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DevOps für die GDI 4.0 – agil stabil
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neue Trends und Technologien für die GDI 4.0, ein Erfahrungsbericht aus dem Einsatz von Open-Source-Geodaten und OpenStreetMap in der Industrie
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yes and in the second track today
and a little bit etc how to open source software in the
cloud with developers and the Infrastructure also interacts hopefully and reasonably does
yes that 's the idea of ​​good morning I am so many people love it Friday and I did it thank you still was at tobias because he to explain a lot of work from details which concern the technology that means me be a little less on the technology and more teambuilding and desktops like that then somehow also comes together now briefly sometimes a gymnastics exercise who of them is more interested in something like that hear everywhere and scrum hands up and up Who is he interested in the tops and the area keeps the balance okay
then we just do both I have 50 foils that should go
well, that's good so the scenario we have already seen that Telecom stopped by the legislator Household in the rural area to the high speed internet join her talk to tobias which means that the implementation of these To be able to achieve goals must significantly accelerates the planning process it has already been mentioned that it pdf gives tool as a map and that is in the moment actually allowing them to Part 1 300 page pdfs will get on every page in the map and there we have to go where the track is long that is being replaced by the infrastructure what needs to be done there that needs to be developed and software kaspitz the hpi implementing the that is, providing as the ps Activia is also open source now already a community project at the osg There are ten modules in the grass these mugs bano make evaluation of the three The experience starts with a neural net that is not open source unfortunately labview frontend with en place and chocolate etc that's open air again so it's mostly is already open airs there are unfortunately no posts should fm I understand it but also because the fdp will be the one for all sorts of others things still used and that makes It makes perfect sense cool to use because the chain is still not quite so far yes data acquisition official cadastral data of a place openstreetmap self-collected 3d experience data and so on components must be installed parameterized security replied com internal it import data follow integrated performance optimized each amount of work and the operation should then just run in this open telekom cloud and the construction of this architecture is through the use of cloud much more complex than technology a simple server system I say times as establish a greed how to To know the classic way needs one day of the francs probably needs 20 minutes and with the cloud you think that may be even easier is also so after one year then it really is only button pressure and tack tack tack tack that arises by itself from those out of the scripts but the construction first is already a long way to go to come and I know all this because
I as scrum master at the telekom in exactly this project a team too coordinating and that is precisely this agile approach that the telekom also on the written flags because that is now So all ag in the telecom that's not easy as you look can imagine doing so the telekom but the big store Really trouble us working I'm pretty surprised , too would not have thought that way than me started that's this special area say I now because of the gdi construction and tel they really do that really well use programs as method agile software development scum do that looks like there is a product owner and the created the requirements
from the requirement of the customer a user story and prioritize that and then come product owner and team disfigure then concrete work packages and the team then select as many work packages as in a sprint these are typical two weeks to create it now begins to work off I come during these two weeks then into the game model your daily brief discussions standards in which the team progress of work discusses and That means everyone identifies bloggers day I get feedback on the stand of development every day I inform if anything is stuck and does not work and every day I can take action to get this to eliminate the problem that the main difference to the classic project hello where malt says in four we want there and be there months Now go and do it in four months then you come and see this whole Elsewhere that does not happen to them anymore agile procedure scrum master and offered without eliminating him this blogger
lead the management up to date and shield the team from management also a bit off that is very nobody can come in and say that you're about to do the following can then queue up and everyone Request two weeks at the product owner that the team does certain other things even if she is working times should be concentrate and really do what is in the plan At the end there is a review meeting and the team then presents the product or among the users the stakeholder in the management and otherwise ideally a working version of the Products that means every two weeks I actually get a finished one You can do that badly with the product Compare real world if you have one car builds then it is only finished when it is really done but you could Maybe compare that in the end such a sprints the alternator finished and those of the next sprints we have rims with tires on it and at the end the next sprints is data sitting in it and he has one airbag so it always somehow instrument the product always becomes complete and you can see during this Process is running which things you prefer then has to process them better You can do it the whole way Integration means these sprints These two-week sprints are running the same time until the goal is reached is and the result is always like that such a combination of time Functionality and function Quality and the customer wants to go through always have everything but that does not work that means we have tried here now you will know better what our goal is that a date or that scope of functions such a combination from that and when we finally see that the functionality at the date not ready then we will have to management say you have to but then a bit slip in money and then say that management of course no here is no money more there you have to say well then well Let's do a little less functionality then the partners need but do more manual work that is always such a village and this process of So happens every three months approximate that you can say you can see in the project if that's so long project every three months look all over in broadcast what we need next time that we good as you can tell sprint lasts two weeks after that there is new versions of the software interfaces data formats components and so on everything new after two weeks Now we are looking at the cloud and there I will quickly enforce because he does not need as much as we have software services of platform as a service and infrastructure as a service and one is leading this is map box office 365 google docs know that you might already have that software service if we have everything ready and at the bottom is infrastructure that it's more so operating system platform the is provided and is known here so once are clearly raving telekom so ever in my hands and there is also the telekom cloud in it and actually that's an offer that would have to be known to every German player But I think that has marketing then not working quite well So the telekom has stolen the that really works too mapbox I was a bit disappointed from map box what happened there is that is actually a bit now marketing friends are no longer with the web box they sell actually a finished software product that you can take as a cloud but what exactly is behind it now Does that really work? not why the telekom had to the open telekom cloud is something completely different
build up because the functionality in the as tobias has described that will be so as a finished product not offered not synonymous as a platform, there are synonymous not yet but just on the infrastructures we start on the hid when the telekom finished is there maybe someday the telekom bdi cloud could be that We then he says I want to aim the faithful and then there is my opponent mine webserver and my proxies and safety and everything already in there and a webpanel for a frank but moment is that not yet so yes there we go a bit by often we have heard that at home then we have here gives with juventus to kuranyi tips there It might be a nice excursion why is kobinet of the open source that became a google internal cloud product and then have the Developers said we have to do that make open source and the google top names said you 're crazy there are our jewels we know the cloud you can not do that on songs now make and there's on the left there a very nice article like that that happens how it worked that's really exciting, but we have it there too already seen infrastructures code and I think that's interesting yet quiet shortly after this would like to enter terra front seven open source tool the openshift aps in decorative configuration files now images comes the wii software code from teams can be edited reviews subject and versioning that is the infrastructure is what we are up to now always in the gate and well I watch there my in a script from last year how did that go with the apache? configuration and that is no more manually but it is all clean in configuration files and can be versioned and that is then from jenkins for example in continuous Integration process assembled and this continuous integration can do this newly developed software and infrastructure immediately in staging and integrations would be tested for billion that means you are developing an architecture pushes then already automated into integrations Surface tests are there and if everything works only move a button and that lands in the production And Amazon has up to 1000 releases per year really day this process advance how many are we still in the meantime not quite 1000 but so summarized and cloud technology is a complex one Deployment process can be significant be accelerated the cloud infrastructure is mostly easy to scale that's why we
there are and in sporadic use can also save costs but stole swallowed has a steep learning curve so now we come together it system lifecycle the lifestyle conventional it system is years it systems my I enter the infrastructure at one network on there is the server in there is a dns in there is youtube Boxee there is a sensation management its operation management does things like that at the bank for example the hold five years ten years without problems and on the other side we have now but agile software development professional it is operation perfectly compatible or because the developer hewing has a new one version and one week later being online that people are so too to be able to use but all the infrastructures underneath which lasts years which must be stable as Can you get this together with the Fist and the ops is such a new kind This is not a human species software developer and that's no system administrator used to exist still this separation between system administrator to software developers did not like each other either especially because the interests stop like that are different That's the administrator if I am constantly new software that never been tested the insertion and the software developer has no bock bock not on the old operating systems used by the tenor offered just like that and the infrastructure operation but today business critical factor become facebook failed or yesterday the day before yesterday only a few hours the Whole world unifies equips the roof is should not happen anymore and who is so business critical and the fast development cycles and the reliable with the psyche is interrupted and static both are important, we always have to be completely be new at the very front and it must but also safe and interrupted Run continuously and statically the only way it works consistent quality assurance and this must be an integral part of the agile Software development is coming now back to the scrum, actually one writes first a test and then the software and if the software in the test then there is a software actually able to accept, I am already very old and have that different in the past I just made that down hacked and when it worked I'm glad and I'm going to the next code gone japste over the years then legacy built technical dapd and actually always leave software that no one else understands anymore I could not care about it this is not possible anymore today that's why this continuous delivery
cycle there is now and that one Mixture of chrome and the fox as we the product owner the business needs and the use case has the software development team software check-in machine software image vending machine test scripps automatically staying and then monitoring & Operations in one go that has to be everything in one cycle that means continuing automotive testing testing integration and deployment have to be highly automated by one to ensure stable operation and then that becomes the popstars on the one hand you are allowed to get there planned there will be created so there is code written so that's verified then testing and integration will be patched and that is a process today it's going great, because it makes you come then that's in some repository and ops then goes into operation Makes a release configured with that automated scripts grabbed one Monitor on the back and then it works thing and then there will be this cycle this eternal 8 and that too is guarantee that you have more work again become but that will not happen so the forbes is so the Consolidation of software development system administration and operation at continuous quality control testing the city monitoring that all goes together and maybe that's the way to go well overlap development operations and qi the nice thing that's where we go We would like to have good development We want to have good operations And we need the high quality for that because otherwise we can not do that To achieve so summarize info service cloud infrastructures offer high stability and flexibility but also elaborate first implementation Do not underestimate that infrastructure company specifications that is
what we have experienced in the telecom there's just simply Security Guidelines are from the In the late 70s I say cheeky and the we have to implement today and always It would be easier to change that but that takes longer than we recycle We have finished before yours security policies have changed so is that then rest calm security operation of it will turn out which yes that really is at the moment Things are going well but how to get on facebook something has gone wrong , too go there is a lot of power for user functionality if you just can scale and also high management costs the cloud is not cheap the challenges to the project management are above all things communication and prioritization ie how It was earlier with such a compulsory book and a performance helps and then It works down and two years later you will get the finished one software takes off the times are past that is not possible anymore today that is simply was not possible anymore not effective and many projects the so tarnished have not synonymous that means today is the Subject to requirements that must be translated be in the software development the must work together with the system administration and security then to a good operation guarantee the kws building their own cloud solutions Path management must be optimal for all areas integrate and strategic Considerations now pertain to development namely what stable or do I do agile development the infrastructure namely the default from the group I come or follow respect that is that is then often a discussion with management the operation the safety versus flexibility I change at all nothing or little able changes quick to incorporate and the user He can with standard functionality work or has the professional Request the actually new have to be implemented and of course that's an important point or management costs personnel dependencies if you are on the market one of the ops engineer looking for it gets difficult we go meanwhile I believe in slovakia for people too they can find that too the same is true for software developers also not so easy people too Find and if you find them then they are thankfully for the relatively expensive attention and maybe there is yes a few more questions [Applause] Maybe you want that many thanks i have this now micrometer snapped because of me maybe go straight to the audience there must be questions Hello so we make for the execution we do the same for years one I would have asked for desktops somehow so to speak that the developers that the Actually, whole ones are built as well they operate that puts us ourselves as a team always facing the challenge how can i somehow be right in the middle of two weeks exactly that and the features deliver because operation is not planable we have Organizationally, they act as a team organize to say You really can on the one hand develop and focus on it and as they said they protect their people that's not going to be big in me, that's me work in one too that means that is quite difficult if by the way is operation and then then these people need to burn immediately react again how do you do that yes yes sbb swiss federal railway too
you already know longer on the way It's actually my job We do not let people say rushing and the cycle in the wax we work on two weeks that is when bahrain comes then say We like coupons and if it is not absolutely totally business critical then we'll leave it for two weeks lie and he will be in the next Sprint with planned that was one process to get there and we have already under development I may have said pain actually only ten of my time develop and the rest knows each other any tews requirements the I do not care about that at all This break is said to exist and the bank the ops people are in my view rather out of service that is less developer it would probably be better if we did more developers would have that too little direction of the develop but developed is cool it's creative that's funny that was fun there you have new things however, during the operation often too responsible and boring and A terrible on the nut got if something goes wrong then So that's difficult too integrate that is not easy answered that the question yes helps me not yet I think that's very good You will not be a service now Advertising makes and says you sell is because like every now yes, I think he is a man of conduct probably looks on it yourself yes thanks for the good speech has really fun and above all thanks for the example with the telecom what I am interested now again there would also be examples from the administrative use of desktops and if so, how are yours there? Experience that depends on people sitting here I see the best of the funds got to know but he does not know that himself the question hunter for ten years about open source and with bender and in operating system installation of power all in small in a person and my experience is open Public administration is still there that's what some crazy guy is doing somewhere in the cellar it started with linux and who knows each other and who the whole thing draufgepackt and that's why it works and from the cloud is the public administration in the Most are still relatively far away exceptions are city of vienna so big empty they can afford to do that that already but have 50 themselves Developers of the gis department sit that's cool but that's it then no longer the standard rvr or one city, the well then what not can afford and maybe still fast a connection question the size of her kramp how big is that too big unfortunately at the moment over 20 people and I would even interrupt but we have the three teams not enough scrum master and would probably more overhead again that means our team is way too big but since I have so much experience it works but somehow further questions are so easy raise your hand sorry still a final one now it is difficult of course they are of the telekom and of course they use theirs own so that is also known to us Of course the next steps one evolution, he is now multi direction cloud that would be natural now if you say so too facebook is canceled because it works not even cloud offers one today certain security you different region but the next step is me actually has to go to the next one immediately change provider if that fails now difficult for yourself as your own provider to say I'll take one more competitors and secure me with one but competitors in theory they really need to have such thoughts hang up to clarify I do not work for the telekom i am just hired and am also free for new orders so we see you again no, that is really us that look very carefully because you know never as a corporation evolves and it may be that the open telekom cloud maybe not at some point like that is operated that is called in very specific considerations because that this architecture elsewhere it fits it is not so that we could move immediately at the touch of a button but it is of the design and of the plant so that it is not only in the telekom cloud is running as well were the father could walk in the still in the middle yes my question is synonymous again which size is actually worth it this high level of automation, then with puppet so this full automation from the script to the finished server when we started so the first two three months I have we also said with the whole cloud grafl we put out of his tin and are finished in three months and I would probably be right to keep but for the longer term operation Of course that does not work I can not say what would you do there say one would say transactions per second or employee in the company or presence of the platform is whole It is difficult to weigh up a lot you have to meet there and we have but even in a smaller one considering datacenter times if we as the and are now back moved away from it that means cloud is not the one final eventual wisdom is it very good if it is worth it now or not I think because of things really be eliminated nationwide and larger there is that already makes you look at the to go cloud I think that's the format where you are it should really say yes sense city bonn probably need not many thanks


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