Im Frühtau zu Berge – 10 Jahre Wanderkarten mit OSM

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Im Frühtau zu Berge – 10 Jahre Wanderkarten mit OSM

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Im Frühtau zu Berge – 10 Jahre Wanderkarten mit OSM
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Zum zehnjährigen Bestehen der Wanderkarte blickt der Vortrag auf deren Entwicklung zurück und stellt vor, was sich beim Mapping für Wander-, Rad- und andere Routen in OpenStreetMap getan hat.
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so here
I want to come penultimate in the final spurt of the theme is again openstreetmap and who pate in any openstreetmap ever clicked into the search box has and then looked for a place then Did he use a tool? following referent always mine team has been around for decades now already meanwhile say the second the field of activity she cares about is the hiking and there is obviously an old folksong always still godfather for the title of yours lecture in the early morning to mountains have fun with the lecture of sarah hoffmann Thank you very much so do not worry i will
do not break into song but what I want to do is a bit over walking maps and osm tell for
those who do not know me my name is sarah hoffmann im asm I am as son on the road again already for many years active map many people like to go hiking many photos collected from lanes forest for migratory direction signs I said program synonymous and have there as a kind of hobby in the hobby openstreetmap operate So I wemag a hiking trail map We've been hiking trails for ten years now This year and there I thought now a good opportunity a bit imagine what features to have come and a little bit about it
to talk as well as the hiking trails Mapping has developed in os started
has all this in 2009 At that time there were not many trails I lived there in Switzerland and
as the Swiss had so much sense So a perfectly organized
walkways system or have it still there must be a reason network is there the red what you see here and on it there are regional ways national So the dream of every tenant perfectly organized and I thought so At that time there were no maps in the internet where you could get an overview of that the whole network and osm seemed to work for it offer So I did what you do, namely
in the wiki created a bus like the whole to save is thus hiking trail as relation where you just the pure paths grabs as extra pattex and too say what it is so wrote down that and the media is written that says yes It's okay and because of course I must also see what you notice started to build a simple map that was a simple one even then overlay that is not complete hiking map but you really see only the routes were easy at that time is updated daily nowadays the every minute that is who vanilla maps It should be a change relatively quickly see So I was hiking for a year and then
As you can see, there has been a bit
So what happened within a year The number of trails has changed tenfold and of course I am curious
I have become something like that all over the world does the vandeweghe that is, the current was at that time
Of course not like that, but in the meantime So you see the trails worldwide the problem a bit if you have that wanting to do worldwide is okay you put that right there with the different for leveling there was the network tag at that time offered and that's what makes the climate the least a bit rough in international national regional and local hiking trails that you know a bit rudi are to be classified because that's a bit like that have the card made that yourself as the only divisions between has enforced that is difficult local may be a bit if
you try that worldwide not really consistent either here is still an example of what in stop the United States is still considered national example of appalachen occurs is the So almost 10,000 to the 3000 kilometers long national of course because he is leaving about no limits and then you have that in europe you can hardly see a whole small one elisabeth almost just one exceeds the limit and with its 100th there are kilometers and international I tried a bit like that as a card maker influence on it
It has taken place at that time So they really are
international hiking trails I cheekily renamed continental and does it anyway, I do not find it and in the hope that a people so little to say yes a little one Trail should already mean about that knows how that worked knows but not me at least that international network is quite good his now know something like that little is missing with these networks that we can break it down so fine just such things as theme paths nature trails that is very very unevenly noticed that you still have it can not really use in the map hiking mountain where you say so okay here is the black forest networks or something like that too is not really well set in pink and something on the map is definitely that much but in any case my fault is networks which are color-copied Of course you can not do that here at all recognize there complain especially in The Czech Republic In 2011 new maps arrived
on request of some men the
first clouds for one of the cycle paths to have So I started with that and there it was in Switzerland as well as that hiking trails system also for inline skating and mountain biking networks exist So I have the cards at night too added if you think about it now
a little bit healthily, the map looks So what they are mainly indicating as I said the networks and besides the symbols for the routes and for that trails has turned out that most beautiful are these is the symbol
the idea is not my idea that came from nock is that graphic
symbols the four are used at hiking trails so you can easily represent then I said okay, I have the background if foreground little text on it and in a certain I have shown and so you can practically do most map trail symbols the problem is a bit like this that the me found that was great and have developed a lot of fantasy what they have write everything in this symbol above all things can sign unicode It's unbelievable what you do can There was a time when I tried to work a bit against that said okay so if there not just any graphic is a symbol I do not change that though in the meantime I have given it up and let the map simple example it can still be very beautiful card look at the hair printed small note meanwhile in the help
from whom materials exist in small so if you are in the view looks and then there is what about scc symbol then you see first times which symbols mandat can use and at the bottom you can enter symbol what you want to use and then he shows it like on the map that means you have to be represented no more through with upload as well as sam try to find out something
2012 can for the first time a external project that was a
norwegian university project for tourism promotion the interesting have shown the map and the hiking opportunities in norway wanted to represent and a lot for the card is done one of the most interesting things is that height profile what you can see in details you Select then what be a bit shows how the route goes you can also zoom in and then you see with a dot on the map where one is just one of the things there has shown as a security problem that we always walk in general have noticed that you just all roads have belonged to the trail have thrown in the relation without great about the sorting thinking what to show on the map that's okay but if you have a profile then you want to represent in fact the linden the linear course of the route and that has me many years made problems because something like that
linear course with the computer too calculate is practically impossible that is about a year ago I said enough is now and at matthaus does that differently now expects that you as mekka the ways in the relation sorted neatly also the advantage that you spend a lot can find better if any there are errors in it when holes are straight with johnson that can be very well Immediately while you give the way ie for this relation that sees
height profile now that's what he is called just say okay as always sorted I show it to and he gives a little warning from up there that Maybe not sorted away means when you see that and that height profile weird looks easy one sort the relation search and sort then everything will be fine
Also with the project came the mobile version was asked again and again Amazingly, we find where I'm on the road there is usually no I receive my mobile phone personally I used the mobile version i feel and what came to that was translation of the
hangover that also an interesting one You can do it all the way community driven on translate like So you can do your own Translations now exist the map and 82 languages ??????and also a few exotics who so please its trails around Cologne in delicious he can do that
20:14 then came the last two also recognized this by von Leuten from the community These are the winter sports and are the riding ways and at the riding ways has then it turned out that there is one more another problem was that's that
his problem is the mixed routes
So every now and then they route are reported as hiking and cycling routes or summer winter hiking trail is also a very good example and there are some discussions in So the community and have said the to double than two relations that's not my topic that's the name hiking map is now understand this Enter semicolon by letter I want to do that it is still a bit niche project so 400 red at the moment but do the mapping something easier 20:15 you can always some
more the external use to the whole was really from the beginning really as considering roof which means you can also take the card and on its own make cards on top of it I have absolutely nothing against it here again two examples abroad for android the offline map which can also show hiking trails But you can also contact the teacher take that before all things then useful if you like the symbols too want to have displayed times that turns one that is not itself Another card that I still want to mention is gypsys that it is a german kart upload in the man of his gps-tracks can and share with others that's not exactly because it's actually my biggest user so is the load more tag tiles down than the actrice itself but since 20 16 they also get involved bit on server 2016 then came yet
a new feature to what that the make navigation a little easier You can now the trails directly the click if you have enough pure health in the map that is one does not have to go through this route anymore browser move around his trail and where we are here at the I want to talk about it say a little bit more that is relatively small So what can do height profile have you can already see gpx and since newest also downloaded from the trail also that really works good if the red ones are sorted otherwise, sometimes there is out and then there are a few more Additional information and that are relative Little did I have as I did then Just started in 2009 tags and looked at the idea used been written in there and thought then so well with time will be the people detail meppen and then do you add more information there and This is not amazing
really happened so that's times a bit of an overview of the Use of the most common tags for the hiking routes and what you see is it has become a bit so leveled so network and name and osl symbol are so often they are you really find a lot I can do it not prove but that's natural also on the map of best seen and that's why certainly also be used for that but otherwise it does not really work also made a new piece out Of course it can be because of that say okay we have all the information for hiking trails you need that is certainly not something
I also with the time so has trained is that the name because day next day it uses a a little more information under So bring a thing you completely can see clearly is what people like The trails are paths It goes so that you can say that is possible from dresden over par after nice to example of the man That means we need each one fall a day then one of the things I've learned that I'm there probably also as a map maker sometimes you have this information Represent the people then too meppen 20 17 has the top ponath me
kindly allowed the soviets Background map straight in The higher schools actually very one very nice map for hikers but that So you want to use there down there a small gear with the attitudes and then you can the change base map
also 20 17 has me the Italian contacted alpine club I had actually from the beginning, I said would like to see if it is specific regions that have a specific schema How to structure your hiking trails had is also a special rendering but really never anyone really used that was the Italian hiking clubs the first times that he did it because the Sun said we have these hiking trails the after difficulty that are structured You can see that a little bit the dotted lines are the the most difficult ways the solid are the very simple ones have one then have discussed a bit according to the rendering found what even so with the rest of the map have matched the paths numbering the references in the style Added to this, they wanted to do that and then a year has passed and the card has grown like crazy and
what has come out now is that it now also a paper hiking maps poisons based on open street map the
last feature which came 20 to 18 that now also signpost So you can look in more detail Here you can just click on it and gets additional information the There is information on the signpost itself currently not too many have some Some still have some height a little interesting though interesting part is that he as well on shows destination relations If you like so everyone information on the signpost intends to cover are listed then you can do that now and then you can do that also look at the materials The information does not come from me so that's from jan michael who made the then externally charged
that's all for everyone this year
Feel free to relax a bit may have gotten lost why the trails system in your to take care of the environment
i can join that too Harald said it does not take much
I tried a few things you need is a gps tracker and a Camera gps tracker should somewhere in the display that you can see the time can take pictures and then you can then the photos very easy to show for his gps track and show battery life is synonymous Of course, it's important to receive good ones but you sometimes in deeper valleys is traveling and dense forests for the camera my recommendation is to pay attention that a fast autofocus because that's the only one possibility is that you can not do it every time Two minutes must stand and that means one can also with a group wander without being unpopular It also makes one useful automatic alignment can be short show why I made it a habit now
I have a little something to remember So I actually photographed myself I have the direction in the me photographed with the alignment hold on to the camera that means being photographed to the front in landscape format then you can so look what a way you if you photographed in the back format and right and left easily turned and so you know something you should actually do it not to wait too long at the record take the data determined because Sometime you forget something on the Photos on it was still a small one
outlook I already said some things I would like to see them and what this year probably me or someone It must be different that we are ourselves Let's have a thought about the sea I had called course distances red types and maybe there are some other things then you have to go in the data a bit look into another is not a problem that now have spoken members are rolling that is some routes are known so beforehand if there are more bike paths So if one direction is different as the other one that is there but for hiking trails, for example, I have also seen alternative or any excursions that is called has a hiking trail and there is one Lookout tower and that's what you want especially tecan that's all relative I do not agree really roll where to say okay that is now forming out a bit That means that would be where you are would have to talk about how materials Of course it would be important that this information displays two things that I am very interesting finally find the way to indicate texture that means at least a distinction between asphalted and not asphalted that is good when hiker and also for cyclists and whatever is in demand again is more So information about the route has that the hotels restaurant on one look in the details list can see
so that I am in the end so would be me
That's a bit in the bigger one Variation can see Harald has here this map brought by bielefeld and that 's how it looks in the offline version thank you [Applause] perfectly clear these cards that's why we're also helping openstreetmap too
win those out there where no roads are the ways capture and from there that's also helpful for that Generation of personnel okay, there are questions I would interest if the picture that the Pictures also made publicly available become No, I have always considered it and there are also different projects the signposts become publicly available too because that would be useful for the I'm always like that with other photos a bit skeptical because there because you be careful that you take pictures people are on it and so on and so on that means I personally prefer just to be able to photograph so without worries but signposts that would be interesting yes that's exactly what they do but I do not have it yet used so more questions from the plenum I see that is not the case for me would have one more There is the problem with the acquisition the red is relatively expensive you it already says they have to be nice be ordered I had already considered who that not wonderful when we are one of those who build the routing software and one could make export so that one the red quasi with a route planner then the one and then automatically this relation generates where all the paths that are used in there that would be then for the average wepper much easier because if you are wants to capture the route the route then does sometimes you have some micro because not missing because drinne and a route planner would then always I also had it completely thought about such things meanwhile you can not do that worldwide do more because that's because we have the data or at least I think so what you can do there is that in the install editor because you anyway has downloaded his area with the local data where the route is and me think there would be something possible ok, thank you for further questions Thank you very much for the presentation for the application, I find great thing I do not have any now Direct question to you but more like that the community because trails are not by itself there and we live in a terrible federalism and a terrible one turtle soon so I was myself times in the board of a hiking association and th??ringer wanderverband i know the problem and the problematic with the regional wander so weigh I wait for it extremely differently equipped so that gives stop Wegewart have their own system somehow made for itself very often, but on the old Wegewarte then have somehow wrong paper tickets and walk with it the cradle and you can do it all you can also design better in some countries that the so that the is communalized that is the paid Wegewarte is just about the Care trails and signage you can do it a bit for me the question At that time somehow came to ask for you you can somehow request the osm the community existed at some point Any thoughts on how to do this make this exchange better and the volunteer paths are waiting more and better ways to give the hand can it comes to inquiries i was also before I do not know 6 years or so even from the day I yes the den he also has a nationwide club sometimes I was a lecture keep over sms is then unfortunately such a bit asleep the whole there is there are some reservations I believe it would be better now That's what I got from the conference I think that's what I think is easier in the communes in the thereby drinking official posts the problem is indeed in germany that there very much the wegewarte are responsible and that different is so i know about two or three also the card use this online and also noticed the paths themselves in the sm but it's not like that now would would be a big move I would like to be there as well maybe something on the legs too put that there you can do more but yes , I have direct ideas too not maybe again or note direct wandering with seat in hatch has a few years ago , that's exactly what he did probably helps in parallel in principle develop your own software robert here a system and I had like that a little bit the feeling that you feel then do not want to lecture but So that's a bit of lobbyism there played a role and that one with a self-created self developed software and others funding can tap and you tried there with just one to get in there to the planning to come up with substances Thuringia also worked there is now in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology tourism provided new funds extra for it so nature everything again try here and that lacks a bit of faith I like a communication like that can do better because here are the data already there is the technology in there principle is still missing an export possibility for that one stops somehow an 80-year-old as noted a table with a map at hand So you can give one of them too had come was also fell fear that they have control over the lose data and that is natural also what where we as a community always again against talking need to understand give that it is actually better because they also have control over the data here really too meanwhile much be used and I do not know that's it I believe the point where to start must say okay that's that means now not that we take everything away from you want more questions yes then again thank you to Sarah for exhaustive information [Applause]