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OpenLayers – Stand und aktuelle Entwicklungen
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Im Vortrag wird der aktuelle Stand und potentielle künftige Weiterentwicklung der weitverbreiteten JavaScript-Bibliothek OpenLayers vorgestellt.
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block is about web mapping is gone strictly speaking already in the last one Session started because against the song let but you do not have it all fast place in the same block the first Lecture is about open ladies open lakers is 13 years old Developments, therefore , are very rich continuous development and is at numerous web portals of authorities in the use and I'm curious what new gives which is kept in pairs marked and Andreas Rusche was a 2 thank you very much actually 13 years I really wanted
just bring but only good that is our logo was open layers and so was I.
again welcome to say Lecture of this year's open vacancy and current developments held by me and andreas as mentioned before We have the following structure thinking about this topic to us to work off we will be a few meters have slides by ourselves Imagine and the companies are here in send I 'll mention whatever it is is at all and the current state
illuminate and then primarily the andreas the current development you Tell me or my name is me
I am the managing director of the company terrestris but also no developer of home layers and others also around the house gis's libraries Geoex now include for example, I have many years also written a book Teachers are still available for purchase purchase I like to talk at conferences like this or that conference is also us geocachen chart member and the company terrestris has a stand here we are until tomorrow here including up I do not know when the conference around please come to us if you like ask to back the software have the you hear it here for the first time or repeated times We are happy to advise and help any questions that arise in related to these software components of which they are now listen here i am andreas since 2007 active in the development of open airs
are also engaged in protection committee am also mental map box part library what related to vector cards interesting and am managing director and owners of the company special with location in graz vienna We offer web based card solutions and consulting and development around open airs all around have teacher what is at all open layers I suspect that most of them have been heard before have it as it is said no longer the most recent project but has turned into
wonderful all those years simply because it's constant has been developed and also in the Teacher is a high performance feature pack library for your needs that's the real mission like me on the first march taken away from the homepage have that is a crisp short sentence under missing then has three things left in my view it's just library like no other
to be expected is bsd licensed in javascript written and a usb aux project one of the oldest well open layers is somehow a card library wonderful what can you do with it make just reason I have just too already together with andreas and the Christian gave a workshop there I also briefly presented in the reason You can do everything you can Imagine what you can do with web mapping seen somewhere on one it is possible to reach the website with open airs around the data that is presented should or services or even the interaction possibilities with it should be possible so in it out zoom in the very small case but also digitization assisted by the condition of a card views and the rotation and so on and
so it is very well very active it develops and evolves over The entire 13 years have a big one community is already a very many Make a bet is very good has documented an awful lot examples and actually everywhere usable and there are so many examples as well as functionality there we could join in the whole day here in the background just run now
I generated completely randomly on
longest needed in the preparation Pictures of all the examples we like I will not say anything to everything
we can almost everything you on to worth presenting with cards partly vector We can handle many jazz standards and we can be wonderful with that
interacting when she speaks one cards have the question with you an intra or internet application
want to edit and these cards
the aspect of looking for a library is
open airs a pretty safe choice and
a good choice
there to edit the question with
Let that be exactly what I am with History meant version 1 is 2006 come out and the version 2 already in august 2006 just a few months
later and that was long before semantics Wersching but one has then actually already the user of the library like that valued in this library that they say okay since we have the major version so the 12 just because We basically rewrite it have us over the whole 13 years actually never shied once came to question again and possibly also new basic Decisions rise in chronic nature to tackle differently We also have ten meters in june 2008 there we have some things changed there is the version 5.0 come out and latest version with which we are then stands is the version 5 3 1 which is on 12 come out in comparison to the last fomc was the version 4 6.5 and
that is also the version 465 that I happen to know from some conversations I did the many people still in use have and still step after five did not dare because there is a stop what changed what exactly I will mention it again in this one, about a year is basically everything changed again because he at least once internal more like 2500 comics and 1200 changed Files I have the corresponding link We will go back in detail want to look Of course, that's not for you presentation here where I am 20 minutes or actually 19
very up to date and I just want it mention and thus a bit anticipated grab it is already the beta of the version 6 and that is already available that means if you have an open you can own source application with this beta look if they are there already be able to change what change for you maybe necessary in the applications easy and then maybe give feedback before have the version 6 At some point the final reading will be yes that is such an overview of what happens is quite right so slightly gray
highlighted is exactly this last one year since the last fund is and the top comedian in the project is left here besides yes , the andreas is wrong frederik and tim and then ours popular greenkeeper of our packages Updated pending and I see you unfortunately I do not need it anymore I actually have less now Development work on the code made but more appointments like this perceived where I try people to teach or to teach and more on such a conceptual level am working in the project come to the highlights in the version 5 fix the many of them maybe maybe already insert if not they should that it's not really you since the version five but actually a bit longer and it is one of the highlights that we stop at npm and hear that for many now the new libraries write from scratch elsewhere god and I have done that once mpm public that is not now the big problem this is for a project what this order of magnitude has as we had and what a great deal of effort that way too make that it makes sense that it too usable is then and so slowly you can see this downloads quote like that that really seems slow to arrive so it goes up steeply and that is also my tech home message
please if he or she honks layers please use this as installed follows npm into the valley or years which by female is now used to me no matter I already have that two years ago said that is bitter and you pay attention could be something to change a year ago i said please just do it this way and today i say uses please the full screen not more but think about how he gets out of it as well as modern javascript or javascript development technologies really can put the best rauszuholen yes now I have in the In the past years, I always have many had colorful slides with many new features we have made and I do not really have this year many are the focus this year
actually on the re invoicing location that's a bit that means I have many gray slides earlier in the package you had to So how old is the version 4 had yet you had the following to papers import model / map and is actually exactly the same, there are only a minimal difference that m the app is now big a little difference simply means that one just have to go here and there if you have a top empty 4 version in use and you have to use the mgm package now restructure a bit and in open airs six sees it then just as noble that is what one spends now is then usable as well an open air sex if it is then There is also a teacher who loves it Keep his developers so keep
the users of the library and thanks This little grip module we hold It is possible to use it, too absolutely recommended on the part of the project on such brandler or bundling tools like pastel web patrol now and then there are a whole bag more with the we just play full with so exactly like any other modern library can actually the full functionality of these traders use when up dreas uses many colorful as mentioned
I finally made slides 2 an incredibly impressive example from musicians one drives with the mouse over a map and left is the standard behave the way I always was over here is dresden and one up on the right you can see how the coordinate positions quasi the mouse I change out of my map she disappears that is under circumstances not desired but you want maybe the last position yet show once that is actually a new one feature i expect to see the applause So, if I go with you now the mouse down ohs remains the coordinate stand and fishing for compliments it is a new feature and It was a colorful slide I wanted at least do it now a thing that I really come The mouse wants to be excellent condition That's when you 're on an open airs application moving the mouse wheel either in the map or out now you can see that you are right this cards are too long there is to scroll bar right that could actually be the under the card somehow still important I may be with mobile device on the way and I just want to be there right now somehow down to read something if I left the mausrad here goes that is in the state before open airs 5 and me I want to scroll down now I was unlucky I'm just looking for this while doing that mausrad bewege I do not sum the page but I'm looking for in the unfortunately map and I also had no easy way to prevent this except hang and choke with any in open layers 5 and then it is possible stop this mouse wants interaction please note caution only with the mausrad if one the appropriate condition is reached means now I am on the right 9 Exactly super first I still press nothing that means I roll and me could really see the page we see the call back in right moves and the andreas help me now I press now shift in the case and already in the map Small changes an option though somehow really a really useful one feature still so a thing the super is open airs demands meanwhile no ice here lakes anymore these were ultimately a piece of paper in which one has signed the Construction anyone the code to the project gives the belong then then the world leaves the one above
from dacian or copyright holder that is not necessary that these people say but the terms kita of service because we are already in license have and construction over this We have already reached us
the license is bound but a boring theme led to it that hopefully the hurdle for potential additional contributing to Project is lower so you do not have to fill in more pieces of paper and somewhere facts but one makes just with and by that one agree to accept the terms of service is off and our license an open source license we have one amount of packages tapies thrown away for example my beloved revolution So, so to speak, who owns or who should Attributes such as copyright any layer is much much now easier it is now a simple enter string and a series of strings and no longer one Build a complex class with one so really terrible before it's much nicer now and easier the s4 calculations so to speak on the the globe is the distance between two coordinating votes is a lot much become easier new for integration between order different coordinate system For example, calculations increase It has become much easier so easy that we are in this morning Introductory workshop also an empty one some are here in there have done that within 20 has minutes to install in people never worked with your layers and that's why I have them had the impression that have defined and That said, that makes sense which we then to the current Developments have come and been as said very much done I would like a lookout now
Version 6 enter the near future once will appear The goal was the library and the use once again more user-friendly too do this also concerns a site us will also be live editing and corp again ebay for even exemplary one empty website have that has now in the version 5 but not working properly because of switching to the module with the
import that we have now in the handle Get that means that works too live if the version 6 is outside we are have many improvements again made a lot of the performance worked and as I said the release comes probably still in march out one convenience thing there is in addition to the import as the market already on has shown his gray film can
it also several in porz at once because we also do the exports pro directory deploy again therefore you need less import is not modern for the people maybe use visual studio code relevant visual studio code and others idea is to add the imports automatically to you really need it then Do not worry about a fine thing even though we are already at visual studio coaching and the complete library is now with tsv no nation sun noted ie Types are checked if I have a number or give a text about will be underworld if I pass the wrong one This also supports intelligence so when I start typing immediately meaningful suggestions so the Structure of the library is recognized by and from the script and that's natural also good if you were the people at the One finds that one immediately mistakes recognizes those due to wrong data types happen we have some as I call her headache options removed the due to internal architecture constructs to the outside came into the office , for example, these snaptu pixel options for icons or texts there You have to decide if you want she may want to be out of focus and for that but exactly positioned or whether you she wants crisp and maybe a bit away from the right one position there is intelligent default during to interact with the children's map the position as accurate as possible done and when the card is resting that will be the quality as good as made possible loud partly because one mating and loud partly because interacting were options the open airs said have been casting careers has to be loaded must be it is no longer necessary to decide necessary that will automatically have in common Everyone looks how much time it takes to render for a so-called borders frame and, as the case may be, during the interaction with the map loaded or not and we always have it have to decide which size was for wants to use cards that's the standard value is so small as possible and if it is too small workshop It does not just not prevail necessary here in addition to the browser cache still own church level introduce the changes especially now one great change which I then also Show briefly was the ju konstanzer that since you say what is the minimal thing
is the maximum level what is the binding box in which i am to move a change that is very much performance we were the teachers now no longer in a core what not more on a signboard should join the browser It is said that there is everyone teacher is a separate canvas and the are superimposed in the browser We have the map coordinates of internal divides will now be sent to the standard xyz standard adapted so that in the same cafés meet the used openstreetmap and not anymore the tm yesterday that the older have overused and we have this whole discussion with current versus no what ended in that we said virtually all the renderer's in just Experimental goods came out for that we use it virtually where it is is pointless augustin is for example for hitman player where just the graphics card very much can do work without it javascript needs to be taken care of for that tasks are the current parts in the situation now optimized before you Storage management was important too improve Vector Thai woman is essential faster now we use the edges frames better off on the side of the image The trio will be shaking off the picture tools better supported to get smaller ones mushroom and we have smarter card and level cache is we need less memory mainly due to mobile equipment is relevant to many federal states I still want one myself thank a new developer to openairs project olivier gupta commutes year high that made that one the card can not be said anymore a certain external I can get out not to get further out here I can not drive over The desired feature came to mind now has been implemented or how has that in the main Thanks in his free time this one also briefly because it is in The social media is always occured this fundraising that was one The initiative is not from the gas project has gone out but by the from a club called open airs development association We also know the spelling so open air instead of always with big l this club is a small one l is an association of the closely connection with the company camp to camp I think it is in there too I'm not sure there is a very considerable sum of 305,000 or even more The goal was in geo admin ch partly use it too We can do this with open teachers in november a weeklong coach wind had with four developers of camp nou camp then the team was watching and Since then we have been around this goal to fulfill 530 comics of it make 80 made 190 km 260 thank you this put that into effect has come but especially thanks also a teamsport and just do all this work made in your free time or team the whole or as a large part and on the company lets build for me earlier worked for you one participation in this coach brings and the whole development in november and december has funded the goods together hundreds more hours to come to that what is the project really about? are the personal commitment of Comics like the team and me code contributions from organizations such as For example, we do not have a tor camp or the company is the rest and individuals Also, just use the project and contribute to improvements then there is also the possibility itself to contact a company the open airs Developer has and the working time then for the on the lake project that spends I always like to see it and there are little ones budgets of oz t and if anyone donates about the open collective platform that comes to the project in the form of good there it's developer to go to conferences can present workshops there or that coach prinz be organized where you are get back for a longer period of time on the thrust direction of the project can agree and so we are almost punctual and even at the end of our speech Thank you
[Applause] He has been Bavarian in the district court
exciting lecture also to see that a lot of work behind the scenes Refactoring does not always happen new features and much more time when I have another feature there is something to ask in the audience or were all at the workshop and they found there already then God would have had to talk so fast when I see openleaks is now too with its useable as us the comparison between 11 mapbox cls for
off part and open it matter so I would be interested, for example so the javascript code size is worth it Open layers for wake-up time that's the one for me happy ask it depends if you want to make a card where you have one vector partly basemap have to example from openstreetmap data or from other data and on the some own features have points or or or lines and polyphonic and with those do not interact much then probably it is better if you macbooks tool use open airs has today the advantage that the universal unfortunately, and they can do alot much Do more with what's out of the box box is possible this open street map passed away then, can my also with the help of a second library has briefly mentioned or weblogs part which translates this map box documents in open air's new structures with the respective style functions it's a line of javascript code around macbook style document to load and a
open air instead but i would benefit the most Regarding vector partly at opel only in it see that subject data teachers with with vector divide with vector cards can make There are often big datasets great records but also polygon records who are not in shape about a waf it or load other logs and then make vector cards very much probably wear and there is just open airs more interaction options than map box to hell what precisely he this really perfect render openstreetmap data as a background card has in focus and has open airs always a broader focus for bring different web gravel and applications stop around cards There's one more question motor more questions if not then
have those five minutes where you can if necessary can change and become the next lecture in the one to Prepare to get there so fast he does not really ask for it then in short what if I am on the current version with on the 50th remain short yet still a question how would you rate that then how
great is the pain for the migration 6 So some of you have just a few points shown but something from the belly out how much payne do I have then really if i am wrong if you focus on standard features limitedness will not change anything be two points The changes require seeing when you need it everywhere loud part url functions has defined because that is part just changed the one has to change and if you use printing functions you have to have so that was at once has pressed eg in the pdf or in japan you have to go that bit different because not anymore the whole map in one know what is but every teacher in one knows what we are but the corresponding examples Updated and you can get the information there again take out and in the changelog is also listed exactly what to change
I would like the change now So it is really recommended by the performance is the memory management has done a great deal in and and It's really rewarding now to insert the version 6 I conclude me and for certain things we have that was already done and it worked
surprisingly good with the corresponding inside which I can communicate Please only recommend it to anyone and the one against is bigger than that Park like you have to go to Berlin and
good then thanks again


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