Der neue Standard für Darstellungsdienste in Deutschland

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Der neue Standard für Darstellungsdienste in Deutschland
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Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung wird der neue Standard für die interoperable Bereitstellung von WMS- und WMTS-Diensten innerhalb der Geodateninfrastruktur Deutschland (GDI-DE) vorgestellt, und es wird anhand praktischer Beispiele erläutert, welche Konsequenzen sich für die bereitstellenden Institutionen ergeben.
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good Morning friends free geodata and freer software we come to the last one and it builds on the two lectures that we have just heard are yes some problems have been raised and in the next lecture will be under the keyword geodata infrastructure Germany tries these problems
to tackle and how that in detail that works now we hear from armin retterath for tomorrow together and first a question in the round away has Sometimes the WMS specification is recessive is reading the specification he read yes so who has the wms specification of Regimes times completely read
that is manageable in the lecture Now I try one of the solutions to introduce the public administrative concerns about the problems with who have heard the two preceding lectures get
we have already heard the inspire The directive has led to that geodata are basically findable in europe and also certain standards the inspire directive has set us have also led to the access has been greatly simplified on geodata is the part I am here now want to introduce is the answer of Germany due to developments the last years so to represent So we have new ones at the end of last year standard decided the idea and the There are rules in front of the wms and wm ts to configure services in Germany are they parabolic behind can be used and also can be used legally safe times in short so first I 'll be one few sentences to the general goals say the scope short establish something about the historical development standardization in the area wms list representation services or and then concretely the regulations important new regulations of the set standards and a few at the end Examples of how to implement them which advantages can be of who to get this new standard general goals is relatively simple that goal of geodata infrastructure in the standardization that we operate here and this has been one for twelve years interoperable provision of geodata of the public administration the water levels the two preceding ones process lectures had also heard on the use of open standards and whatever we want to have got that heard in the first lecture is one permanent integration possibility this data is public administration publishes or produces and published then in processes and applications about the person of jurijs in the lecture on semantics rap actually We came across quite well want to try stop is permanent clock to create access to data next point is just that we can hold a maximum compatibility too want to achieve with international standards as I speak then just the European inspire standards and also the iso standards the old form you then be developed in the field of raw data and whatever we want to do Of course, this is a legal certainty that means more information to provide like this data be published also be used we can have heard there is always again problems with the interpretation metadata of contents in metadata What am I allowed to do with the data if I found her then and tried in the place over this new standard as well as a solution too create Application area exactly normal wms service or presentation services are thought to have crashed information in the to publish internet that means in online access too realize the standard itself here should apply for Germany and also for the inspire presentation does that These services are for the inspire directive or the implementation of the in Steyr then we try additional requirements then define us dealing with these services around the data to facilitate history the wms specification was 1999 developed in rosé is then 2000 were first published and then was also been one of the city committees around these geo data infrastructure concepts ibid we had to get times and release the Development of geodata infrastructure Germany had a political decision 2003 in the end then through the shell through the heads of states and senate firms, federal and state the has set the starting signal for the construction the geodata infrastructure germany that was in 2003 then in 2005 we have one organization structure coordinating body and steering committee a political top view for this gdi de organization and 2006 we started almost the first to operate standardization we have we looked at the wms specification from Messi and have considered what regulation we have to meet in germany These wms services were still very much in those days were configured heterogeneously and also very poorly equipped with metadata were partly not correct at all Compatible with the standard were just too improve and we had that published in 2006 as wms de profil the g has the idea that someone times this is already 12 13 years Her 23 is also manageable that look the effect of this standard Let's continue in 2007 which is quoted in previous lecture documented there was the eu in bavarian line which has led us to stay in the connected two years later 16 geodata infrastructure regulations or legal regulations for implementation this directive in germany have gotten due to our federal systems the inspire directive himself specifies the technical framework like the european data infrastructure build up and is busy as well as the idea with the Standardization of the exchange of geodaten ins in particular also with bms serving respectively presentation services 2009 has the
commission and also by the parliament So a region just says goodbye legal regulation a bit more specifically defined like this infrastructure of europe and how the data is exchanged Maybe that should be bad now to see at the very back we have here to the point here view is service are the conceptual service an abstract concept which describes nothing else than the functionality of a webservice he is just just with map service operates designated but pictures in the legal regulations not so concrete but the concrete implementation then in technical documenting instructions means that the term representation services of also a bit strange that seems comes from the European context and that's why we use that now here in the spot again from 2011 to 2013
2013 was revised again a publication of a technical standards like inspire presentation service to publish what is there must be adjusted like that need to be configured like that to have metadata this is from the ioc task force from the working group at european level were created and tried and has then concretely tries the whole inadequacies of the standard in the to get hold of it and with that a stop functioning geodata infrastructure at the european level in the first place enable We will then have this document at level from gdi de accompanied directly with the creation process of the document and then have German-speaking has issued recommendations for action Someone even read a few but that is in the end the German Regulation to as inspire compliant presentation service or fuse services are to configure the requirements of the eu directive fulfill and now we go a few years Next 2018 if you 2018 I just ever mentioned we are now too come in a new standard Germany's general specifications Makes services like wms and mts Germany must be configured so that they are usable interoperably and also legally usable are the document simply means gdi de to provide presentations Services have been decided by the responsible body but there are none so far Decision in the planning phase or somehow binding could set at the time of creation of the document there was two public reviews and has 600 stimulate comments incorporated so been that has also been sprinkled in the frame the public administration mainly and is of quality level I think I've become pretty good someone has heard of this one document has been decided or has been published somewhere too only a few so we now take the chance to that a little bit further to spread ok regulations concrete regulations in The document is included as that document makes statements to wms and b
mts interfaces similar to the European commission there also for has done their services and the term representation service includes next to it both interfaces We have 25 specific requirements mandatory for interoperability necessary are formulated and 24 recommendations for interoperability would improve if there a holding but they are not compulsory required and the document itself is divided into a requirement and Explanation style is one too Extensive becomes concrete rules what the document contains in the area wm it is said when wms this presentation it is based on bms interfaces too Both standards are to be published Supported are ms10 and wms 111 due to the backward compatibility the is necessary and not every Software component also supports wms 13 so far in the area wmt there will be no obligation documented but it is said the wm ts system tms Interface for the presentation services is optional, if necessary, too be configured and published we have a regular expression Introduced for teachers took over there problems soon the strange existing learn with umlauts and special characters to get something in the handle we have and that's what I believe most important point and most elaborate too in the implementation of the obligations with adopted document to the publication of service metadata knows each other here geometer data to iso 1939 from or knows geometer data ok and at all exactly the inspire guideline expected just provision of services and geodata set both describe the metadata for the records as well respectively metadata for services to the over exchange catalogs and the problem what was actually with the representations and why we do not really have any legally secure geodata infrastructure in Germany can operate is one Problem that the illustration of licenses in these capabilities documents the server side are not configured it is safe enough I can only fill out two free text fields and the is usually not sufficient around just license information with Transfer when exchanging metadata That's why we have this obligation the provision of services metadata documents with by inspire accepted there is also one now commitment in this layer the are also published with data pairing metadata that means this metadata url elements or text in the capabilities documents really up data meter records link to leave the relationship between data and services afterwards also energy the to dissolve again that's a bit now ceases to constantly but I can perhaps after the example of webserver show in the last years two years it are also there developments happened the relative to the open source tools simply make those commitments to fulfill here also in view on the implementation of the eu inspire directive further regulations we Try to recommend that you can not copyright notice in these static or fade in these cards because if I now data different data want to combine providers together and then have copyright notice everywhere transit has been pretty nasty and The data can not really that is more correctly used the result of it then we also took something with us what we did ten years ago for twelve years could not have demanded due to the performance has risen again let's ask for the minimum size a crash wild from 3,000 to 3,000 pixeln that is interoperable for the usage of these pms interfaces extremely important in particular on the tablets and on the high-resolution screen nowadays in the broadcast are and there was now wmt it can not as We have to expect a dutiful interface can also deal with the wms and just expects that is delivery the crash image in a once in a single tile we too have made and try to make is back the standardization of Return teacher money feature info Requests who has ever seen this when I was a service from an external office use and then click somewhere where no object lies then make many smallest just open an empty window or even that's not nice and around we should avoid something like that in the just an empty html document can define what the little ones can react to this one open new windows suppress coordinates reference system there actually has nothing changed to the last standard are geographic coordinates in wgs 84 and utm coordinates dts 89 these are the undertake to support coordinates reference systems for the presentation standard further regulations that was the had the biggest point of discussion because of that Two years took this document thereby getting the bodies
we have a single tile uniform tile set for uten m 32 defined with the guessed scale and then make good use of it to be able to do this wm of the interface exactly and when service is secured demand we are now a minimal Authentication possibility with the fc 26 17 so htc sensation We also recommend the use of Cohrs head to then easier with java scripts klein with these data sources to be able to communicate and we refer to the publication of
temporal or high variable data the best practice paper of the aussies was on the german weather service with was developed in 2014 is so that we then also multidimensional data about wms interfaces can be used interoperably So some points changed there to have I would now in the practical documentation and will just show again like such an inspire cellar makes this
document looks like this service with the data according to the inspire The requirements to be linked have that
someone here once seen this extension of the capabilities documents for the illustration of service metadata that there we now also Germany-wide stop Request for a clear picture of the licenses yes and the server components
Now I had webserver and also geo servers as an example also have different documentation Documentations like this one on the left apriori can produce and fill this can be documented with the webserver through the inspire directive and at geo server also gives a good documentation by just inspecting it activate external commodities and then would have this to come this service components around the necessary prerequisites data Metadata must also be in Katy's document be linked I'll say that again shortly on
Another example is the usage this tenant data url reference the
now stands here and this one too Automated create this meta of url reference is currently in the web server I have already mentioned briefly has become relatively easy since the 72nd or 72 on your version of the webserver there is a new operation this only webserver specifically the hot medley tenant data and so I am in the Location directly a priori a web server configuration file already this xml before configuring the document and then just specify again
OK I think we are now relatively short I show now again on concrete example briefly this time where
I more variant time-variable layer providing example the german
weather service is back to after can look like and then then
can generate more value thus in the
use of this well the German weather service has been doing that for a long time longer that he just stops, for example the satellite picture information the
cloud cover slayer just with temporal filtering via wms interfaces can then be published relatively easy to use Okay, that's the end of the day I would like to ask now answer too many thanks armin
[Music] it seems like the post is can help that this standard now has become known in the authorities with each other and then for the users then easier and then this data becomes more transparent too to use and I think there are also questions there above please to the coordinate system why is in 25 8 33 then not if the other discussion is very bad if he is not there because we as city in brandenburg old brandenburg 32 do not have ready at one Use of 32 services seriously problem because the writing is wrong stand and therefore there is now now back to a corresponding island solutions the 32er discussion 32 33 we have 2005 long out and in the 2006 standard also awaits already been defined on the 32 and the discussion is now over again boiled up and we have them with the same result ended that would be one could have been yes but then technologically, today, no bigger problem are different coordinate reference system of the service component support too Let's let in mobility reach and we do not do that two different coordinates Reference system is just hard maybe it sounds like eight but makes sense but it is usually not a problem the server canada out of the box why the 330 because we wanted 1 and not two different ones ask achso keyword very briefly again the question is also a cause of the reason because this wm tsk also has two years took a long time to get through it through this body the discussion had been even harder and they have always argued with the thing if I have multiple coordinates would need to support the reference system Of course, I also need that twice much space around these tiles So yes, we have the number of of course, a reference system as well a bit reduced why it is still optional because the maximum rear mobility with wms and flexibility with wms interfaces is to reach and wmt it from ours view is nice to have no more and not less and also did not know for the discussion with a uniform Complete tile set successfully at all would be more wordings from the plenum I just wanted to comment I was in the meeting a few days ago Switzerland and the Swiss measurers were at that time with was is now Schaffhausen then have these in speyer events baden württemberg as that were made public, so to speak witnessed and have the shake with upside down and say like her with this in speyer services all want to do I do not understand the Swiss Just keep the comment ok Germany is the biggest data provider of inspire compliant services and data and metadata in Europe that just works that way it worked especially in the federal institutions in the big ones of course, automatically the whole meta data and services configure the We have just heard the city have for years since a system of webserver base value out of the box everything About a facade technology Generated that works fine and others do it federal institutions bfbb afg here Federal Institute of Hydrology also so and other big institutions state institutions in our country also it seems to work the technology is there you just have to use correctly [Music] and of course we want one too interoperability with Europe that means we want with the it is already a contradiction in europe is fixed and we only have this guideline That's the only legal compulsion with which we achieve interoperability otherwise there is nothing that is that problem and the planning board is there on the both eyes a little bit deaf for both ears I believe that these geodata locations auditorium is still in demand everything clear Well then that will be in the future we hope to work wonderfully thank you very much again an armin [Music]


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