Maptime Salzburg - Ein Meetup für Geo-Themen

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Maptime Salzburg - Ein Meetup für Geo-Themen
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Wir haben das Meetup namens "Maptime Salzburg" gegründet. Der Vortrag berichtet über unsere Erfahrungen. In Salzburg gibt es viele verschiedenen Firmen und Institute die sich mit dem Thema Geo beschäftigen. Um sich besser austauschen zu können haben wir das Meetup "Maptime Salzburg" ins Leben gerufen. Wir veranstalten regelmäßige Treffen mit Vorträgen und Aktionen wie OpenStreetMap kartieren. Dieser Vortrag gibt ein Überblick über die Erfahrungen die wir beim organisieren und durchführen gemacht haben.
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the under jacket of me and three others we have founded what is maps a webservice to the group of several different
tabs now generally via web mapping geographic information and backup in loud and there are now 111 tenants and the whole has 2013 starting at the state of the map in us and the idea truth that one now
weekly or monthly regular Meeting where you can now comfortably over cards or technologies exactly and we have that too founded and every state can do one enroll your own meetup and we
do it that way we all have two now Months, we have lectures all
potential people can submit it and in between there are workshops and Stammtisch where you then at cozy exchange more topics treat exactly here so we
have our website webtrekk dash Salzburg we have just entries what we did in the single events have, and this site also not made by yourself but that is from map time came easy you go
You can get positive positively comets and that will be immediately shown exactly and we just try to record all our presentations
we have them here on youtube and on this tip from the portal will once the technical policy of hanover or with the long-term is activated you can just Now look here and have it up now English speaking but in principle we want to do that bilingual So also German speaking who likes and we translate exactly and exactly simply set times and exchange in salzburg the geo topics too improve We do not know exactly where the journey is we went there we tried it open street map community again to integrate what kind of difficult
because it's just a big one many have the open studio doing that little with this classic coast too do the same and the same thing geoinformatiker on whether it is true have nothing to do and there we have to Just look at me if that connect or make water and at the agit we still have a two game that next event with plaster is supposed to be the youth mapping initiative will be this
heidelberg and polymer pass milano let's do the common workshop and exactly we are always open to new ones Ideas and actions and we got up now once in the company trafiken hit the under the rooms have put together but we have now at uni I was there in have quite good access that one but can go in principle We now in the future for others Companies go with it as well can imagine and in exchange how do you solve something and that exactly ? place can be shared exactly who is interested slash salzburg is there
all the information and then it would be already so many thanks [Applause]


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