3D-Geoapplikationen im Browser – Überblick und Erfahrungen

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3D-Geoapplikationen im Browser – Überblick und Erfahrungen
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Web-basierte Open-Source-3D-Applikationen mit geografischem Bezug sind bereits seit vielen Jahren technisch möglich, wie einige Projektlösungen zeigen. Der Vortrag wird einige solcher Lösungen vorstellen und auch auf künftige Entwicklungen, neue Ansätze und Bibliotheken eingehen.
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he is
daniel cook and but daniel alone this time and it works from 23 direction 3d but we stay at web applications with many thanks hello
together I will speak now a talk under the title 3d applications in browser overview and experience what do you expect i will be brief I'll just introduce you to a little one
Introduce what ever 3d geo Application will then be followed directly potential technical solutions introduce the currently possible will be subsequently with different data formats and services this standard based services continue to do this currently there and then become a subjective selection of currently available Introduce javascript 3d libraries and briefly compare with each other Today is not in front of them I am daniel cook and michael have today Staff of the rest a colleague of I was very interested in this presentation That's why I do not want to be involved under little leave unmentioned I'm a cook lead developer at the bonner company terrestris and under other core developer of shoes and reggae or geo existed on the treasury even a workshop maybe knows one or the other terrestris you probably know in particular then if you also empty your eyes trac x klimagasen just heard That's why I do not think so much words we are open source company out Bonn and provide services around web mapping 2d 3d yeah what are 3d geo Applications I think in the reason of name is already explained relatively well but of course that's how wilfried people are
think and experience in peace people and what we of course try in one 2d application that classically this third dimension is one Complexity level to remove principle to take this complexity 3d application now try im principle to take this complex but in principle also with existing ones technical possibilities within this particular case browsers show
many media content simply becomes also been produced in 3d ever since and also projected on a 3d monitor that means there we already have in reason such a small difference eg are also animated films is computer-generated 3D images and that for a relatively long time Of course that is not within of my speech and that's why they are not here but in principle there is now in principle in the in the last years is in recent years the effort is not just 3d animation
content but actually real 3d too Contents 3d content with spatial reference to be able to represent and above all also via corresponding card services provide
it is already quite a long time I'll say the first computer graphics Steps are already in the 60s happened and always span in the very very many areas of ours everyday life was the prerequisite when I am using 3d technology on the computer wanted to deal with a strong a powerful tower desktop and calculator of course if I have this data wanted to edit wanted to watch that's just one of them Selection of very expensive very complex 3d tools so that's what you need hardware as well as software the very specific today it is all one a bit simpler 3d capable hardware is basically in every smartphone in every tablet in every computer man used and that the software with the We also access to 3d content No one has become relatively easy expert software more are the experts tools more There are, among other things, the browser google has tried relatively early 3d render contents in the browser so there was already in 2012 one a google chrome export application called one heap of hans 1000 stars a browser based 3d simulation the in principle, the or the goal has the Milky Way with all its star neighborhood relations cetera show scientific accuracy is there now at the place sometimes put there it really is actually here now only to the presentation or possibilities of visualization and that beautiful on this application is the shows within an application too a lot of different techniques basically exist around this content So html5 elements are used technology such as web gl css or css3 with 3d animations and Transformations and web car that is Now here in brackets to see And the application is then in the reason that I have always summoned you can already see there flying already a few louder fly louder stars through the picture I can be pretty nice here now relatively easy me within this move planetariums and the beautiful is just without them information or this rendering technique is completely in the browser and said by google already in 2012 on some years supports
but that's what it's all about not really because that is of course also quite nice to look at that Milky Way galaxies and so on and immediately but of course we are here now and now and we want to see each other let the local constellation die local local correlation
we want to be shown in 3d eg building with textures we want us want to look at the terrain models We want to have the navigation For example, we want a technical one Good geological background, for example look at models which are otherwise hidden a bit or are difficult to drive what is there now for technical solution I have already indicated super all they have the big problem in common So to process huge amounts of data that within the environment of a Internet or a web application fluent and indeed also performant that means the data has to be processed according to first to the small then they have to be transported also be edited and they still me be worked up so that the little one read accordingly fast fast can and there are various goals for example level on the tales or too the transmission as so-called stream that means I'm just trying that application content the data content in to deliver the little one which I really need up to date At the same time, there are rough things three core components namely web gl that is an interface with the calculator offers the browser offers offers around hardware acceleration within the browser In this case I have that very concrete in principle on the graphics processor unit the video card can access that means I am in the possibility the possibility over the software to go out in Founded on the already since longer time existing gmbh becomes currently from all desktop browsers supported by current of the construction supported and also by most mobile out further there is the possibility with css3 3d animations that means I can do without now in principle very complex
to have a constellation writing shapes in the end Rotate 3d animation rotate etc also that the framework conditions are
about identical and I still have about html5 and that so that an integrated canvas element the possibility on a 2d can do something with Implementations I either from libraries or self implement 3d
Effects on the second can do something convince and that also relatively performant that can be an alternative to web gl and css3 social is 3d But I will not be here now more in the background except, of course, that the canvas too course for the library not later will be of relevance but works for another Context and does not take 2d context but in the aforementioned web gl context which one must or which You choose technology for the Application there must be accordingly check what the corresponding Conditions of the application are we are listed as asking questions basically always a little bit depends from the complexity of the applications I want to implement in principle the list of server components is I say very much already incomplete there are a lot of server components and we too now not the one goal two systems but rather to deal with the client it is only a selection So there are several components with which I can deliver to 3d content example with the geo server that has so sahad t2 interfaces but they are both meanwhile also apple offers that Let's say that this 3d content also or 3d standard very fast paced but are principle could that would be a tool his 3d content in a small though continue to deliver then there are other tools such as 3d this probably also known so in principle a database the rooms with which I can hold 3d city buildings and export text in principle can handle various formats such as formal kml colada or rtf skate teams of format in concrete terms which formats are available because now in actual fact the one in a 3d applications can use there is a variety and in his Lecture I have now selected in the principle that at least of standardized to different bodies are and thus also one time certain future security possibly bring with it from the audi there is now relatively fresh the 3d ps that's the 3d trailer service is already for several years a andreev Candidates but now 2017 official cars the standard and offers the
possibility over a defined 3d interface geodata at the it is very small to deliver nice to the 3d ps that he is very flexible that is to say it is he writes to For example, no file format before that is like me in what concrete 3d exchange the data from server to client transport writes the 3d west not before he writes not even if the 3d data in Client itself should be rendered or even server-side rendered before to be as before a changed scene to be delivered to the client that is a very open one Interface defined reason just like me in principle current scene until we see the scenes description of client server So what boni boxe I transport straight and so on and so forth sr interview interoperable
then it probably is The best known is the gml our 2008 one committee you standard and an open data model and xml based that Data format very specific to the presentation again for storage and issue from 3d city ​​model up to gold building model in a more general sense, there is even who worked with city gmail may have it have disturbed that the format relative complex is there is one supposed simplification of the gml format that is the jason based city jason format then there is still I'll jump right there over it because the 3ds format is indeed in cars the standard also still relatively young and gives a specification similar like the 3d ps also about the storage and transactions or transmission of heterogeneous g or 3d geodata in front also supports various types and has certain concepts of relevance are for example the layer that is the exchange is defined as the scene is about a so-called him longer defines that is basically his container description for the corresponding 3d geodata and that beautiful at the service is that he is in reason relative that he is on the side streaming compatible is me can about the service though know a yes Rest takes place or he rests describes the data in the small stream that so classically network and internet applications very very relevant but also offers medicine layer package the possibility complete data in principle so complete record directly to the what to deliver now Example in a desktop application or then relevant if the data once on the computer So there are local simply exist and not over the network must be transported manages to stand behind it then gives it from web 3d consortium the extra d format extensible the graphics is the successor of that vfl format that is already relatively long and is an xml based standard for 3d graphics on the web and is by that it should also correspond to location is directly compatible with other standards such as html or xml and the corresponding ones
content from his extra the file be right in the so if with webcast introduces directly into the html julian application written and could from being shown become the format she already said relatively but it is still old subjected to dynamics and currently there One will upgrade to version 4 Make a 3d file first I'm not going so much now detail in the basic shows this example now a tear dice decisive that at the moment only that is as I said a xml dialect is x3 de and i got a scene here now define ie within the file can i not only the geometry itself define but in paris see that means the position or the camera position which I have for the record just now used or would like to use and gives there It is also a set of ready-made elements and this case would be now a box so just dice standardized are the next round but in principle he by industry close groups, for example, have the ccl language html file format is museum language a jason based format for the award of 3d content and basically looks nice a sim format is jason based means relatively easy to read writes So where humans is knows also client readable and not only has the geometry information now in the case point information makes sense xyz but in principle of partial information lying and the nice sim format is that it's dynamic space that's it not only gives the information about it where is a formation right now? but when is that there The format is very efficient be used for it
the room temporal information and especially the name already put in a library also called cesium to use relatively new and active or one active specification are the three Details also of cesium which are since 2016 a community standard of the author and basically describe a format for streaming and rendering of 3d content on a globe There are also different ones application cases, in particular the Keywords are bim and 3d buildings Partially mappable with 3d and the idea the behind it is basically the render of classic 2d partly it in the third dimension that is me divide my file to mine Not just card services or my data horizontal but also vertical and with it in depth or in height ever after this There are now different formats of or exchange format depending on whether I'm around whether it's bed or instant 3d models the difference is actually only that a heterogeneous other homogeneously That means buildings are heterogeneous building records go see after
what kind of building is different from trees in a 3d model or otherwise street lights or something are in the reason Simplified, always the same Models once have a small one be transported and be in then several times would have been interactive rendered point cloud can be shown
and so on illustrative example of this three detail to understand is so one has one box or as a dice and depending on There are different methods I can divide important you now in three dimensions divide the data in it and that could then result that I hold here is a relative one easy part time you have what all data includes that red red border and only one of them is represents process planning and that leads So very efficient streaming mechanisms because I basically only the can request data or did I really need it correspond to the box then there is still the glc format is constructed relatively similar There is a Jason file is one bit meta information describes the boxes cetera and there is a binary format what the geometry automations files may include and in addition still image files for textures or Another okay, now we have one few browser technologies got to know each other we have a few formats we know the currently probably most important exchange formats and services and now There are browser libraries with it can handle or work with and one can or one of these libraries is this is also here now simple example with the in round 3 d can look very simple that is a fixed freedom like that
name already says is having a library I cut it in concrete terms ex 3 d content within the browser can represent Here's another simple example like mine such a watchman and height model can make clear and then there is such a good last one
caesar s this is compared to the other two libraries one comparatively young library and has especially in focus on a virtual globe that is 3d models i can Of course with this with the library but primarily she is a virtual globe on the I then directly my geo content can represent and here is an example from the integration cbs and three details that also potentially over a 3d ps could be delivered and what you can Looks pretty good now if I am now here that the city model is the building model of new york if i'm here now we slowly have to move the globe the others move you see as after and after in 40 in the background the corresponding building reloaded and they always become escort if they need to be at night however, is appropriate and one corresponding 3d part is taken a short summary of our three said libraries also exist The list is definitely not completely but these are probably the ones most widely used maybe you could still babylon to perform jesse They all have their advantages and disadvantages However, css has this at the anging the two libraries the big one advantage this is an integrated space, so to speak or geo terms that is It can work with others automatically spatial card services such as for example at wms or a pitcher bypass what twitter it extreme so only can not and it is currently very very active in development summary so what to each fall or whatever my our Experience is the activity or the Ask for 3d content in the browser drastically increase and different put in front of different backgrounds that is thematic content backgrounds however, there are many different in part standardized formats and exchange however, they are not always formatted without them be combined with each other can the 3d ps is now trying at least the to standardize exchange okay format which is me now no matter you can chat with me in 3d exchange or an extra the file or six of x3's files so there could actually be this now Maybe in a few years drop out and all javascript libraries we now imagined have presented work in principle without any additional browser plugins works natively in the browser thanks for the attention and I'm looking forward to ask
Many thanks daniel in the outing in the Formats world of 3d and has libraries now ask about it yes thanks for the survey i would again, the story is interesting with the server side a bit more accurate that the two things have enumerated also mentioned that when geo server that is flown out again is unfortunately there any implementations of which you They know that somewhere in the pipeline are videos was not known to me that there are currently any pack ins current developments are and so if it generally so for any there is prototype implementations for the 33 dps in fact these are your own applications or own application server side, it my but not yet over the the right coach So they are still in alpha beta stadium as a really finished software for that At least I do not know that but like to correct me


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