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Routing mit Open-Source-Software
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pgRouting (Bibliothek für Routing und Netzwerkanalyse) kennen die Meisten, aber für viele Anwendungsfälle sind andere Open-Source-Tools mindestens ebenso gut geeignet. Dieser Vortrag zeigt Anwendungen vom Eisenbahn- bis zum Schiffsrouting und gibt Tipps zum Einsatz von geeigneten Routing-Technologien.
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what's in the red area
what kind of software to use that will be us At the moment I would thank you Welcome to the entry into the routing
and we do not really see much the specialized ones are routing us make web pour course development though the customers come from us like that and so said yes, but we want too still have routing and that has changed in the the years go by quite a bit brought experience and I will now a reference to some projects little bit of this experience pass on
the first customer was one poster company we have actually made a joke that it worked actually said about opel first day we can not do ours again optimize delivery routes a bit then you can do other things yes we have to the poster we want the customer offer that the posters had in an optimized environment of eg A shopping center that he only a specific catchment area of can rent posters how could that have been the case so far? convinced that he worked with post and that's why they did not say anything problem we have routes with oscars and have because it started completely because it gives off routing and that's how the software works
probably many have already heard this is a post crisis extension the typical graf v one got that means you do a routing From a geodata one has to count the enable routing and then there is this long list of functions back then So not all were there so the vicky in Mexico is working wildly in the the last years of the complications come always something new about it so the election four years ago, home salon the list is simple but has the big ones the main three extra die already that of course can be long and long interests has come to a lot the work is always the same when you are first the data in this graf format and then I can do this post Office So let's run algorithms said yes no matter we do it were so violent here we have data had not gotten a bit on work and have these groups running calmly or as we say, we have it like that that jalloh and wonderful have the the red ones got the given but they say they are beautiful She was satisfied then she has his own given policy and logistics then said that is absolutely useless what you have delivered there but it was not just our fault
then they came so that the small print
what else to consider For example we would have problems in pedestrian zones because we have of course the bans accepted and but takes into account that the flag then but dare alone with her poster and You can depend on that Imagine you make one maximum speed of one kilometer per hour and off you go then in case of emergency also in the fußgängerzone a you can not go that high because then goes through if not but should That's what you get then there are such stupid problems that has this poster column and the pillars Stops are not in the same place this is then I do not necessarily automatically readable We then had to still hand by hand enter stops and then there are also buildings like train stations where quite a lot hanging posters and of course we do not Find driving routes with data is also not so easy to solve and then come the really difficult problems He said that we want to go with him then go with the vehicle We first take a direction in the street spread over the right and then we go directly in advance and distribute on the the other side of the street that is already a difficult problem that means we said okay We are now talking about all our good ones on our streets make two red ones but then with the whole bender in and so gets very tricky and then there are these too highways put where you actually And she should not be there anyway Everyone went there as were the goods quite difficult that means we have like that we have another two passes made and loose we could do something we do not have the useful to bring Hand optimized routes will get you there but have worked for years we also brought some new ideas what you have to do with routing function that always happens on the graph and there is a cost factor then is considered and now in the moment that was pretty easy cost comparison speed that is the time I need and which just to go with the special case for driving bans and also otherwise he still has to be a few factors reinbringen they do not necessarily want to go through it Also want on the main roads stay means you go that's me probably not any abbreviations by just do it that means you screw then very much then have a long time at these cost factors just said that the drive direction problematic and the manual trainer of skin and dots what is here yet a bigger problem was if we disputed the isolated that works wonderfully with extra extinction so performant but if we are now national look at routes or long distances then this author is no longer so good because they are really searching virtually all variants and that means them
do not do that first Highway connection of decency too instead of b and then the fine distribution but they are looking for all sorts of things Routes that means it will be changed immediately factor slower if then when i would be larger if I too internationally , these will work basic algorithms on their own I do not really have any more find other optimizations and have that in hindsight it is actually here level routing probably not that Correct was our conclusion and that some alternatives
which is a little bit is aligned to this problem I want grasshopper now but do not tell much of it i have just the slide grouped then synonymous still comes in the next lecture is a java library webservice routing is also comes from openstreetmap ago but also use your own data offers but the same is still a lot more and is from now on know has more logic This level of routing is really graph cost finished it has no business Logic or formerly in that I have to do everything yourself and there it is already routing engines already Know a little more about the problem area have the then depending on the problem offer better configuration options and also deliver better results thereby applying number 2 which completely
there it is we have cookies my set online offline and we want make street routing online is something completely different than offline for online is relatively easy they even told themselves what and use Oppenrod itself So there is online service where I am can and start and specify the target and wars then rest or is crowns Such things are online services offline is another story and thus also post chris no candidate That's why it was here for us now fall for the sorrow and that comes in the after lecture still in detail and the data osm therefore still here one
position special nite meadow ground dust the title satellite is a single file db so a single case that one but talks about sql like a db and that has an extension is already network or now new in the next in the upcoming version will be serge routing be called the cribs are now back for the base groups dijkstra and issue What is here is very convenient
is such a special leitheußer net so I can directly read in data but what if you are only on certain so it has imported specialized eyes is at lock at road traffic and then the missing appropriate roads out or even different I can say rail traffic then he was missing there but depending on that, you also have to go ahead filter the osm data first describes why they there special nite feeds and then it works very similar then i have ass crm functions which I then to the routing may need
says concrete like this so that the desktop this with the crown function and offline works really well Well but also larger data I can It is also very easy to recommend time i have the cost i work just has to cost the data so much prepare that i have a great function I have the result then delivers
But I need now so just already the basic road routing it works quite well that not only not world class but that The requirements would have been enough
Now there are other possible ones conditions that was just the basic requirements i want roads make routing a bit it gets more complicated when it stops multimodal will be so if I have you want a rail bus footpath mission and then I'm actually with this approach already very much difficult if I just mean that Graf has to be ready for me now so what's out war that means there is then again specialized engines actually this courage the modality already presuppose or support So it will be difficult if I do just edit the graph so that He gave me different useful variants There are different means of transport It gets complicated when I do start including timetables so if I want to do well then enough not just the track but me must indeed look at the word plan So I have to take the time into account I was at the point of father a bus will be one again stage is more complicated and there is also there now other software through that has already built in a bit and also near-traffic long-distance traffic
I said before that just stop one I look at some routing first with the fast train a few hundred kilometer and then fine distribution with Emergency call from those are also others So still rittmann says that I there for this further distinction I have to take that into account too Performance was about real-time to be able to and then we already had requirements we do not want just normal cars red but Special transports that means then must I still consider ourselves out there come through the big orders and has gyroscopes inside and such stuff these are more data problems again that i really had the data like that have that I can route that
now alternatives in the area all openstreetmap area There's got his whole collection of routing Angels also given that it stops openscape office worldwide record is because most people have different made routing engines and have now not listed what it is there is a good wiki page already times starting point there have picked out I now supported as well as the multi modal and time based roots the now that was is from map 10 developed the data of macbooks then bought or the us team was then bought by macbooks and gives girls not anymore but there is still walhalla and that would be a possible one now starting point when I get this complicated I have shown the requirements before have application number 3 again the whole
Hardly anyone else with a co2 he want to make a co2 platform he said okay I have to example, that is for transport transport the co2 consumption and calculate then you actually have the transports relatively well know the distances and for example with rail transport again distinguish between electrical stretch these purposes He also wants to differentiate by country because he is on different energy where has the co2 consumption and then second stage
So we still said yes no problem with routing can express that itself he sure as you can with it ship routing there we were already one a bit unsure and again ship routes to more we see something completely new for us or not too obvious for us so and then you can still yes Of course, the earliest one still has to be then we have the frustration have transports and that is again what good he is again actually the streets but actually These are two completely different things Railway has proven to be true
osm is the only worldwide dataset
because otherwise there is a whole iron goods have difficult topic now you have to determine nationally investigate everywhere where is now really diesel and where is electric Now we have last week to China found out where what is there so must you do a lot of research but usm has one worldwide network times to the net that very much good is the countries are taken as networks first was only the request seemed Land that was easy has to be easy looking stretch and then Verschneider with the countries but then came the Answer but we still have to roland know if it is electric and how far electric at diesel and that was then no longer just say that means we have processed all data before have all segments blended with the land with the countries and the elektra aroused loudly Cost factor was now in the case Simply shortest distance going still be This time you have to if possible this route bypasses problems osm Data is great but you can see it still many gaps where you now so if you just look at it and you realize it is can not be everything to be like it there are still some gaps we have then had to fill by hand with a lot Research partly has too many data that are in which ways you do not look so easy on it Velten can then says again 100 meter title give the result, the then again was strange when racing schmidt has problems again Lines on the edge of the coast or a border ran and the resolution among countries not exactly on has confessed with the with the seemed to have resolution that means there had we also hand-crafted the data but they did manage
and the results were now for the Application good that he is here now
example so from milan to dresden the shortest stretch the rows shortest I can do it that Germany not exactly judge so the Swiss part agrees and so we already have some stretch let's check and that makes that really see what comes out there there was and maybe still is lectures really the on the railway routing for special go for our This was good for his data prepare and sunbathe rhythm leave that to work then there's
As I said, routing is just saying that chapter data we have the net taken now also taken usm but the rivers were much too Detailed there comes every creek is there in there and we had and we could do it not filter out automotiv and that means networks has much less in it but enough for us then we had to segment the leagues and still to the sea link partly the solutions were not about us
It's true that we have a lot more different solved there is raste based on the one hand approaches but we already have up That's why we have this graphic approach opted for this gray grid so we first simple one worldwide there have already been
The land masses cut out this here is now ten degrees is Of course way too crude but just that to what they and we have the
rivers rhine set and all ports and
have the knot still to the next Tied up and are so good
results come so we have to of course adjust the course cost factor the segment length on the way 84 that also important because has really the whole earth you have to look that you can really counts and that gives now
an example for basel mumbai is available now a route for now too not very plausible looks in detail
is there already a few things to But there are complaints for our purposes The distance must agree This is not the man for the ski star directly but has for this calculation that was already very good and we can really provide a good
miss last film there is various classes of a routing jeans that you have to keep in mind So there are the online engines that cover already a lot off that is women in the Outside there are many engines then is there commercial because the dying is there I stand there I need I need For example, do not google routing but do with my own mine own map behind it that means you have to be careful that you legal remains for your own dbs i said there is routing in jeans and putting and mobile is offline actually so the one secret tip screams for there's more things it well how beautiful it was so
the introduction then we have great
And that was a point landing I would say thank you very much well you have opportunity to ask now deliver please be careful when asking that one of us with the micro there so that we can do it in the room too There are on the movies can operate ask from the plenum Thanks a lot for the fast-paced day improve them up data even if it you now have a mistake in topology So notice that there somehow diene are not connected so that that too back up again the usm database gives its routine So what would have done here we could not have played that because we really stop the infamous ones mass netease that is to say we just do it in the we have it in make cookies open correctly Selection and say that is now diesel they can not play that back in So, otherwise, really usa mistakes by them we did not find that at all now really holes in it were so The routing worked very well So there was nothing to it now correcting the data actually wants really needs to complement and skin so rough add that we do not play that may yes an aspect on the routes of would also be a tool for openstreetmap
internally when you are routing for example must put together that one quasi the start and end point easy then sets with a routing engine the first call and then touch individual points until you get them What's up on the red, so to speak lack is almost an export to one relation that one then this story as a route in web can use that would be very helpful for many men who are unfamiliar with relations and therefore this is a route yourself you can do it yourself all and if you know the bus For a long time, just do it with the route planner and you need one export function that as a relation rauswirft
just a short woman just a question he has a history of placarding with similar things years ago too ever had to do
My experience was actually going to be one These conditions begin with you had raised because of right left and stop and wear though it all on foot on these things wears the savings through automated the good went 0 so good German and manual power is one as fast as her Experiences are similar or even can you actually drive there for two? so maybe I do not have it that way
but clearly I have to say that finally is for this graf routing is the Croatian complicated i kick i can not get the data but I have to be huge expenses vienna that will correct that factor that I do not really worthwhile despite, I would say there is really new ideas like me would do it automatically inspirations from the automatic take route and then optimize now in practice
my question is you also have a few much experience now dates to process different sources and to pack in any engines because would I'm interested in how big is that model mismatch so how big is that work you have to do to get that done hinzukriegen So especially if the structures be more complicated if not only cost factors but also turn off restrictions and such things i cant do it that way i still can
Generally, the answer is the main work is always in fact memorable So an experience that we made to have you put a lot of work into it Data series is finally there on the correct shares of matches have we can partly know each other automate that one there yet Automatically corrects you noticed not at the beginning but then you can also see my country resolution is not right exactly in line with the river resolution than in other data sources I can then stop certain things he is cool moderately automated solve and then comes a lot of manual work I hope no no patent recipe for it you just have to be that too some customers do not realistically say that yes we want him then they say then have a pedestrian certain and velos and trams and stuff and we say okay pro pro medium prototype we invest several days just around the to edit data on that is the must just be aware every routing type and every medium needs another preparation of the data or others are other data that Just do a lot of work well question we still do
I have a question about the special Nite routing as I do then Comparison to other solutions such as example brother or grafitti also work offline where it is because of the advantages of special night or how does that compare? scope of function is out of scope
not very tall is really dax dare star routing but it is easy it is an interface that means i can do a miniprogram write that you call a sql an arrow makes me mean that is the advantage that it is so compact and simple is technological I need no server component i can do it or i can really do a script easily look out a route so that is actually the main contract main benefit special sorry that it is so minimal Many Thanks if there are any other questions you are yes, a little longer here


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