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OSGeo - Teil einer weltweiten Community OSGeo

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OSGeo - Teil einer weltweiten Community OSGeo
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FOSSGIS vertritt D-A-C-H. Doch in Wirklichkeit ist FOSSGIS Teil einer globalen Community. Eine Community, die sehr aktiv ist. OSGeo, OSM, FOSS4G finden weltweit und ständig statt.
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yes, that's a little bit harder now
Lecture to beat gorgeous right now I would like to use this as usb keyboard here too speak for him and talk to us question make usb aux part of one worldwide community or actually
even the question of frost is how are we a part of a worldwide community and
since we are funds on the one hand even as Conference and can be there as conference ask the question already
since 2006 now every year in one other german speaking place
is taking place this year in dresden and we can call that frosties too
ev wonder how are we part of this usb aux in this global community integrated funds ev it is us geologist chapter for the German speaking area we just heard more than 200 members and the fund is not
alone but there are over 25 local Chapters worldwide how far can you get also look over the link here
and i only want the latest local introduce chapter briefly that is just january came to that are the geo in ghetto's agent yes that's a very active committee has been active for some time but is now officially here and that will be the next month, for example fund part of argentina in buenos aires organize and is a very great one community so we are in germany a logo chapter but on the whole There are many others in the world
the us cinema was to be measured in five minutes to believe i can do the whole us cinema, therefore, here again the imagine reference to the website there are quite
a lot of information i want a part the usb to speak briefly here the goal is open source special software and the knowledge about it spread sgs nonprofit propagates this technology open standards and open data and is being used by thousands worldwide voluntary
everyone can join the usk You can register and say that so here i am i would like to join
this or every project or in this area with one man can choose also leave every year is japan member there are over 400 mm Buddy choose a board every year and to usb aux belong but also about
24 projects are the start of a recording process have gone through these are the projects We also here at the conference get to know it or it already anyway, like google's web bender web server is so this list is very long video server and in addition
there are still community projects too over ten pieces then the usb is aux also a communication platform there There are over 288 or 288 mailing lists where the developers and users of the Communicate individual projects and Altogether there are over 33,000 individual
Persons who register these
mailing lists use yes unique Registration is that there is still one
project choir all this belongs to us geo that has built up 144 labs worldwide
universities stand calculator and Training material for the students ready to get in there
can work the sg is the google summer of code since 2007 on the one hand google summer of code where students are can advertise and do projects can and also google code in where students already with the first steps
Free software could then be tested Here is a workshop book on the frost is the is with usb aux live probably come in contact really great project every year collection brings out with more than 50 software projects and that very much great and with the usb aux live entirely fast software and free geodata and also about tutorials the whole know
However, Rossi's bio also means conferences as well as our fund conference An annual conference worldwide the globe converts the fund which was vg last year in daressalaam this comes year to Bucharest in august and exactly
next to this international but friends are actually every week also conferences like the funds also take place all over the world and from the local caps are then organized So there we are, as it were, part of this global community since last year
is there a burning program here is a picture of the post ag in daressalaam these are the students over this program were promoted and above that had the opportunity the event is part of the event We have that with the last phase also makes it possible by giving funds have collected and there with the
have supported usb aux means also community means Exchange means computer of sprints that It means developers and users come together and work on the individual
projects so that means we have seen in quick succession what the usa so everything We are part of it Conference of this whole we are Part as a club of this whole and
every single one can be there too I would like to bring in and conclude
there again on that point each this possibility also perceives and like to exchange so the developers for those who would like theirs to provide feces and then I want to stop here to point out this success story Who does not know the story of gehry yet sherman a man from alaska sat in 2002 too
home and thought human being me would like to visit the post office under linux gis data visualize and has been there a viewer he then programmed into net has on sourceforge has blogged about it and this project is Now everyone knows about the googles project then grown up and as international project very successful exchange ideas as a developer on best if we have a good idea com provides the documented care for Software that is multilingual as Users also have the option to contribute by, for example, in the documentation or participation internationalization So that means you too anyone sitting here can do that and can use this possibility so
again to all made for speed with you And now I want to conclude
wish everyone a great conference on the one hand, the people here, too In the meantime they are not peacefully here There are great 34 days and st [Applause] [Music]