BIM- und GIS-Interoperabilität

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BIM- und GIS-Interoperabilität
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Clemen, Christian
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Der Vortrag vergleicht die Methoden der Informationsverarbeitung der Geo- und Bauwelt und stellt die Zwischenergebnisse einer gemeinsamen Arbeitsgruppe (ISO TC211 und ISO TC59 SC13) „BIM/GIS Interoperability“ vor.

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Welcome to a lecture
Block this time exclusively just to be dealt with there is a question what is that again that is a term which is the very last Scream is in the last years high up means building information modeling and there are simply to get spatial information in and buildings like this quake So it actually works little definitions what that means and how the cooperation with up to that would be like christian clemens tell But I still have or say it times as I was three years ago on a symposium and there was claimed bim is just as revolutionary as that Introduction of cat in the 90s I leave this thesis like this stand and then participate in the questions I would like to ask that everyone present practically his point of view releases but now it's christian life's turn of Welcome to the htw dresden i am five years old Here I have too high school teacher too the area building information modeling doctorate and employ myself a bit longer with and there is also the thesis so to speak re-im in is the new one of course, not true at all so now is because drugs that they I'll say construction engineers architects
Planners and geodata managers together work and what about the beautiful License plate on itself I declare
At the end of my speech So at the beginning I look at something professionally why do we need the whole thing actually now a couple of playing at educational use cases show so to motivation then such a definition though that my definition is that official and then it's about the topic interoperability and if I like him that way a bit of the iso Working group where we the topic standardization of interoperability discuss so construction work which is divided
strictly following performance phases Performance periods are actual price right but that's the essential money earn I say even frost conference but it is good Approaching approach to the topic if you think in these planning phases and then look We work the building models and the geo models together as we have here with students for example one small plugin for a bim software written that is actually a whole lot of fun Modeling the house is a bit small but now we have the Property boundaries are invited and it could be an architect wake can then his art piece parallel three meters Align the distance to the plot and then he has added value architect usually not now now they could do something inside and then to play up again city ​​model and then with the others geo data intersect it is so there but not just for that Visualize the beautiful thing Visualization is much more important model interpretation that you stop by merging the
different compartment models and the geodata are in simple model below many different models in the construction industry if you get together you have one Real more further in the analysis You can either go after it bremen or I am still going after and then not only planned
but it is also being built that's what they're talking about more now surveying engineers among them so at the construction site there is such a kind of paradigm change that one model the execution is based on the people at the construction site are the wars no longer just a printed one clear but the work with the Maybe the model too Surveyor of gz so increasingly to an application where the model then you can see the dots right in stake out the locality and much I have interesting building project visited by a year that is the biggest airport in the world and that during istanbul was also opened and that is a complete project that he was based three years model planned and then three years model built based that's great very well works very innovative all other thing to the airport and also the political conditions are questionable but that's great
interesting that one comes to everyone see at the construction site like him will look like later and the components could click and the then had number and they had theirs says data and on the biggest Airport construction site of the world not exactly bad I would say but that
most important in the end the building must be yes be used the so-called operating phase well then there are also in geoinformatics many aspirations improve indoor outdoor navigation So from the sensor technology but also from the data and the linking of the data and routing goes down so the janitor the facility manager the then in the operating phase too take care of the data management and then you have to know that it is almost citymanager 25 percent of his working time with it
spends looking for information it is you as a geoinformatiker maybe somehow clear is that the information must be available so What is developing in the building industry? right now we also have a project with you made students this is a condominium very normal in
hamburg since we took cad plans from the first revolution the cad and so to speak , it is the new revolution brought to bees have a 3d model have done that accordingly attribute is wrong now you can out there deduce planwerk but still much more important one can generate lists in the principle of facility manager is even interested not so much for the visualization but wants his business processes
want to write his bills know why wait for me the next window there but then the question is what is with the outdoor facilities we'll get that one more Plans terrain model of the city hamburg the land use at this housing estate through the wall typically Guided in plaster and you have to go now
somehow merge You can see the building here and then the outdoor facilities that is actually original is that's bin and I want to be together now interrogate and that is an enormous added value that is people forget many curves acts and has again not difficult and so in the building is that revolutionary so it goes with bin
and at kiss somewhere the same yes
the same thing is in the middle building information modeling information graphic information system that same in the middle and that is so to speak, the decisive one is us Construction engineers who build the plan make the statics and architects the design of the facility manager cook that house be used economically can we just keep doing this but In addition, much more is coming now Focus on it like information management make jalloh's design build operate information exchange though today is interesting here the Exchange between the survey data and the geodata in the different ones phases I want to address this here, so to speak with the lecture there wants to do that right wants I explain so very briefly what is Actually, this is the internet
I have my own definition
so thought of from a certain time where I worked on the projects So an essential ingredient is the common garden environment the common data environment needs to be measured not necessarily one now be monolithic database but Geoinformatiker can also know that Something distributed his infrastructure But it can also be something like that file storage system the life cycle thought is another important one aspect of the building consists in the Of course, reality as long as it is it is planned it is planned beforehand in the life cycle around the integrated information that is without one Media break and without that by a format changes and how the data is transferred though but contain less information so that they are over the whole lifecycle used the information becomes the third important aspect that This entire information is not at the drawing hangs like cad like that though now building now 95 percent of the cad plans also gives 3d cad but there are the model is semantic structured there are objects and the Objects represent components and there depends then the information on it so not a drawing this is a real paradigm shift okay the common data environment is
a hot topic that's a bit small pictures why not read everything so this common data environments that is this dark frame here and they see in the course of the project, the Information is becoming more and more because More and more people, so information enter and now I also used a word projects project information model it Means I'm already a bit something different than the geo data Geodaten if he over decades maintained it's always the idea anyway But I am in reality, it is rather a project with bast project related the for a train station for a street for one Bridge if the most in the planning phase and in connection to it that asset information model but we have the common data environment and before that can be built a framework are created and there are the words come from the english speakers from england so to us
sloshed over and the edge three years ago nobody in the building and now all of these know So this is safety the client has one somewhere bit of capital wants to spend what would like to build a shopping mall or the staat wants to build a kindergarten and then, so to speak, it's pure apprenticeship request client information requirements to formulate there are just the big states doing That was also the case of the large construction companies make that right there right now a bunch of people who consult Germany travel and Europe-wide China is now the client formulate information requirements and there it is again in the middle give up information requirements So it's not about how it is now is exactly built but it is about that information-management there's a tender construction project in each specify which phase of performance and then the offerer must be able to do that that could be a survey office be entrepreneur needs these client information requirements answer with the resolution plan of the then further structured to Duties and then in this normalized process according to iso 1906 150 normalized when that happens, I say equal to anything then his Timeframe provided for those who can not work with him he does not like this yet paradigm shift have warped that you have more time to work your way up that was the case in england, for example that half of all architects and Construction engineers from the state a training got funded that's us have a nice talk this morning heard from the ruhr area there was that subject of course as 92 people were trained to use osm data is the willingness to develop to work with osm data and that's how it works this is just as well as he has to take the people with them and be very efficient how do i do at college anyway, but there are many too older people do not do that, so to speak just fresh our college have left there is, so to speak, this common data environment and that is he has the will Just hotly debated these standards, the is very strong from the English Construction influences what general contractor is therefore one big business that just does it all that does not fit ours at all many would like to say that building culture we have small engineering offices we would like the architects have a two He was still involved can a little reviewer the fit as well as the norm at the time formulated is not really pure and surveying engineers maybe already Not at all that's a hot topic what is being discussed is the goal of all but what is very good again So you really want to be under construction make sure that the information quality assured there that is For example, all attributes are set everything is complete and you are would like to use 3d models if one she avoids the individual Specialized technical building equipment statics if you have the intersect that then no collisions arise second thesis in which the
component you can see here as bright as a slower choice and I take now always this gameplay with the paradigm shift so the 3g 3d geometry is not the paradigm shift if you can with 3d have been working with cad also of course very important is the high meaning of the topology that the components know how they interact with each other that's the intelligence of the building model and for many people the most crucial is the semantic structure well that is one paradigm shift the geoinformatik So , ten years ago, it happened from the card to the kiss first anyway something on the screen and then also all these semantic models I'm thinking about city ​​gmail, for example semantics is also the prevailing the prevalence of order criterion and semantics the is thus formed over the component types what is the type of what I say
attributes have to sit down and there are No layer and a cad system there longer and longer that is the semantic, so to speak concept in the cad that 's pretty much the Objects have a class and that is absolutely crucial because this is absolute the semantic would otherwise be necessary not all the methodology But every software works the different every standard every work something different with each invitation formulated so there is a high requires at least basic functionality to unify the semantics
life cycle thought yes I already have from this tree So live so little on the fee arrangement for architects Engineers are only there but planning to do that drive the building needs consumed So that's about 80 percent of the cost yes, also much longer so maybe 80 years and not two years of construction that means you have to do that Information management from the back Thinking is actually trivial, too unfortunately that is in the construction industry at all not the case the client says not to the architect I want to want
I will need the building later the and the information about the concrete and the building industry is learning that So you have the information management very much must begin early back works and then the question is how then fit in each case the geo data Of course, that's a big role play as soon as I speak as leave beiwerk and now behind the I'm wall in the gravel, so to speak Here we come to lines. That 's it land rights to land there are terrain there will be the next one soon Kindergarten may be too far away therefore reduces the value of one property and in this this
information management is so right and handled so differently also found in at European level 10 just about big work group too a foundation work instead of when we about the level of detail of to talk information They know that a bit from the city gml leds then the perspective changes we do not say that anymore Level of detail is a property
of the model but we say that computer scientist who modellng Accuracy is a requirement of client's level of information not and that is broken down into geometric detailing the semantic detailing and in which data formats and which documents I as named lisa may be very important because I am also me surveying engineer that's why strong in geometric properties Interested important is the question where it is the I prefer geometry when I go to for example a 3d stock documentation Power must be editable so and so
that 's what it's all about and it's a heap
of normalization city ​​so to speak at the blow up so the modeling and pull of course also in the eye area there is cheap smart here have my logo there we are also member to say that in terms of gysi and that is before normalization these are the networks that then do things in the formal normalization einspielen and
the interpreted and in this Working group we try say in
different coordinate levels that
topic of interoperability So how interoperable are the data the processes are the business processes Solutions that one could offer are the integrated solution so everything in Writing a file is that united things meter model i can master or are the distributed things so anthology is quite difficult is and there are a lot of problems
as you can see , you always need it ask a very complex question, so to speak
this is the working group and wanted there So now I'm giving up this task currently working group on eu level is that until october this write a technical report who calls these interviews problems and suggestions for another nine guys makes plans and am better bring together
that can be done before I have one more minute the topic which coordinate has point there geoinformatiker can great you have all the metadata in the coordinate system not so just a single point of one system into another on there are different reasons for it and because we have such a
Concept develops where we look like Can you get into the industry foundation klotz this is open format how can you because the georeferencing write in I leave it quite open if I will look and you will find on the website you can do that We have not download it uploads our software but we'll do another one soon
History is in the building industry games manufacturer the windows prevailed hijack a big role but they model how they are funny yes the woman which attributes purely the then have used the same That's why there is a concept In addition, we have a feature server
the single attribute describes atomic the product data uses this characteristics then i need this from the window 17 attributes for the application case facility management the server is there and can be tapped by manufacturers become They then design their product data sheets the products differ according to these templates and a bim software can then according to a note or check and my suggestion is now that so too bio-products templates Developed would be academic read
wants building information modeling I recommend the book of andrea borrmann and other important ones university teachers in germany springer-verlag superior in which modeling or who does not want the 80th to spend euro the guide geodesy and bring the There's the colorful table in Munich or at the german club surveying dvw free as pdf to download is under again I believe 210 pages rather and one
last sentence the topic is a hype that's great we have one here local network have formed me of research project 25,000 euros missing because I calculated wrong and then then are in the two weeks I was able to crowdfunding next to the I take this balance needed for the financing are a because the topic is just so important then nice
yes thanks christian clemens for This insight, that's true a very own world just that probably our gis world completely own and I think it will be there but we have a lot of questions to go five minutes time yes so that the question it goes on all only on building euro on all Infrastructure then one would street or a canal belong to it then we are pretty much in ours business absolute that is a whole important question so if you are in Anglo-Saxon space looking for building construction that is important but not quite so important when building in infrastructure there is, of course , there is total important and then pay then blur the borders and in germany it is rather because this is the topic of Federal Ministry of Transport strong is driven by the so from 2020 onwards january 2021 if you have to be exact traffic projects by the method that means no two of them Plans must be created in every second tree Derived from the model one day become and there is something around there yes lines terrain property boundaries because of that the boundaries of the city yes because it would interest me more they have already said that that already seen in other projects so the tracking of such models is not really the topic at all or so if they say that now a project and then somehow on but they also said building stands yes somehow in the best case 80 years 100 years I do not know there either window changed doors is changed that we as intended So that's it will always be so thought in the youth committees For example, when serving sits one of the cad site bavaria and there is actually the theme of Fund is crucial because if the building the information of the building the next 20 30 40 years then you need open standards because of me I would not be on that american software developer of large corporations leave that in 30 years still the same file formats support because you need text-based open standards and that would be the i fc and who's watching now so now Now say as technology on the technology level argues is very important there to use open standards because of long-term use and the topic updates is technically difficult no question I would just leave the theme is just a topic for new buildings or could one the topic at the also expand on the existing ones inventory building so the question heads Great everywhere I go to next lecture and research project must have exactly the question goes so the software is made but the new construction application is actually a lot more interesting for existing buildings because we have a few more existing ones Building as what just this year is built and the same Of course you also want possibilities use existing buildings the software can that you and that is the subject of research and important social task Many Thanks So I think the question with the revolution has somehow already clarified who had the ball at the same time as for the construction industry one last question you probably have the connection already stopped what does that mean? now for the little home builder the question always comes what has the hand so The craftsmen must be taken there was retraining at the tu dresden craftsman then how so easy too using 3d modeling software were actually very open and then There are also quite a lot highly specialized for craft company eg stones now here in dresden he made in the computer model and leaves then mill it over nancy machine then and he is happy when he vom Architects 3d model is getting so far I did not always do it myself So that's it, there are those craft shops the new cards maybe you have a fax there as well those who are very innovative and small super innovative and they are happy if So they can work digitally a lot more to come in the area many thanks for that went into bohemia christian sticking to beautiful [Music]


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