QGIS-Projektgenerator – vom Datenmodell zur Erfassung

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QGIS-Projektgenerator – vom Datenmodell zur Erfassung
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Das Plugin QGIS-Projektgenerator wird vorgestellt. Dieses erlaubt es, aus PostGIS, GeoPackage oder Interlis-Datenmodellen ansprechende Erfassungsmasken zu erstellen. Dabei wird insbesondere auch auf die Herausforderungen eingegangen, die sich ergeben, wenn Daten nach einheitlichem Schema von verschiedenen Stellen erfasst werden sollen.
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so has
second ago We already have three kids survived now go a little more in the practice to cubes of someone who needs to know it from matthias kuhn the day development is very active and then I'm curious what
you tell us about project creation by incubus tells thank you very much we hear a bit far remove from standards but not completely short to me I am from above
the sph we do open source projects geodata infrastructure setting for the programming for cookies and q4 a mobile solution could be tomorrow listen to more if you feel like it
I myself am the architect developer geograf and I'm very much in the cookies and coffee development since soon ten years since active and always on join in and hired at opel as and co-founder of open is exactly that 's what it's all about in switzerland
and I assume here in Germany or in the whole european union it's pretty similar to the government and the authorities had that feel that big data is coming soon and so now bruce willis called must be and especially by the all geodata will be incurred there which have to be carried together by how should that be exactly? What can you do there? these are all captured and then be born together finally
how can that work? a big topic is the data harmonization they have too actually the link to standardization there is in switzerland for a long time already a model that
is called leaves behind I do not know who already knows that of you, your child probably most of them all pretty much inspire that from the and in the background thoughts ulterior motive and the idea is that finally all of them communities over cantons as the region always called for the government the data can give high in a single format that is compatible and that
each one can be checked as well in each case the exchanged data whether the Compatible with the standards match and if then already on the lowest level somewhere in one community did not create a record standard compliant then you can do that already reject it and say hey does it again otherwise it will There was nothing to enforce it
were geodaten informations geo compiled information law and this geo information law obliges all newly created data or all authorities to all new created data models in the internet too model and publish that they that they are almost forced to think about what they really are exactly before that then really want to
The practice is reacted I just see it is missing all titles but it works without synonymous
minimal data models then see in something like this from a mail diagram of that is now planning water conservation these are different table again there that is totally object oriented like that there everything is beautifully defined and in theory, that's great a lot of sense how that can be built exactly should and how to capture that that is also true after all and yes so sits you then have there thinking with cool a super good standard how to get Let's get started now in the end, it's about that
Somebody is sitting somewhere with one knife in hand you can do that in my opinion normalfall cookies that sits there and starts that project to configure there is various things the one For example, you can configure the whole legend has to be put together become the loja they had some reason quickly loaded who has relations configured in it can be one pretty tedious work must be because you really really to all go to school and say good to me have a waiting list here too and
I have a waiting list here action that stands with the still in relationships so on and yes that is then 2000 more coffee on it belong until you are ready then it works therefore all the forms of all these different tables you invited somewhere has also yet to configure for his good data because if want to date, this is widget a waiting list so all the values have listed from this other
table and so on the kba it that of course, coordinate system may not be forgotten and it can finally a lot of time on it go
The idea was that one actually that most of it already in the data models is not available the data models who know what attribute types in there should someday date is defined then can be also already a date offer if minimum and maximum values ​​somewhere are defined on one of intica's worth then we can also use the user Immediately forcing him to do this please also between 0 and 100 percent should give to avoid being accidentally
500 percent indicates a typo makes and then later everything is broken in the end we have quite a few information that we externally data not least can use already also the whole relationship information between the tables the relation between the different tables The idea was that we were this information from the company database and translate into a googles project like that good as all possible can use around the big project before to configure we just take that and make it around tinker with it something this works on the one hand with interviews and on the other hand with
Any post keys and the opec states banks that means i can post an existing one started bank takes this zuges model Becker I have something anticipated here on the tender catalog stands project generator we have that recently renamed to cookies model That's why I tell baker so fresh happy by us-model biker that now a new name that works with any post gravel or geo parquet states Decisions now I can load and look what comes out there hopefully something meaningful in There are many more interviews Additional information also still this is stronger structured as postgres or or geo package the whole models the the Thick pretty much meta-information still preserved and then they all come
there with in that means in the end we have in the inntal is a model, for example tables and layer the relations the
whole attributes the conditions constraints such as minimum and maximum values or from which waitlist that that must be that coordinate reference system is in it and last but not least for example too comments on the individual attributes which is the one of the data model has written something has thought because exactly that is exactly what should be possible we then put in a tool that is called youtube pg that takes this Internist models and plays in one post chris database cookies project generator or new model becker comes then and look at these postcards
bank it looks at what's in it all let's find and start something too Processing makes us a nice new one project and everyone is happy Finally here to this project team that's different swiss cantons involved are and also a funny one Colombian project the cadastral columbia is too I'm still involved with that even more in terms of content they make something more with it they used the whole as developmental library, too interesting, namely short if we now
So this 1 1 model or one watching a big project can be a simple one
Of course you can do this model baker Use is perhaps useful but usually a bit too much because 19 empty i can also just load a load like that configure that not like this problem if i am a relatively simple one
model and there are quite a few many then most are the models I do not budget for you or for you the resources have a whole to raise technical school to developers to put more or hours on it to use the configure if it has to be and that is actually right here but we have the main Application of cookies model biker see that we are so semi semi complex models actually pretty efficient around in a data collection environment can transfer and so usable can do
Of course, there is also the last one Complex models that are complete deserve special school and here I want again on the project Colombia come back there it is about that Caterpillaring that's not pretty Great story there are workflows with involved if we do this all the time of course, data is recorded there we can do not just take the model and say now we have a model I 'll just give you all the teachers someday are in it and first and still have to masks many times be developed for all these different layer what not one very pleasant activity is that is in this project this model becomes
Becker actually as a basis development library and taken upwards graf workflows produces and the masks the same created because the whole input forms and so on continue to be easy as a model biker to load that means this whole part of development activity of actually falls away and gets through model becker taken over So that can be the basis for a fatal development quite efficient So in short, use it enables easy data entry It promotes model-based work
By the way, it dominates here Probably not so many people in there are interested in the import and export Internet files for the exchange of finished data to the next Instance also easy to do or the import afterwards the cantons for example, for the vans many times just to import that and then to see what they got there Thats work data not so big continue of course more fun and dedication to the whole data collection and incidentally becomes that also continuously evolves the credo is we do what we see done must be where we have a direct
benefit him and if then what comes to it then we continue to do that not that we try right away with a perfect solution, therefore Meanwhile , it already looks like pretty decent off so
short overview we have a few Inedible ingredients like an internal one Model or a baby always we have one good middle baker that processes that whole to a super nice edible cookies project with which I always go
right now here are some basic ones concepts written like the internet can be intel is it's such a definition programming language by definition language because here we may one we define a model of boys left so people and there For example, we find one domain again with different hair color We have a class an object person that has a warning as a clear Identify a name one Given names a pullover whether it lives or
Not yes you a date of birth the hair color according to the domain as above have defined and a birthplace that here would be simply a coordinate a Now I can do a pretty good job simple a single table we created here so if we model this whole now Visier stands in the Boddenberg get into it after another on the top right side we see the teachers we'll get that on the one hand people layer and then that as the hair color as a look up table for the various port are for disposal stand before you have defined and when we add a new person then everyone will become too input masks accordingly beautiful it will be shown that it will be one Selection list displayed for the hair color 1 1 date falls for the date of birth a simple checkbox for rejects or not and it is also checked if the data are present so cook is understands lottner constraints and june constraints ie cookies checked if there was really something is entered which is not the data first has to send the database and that then the feedback must get something purely but right at capture pretty fast It also checks whether this value I one may already exist is and constantly injure a june
would that will also be equal to the term already done it will too
There are also relationships that is implemented well it goes to database looks at is a stranger key defined between two different tables and leaves then the then automatically creates on the relationship between these two tables and shows selection lists on the one hand page and a list of child objects on the other side can do it Also more on several relationships
So one will be converted to one Relationships there will be an automatically between table creates that makes the song upd do that running underneath that generates automatically the between table and in googles will be like that too We configured all children objects or linked objects displayed to have but they all linked objects have now displayed new linked Objects can add existing ones can link or like the finite child, so to speak, right now there is
In many cases, these tables are synonymous quite technical, that is, they built the tables took this technical took that in tribute These are very technical names and this is where it actually works because we like the googles or the model Beck can give the same how exactly this should be implemented are many information that are not directly from the database schema deductible and that's why health be given to for example, if you have a selection list have like a hair color then that is in normal case yes so we somewhere one have small column with an interview series as the primary key though We're actually interested in the boy
blond or brown hairy and we can the over lunch also had to equal tell us that we will not do that later to configure it by hand that will be interesting if we do that now Do not use only on a machine but on 100 different machines roll out then you can get this meta information either directly into the model or above An additional file with give around the things accordingly to configure and as well the attribute names and the Teachers took that too if available in the metadata the beautiful ones can be displayed then
either as mentioned directly in the model be defined or there is one separate file where that too can be defined So if I'm the model myself now then I can define the same 1 1 put the model into place but if I do not even access color on the model because the one then parent has created Can I prefer an additional files even to grasp where there's the whole
just directly always cookies plate bosses tory we can download that and may goes down it is captured be and there is the documentation I also link here I suppose the presentation will continue after that why send that too from take there right now it is clear we still have quite short time for a small demonstration so that we not only look full I 've just take a background layer and have the plug in model becker will install that will listed in the database menu and me This can generate a new one here generate project that creates is here the screen right here and then get it I can say this dialogue here that I want to generate from internet or from existing data that means i want to be in this now
generate case in tunis via post and I can search here in the existing one model in all swiss models the left in a repository that is I now have access to everything somewhere already modeled and has been defined and can with it work this kbs is the cadaster charged locations which was recently was Mandatory that you had to do that and I would like to simak you a new database abs fund gravel and I'll take a look the model I have here in extreme model information arrow that is that extra meta information who have been here with me if I am here occur press starts the cycle
and to turn and do and do and someday it will be done and me I never saw two teachers from it loaded plus various still worth are and so and so on So here we are no new ones record the burdening location then we can see who we can that he already has different ones preconfigured various things had a number enter Of course I do not have to There is a choice here of location types I have as a laie no idea of ​​the pro knows what Location type 3 is here then we can say when the first entry was there and when the last adjustment was and must be specify one status and one caterer and see here we now have the jurisdiction cadastre the pattern will be but there is still No entries we can direct you click here on the plus then just say 'this is some official that authority and the ku the url of the cadastre is it so good that it is whatever that is typo ok and that appears now automatically already here in this selection is on something new and he knows even what fields he should next to to picture the whole thing that was in This meta information I at create that were loaded there and then I can do that and
hope that all goes well and now we already have this one here new point represents with all this latches the entries and lists two minutes that's what they have to do Actually, there is not that much left
I have been there saying
we will not do that afterwards already arrived at the question round Thank you for your attention [Music] [Applause] Many Thanks So I have a lot of time with me Build this model builder yourself spent and that makes life there looks like this to live very much it's easier to do that before Defined gets exactly then but still short time for questions there are from the audience notes questions
It is planned also other data point formats to support for example oracle there is currently an already code for ms sql, the wait for the codereview to to integrate that but this is actually available in oracle are not specific now but it would be quite possible that one that also implements that we in the end it's about when somewhere the interest is present and the resources also to implement that then nothing is in the way I have no other questions understanding question of the internets is that purely Swiss or is it or this format is one swiss theme are exactly swiss invention so to speak There are abroad such as in Colombia has also begun to do that in this project and there are certain also aspire to an iso standard possibly to convict but this is very controversial and that's the moment in switzerland mandatory but not further big common ok then if there are no further questions because then we decide it and around 6 o'clock it continues with the next Thanks a lot again


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