect to move to a life form an instance and make sure that everything is fine and the other rule book and the other 1 is RoboCup you that Ruby you might not I know it but it basically takes for syntax and and others I don't know minor mistakes that you might make in the code or silent changes and so forth OK so basically have processes
a simple it is that you clone the Congo repository you can make a 2nd changes at the tennis to low the to to the to the you make the command but it has to be in that format if it's not in that format the RoboCup will warn you will not rule can actually so we have a for and our robot that detectable requests and will take for that but that's basically link into the red Main issue tracker that we know is that before so 1 that's get when that's meant it tells a closed in the in right mind so you do that you create a pull request and some will review it the and molten some review it more likely if it tests are passed and if not what you call a 1 to make Europe tests passed 1st so you if the review goes well if it's a minor change and rule called didn't complain and but it it can pro legal knowing if the if people of the of the complain about this will didn't win in this suggests you like better ways of doing it the just take those into account and you up In either make another troop or request or a forced to that branch oven that didn't to Don take the review process I personally will we mostly criticized like a code that's we're trying not to sound hearts so but just take that as can I might and if it's fine building and if it's an LB I have been ill be merit for some major version if it's if it's a big change if it's a small change but it will be if it is more chains that can easily go in mine original it'll be there but a way to take for that is to is to go to the red mind issue that it that you create in this case 9 3 1 you go there and you see but what really is is is Europe is your chances are supposed to be for that
before effort at the fair forget I would then support support in the unknown OPW the a rich program for women forward to quarters already so but if you know someone who is thought in orders of borders and wants to helpless bill for men uh there's a section in our that out with possible projects
to to take it's here and it
basically go through the basics of how to set up for men and some products that was the interesting right now we have a
1 OPW entering working
on the for and doctors mostly it the so fewer
ideas but that all like to get and and then you get a looking forward relatively simple things to contribute it's a
redesign of the form an honorary in which it looks like a little data already but it's not only that it's that like it's applied in blocks and what where have like an enormous drop down where we have plug and the manuals versions of its temporal improve the the guys are 1 to taken at its the it's an easy way to an get 1st contribution ever get uh with design I guess and as adults for plug-ins using sampling like in like discovery has been the owner of the now but of URI is in some plugin really heavily on a like for 4 months old for instance you might want to write like about how how you make for my work with sold I think that would be a reasonable to the with the client things that are not that may be of some files images that mentioned in the of the thing that you like see in the point in the future but OK I'll UI and the API right now the I think in their little cryptic in in terms of and then give you it doesn't give you like good defaults and you want to create like a new host on the any object of uh it doesn't clearly give you it a clearly tell you like war you Masanori give you options like it's example of how to look like that if you and if you want to help with that there will be also very useful of volumes and can your resources that there the a 1 in my opinion that we have of he sits is to users who want to get lucky by not but they have it is we haven't worth much in that regard yet I've started to work you have been on it but it's it's the same Fourier OpenStack that they wanna get built by mapping of liver volume that would have support for them we can create and for matches with with volumes but not with the preparation volume so basically anywhere to that help us but introduces the story introduce some authority and host I I think you'll be a highly appreciated and good that for that I think when I wrote this lights uh there was and as it is there is a reason we a poor question with a major changes so that's where that would allow this guy came but basically it's a way to do maybe 1 the late other than that for this so that you can add in you cannot sound queries that you make about 2 facts or to all host and show like that but it's right right now we'll be easier with blood to you that I will come so that 1 is a little higher I'm using compute resources like a let's say OpenStack for the sake of simplicity but in open thank you can go there and the label is of images you have the model is supposed but if you have these hosts in form and then you I had to create that create them there then as a seed blown that similarly for images and you have the is you have to can link your operating systems in form of images I can if will be realized if you guys figure out like anyway some way of linking here at a medically assisted in that and we have a dynamic inventory for possible but in the dead of some guy made like 1 year ago or yeah more less 1 year ago I think in I I tested it and it works with all version but but it's now abandoned to the guy left the company where he is this so if anyone wants to start on improving how the uncountable dynamic inventory works with for many of that would be also nice our initial contribution right uh so uh the jealous now is that Florida for ideas how to contribute and what so I'm about to finish
this up at some slides about where to find this of form and this where you can find most of the of the official information like and the project that composed of Beckham performance and the channels and uh general help I would have to usual lists where you can tell us about of and if any of uniform and that is mostly based for this cut is will focused on discussions about knowledge of changes that will be form and how do I know how to build that end users its fourier help or the people of and this just telling us that maybe formant doesn't fit well the use case for some reason that and then S I forgot to write it uh it's form security what's so you can send as security security reports the but then again is channels of pleasing out there i've you use a B and C so they can be there all day and some the units on it's a lazy son some question something and you a you work in that area you can help us and that's the repository will of newcomer new countries and all things
your for a common and thank you especially you made some contributions but we're in the window and a partner would what's the name of the building but it's the center was a standard and we hold office hours tomorrow from 1 to 3 you want to come by and ask us questions about format or you want help I will be there what we will also be a configuration management can from Monday to choose their we have around room there so I hope to see you there if you're if you're on differences in these areas and so if you don't know how to write a plug-in of all go through that process also there will be more fun will be more of of the technical talk will will go through like how to write code for that and also tomorrow were speaking honestly above for men and and and Howell we going to manage containers OK so that that uh yet 1 from the of all the different and you to
we the I did you get that any questions or comments what that it