OpenGeoEdu – das Projekt: freie Datenabgebote in Lehre und Forschung

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: OpenGeoEdu – das Projekt: freie Datenabgebote in Lehre und Forschung

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OpenGeoEdu – das Projekt: freie Datenabgebote in Lehre und Forschung
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OpenGeoEdu – mit offenen Daten lernen
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Wir stellen Ihnen den ersten offenen Online-Kurs mit dem Kernthema Open Data vor und geben Einblicke in die Ergebnisse unseres ersten Semesters
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welcome to the 24th max block on thursday until 2019 in dresden in this The introductory block is about open data open data and at the beginning we will be the first To learn a little bit how to This data is where you find it how to analyze them how to do them processed and there are at the Rostock an online course and Axel Ahrens will now tell us about them present many thanks good morning at the beginning before me Once again excited by the yesterday usability lectures here the
I invite you very cordially the pages and the page during my lecture to attend and in the course to see note suggestions for improvement criticism then like to ask live afterwards or in the forum chat as get up is you or anonymous in the contact form I look forward to yours
Feedback to me
lorenzen zabel geograf and since 2017 the university rostock as scientific employee at the
project opengl active and I am pleased yes to introduce the project and to give a little insight what we do as we do with open data learn or would like to study and
interested in learning with open data
open data is the data of life and used for any purpose altered by this can be passed in Based on the definition of the open I have a very short data blog now kept because many already know what It is about open data and for one thing I focus more on the online course condition for the use of
Open data is next to the public accessibility and interoperability in the context of the falster pictured here open data model also the common freedom respectively the use of open licenses and yes, a far-reaching free of charge
open data meets us at many different places and many different sources besides administrative data and geodata infrastructures open geodata and data from commercial providers research data or user generated data like openstreetmap data from yes of users in social media services generated or yes mesrine from citizen science projects be it air data among other things in the project we lay the focus on free geodata
So there are many open data but in the practical training in raum related to the degree courses geography space environment instead land planning the forestry sciences go or environmental sciences to the German-speaking universities come that far too rare to use open dates It will then be based on old data or pattern recourse to records and that does not have to be that we want like to change and then not only with the reference to the data where you find it can find but also with matching application art contexts
Here is a short text what open geo
eto'o should make use of the outside geodata in the room create the We would like to go through study courses illustrate examples and then in learning offers for integration provide many of these courses the scientific offspring learns so dealing with open data and know free software and this as Of course appreciate and that lehrpersonal this can own this incorporate case studies into the teaching or further develop and new ones approach us to add new ones
at the trottoir at this project We are supported by experts different departments we have the institute here for
ecological space development that else in area monitoring, this helps German team from the research center brings expertises from the field bioenergy no and the federal office for cartography and geodesy with the case example promulgation of Rostock University also participates with topics of mobility and geoinformatics more details about project and the project partners on the website www opengl the project consortium as a whole
does this work with open data learn for one where are these open data It's about finding the open data then learning with open data summarized the processing and Preparation and evaluation of the data and yes, in a kind of learning success control and an application like that in the detail looks like the eu is coming
offers an open learning platform and a
open offer of lecture units and exercises a registration on the learning platform is only required if learning tests to want to complete the knowledge level or edited themes respectively upload created maps and want to submit for these submitted work we compliant your chargeable tts power points off or on attendance certificate for the training measure towards the employer or for one canditature
in addition to the text-based scripts with to produce maps and direct reference
We also have videos to get started in each case example, there is a short teaser the hhl appetite should make the topic and a small introduction there is also a lecture under the exercise he contributes in the which topics are presented To approach in the course of 10 to 15 minutes the course is divided into several parts according to the Introduction to open data and the importance of openness in the Science follow the case studies on electromobility ambient noise biomass potential calculations areas monitoring and remote sensing then practically also working on open data are processed shown here a bit bigger the section of electromobility for One we see lectures tests exercise Documentation style kept the page adapted for mobile devices so that's it even certain ones learn their own timing can be done the costs are possible at any time the gentleman lecture block with many Subpages are processed in a multimedia format Tests and exercises are in the ilias learning platform implemented here find the exercise scripts and also to submit the test and the forms to the data as already mentioned for tests
and exercises is a registration required otherwise are the exercise Scripts freely accessible with relevance
for the entire course will be in tutorials dealt with this
practical guide with lecture content on topics such as cards design modeling yes or
also data formats and licenses
the platform offers different help and tools around
interested in the selection of courses facilitate here we see the example
Self-assessment and one with yes
help you to realistic assessment of own knowledge with
point out a course that is considered meaningful divide
im to the workload about we offer the workload calculator here the user chooses his interest area the course parts out and gets the indicated in the hour corresponding workload we can estimate and certify what exactly at the end of the credit points will be reflected
the conformity to bachelor and master courses can be found here in This montur description again exactly with semester credit course included and conditions and accompanying Let us also learn from others
studies against know this datasheet too the exercise of electromobility based on this data sheet powerful represent which Course contents are available on the one hand the exercise becomes then described yes used software and dates touched which functionalities are emptied and are needed in what form the result is delivered to be submitted and of course the Workload is already a workload calculator again finds exactly that
Exercise we offer the different levels and spatial levels now so the overview page with the We'll go over the data sheets for a bit
get closer the spatial reach and the I would like to have different levels Case study electromobility clarify For example , at local or municipal level in the case example demographic data and the load Station network in a street data and charging station in the network in a municipality for example, at the place of residence of the learner for an achievability analysis with used batteries online be on a regional level Connections between demographic Data for potential electric car buyers
and in the loading station network with judes examined in the multivariate and in the third level will be a trip with the Electric car across Europe with open road service and more news plugins resolved to find the open data
we also in this project yes
data portal with over 300 entries is developed references to catalogs and
data portals and data applies
infrastructures and so I invite you use the card and the table view also the search functions Should you miss an entry
This naturally news bar is looking forward
We are always happy when users turn us on draw attention to new data portals Now you can see the form right away
Of course, changes are possible and yes I invite you to do that would be this
created learning content and yes I want give them a little insight into the more communication and the Collaboration within the project Create authors like our experts like thumb documents you in our kita posse tory invite and this is with a plug in my weblog advertising with linked to the file-based cms graf there will be more metadata added and the page lure presented and delivered the users need these principles and of course
also write notes and thereby should complete the learning offer be improved for the internal come project communication but also that of Exchange of learning with each other would still be a chat and a forum that, of course, still optional course is time to look like that I want to go on now give a small outlook in the Last winter semester we have first held the open geology and became parallel to regular operation then also parts of students of present study program environment Engineering at the University of Rostock tested for feedback rounds and to improve the
Here we see a product of 25 bachelor and in the following slides
even from the 15 master studies students of the study program Here we see the case example is or the exercise that is the subject made wave band short and due to the different sustainable development There was also a strong variance ever according to the interests of the students which contents have been edited for
At the end of the semester we received eight donations of occupancy and maps of external I have kimi students studying with question marks noted because the personal data not so well maintained were how we look at the registration had hoped in any case with an e-mail address they were reachable and have mine certificates have here a
more in your own own result a student at the University of Rostock who deals with the with the help periods in Rostock a reichsmark analysis and Here you can see open data
yes, the presentation of the access numbers not one of the access numbers of registration we had about 130
registrations in the first winter semester or first large diameter Two-thirds of the registered users at least one test performed and from these tests was carried out also two thirds yes and two thirds of the users have these tests also passed and We continue to have 29 learners not all receipts are presented Degree course participant of the university Rostock delivered on cheap there are just all to be evaluated working in it and they have it too successful with a certificate Certificate in online course completed now a small summary and outlook what to take with you I want you to take them with you students in bachelor and masters courses yes can in opengl earn credits and important ones Knowledge of working with open gain data and free software Teachers can open beo edu in the teach and integrate with us Contribute your own examples [Music] everyone interested can with opengl practical experience with kiss and collect free data Many Thanks
Oh, I want a little one klemmer connect opengl is from the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure under the Promote modernity funds
Thank you very much for that
Presentation of this exciting learning platforms I think it will ask questions who has a question
micro also comes here one more question I understood correctly that one learns there how to open Data ran so how do you data portals and find sources of open data can give and open data based on and take In this case, it's all about taking is also irritated at the study participants that one says it here There is also the possibility that you also data purely there is open street map for example, this is not yet done It is only possible to touch on the possibility to happy to create data yourself and to bring in but is still are not part of the site We are happy to help you in citizen science projects offer themselves Therefore , many possibilities are possible Generate or gain users the participate We would like to do that in the future reinbringen Thank you for your presentation so my ask aimed exactly is so party in the same score so i had myself too interested in what can be taught make even the courses to their purposes may adapt to your own contributing materials or your own test center is that was planned is already part of the why implementation is planned and therefore provided interested those who like to teach a case study would like to contribute Contact us and we will contact you put together and yes this workflow I have already touched on that we will go through the common parents practice and hopefully to the new come case example another question not all teachers are now necessarily teaching in the digital age arrived or some schools offer also not infrastructure and actually with the platform to go what you are It is a pity but also the possibility to partially use the materials as take out offline materials like that that teaching that in the traditional ways to teach their students the open learning content in this Documentation view offer the option yes the the most of the whole ie individual and selected course parts as a pdf to print to generate and print a pdf further through the open Licensing gave ccb chosen because we want that generated yes yes that generated from it also know in the same dimensions would like to be passed on We like that data and information can also be used that's why this cc-by licensing of content on opengl you yes the possible to have a great deal of freedom our information itself in the teaching integrate Many Thanks I still had a question, and if so you now as a teacher yourself a topic So you have to be able to contribute self-register or run the Registration only was the portal then So you have to stand again if so we are so kind of have one gatekeeper function and look What comes in the best times github look at the structure of a such course looks and wants for put your quest and then you can do that would be a good start to come together and a new case study teach and another second question then that would be alright not just a student now university rostock but in principle nationwide, anyone can do that if it is not walter of others how does it work? With this certification, the that theoretically even use credit become points that is the idea of ​​the university rostock so we as a university ask for the study achievements this certification from and in the bologna reform is recorded yes the transport capacity of the study performance Of course you would have to do that in advance with their own studies already experiences with other colleges if that's it then also recognize so students have of other universities already participated and that is recognized by the university get to know from one of one Participants of the University of Cologne have successfully participated and the the study performance submitted a feedback we have not received if that was accepted then thank you I would have a quick question technical implementation if I have it a lot is understood correctly implemented or cms used around geo extended that I would like to know how it's the technical implementation and if that self- implemented why do you have aware of existing ones insist the implementation sat modeln opel decided the perhaps more modular after usable we would see through the use of the market also documents a reuse given the contents of a free is learning environment in the surroundings ILIAS yes also the export provided The export in 1 come package for the reuse so we already have one weighed which learning management system we use and there elias has become practicable highlighted we had this documentation before we got it Style also had a test made now so that we only elias Elias use for free availability The lecture contents are not there quite happy with it because of it this changed to one learning platform and elias for tests and cheap departure yes a question i want still not let it have then I still have a question how high is it the entry level so how much You have to have some knowledge about it to be able to participate there so I have to already experienced with geographic have data or you can completely free go there these different levels we depict about 1 basic at click like that name click & buy click already indicates every step and every one working step in the search of edit create cards by moderated and therefore are the entry level quite low must be given a bit text editing on the computer like that basic computer skills are already required we think through the extra materials what the bulk geographic information systems is a entry level lecture is content is not available either give users the opportunity to participate open data and free software too work thank you axel origins abel for the presentation from above geo ego [Applause]