Offene Fahrplandaten in Deutschland

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Offene Fahrplandaten in Deutschland
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In diesem Vortrag berichten wir über den Stand der offenen Fahplandaten in Deutschland und Nachbarländern.
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High availability
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what is it?
Thank you very much on a timetable in Germany that is quite interesting, that can be three take hours where they just go ran over how we try the timetable data from transport associations too to get up to ten seconds where we say almost nothing goes home we try now we are such a 5 minutes to find and that too a bit more positive too Shaping so is the map of
traffic and tarifverbundes in Germany this is still verbunds free circles in total we have about 120 140
I would say units in Germany and of it the timetable data sets
order the light green here or the less bright green here so roughly that he so about 14 15 pieces of the cover it is probably yes maybe not even the 20 percent so it's actually the situation that is not very nice and then I wanted those too approaching availability that does not mean So availability of timetables
does not mean that as open data there that is with a proper license and so on but quite a few
still the conditions of use and also the licenses are not particularly from friendly are the licenses where the naming conditions should be there the red one down there is somehow such a sonnet timetable and that in a red circle there in the corner that is actually the ongoing one ratification what needs to be licensed And that is our situation, that is could also watch a tweet that gives It's a video quite interesting
so and in this time was also so about my employer or from the of the German railway only again sometimes absolute situation where we have a timetable but ideal no one record and there are
then a timetable as a record but unofficially legal but unofficial where you can virtually skate that yourself this is a guide to someone has made and there is something like that he did that and by the way he starts this script is in two and three days So you 're done skateboarding in fact almost all the stops
We also have discrete data so it there are also records from his and gives
but there is also hope and wanted there I go into a case and that
meanwhile there are also new entries in the area so vrr has an open data portal made where already relative both
new records are there so there are a little bit of movement that means a bit of hope we have and what we can do ourselves zones yes we were often asked what
If you can do that , he does not look so rosy
and there is a possibility because we are very often asked what you are can do to improve the situation we launched the platform is Save your commute because we often be asked how do you write there and what exactly do you ask there if you want to do something politically so that we can get on a timetable get the saves on mass transit, we have just concluded that it is not The transport associations always make sense to write to yourself but that it often makes the land councils or Mayor to write because they are almost for you responsible and organize too The public au with and here you can just enter his postcode and then get the opportunity on the one hand the telephone number of the landrats and there is one Arguing as you give them the schedule data can convince publish or if you do not like that like talking on the phone as I can here enter a letter name all at the same time because we then generate a nice pdf where then
in the letterhead and so on it is probably is listed a bit Arguments so it's someone too which is not so deep in the topic in it understand and what is important often give the transport associations send their data to the example google and we find one a little unfair that google this data to get for free i as a citizen but not
simply postage stamp on it and letterbox We also help a bit and throw pleased if you answer that gets he passes that on to us and we then help if there are others letter change is like when argumentation yes, I am pleased that you All race letter in the evening mailbox throw will be thank you very much