Wenn Mapper Karten malen

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Wenn Mapper Karten malen
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Warum bei der Datenerfassung in OpenStreetMap manchmal weniger mehr ist und was man als Mapper im Interesse von Erfassungseffizienz, der Datenqualität und einer möglichst breiten Nützlichkeit der Daten beachten sollte.
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christoph hohmann comes with 1
paint cards memorial has this deliberately chosen as provocative do not say anything I'll just listen here I have no information whatsoever would like here I am practically messier that has with do not paint anything but maybe there is also the core this problem that we as mekka for the things maybe much too close and that the user does not do that that's exactly what is needed christoph yes good morning that was already
very nice because almost the half so anticipated my guidance
First thing I wanted to do is explain what it's all about So I presented it like mapping so we run as we have old opera
the due to the geographical reality and the information he has about it Data recorded in the database our central database and then the data users because the resulting synonymous always they just have the advantage we belong and the most important application Of course, everyone knows the cards and The title says yes if we have cards paint that means the map makes directly the map but that's exactly what
what the osm not want to do because the basic idea of openstreetmap and what Basically, much of the has made a success of the project that that for 15 years now works is that they just no application specific database for the but have cartographic application a generic geodata bank where stop the map as war just said is measured so neutral the reality document and not for one Specific application data processed already available
The rapper has, of course, in addition to the ever reality information about it Also a lot of the influencing factors are on to influence him the web community in openstreetmap is big and there's massive amount interests that act on it and also a lot of help which probably meant the Maps to the side I put here so a bit bold threat has arranged and one of the factors of one of significant factors on the map the feedback from the maps from openstreetmap data are produced and what do they mean now this influence is about the go Opinions are a little apart if that is now really the most significant influence or if you say it's just one of many say the editors the am user interface in the presets the Meeting poses are mean there You can argue about that and the Influence over the cards is just the which I would like to discuss now We have this feedback scree we have just about the capture and then the card production from it into the hoc message about it again on the map we two actors the map and the data users in the concrete case here the garden designers and what's in the process
This feedback process takes place that this is the mother as well also the load user one each make a presentation of it as each one others acted in this process and this idea is just not necessarily always right and I want in the lecture actually one give some insights in which ideas exist and which ones of it maybe wrong and how right imagination look better can and what are the conclusions should draw from it as both
web as well as garden designer should proceed to open street map just I optimize the quality as possible start with a concrete example something they all probably know
Not everyone knows how to do that open street map captures a simple bench and the normal detection and
open street map with mrt same man on a point a knot im not there There is currently about one in the database million objects of and not quite the half of them have an indication to do so whether the bank has a backrest or Not a quarter has an indication of this actually material is the bank and then there is one more interesting property just that direction so where you can specify it in which direction this bank actually good may be quite useful for some users of the bank wants to visit here after looking at the want to see sun or his wants to have back and then just yet relatively insignificant in the numbers details on the latitude and so on but that is not the only method how to capture the bank there are in a significantly smaller number also Benches that are just recorded as a line along the course of the honor of the bank that's just under 10000 objects and also the number of text is indicated direction in parentheses because in the reason Taken for linear capture Data is not necessary you have to only agree on whether now the Backrest right or left of the line is you have to look far you have not done that yet that's why you need instead of all this Conventions a direction tag around the close the third variant how to do that can namely as a polygon in this case simply closed away polygons You can get tremendous stepmap as well closed would also be multi make polygonal editorial There are also a few multiple relations but is still much lower in the number so do not laugh I therefore pay now the closed world becomes one they are not a bit misleading All polygons taken in the basics because These are also a whole lot of rinks morning around trees exist and you can just look out of those Do not close the data without further ado whether that is a ring bank or not a round round bank as a polygon because just the data models if there is no determination for the on-site power you can to off he does right now In addition, if you do not specify but is polygon on the ox or a linear wales and if you have the ring bank now actually detected as the surface then of course you need one again there are many polygone reactions just a few handfuls in it am me but also, I think so has been taken in the basics for the Most banks are not the ones most sensible variant and everything else at least is straightforward for this simple one Bank as I show you totally superfluous and that's basically it, too
Conclusion what one of the first in can go for a walk it is basically a positive example the numbers I have shown Can you basically see that is a relatively good example that the make up as it makes sense and regulates I wrote him more as a point It's his skillful bank then you can Thinking over the line this form of the bank documents and the other conclusion that you draw Can this feedback circle I am at the beginning this worked here because we have a clear one feedback that the point is the right one choice is because shown here as if it were the
This is the standard style of yesteryear which you can see on the website the display is only for the point Object visualized in the form of simple point symbol like it here is shown and only from zoom level 19 So with the big scales and all other variants will not shown you can now think about it for
banker now maybe back almost Not at all bad if you are too the capture represents the power but only meaningful if you just like them the point registration represents because if you start and there I want now but also for the lines Visualize this curvature of the line you have the problem that the detection form as a point or line then decide what in the card appears and that 's exactly what would be counterproductive because then we are exactly what I mean in the title of Lecture that the partie card paints and we do not want that the simple linear bank the whole meaningfully only be captured as a point can then be recorded as a line because The body says I like the representation as a line better than the as points so that was the first example
second example a bit more complicated all forms of Objects in the area of ??????water courses would be the lock gates waterfalls everything, so to speak, barriers which are located on the watercourse in away
shown here basically and at first example how is it in the motto shown and what do we pay there in the database and you recognize relatively fast the numbers and the question whether or not portrayed will fit good together there you can talk about it The numbers are quarrelsome because of it is displayed or is displayed because the numbers are like that this dispute will probably never There are different solutions Opinions about me but now I want that more detail on the presentation and to want the same schematic have the same arrangement with the different ones
show zoom levels in openstreetmap prato how that is currently being presented and what one recognizes that the representation for dot line and polygon very much is different We now have waterfall project to take a simple point symbol all zoom levels the same presentation made like the park bench we just had relatively uninteresting with the other objects we have for the point of view presentation over a round circle and this round circle fits from the diameter to the lines wide dance going on by having me about everything in stages programs uniform Appearance that not very much and charity for a dam who or lock gates score under circle relative and intuitive but it is again recognizable over these stages for the line and polygonal variant polygons only shown in the ladies soon want more direct visualization the detected geometry in the basics taken what we see here is one simple data visualization the something Dramatic expression with cartography not much to do and what you too nor can achieve is that in this case in this example only at the highest point the point just not to the representation of the river fits because the river is wider in reality at this stage as the representation of the point or the flow line because just that the polygon version of the monastery
burbank polygon is what you call it is just the other way around but so for the lines and polygon presentation that of the detected geometry exactly matches
at the lower levels the width just smaller than the lines width of the river That's why we have the level 17 boys and 16 15 basically just a little black one point somewhere in the middle of the flow line and does not recognize does not exist better than the point version that is So you have to know that probably a demo then or would be a lock gate is useful for this purpose interpret I tried that again here now in a representation of fundamental nature
to show so that the polygons lines version in the presentation stops at the highest zoom level good looks can intuitively see what it's about Feedback on the geometry of the indians but very bad and rank I already had the point variant said not very intuitive so that is as well as the yellow variant and at the highest level next door but bad because just the diameter of the circle not to the illustrated geometry for the water itself fits this transition between the good and the bad or the bad good of the
shifts to the right or left depending on how wide the river or how great the objects ladies or the like is an alternative to the presentation of
the motto as we have them at the moment I have shown here how to it could also represent and the essential difference one the one it is clear that we are for the point presentation just not directly the point visualize but a line construct from the data available namely the point and the geometry the watercourse's point of interest intersects and characterized halt first a more intuitive Presentation and we can do this line also adapt to the geometry of the around it speak the length of this constructed line is wide as well as the waters all the signs width of the river line or the width of the riverbank polygon whichever is wider and that's how we get over now everything about stages and taken without a presentation that is intuitive is understandable and geometric to the the rest of the card fits that is for the point representation for the lines in the polygon representation is it that way since gone over'm abgebe I point where the line or the polygon narrower than the width of the line would be flow'm then gone over is just as the dot represent the means from level 18 downwards Become both point line as well polygon have all the same represented So a unification of the presentation regardless of the art and way of recording in the database in the presentation and that is also in the taken the basics that the card image in the case of the small scales, basically it is clearer because we have one simple geometric shape have the just in a fixed relation to the rest content of the map is so the conclusion is here out of the second example
that we are in the current presentation from the mercato contradictory have feedback to the mep on the we have a side we have Feedback to the seating levels is the polygons and lines recognition, cheap but at the low levels it looks bad there you choose rather then the point representation and The master does not know what to do with it should and but there is the possibility if we do a little more effort that is quite significant because we just treat these special cases as well then we can do presentation produce the basically taken the a much better message offers and the wrong incentives cards times besides avoiding fundamentally yet
handy if you are so dam in the reality is the capture as polygon also not necessarily always It makes sense here to be relatively clear make that a polygon out there it does not make that kind of construction a lot of sense in the next example also relatively little
where is his then one is limit is taken in the basics and in both cases that I have shown now much more clearly defined now the clearly defined geometry of such a dam is the dam atrium and
that leads me to a fundamental addressing the question line or polygon and there I have one few basic advice tries to formulate first that one does not always choose the simplest variant should be with the all verifiable and relevant information about the object can be played back I just had an example actually quite good I think shown and at the park bench you can just tie it to it if the object is directed or the polygon is always oriented bad And these two principles are so actually also the things that most plants are hearty but Nevertheless, it is always not always complete clearly recognizable for the apple when now what is given so one more time on an abstract level when I capture an object as a polygon then I try a two-dimensional object exclusively about the geometry of his country and that makes Basically, it only makes sense if the edge as geometry the essential properties of the object and if that is not the case then Should I really think about it myself? rather a point or a line form
third and last example, bit from this simple data model question away to another question if you can embankments have embankments at penalties or train lines you can do this here imagine to look out of relief distinguished stop at the same constructive nature and we can do that capture in two different ways enormous street map implicit or explicit it is explicitly that we have an extra line drawing for the embankment By definition, at the top of the embankment implies we think that in addition to the line object what the embankment is like so the highway or the well well here on the numbers are shown implicitly , one can clearly get more popular also left right but it is hardly done so far is also the inverse variation as cutting that so somehow a cut mbf takes place nevertheless it is so far that only so far
the representation explicitly in the us
pato is shown i want to go again briefly insert and remember Actually there was the Volksbank already that was the distinction between implicit and explicit So not something you just have variant separate acquisition of different geometries but also with the single geometry there are these discrimination had taken basically
the difference is mainly that much less effort in the We have to do something implicitly and we have a clear semantics of disadvantage is that just not all cases to really cover that and that you can finally just with the explicit variant again briefly to
graduation before I come to the end for the presentation is a considerable one whether I am explicit or implicitly here is not now just give us the card directly and for the best comparison with the second with the Implicit representation now but it is analogous to that and we see in the higher levels to 18 but the explicit embankments recognize again here by the lines wide just at the low zoom levels wider is covered by the road they then hold the explicitly recorded embankment and you do not see anymore really good and also here with this Conversion of a cycle path over a the line you see that that the relationship between the embankment and the way over the standards varies and if we continue now in the sweeteners would go out leave that up again if we Implicit capture is easy than to saturday on the highway then we can give in the presentation pass that he actually these geometric relation relative unproblematic direct relation to the make line and thereby the Appearance uniform over the different zoom levels is as I said until now only the Explicit capture both the quality again very dependent on which zoom level we only have the high ones you can zoom it really well recognize and implicit acquisition currently not exactly sdp card represented and that causes again in the sense of the title of the lecture the a lot of potential for hand optimization So we have a lot of embankments augustin explicitly does not capture that are recorded where they actually are but where where at any zoom in the map very well
exactly the guess on the ground this presentation will be ready soon Now , as far as I know, that is exclusive version is better but im is taken directly with Constitution in practice for the data users are usually much more difficult to process provide a high
to get high quality presentation exactly the conclusion from it and thus come I actually to the summary
The problem is often not that Rapper says he wants one unfavorable form of presentation one too choose complex but that the cards basically instigate it and that's why my message to both to the mep is not trying the cards users because of what's in here card reads as easy as possible but capture the things as well it is as easy to grasp and on the other side the fair the card game designer does not try to reach out to the men that I can
Make yourself as easy as possible but made a decent card card so that the men do not try need to make the card yourself many thanks indeed christopher many thanks for your execution and recommendation keyword we do not want for the card how do you see that you have to ask to kristof because of these apps that relates implicit debate if I have one now I've met a few times that I'm on the bank of the street have newly created railway crossing Eliminate the old one next to the bank where appropriate in the Nick then where should the Explicitly of the acquisition where questionable whether this embankment is too small or too small other road that is ultimately not necessarily so i decided would not say you should in each case choose the implicit variant There is also enough single embankment that are just somewhere in the landscape where no reference line is there but in that case, when you say formulated that became a street built after that and thus became the embankment created with it belongs yes actually the bank to the built street of the newly built there was one more report I have a question too implicitly Explicit topic if I am now I have plots of land and the it is decorated with a fence then for me something like that The embankment that belongs to the fence belongs somehow to the plot and me that would be the property assign attributes or where do I do it because the border where he knows I was not create your own object and and assignment as an attribute so I read Two aspects of the question first ask if we recorded land Actually, we record real estate as unit enormously street map not at all thereby publicly on a certain I am asking the question but I am trying now export current as it makes sense we say we have one area one has detectable properties from the web a meadow at playground and the like this area has a boundary in form a fence there is the geometry of the fence now inevitably with the geometry of the surface identical and there the problem is really different that if we both the barrier day and the surface day on the same then geometry makes that certain one-sidedness exist when we pretty much one more thing for that do any material properties what the vulture what it is not clear if that is on the area or singing on the sweet title you should do it separately geometry the abba geometric be identical can in this case with the boy with something else because just the streets line as a midline definitely not is identical in geometry to the embankment line that at least touches down has to do it anyway you can say yes We implicitly record the bankruptcy because they are in a geometrical relation solid nature to the road is one last little question I still allow that is not the case of many christoph thanks for your achievement and above all The recommendations thank you very much [Applause]