GDI mit Docker & Co. – Einführung, Überblick und Diskussion

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GDI mit Docker & Co. – Einführung, Überblick und Diskussion
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Der Talk stellt Möglichkeiten vor, um Geodateninfrastrukturen mit Hilfe von Docker zu gestalten und diskutiert jene.
Spatial data infrastructure
Spatial data infrastructure Implementation
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Spatial data infrastructure
Internetdienst Mapping Tape drive Server (computing) PostgreSQL Client (computing) Database Spatial data infrastructure Terminal equipment
Apache <Programm> GeoServer Server (computing) Version <Informatik> Parameter (computer programming) Interpolation
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Service (economics) Server (computing) GeoServer
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we start with the topic geodata
infrastructure and the marc jansen the is the opinion that is synonymous with but that's really how it is yes a very good question is exactly why It goes in this lecture we want We deal with moby but so means that I have this logo and the project that is behind it namely easy and the subtitle of a truck is introduction overview and discussion
and that 's exactly what I'm after this last part of the discussion i would just like to get an idea to give and maybe even afterwards then talk again about it want It's good that it's the outline that I get have considered to lead this day would like a bit of meters afterwards the motivation behind this day stands briefly then illuminate this question ask is the one with Dokr is one question mark behind how can something like that look how good that is how difficult is that can do that anyone can do that himself complete Here we will get an overview Provide about what options actually are on the table when we want to be relaxed and Finally, a few points in the bring discussion yes my name is like i am Managing Director of terrestris will be here for a few hours this friday is on the post and Come visit us there I am no developer from above layers and have sometimes a book written about it I often speak as well here or internationally and I'm also usb foundation map member the company Terrestris makes open source from Bonn it comes over as we said
love to talk about what we do because we use the software we use know love also continue to improve we find one together nice solution for your special Questions about motivation behind This day I already have it
mentioned when I introduced the company it's all mine daily business or what we very much We often do what we look after develop what we conceptualize that the one side ok gdi was already somehow you can maybe clear to make a presentation is easy Still, it is not new in the narrower senses it exists a bit longer that Among other things, you can recognize it in the daytime program on there was a workshop that I think that was also the first workshop which sold out speaks there was one corresponding demand as there is at least four lectures dealing with it Also, lecture them now right now i could hear the first lecture session not the block follow because I then another conversation was and I just wanted almost connect these things together and about pro and contra for probably there is always pro and contra yes into talk about and about pro and contra can reasonably discuss you need in some form introduction that means I wanted to even back then basics explain that is the goal i pursue when i am I would like to receive one this day Introduction to this basic concept give a basic topic I would like to give some examples like you can tackle things and the whole thing under consideration different Usage concept and I want Discussion basis give sorry is thus easily pass already the third point my point of view my opinion lecture first geodata infrastructure gdi it what are they because what is that because there is probably also an official one definition I do not have now I picked out a few Properties listed by geodata Infrastructures often actually come to bear often enough are the central and are usable especially for other users of these infrastructures they often consist of different ones components the individual tasks take over and interact with each other an extremely central task of geodata infrastructures is natural the data management on the subsystems is level but also on For example, databases are very common are the his team's based designs and then there are usually recordings show the components and of course Still more common to them after this small server model built speak to provide any central component for example, a wms services this in turn also attacks the database to then becomes the display brought in a ran with kneipp sag I always had to look be empty and a thing has changed now changed here of course all have forget again of course, in addition to the data management counts the metadata attitude so that one in the gdi also knows what elements are there any at all services are available in which timeliness which spatial areas cover the area Metadata certainly belongs as well that's certainly not true completely so i think that gdi everyone define a little differently Now Jogger Walker is one software that ultimately container government virtualization on operating system you just offer that leads to that one quasi isolated the end pay and relatively portable has machines or container has the to package functionality and the you can relatively quickly as a container run and also just as fast remove again and you have an application and so on all the pendenzen the this application So, for example, has a java Application that runs on java 9 o'clock I can be in a jogger in a loose image resp this results in docr containers So build up that application there But this is the new one in the right one version as I need below also from something from me any special driver or what Whatever is there and all that does not really affect the house systems on which Dokr runs but is everything finished I have three central concepts written down it is one introduction lecture also even more have become clear in the Preparation I hope you are fine maybe similar then then images are after all, a recipe for cooking, as it were wiso build a container below and the container itself is that What kind of recipe from this recipe Thus arises the concretization one of the more abstract one other analogy around this container image picture a bit easier maybe understanding is maybe if you are a programmer a java class so the image is one java class has certain characteristics and methods and a container is one java instance so if i really do this class has been installed for it you make a lot of containers from You usually do not do images like that mega many are also central to images So-called dog files is ultimately one text file in which I am in a certain Syntax write the example of what I do I just called that but 9 I also need a certain one some part of my file system in this container and then we leave please run my application I write there a certain kind and as pure and then there are commands make sure that this recipe Running in the image and me a container is generated entirely it is important that it stops different registry there are where to go Find such images, so to speak, and then too can use again, ie there is a stand now quite a lot images for many of them standard components are also available in the already several already exist images where someone has these recipes quasi has boiled but it is just as in the recipes of one it may halt rather something sharper the next market I do not know with a little bit more Sugar is so with cooking recipes are quite different for the different components also different recipes
then all of me beer Goulash call but one makes it around the left and right yes, and all these images you too You can also take it centrally use your own very simple images to build the then actually minor deviations included can these are the usage contexts below which I would like to consider once
the development of a gdi and the development of a gti is also mine opinion after that one existing ones Maybe they are not maybe aryanized are still localization want so I suppose so You will not get enough on one day green meadow other than many have already something and then you want maybe more of the migration as a new development I would like even talking about training that belongs the idea is certainly also in the namely, there are just nobody there can use it then it is only halfway so good because you have to know already how to do that but also how to do it such gdi I for example developed as I then the Conversion productive context So speak up from my test server the real my super important domain dot com address where i just would like to operate a gti and Finally, maintenance support from that's not a one you can no band time solution through the do and then she is there and then will to be ready for all eternity but so what has to be maintained and also an idea be located so him overview stocker dogan hello world that's one command The executable is, so to speak, on it is a command what leads to stop that here now is the hello world image virtually transferred to a container should be and then executed shall be and if you can do that then yourself it hangs about a bit like that it depends on whether they have several times or not and if you have going through this actually explains it pretty much what happens he knows this image not hello world if you like that So first call on the recipe he does not know I said I do me go beer please so I know
not how I should do it I had to get out where I am then get this recipe for it
he alone asks a registry and asks can you tell me please the hello World Presence Give image then followed the instructions step by step and in that case, that leads to that then actually a few seconds later doc good day tells me an installation Docr seems to have worked Jews are also explained again what real thing happened in concrete Incidentally, this is a cd Application but I'm honest I do not care because it's just me recipe or hello world and now i get an issue that is good that would have anyone synonymous different in i dont know java python Haßkerl can write it is me not really matter that's the way it is often enough that was hello world Now we have to think about them components of a gdi I now have time 4 now we need a database we need geo services we need meter because you needed a small one Client application and I have myself
decided on a relative build a classic stack post that Money post gravel as a database component monastery was as a map supplier so to speak, the open source for the
metadata management and an open source I can easily do that on the application best was there, they might as then take any others too I wonder if I am I've already said that there is now yes, many different kinds and ways beer cola piece of cooking is just like that many different species and wise geo For example, to provide servers and it is the same with them registry the top of such a link she was search in there proof pos or great server thanks for newton though they will do that many Find different recipes for pos keys for the server 4g and about reason immediately I have now made a selection of it indicates no right and no wrong for the time being, this is the place we have just hit a selection without I wrote my own application because that's exactly what I say I develop so write I read an application up there very easy ok my open airs Applications that I write myself it looks like this easy case I have to stop me javascript file written and if I was in the open airs yesterday you also written that exactly that you just the most necessary takes that is a few steps that are necessary me need it for that stands for this from note 10 I have certain npm commands but it is not too interested I basically build my own Apply one point at the end So a card brings a functional certainly not impressive application but in the sense one all brings components together when I now all these individual components I 've called it on the can I run single so I can say please love stalker to have it we just learned the koran hello world I can say that you are interest server then he does that then there is nowhere i can do that just like you network in one another pot of mine or one other terminal but ultimately I have just that also mentioned in the definition from the ggg these components need still talking to each other Say it is better if she virtually all highly ride together maybe the ags server thinks too from that, for example, the database is there first because otherwise makes it does not make any sense the geo server already to provide that is while I am with a command actually, that would like all of these components are started up so i want to communicate okay the database makes only the geos but then do it if that is For example, database is there and that Everything the schools can teach me that make manual and what I know exactly issue 8 and so on and so forth but I can do it by myself had a so-called stalker compose case writer that ultimately serves to combine the different images because you have options like the pens and that is also a simple text file here you can see this depends on and is just like I say the geo server is defined here in this area then are a whole lot
Information you like in detail actually already maybe something lead too far but here is for example this depends on that is before this geo server has to start the database there I can be up here too that's yes this is standard image I'll tell the cinema server me when I'm fed out with the geo give server in a certain version that's why I have a standard image does not want to change anything in the first place grunde but that's something up here event this is a so-called picture Context that means I say here now There are also a few here input files and a so-called stalker case we have just heard and please for that also out of the case that also with high that means I have if all this goes through I have one complete gdi and I have actually made times So that's the job when I do that
According to that make a lot of looks now colorful out here you can see this is the call jogger Compose off in the case is that concrete commands will not have to execute then the contents of this village as evaluated and the corresponding steps accomplished Now you can see the logfiles here Accordingly, these are issues of geo server if i'm here a bit scroll up the geos very much points but happy at some point in a different color and expect one a little bit take the mouse could believe now aha so here is something in purple again this is an edition of geo network say the divide in the moment quasi the the lok issue is in different colors said what the individual components there to that and have one here too Another command I can do
this is the same directory of the kps almost tells me the individual images which are just there so once before talks sexually that my own application the geo server is running you network is running and the post is synonymous everything so since ca 38 minutes is still there something to different ports because That's important for communication that means I have made a command the command was named dokr kompost i do not write out the new games sugar compost and how magical these four containers including mine own application built built and it's all in a local network available and all can communicate with each other
and when they communicate with each other is that about the way out here is the
correspondingly high that is the last
show here is the geo server the the support 88 runs that you know already So they may have ever heard is a java application running now here with me builds up 88 and this port 88 comes from exactly this
configuration there is port 88 to 80 80 ie this greed this server image what by default This has to start this the geo server usually internally on port 80 80 me but would like in a new context on port 88 88 let's run this is this configuration and that leads to that the gameserver here is there is everything
just as we already know it here network runs the database shows me not now but she runs and that is my open airs application
a beautiful application easy an open airs application in the me can zoom in and you see it is already there such a red box and the red box is actually a point most likely will dresden have chosen any point in dresden and the time is complete namely that pierces in the database a point with any coordinate is specified and this is the geo server delivered to my open airs application and ultimately that is my gdi they all know that even more gdi There are many more functionalities is completely clear to me but it is the technological one Breakthrough in the end and it was now not overly so even if I am so stuck together
that means we have some of him with us a file does not compost ultimately and a command generated and have with it in principle, this setup, for example shown what you can use wonderfully You can do that more or less too transferred to other applications there we were a few more points but now comes to the point of me important I have two more minutes for that also completely enough from the discussion
there are differences here environment so if i run in the setups that on this laptop he is a big one difference to which we not productive let it run , please remember one might also want one Database service themes from the cloud or so on the environment I use those are maybe yourself too had to speak there are still one few other system environments simply presuppose and you have to see if you are somehow 08 has taken 15 image so for example this is the rest riskio server image maybe better or worse because it is different was designed as a recipe like any of whom else I have to take a look around there not something to kick and so ultimately a key component to to have what about existing gds is that just a turbo so if you are me now say another component attacks when they meppen now the Installation is only for the people behind it that that migrate or should that be So you have to do that at all time to participate you participate At all, you have all the advantages then automatically and then there is something else beautiful the top ten most popular damage is the included is me after each I want from this february 30 rebels thies and if you look exactly because that is, we have mine own application is an application These are the top ten
dokic is and there are 580 operating system vulnerabilities in it I've just got that way some gti taken and me I have no thoughts at all made about it that is it is not 08 15 It may be advantageous on one I put that within the of hours like that maybe it just has it consequences that we think about have to it is not per se a solution-a passepartout the easy for everything is taken and then everything is fine security company should you there overall, just make it there
Recommendations of docker how to get some Do things better . Check them the base image is a current one Base image also check if updates have been installed
and if you make a printer case such as the ubuntu and takes then as the first installation of the Updates then leads to the way to that the image was there yesterday have made of it so that can modern ones have created from them and the they could have created it ultimately different instances are something but somehow again bit this basic concept anyway contradicts this is the last the last slide really that was this one Training Group also that such a
love to be trained what i am now has also shown in linux setup under windows in the corporate practice and so on and immediately can to be really bad and difficult that everything works to get it started I also have a good example but it's no passepartout and no In sum, it is really interesting and very quickly just such a gdi to composition but you need it then still effort and love around because really a stable and secure gdi to have and thank you for that attention and I hope so Note the many thanks for this
nice lecture yes we have seen that benefits it maybe there are disadvantages of big the advantage is certainly the modularity there are questions sanya short question you have experiences administer the dog with engines and So I can manage quite a lot Joggers were also able to count many computers distribute something like kuwait and water and openshift to all this something say bigger yes we have experiences we have in a project The experience is also used really good, but there it is still sometimes a complexity level being drafted is so good that it is too is again an effort of the tanja of the ops engineer all around so fall to example there is already a lot still know how to do what first has to recharge that is then really It is clear when you explain this cut quantity needs to map somehow a bit of something So this classic ops know-how simply bring admin know-how else you can not do these tasks either to someone we have good Experiences made but ultimately applies yes unfortunately the same it is one extremely fast-paced landscape we also have the context several times the software changes the technologies that want to be reused to only orchestration of many images that was the way it was here kindergarten variant maybe there is even bigger tools like you also not entitled to good experiences but it is also a relative one Invest I have to say it is worth it In the end I really believe so things like infrastructure, it is therefore really a come on my open I still want airs have another function in lead to that on any
cloud service the complete start up the infrastructure that's great, of course, that's what it has also extreme advantages but it is too As always unfortunately no passepartout one just have to take it that way hello you have standard images now used in the standard synonymous first time but are also empty for development or local computer I would perhaps ever have a record the whole maybe helpful too own data is not necessarily what is public how do you distribute or have data? then a solution for then we have already had problems with big ones records then dokic is build yes I believe so immediately for the developers and environment is for example at geo Server is the case, you can enter external data directory a mountain virtually within this container I say the directory is almost xy in reality, the directory was really for yourself on this calculator here and of course you can then accordingly access the could then, for example, a lot to the packages are the one in bios but zb It works the same way as it does now here too in the case that the database which also has an external directory Are you your data directory So stores quasi a change that city is mainly in the database Assisted at the end, it is somehow files and that too is up
that means also my local computer I could version that, for example and more elsewhere and refer then overwrite great caution come in this relatively quickly problems with file system right so so to speak, that must be the router user maybe make it even readable that is also quite hakelig so because i answer for a long time the short answer there are ways and possibilities around around when it gets big data we will certainly a challenge now and unfortunately there is not yet So nothing I know is there too like to stay here from the auditorium Somebody saying something that's the thing which we actually use extra estate directory where then data in it are and this winter leads with him container is being introduced enough for the fcg most likely out for such productive environments certainly not you could just as well well just sent me once might as well in the script do something just just certain steps still makes after certain things are happening has when they are up I do even to the image that diert so pen I do 1 what depends on the server depends on this server and then says when you go up, you're going midi data from there and against the in this network please the following sentence statements off or would be the transactions or is copied Something more here it would be another then you would have versioned that would be synonymous another alternative one now would spontaneously come up for bigger ones thing one last question and me please have my short answer experience with it automatically find out if there are new versions of images gives exactly that safety problem out of the way in the form in which we want so that is just the cheap variant of have in kranj whether for different things just keep dull new builds and either we get new things or not it is not really noticed but a boarding accident is short enough so with all the clear thank you marc jansen for this nice lecture


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