Vergleich QGIS-Server, Geoserver und MapServer

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Vergleich QGIS-Server, Geoserver und MapServer
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Wo liegen die Unterschiede zwischen den drei Engines, was sind Gemeinsamkeiten, Schnittstellen und womöglich spezifische Einsatzgebiete?
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we have all over the giro server and the familiar maps
and what takes and where the before and
disadvantages of perhaps laying you are welcome thank you not to hear loud and No, not yet, but now I'm up the speakers very nice I'm still waiting a bit has calmed down and all one have found a seat Well, thank you for that for the introduction i want to tell what googles server server and webserver where I like the program also announced then me insane the deep will go and pay performance and tables show and similar but rather for the beginners thought for people the one know one of these software products and think how the other looks Actually we could do that too how will it be used? configured very short to me I am not from its own free to pieces I'll pay for it because I have it always in it i have been working at the
wehr group we are a company that halfway applications database applications and the like programmed we are also sponsors and have a stand in the bottom catering area right now we are pretty much 40 Employees in three locations I want to distribute berlin and freiburg owns with seven colleagues in an office in berlin
we have products the apropos songs are known most of that
probably the bands than offset the frontends forget content management system with adoro already a bit older for the metadata administration and relatively new and saks that stands for mobile offline maps so that stands in the case not before but as offline so that when you're out and about no net has a few cards that you can look at it can work
the latter foils we still have the in the training mark peter vo?? academy where We offer training on the products with whom you also daily work are on the road and then die too know about it well and that know also like to pass on so come
we go back or finally to the actual lecture why should it go more very short introduction I limit myself to the web services So just how can I mean to configure reviews so test 12 better you reign like that configure it in the internet provide that you as his automated card in a webcast in the browser or in a desktop up to me then than it would be displayed objections can the products show this is the software I would like to compare You can also do other odyssey dance offer and support services
but this is primarily about the comparison Like four, I go with the geo server with the kugl server with the webserver at all the services it is enough for it already out when I am on a service on the web map service because then concentrate for the is another very, very similar in web map service maybe for those who do not know what It is my service of cards I can provide different ones Last I can choose the can i let individual view the show channels at once I can almost theoretically at least any size cards below the pixel details of the clipping the more displayed is the spatial capital can be any that will be then specified when calling via a box we can show the teachers who are are to be stylings about the Configuration, of course, always has to at least one will be otherwise Nothing appears when I as no style forgive but there is also the possibility to share several styles together so that the user had the choice I had now would like the colored card the something muted colored card or grayscale have representation and have used a lot still the this feature info this is info click click monitor object and then get the matter information displayed and and delivered exactly these points would like I'll introduce you here too again on the bender with gallery there
are of course only with bender Applications shown but in these There are also complete applications a very large number of different ones then the card services from the webserver from geo server from google store was city ??????also from other others software come because you can also look at who then not so well knows what What is actually possible? illustrations etc
ok so this service are these software the idea stuck server bullet server and webserver can use the wms
there is a generalized expression ubs that was then stands for open web services there then synonymous david piper service the veb carl bosch service and others services still down with
now three short slides with a bit more text then come back colorful pictures short introduction to the backgrounds of the individual ubs is like that was the first of each server is large, the adress we find on the internet ours server comes as with most free ones projects as or with the product name and the pressure behind it the big application that means you definitely need even in java on his servers around to operate the server and thus provide map service and maps deliver the dosb has a web interface as it comes You will also follow a few screenshots of it around the various services web map Service is the teacher and so on configure and deploy But he also offers that here in the middle a rest interface to configuration so I can almost via http requests also configure the geo server and does not have much in the surface rumkriegen but can just command send to the geo server and so on also complete web map service services set up to upload data from so on and so on the second is then the webserver us find him and webserver point org the webserver is an implementation working as a script is when we are very very old software for software in any case since 1993 weather developed and there is the configuration over all say simple
text files over text files or sg files depending on how complex you service Of course, then not necessarily on The end is not easy anymore quite complete with it many elements in it and that grows that the youngest child in this just presented family is just there mistake in it but that cookies with one We'll get it if you can call to look at the bullet server is based on the desktop is googles is in c ++ written and there are possibilities itself synonymous over plugins there are more to add functions to the configuration at the focus server I say even now is certainly from all three obs were the easiest because I just got the cube desktop is one can take webservice or webfilter service or configure web service
I have a very simple one Served and tries the with
all three where we were the same appearance I have then as a law for the back to show that the kugl is taken so that is now googles is just that beaver for all the data and what we see in the garden window that is really that from the wms respectively come back here just the country borders and a few see that first picture is that of the bios server unfortunately a bit so that one jumps that can not quite compare perfectly but looks very very similar the second picture from webserver that I have configured the service for this
and the third is the google server I do not have the presentation quite as one gets to one which is the we noticed that the borderline are a bit weaker than the ones but that's not really all I still have a configuration question a little more time to upgrade want for those of you who do that maybe understand want to understand ourselves a quick note how do I have that
whole made yesterday the workshop found that still some People are at the conference who do not even know the hsg olaf that is a very nice distribution will be here for the here too You can use workshops
You can download in a virtual You can run the machine from run usb-stick and there we have the whole open source stack on it under the wing of the usk is there then it is also the webserver insist that the server is on it has a ball on it and the beautiful one that is more beautiful that is I still have a quick start this one is ringing one finds if you go to content and then sees the whole products are on it and then under the war one takes place always easy entry into all these different software with first and on the usg olaf of the tribute is still even then the complete record insist that for So this tutorial is needed you can be beautiful very quickly enter and I really do too for this examples that I have made here
this webserver kriegsrat taken over the spatial data that to us on the tour are live on it and just two times teacher from this webserver did implemented and then tried that in one copy each other software went relatively fast if you know how
it works and the instructions for it but has
Everyone gets that with the instructions that are on it if I call such a map me then what's behind these cards call to view this map you can looks like this for the three different ubs but I know that we are very small and a lot of us but can be quite a lot paint away because everything is now crossed out that that is so mobile like ms trick west that is anyway one will remain there just then
left something here I have it a try a bit bigger so you that yet can be seen at the very back you can do that a bit What recognizes in the first two stands this cgi is there in the address in it that is, I had just mentioned the puck is server and the web server Run as is the three programs and among the bus driver was java runs the base calling bit different from the end you can do that but then everything was with his star web server configurations so around reconfigure so that it is very looks completely different so you can not always immediately at the address recognize which machine works now behind it is often possible though you look at that but that is now this engine or that is one another and we see also that the Web server and at the ball kick with the parameter matte right behind any file is called up the xserver is just like the map file that configures the service when google server it is the koki z file that's just the new file endings of bullet since the s3 does not exist now it's more bullet but that's what we previously had as a progress simply Everything is now stored and saved but the normal googles project file that I create with the cube can and can save and then I do pass the wms to the googles web server so that he as his card service as wm it can work and work
that's how the map file looks like from behind the webserver is infected by the configuration sitting here on the screenshot is only a threesome in there because I'm a bit we wanted to make it bigger in the top the first half a few general details for the entire service apply and then rappel down this 25 layer block with the countries and there the 31 to 35 styling is in here very simple in the five colors wall color and a width of the polygons limitations so that's really real now everything behind this simple service infected as I said if I start to work with many symbols have an expressed caption wants to rotations with schlappohren with superimposed symbols and the like then then that will of course be appropriate more complex and longer the whole the beautiful is going to be yes anyway webserver fan known because I already to work with it for a long time but you can just when you feel a little posit Created on configuration files just keep on it and also has a lot fast new service created at geo
server we do not need a textfile We can then meditate in the whole call a browser and do the service provide there we have to take different steps run through we have to create a workspace quasi represents our service then gives there is another surface where i put the data source must specify with the then is also uploaded at the same time the server so that they should already there you do not have to worry about that anymore the data is in the right place but that takes us to the gameserver I turn off then I can on my workspace with the uploaded data create the teacher configure and there even more attitudes are there at the bottom you can still see little bit of what this style editor is for The whole styling of the giro server is there no surface where I choose colors can that can determine and see that immediately but i have to but sld file that's an xml file or write I can export from the googles and can then insert it here that's a bit awkward though Lucky for you since the new version from ball is ball 3 you can too really the sld exports from the kugl if you're there while styling and directly at the host server with rheinfels if the window and that works in most cases Also great for the two years version of googles you always had a few changes to the sed make a little so
awkward that he sees a lot more beautiful I can say that as well with a few rest command accomplish that the reststorfer obliging ask whether the learning Of course we can steeper but if you once instructed to has how it works then you are there very much fast with and then even the Configuration of web services shows about own small programs what scripts let make new data if pure will come automatically new web map service or newly created but only
By the way, I do not want to go any further take it the third is the bullet server that is probably known to almost everyone that looks like the normal one desktop is where i am my stylist for All countries can forgive with the
various under dialogues but there too have many options and then Do you have two more dialogues where you are a few settings to the metadata what can the server do ? know what projections should deliver and so on the one is in the project roberts for the for the whole application and at Everyone means in the layer there is also
again a small ball server section where you have an abstract and configure the server title and such can but it is really very easy you have to I can not erase the stuff I 'm sorry, more data in the course purely because that somehow pushes the iz file on which on the server where the server is running and the thing is immediately available at the end for a very short time
the feature info of this art question how I come to the fact data rank behind the geodata stuck that is geo server first very simple but simple presentation can i am right away da da I have nothing we do the web server I have a bit configure what then sees synonymous first times relatively easy if now just keep the google server I do not configure anything great looks very easy too ball when the web server apology and I have the poker server possibilities via templates for these feature info representation that still to elaborate I can say how should the table look like i can I can wrap myself in the headline assemble left I can still get a logo and feed below clean and so on works through template files that
I skip now in detail
unfortunately this is not possible with the google server there is a matching crib that that rather cumbersome about technology and not very nice , I hope that comes someday or maybe because of me someone who is here in the auditorium and Knowing that's alright and me I do not know that either very pleased
We have a very nice one for that feature on google server as your own call parameter get print what then the ball struck template it uses and it
almost my expression for the bullet server directly in the cookies
desktop can create Ok documentation is very first first
Maybe I still have everything okay biostar was and max was very detailed you have to read english should english read because the german documentation not always the most up to date a little bit on the google server little in my opinion the first Steps are very simple, as I said if it comes to problems then if you would like to do special things then I wish for a visit sometimes
less more then I had a little here
mindmap made in case I still have a lot of time in the end and thought can think what you because not stop there I'll just skip that
and finish my talk with it and then also like to ask for questions Of course, thank you
here at the time of course only one rapidly scrolling I think that maybe some ask from the auditorium complete [Applause] otherwise I repeat the question that is now the red is the red switch and [Applause] again get a word yes thanks for the conversation itself for the lecture somehow no no Trying to get employed there is mine Experience that easy from all three ws serve a good performance can tickle out if you are with the Basics knows how the thing does the pc can configure the people are not java know and do not know how to do that optimal of a lot of money but not absolutely fast to run but because that can not quickly go so you can not say that right now one is faster than that other The kiosk was not from the old from the 2 version still that too who at the google server is not from the 2 version still the statement that rather slow is the 3er I can still not really say that yet often productive in use good another question no question then I have my question you Experience has probably always only under any linux derivatives or also on any windows servers So I can stop it from my environment the windows partially in the server area then it is set you have there too experiences with server and webserver we have also prevent Both work well from the insert Try a little fourth surfers yourself So together in principle that works is also under the traffic safety you have to stop then know windows accordingly and can administer it with it runs put into question form as far as I there is still the crisis i know wanted to ask or why not is chosen or first to say so gives the answer is relatively simple and pragmatically we where in our germ have projects in action and me since not well know