Dotloom - große Point-Cloud-Daten im Distributed Web

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Dotloom - große Point-Cloud-Daten im Distributed Web
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Dotloom ist ein Open-Source-Projekt und ermöglicht die Synchronisation, Replikation, Indexierung und Verarbeitung von Terabyte an Geodaten mit Peer-to-Peer-Technologien. Aufbauend auf dem "DAT-Projekt" erweitert Dotloom die Funktionalität speziell zur Verwaltung, Abfrage und Visualisierung von Point-Cloud-Daten.
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yes so now s So the arrival cumbersome but the translation was difficult that's fine called death and it was the end point clouds and yes it is about distributed web and it is so that my company is also very distributed is so we are good working all over the world but almost all in Japan many but nationalities are a location and we
have a project of something like Japanese Women, too, if they are more like them get organization and want a point cloud platform for all create japan and you already have worked quite a lot with point cloud and some have said 'for the
platform the biggest problem is First of all how do you get the data at all gets there because we have customers who send us disks because they are that somehow can not manage with her firewall and with their the data are just so big and then we thought yes there solve the problem that we generally So we got a bit like that
I do not know if it came before that
But we got on paper had busy with a few colleagues and then we thought we were doing something peer to peer software around these big ones to transport data volumes and indeed just in the case geodaten point clouds
and that's because big peter actually very complicated to deal with the big leather because she So you are not so huge
just 10 10 gigabit somewhere or send it by e-mail it is also very inefficient most of the time So who does not have somehow satellite data downloaded or
from geo factory somehow great extract and in the end nothing has needed or just a little bit of it and yes , we came up with it
let's do it because we go there flowers and it is a distributed data platform for cloud and we have then a project is used that is that the project
yes what were the requirements of the So we had what we needed
was just a simple and easy safer quick exchange of big ones data volumes thus ten gigabytes or more even and many people are already 50 work not that easy Send and it becomes really difficult
with large amounts of data
then somehow we wanted that too already access the data if she has not sent anything yet were so that you just from the first Distance exactly what you can set want and what you do not get and then we wanted if we something process or in the right format bring that already in the moment do where we download this or upload and yes and there we are then
poked on the sheet protocol and that whole firmiert under that at the moment yes I find quite popular concept distribute it web and that is a kind distributes the synchronization technology then allows relatively high speeds because the things already distributed when things are distributed it is stored efficiently and what I also think that's very good you know exactly that the data from the people come with the yes the one with the public key with him generated has been implicated in can be So you can the mover too prove yes and if you really
then you just have to explain say yes it feels a bit like it a little bit how you can go so that's what the other people are doing make dropbox even if they are not then what about your data there it happens and it ends already somehow bit torrent but bitter may I mean that's a bit with bad word and there you have completely a lot of bad things done with it and So that's a combination of the three things and yes I have one
video of
yes, as it is on the command line So it works like it feels that i have my whole load now yes a few gigabytes and then write
I just always and it takes a few seconds and they are packed so is it's available I do not have to upload it I can share this link that is up there and
only who really needs it can
then download and if he has one Copy makes you see that is one Another of those makes such a clown and
load it down and if there now not just a pianist but two or three or my neighbor or the same network then it will be very fast So somehow next slide or and
this a little too fast
and because of these command lines Things are not everyone's thing we thought we would take care of one software that was not a topic that was the desktop and that is so unique electron based user interface where to do all that stuff a bit can make it more comfortable and we wanted
then things make the data preview that you just look can be what you published and what you can do now want to download and that one the maybe also on a server Can not bring because you have your computer Have a real time online online want and that you also metadata can visualize statistics and that
whole looked then so the first of the
first part that was actually much was already there but you had to first Port a bit into magnetite
transport away and now you can see
then there is another client if you do not have one if you have not yet has not done anything with it yet you get such a little tutorial shown and then you add this as that
url and then the program starts synchronize the good is really like
dropbox so you can see that too someone has connected there and if the connection breaks off because you have to example mobile internet has then goes it also continues where it is stopped when not often heard next time and this is the desktop that shows that
whole just a little fancier you can also show what for data in this archive are in it and
You do not have to be like that download everything to see what there is and I think so too practically the whole thing should be even more beautiful but there is still much to do
then we have something else in advance already starting with many things everything is a little bit in the works and we want that one the data this did archive from a distance So you can not infect that first the one that you look for or like that in the end know know where which Data is that for example Photo albums or geodata then somehow also can find in this sheet of archives and then this what I already did said this so that one from which the Archive somehow reads things while the download also works in his pipeline and then at the same time again in new city archive writes yes
and overall I thought it would be but handy if you have access to the data has where it is generated So that you do not first of each sensor or from any camera in the best quality or not so good Quality in the cloud invites because that's eternal lasts and maybe even nobody needs but that me Just leave things where they are they will get such a good url storage media and then you can at
need sharing and if they once then someone downloaded it there are already two already 22 ps which one can access so what are there
so our users we so in the head
for example, had a customer for the We would be really handy was so a survey office of which we have sent hard disks have with point cloud data we also have to give them the data that means we have to treat them as then have to be sent by post first we all to script with so and then you want that too to pass on to the customers and there It would actually be a very practical thought tool was then there is this beta scientists so this is just just everyone is the one and the one also need access to the data and if now your data suddenly no longer exist because of Server down then they can be relative just make copies of it yes and you can also get that derived Data that you can again publish and you can also do the usa So wrote the exam big step you can also run if you know where the data came from and from whom they are and another example what I also found was very good for example, the autonomous vehicle they are not good at times connected to the internet and that very much practically if then the synchronization with algorithms then functions again used as soon as she is on the internet and yes, these new vehicles are also collecting an incredible amount of data that would be great if all those laser scanners on the charging station your data the public somehow available would make and yes, I also have an idea not if anyone wants to do that but then he should report but but
there are a lot of problems and That's why I say something like that was the
Things are so we are working on this desktop because that for the enduser with us
important is that they do not have one use command line program and we just want this processing because we continue and sanitize immediately wanted for the poetry So implement the portrait next to it they are made by different people data packets can be read automatically and everything that has already been scavenged then from the then wanted from the local location we measured the new ep deeper implement and then come always new ideas because we want to for example we have the problem that we no longer working with open data but sometimes things yes not so open and then they have people are afraid that's somewhere in the disney offers web gets lost and from wrong people in the wrong people in the hand and there were to example with medical data like x-rays ct scans and like
and yes the problem is a bit like that So here you can see what is it motivation the motivation data Download is usually very high so you like to download but upload is just what you do not like that So I like doing open data mostly the open beta platforms they are great in the beginning and then there there are no updates because of who the Data is not that easy finds and we think that with this system you could upload a lot make it more attractive but yes this traditional system is established the people upload high and down with from english download
servers and copies it so that the download becomes really easy and he needed upload is not difficult anymore the problem is the acceptance so
Peer-to-peer is a bit difficult
for example, when I am at the phosphor which was okayama then I had to I had the wifi to use there I also had to lecture here I do not sign paper used so much was so much there illegal stuff made with paper this is a really bad call has And our customer may not use what we are currently using and that's why we're looking for advice better name because bit torrent is here
also via twitter blog chain is also but what you can find everyone great and sometimes I just think so
It has just been a lot easier that the governmental council Write a meeting program and then the Send all by post because the technology yes it's just the first
bad call you have to do it you have to convince people to open up ports and like that and it's not that easy then the community is from there maybe anarchy maybe uncoordinated that means there is there a lot is done but not so good coordinated and then we have much more Work as we thought was a problem With finance has so many things just because it's fun and not because somehow get paid and you have to be even more early adopter So yes that is sometimes difficult with Customers who expect something then have also works properly and that's just what we do most of the time we have a deadline to one conference well the conference meet development and
yes, a long time ago because your people on Tomorrow also something similar Project says we had the then consider whether we take a project s ips means or that and to the former time we have for the decided on the one hand, because there was something like that versioning so that can do it yourself save versions You can not go back like that reset special version not so right again but how can you do it?
works like that and url it can also be generated if still no data is there so you can also a teaching is archival create and Add something to the post afterwards At least then I do not know just as I am now there you have to I'll come tomorrow to lecture what you have there I could not find the dat community just fine because they are not sponsored by the big company or so is or is not so venture capital a little more independent and many idealists and then thought somehow we do that with that name is just not so good because if you there looking for dat then asked google times if you do not mean so you will find nothing exactly and then it is just that
I think the topic very much right now interesting is with this distributed web because everyone talks about the cloud and everybody everybody wants somehow to bring his data but what exactly is the cloud and Do not you trust somehow so big Companies like Google and Amazon have their data and it will not be much better if it somehow of the if the true internet if the people that the data would share with each other and if not somehow if you can the cloud would not need but rather Internet is used and so I hope that I'm a bit on trend the original internet again bring back and yes I hope that to join other people because of me think that this is distributed web somehow interesting and and maybe the future is yes and maybe is also google and amazon stronger and the weather or facebook and it never will but what will happen?
yes, if someone is interested in someone has and know exactly about it will then give people tomorrow too maybe still a launch a bit more technically or simply with I speak and I hope that we somehow continue to work on it So maybe we have to go with de So it is in the esa or others big data operators are not the ones Problems with the transport of big data have then they should but please report
[Applause] thank you daniel kast very much interesting lecture there are questions the audience about the or christoph [Music] yes, you had initiated so to speak with the topic of large amounts of data are there number 10 gigabit called that's yes not for most nowadays more really in the really big one he can do it a few words too say if and how the whole now really for much larger ones data sets as I now have a 10 100 terabytes would escalate if that in fact , this area probably catch in the area still makes sense or whether because then he actually the physical shipment then back to the meaningful in the efficiency is indeed otherwise keeps changing what and when if there is any bottleneck like this or then there are the people working on it So we had for example thought so that we are the the point cloud data So for poetry is generated a lot of small data packages that we all cramming pure but would found that the time is the number the fouls a bit difficult was the large number of cases if I do not think so that it is the size of the files So there it is but I think there someone is working on it again that there is so much it changes because so much so it really is yes yes it is early adopter software but as soon as possible a problem somehow come up trying to solve the people and I know that is now with this variety files if for example a part server or something like that would have been there we had I think problems were in at the time to the then example at first initialize then it takes longer halt so it is the entire arrow tree is searched and then written the metadata and me think big did not do anything problem though the number of dates there are other questions in the audience we have enough time Yes I had with me once had with pfs worked and then noticed that it was the files had been duplicated so once in the own structure had in addition to where I had them would be one ask if that was done second question mpfs is now also block 10 This is contaminated from the way or they too are just like that you also have chemical capital This is even more idealistic or even go's it going money was not yes I do not know that exactly but I think I have the try from the community somehow to stay independent and there is but as a channel where people, yes is pretty much discussed and if then you look who that's who so It is then there anyway telling people Huder therefore quite so activists who are the ones who general problems with medium with companies like google and compare or or try the internet to make freedom because they are there and that use the ever assume that maybe it's not that bad and so they try when you get up this site looks like that too sponsors and the music mozilla foundation or knight foundation that is already compared to ips already much much less budget and i know So personally I have the experience that's sometimes the case of a group Controlled projects sometimes difficult are for other companies me somehow there to do with it it has not so we should not because times right to say a lot Maybe and so projects stayed in the community like open laser so really everyone can join but or or good or something like that we actually always prefer to that is the right choice now was white I no longer so yes but we look always something with ips but it happens Now someone turn the audience yes I have a question to the possible looking for datasets from the user's point of view So, how is this handled? she becomes the index peer-to-peer network and when i go over want to search the global record there is no search so so like to google search those things Find someone could say he does such an index for open data or something but that is not somehow now what was I really interesting find at dat is that if you if you recognize such a torture that you then First, access the metadata can and the metadata does contain what what is in this archive and which one versions and yes and then you can so move forward and then can Files investigate for example more has now any image files it then could the savior of read picture files and therefore does not have to as the whole pictures download but could only be the metadata and create an index of these metadata and then maybe at nails So, without somehow, generate that Copy entire archive and then only you can edit thanks to this yes thanks to this index this fall tree and index one can stop first give an overview and do not have to first satellite pictures without end days download for hours or days ie global index based on metadata is planned that she has to again his technology where everything which is a bit higher level then from the ever implemented if someone needs it like that a little bit the problem with that distributed and they do not want to central index but if you have the technology can use it of course, something for yourself create So there are still questions from the audience Thank you to me is not from the contract so clearly how is the status then use it all actively or now is that still such a development version that is not really working yet it works but we have problems with those with the paper so my customers are in Japan and especially i can not say the word and we can also use ports and stuff like that have equal problems I think work on that all over too http works because no one if you I do not know if you like it be honest because if you do things wants to share illegally from a company of or from the organization then you can also take dropbox or they are not prohibited they all use but I believe then made the mistake at the beginning of that we were so honest about that maybe yes maybe i might have to go in other countries look yes it was bit difficult ok so thank you I again the daniel kassel for his lecture [Applause]


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