Einführung in dezentrale Infrastrukturen und IPFS (InterPlanetary Filesystem)

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Einführung in dezentrale Infrastrukturen und IPFS (InterPlanetary Filesystem)

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Einführung in dezentrale Infrastrukturen und IPFS (InterPlanetary Filesystem)
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Werden Geodaten auf einem verteilten, dezentralen System gespeichert bietet dies einige Vorteile. Es führt zu größerer Ausfallsicherheit, besser Erreichbarkeit und mehr Sicherheit. Diese Vortrag gibt einen Einblick in diese Entwicklung und zeigt anhand von IPFS, dem InterPlanetary Filesystem, wie dies dann im Alltag aussieht und welche Vorteile es bietet. IPFS ist Open Source unter der MIT-Lizenz.
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yes, welcome to the second lecture block discreet all infrastructures now nothing new but in this field
there are still many more reserves volker musche wants us there now introduce it and say okay this reserves are unfounded and he I want to explain that to you interplanetary styles system yes hello I am glad that so many have come I am all welcome in the live stream this is really an introduction to the decentralized infrastructures that is I really do not really need it a prior knowledge and i hope i can concepts are present and at the end everyone is excited and desperately wants to system have very quickly about me so
yes i am successful i am software developer at proto labs and yes you may not know about open source projects such as geox new or alves and program primarily what whistled and raced but it should actually go for something else and so the goals today are in the end white everyone is such a thing peer-to-peer network which concepts rose behind why does it at all sense and what role it plays so I have the concepts and the very first concept is at youtube here probably already have that Most oil belongs to me but it is in the moment still relatively negatively connoted You know it mostly means you know you know it from things like how file sharing and illegal stuff and look after and things like that but it is in it's just a technology behind it and of course you can But you do illegal things with it It can also make someone a lot of cool different and most of them probably already have a p2p Network used normally without me illegal things and that was There used to be a tipi network microsoft that is yes have bought up over the years changed again you can only down below why I come to later still and mostly thinking of later why that was maybe and that's just it nice because you give that to the sid the skype used to be a toupet network and now in no more is and actually the end user has no difference is remembered ten years ago the paper and not anymore simply because that means the same but in reverse do that with pippi network because of otherwise yes also that means I have so far normal client server model and set now on a p2p network that needs but not for the end user somehow then worse usability and that we are just fine too work and what is here actually That's just the direct connection between two computers and I mean example so now we are taking example the level but internet telephony provider and alison bra want to phone that is, they connect is the People become one to the provider and it always so in the small server principle the mediation and then because they talk on the phone and both talk about this phone provider with each other that's what I think yes that makes you so provider already sense because without the provider 's not so in peer to peer network works that though different therefore the step is the same because it has to be central somewhere prohibit that you usually with how to do that so talk to de mail provider but now as soon as the communication starts for us you just go between the two one needs the Do not change providers not in between more and what advantages does that have for advantages is from the perspective of the user it's faster because if mine namely colleague just in the office next door There is not over the wlan all internet and it is under circumstances more security because it just does not go all over the internet and accurate and can you stop him do not listen because so in the case can it's the central one that I stop because it's not about the central instance so now i come to the next concept that has nothing to do with the previous one do it here later it comes like that match This is about content versus location address I have tried it on so German to translate and content Addressing the place knows the address would not have been much better now but an example helps a book I read a book thinks it's great and tells you one girlfriend hey this book necessarily too read i will give you the isbn number and then can my girlfriend order her order whole go to the library she can do it from me borrow But as soon as she reads a book with I know that same spn oma will have read the same so makes sense now is the question how Looks like this in a location adress This is really easy I would then just my girlfriend so tell the book was great and Although it is in the university library in spits down in the social and Economic geography on the second floor on the third shelf on the left and there now, of course, problems because on the one hand maybe she can not go to library then maybe the book is there borrowed or is another one again book is the second book from the left then it is a completely different book and we do not know it and so believe in to save eight times okay could therefore It really should make a lot of sense to do everything here but now the problem is that it is in makes other contexts location northwest apparently also totally and Although you use it here every day location adress system and that world wide web and now you are coming and thinking Well, that's just location because it's him that's what we know all since the server became a place it is stored on us and that problem is exactly like one book and it may be that me no access to the page have it It may be that the server is saved or that my provider locked or internist network locked it may be that the book because you borrowed is just the side gone or just the side has become changed is completely different in it so i am now living out wrong book and it is interesting that we are now that's how you actually win and so to devote to the book is therefore to be I am totally absurd at the book but in the book Internet has been totally in it accustomed yes that was just on the subject could blessing and now the question is how You can do it over the internet via the Internet transmit the whole this is now a third and last concept that is the most complicated but I'll try it and do it functions that always comes from the mathematics and I know everyone from school knows it So one of iks is equal something and in our case is in my function and when i'm on dates so for example my motive and at the hash function comes out a very long time number The number is limited but so has the that is not infinitely big but that But it does not have to be that long Now imagine the nice thing about it now if i have the same data the same and the same number out that's nice now because suppose I load something down and Somebody else is talking down when we do really had the same data then and we will separate the functions from others arrives that comes the same number out we know so we have read almost the same file And by the reverse, that also means that different data movie too a different number makes sense worker is the star and that is the problem it is most likely because it is of course he is limited this time means there can be an infinite number of things in it do and it can not be that infinite things with finite ones things can be represented but in which they are likely to again two stars and that for the normal user is just likely enough You can assume that is easy it is so much there you have who now he is actually with him Heart functions may like to do it though But I do not have the time this change again if the same data same number different data is different now so now I have here an example of the woke up at the doc also short was synonymous a number of letters column so to speak they usually rule out if you see it somehow recognizes that picture even if you have possible images then puts the file in are Serve on or in the five ladies and there you can check if the file I want to download the steam in fact, it also has to with it do because an isbn number the farthest number is simple now is a number the checked that's the isbn number before that at least two in the espn number is calculated by the numbers before actually has a pay-turn trainer the last number is different and immediately also replicate the example that they it has finished no recipe and Now you can go to the car use this to identify the data is just for the content addresses and Although it works out so that I just then simply this number takes hold Anyone I want the file do you want this number belongs to this hash and then you get back and the beautiful one is is the circular flat end the
means I just want to say that not where I want this At first just give me this These daniels belong to this number
I do not know how much and is now passes things belong together so
short demo now that's a little bit imaginable and I start
I start almost one and four so 1 1 and 2 what I start first and I have rebuilt the place with so
cards and so it looks like this are in namibia with sentinel data of downloaded from krockow and yes it is quite normal I can turn in
and I am always fascinating
how good the resolution is finally at co2
this one really looks much and more
normal browser done so now I take
I'll have someone else else away in the world also has one knot I just have to pretend now
My knot would be gone now I stood on the second knot other side and in the other person
that's why nobody gives up and
But exactly which I know the other part of namibia so that has for Take this top data which we impose which we have just seen the flags and such and now come to exciting moment what happens now which the
connect both teams the beautiful is if the local on only still in you no wlan find the automatically and now we'll just to the exciting new testinos and indeed
Now it's all in the thumb and let's see what happens now
so and the surprising thing is now of course that just the others turn up and it is in this other one person but it can easily do that data from the other person too
just zoom in The data is therefore natural now also so if i am back again
Back this changed also happen here should but now so here also the finance
because that's exactly what it can do with others his resolve and there is nothing to to surprise you do want to show it all concepts like player as pure and indeed look
now just a part in such a Tournee is the picture in itself and it is
there is nothing that is really about it
the url so the system has of course so with existing system also works a http interface that works in browsers as well and as a 14 , for one it catches it always have terrain do it starts with the location where server is here Just do it locally on a computer and of course it's the way I run it place but he is the colorful with whole many other servers as well so now because behind is a very long column of numbers that is simply this very session the means I ran the part completely saved and then get just this thanks to this value so that may be a adorn rain deep ii behind it is exactly where it is is part and now that's interesting I use this server on the other one is a must, is board now somewhere in australia and i can change them and it
nothing happened what the same part is that I show with it minister in the first case this part was on this one server stored in australia but I just accessed locally and pretend to be locally available and it just automatically gets out found Well, I prefer the pursuers over there or I attack next to over there Details of a locally available but it just makes the programmer no difference i always only small local knots and the maybe everything from the only one Identification is a long number column that means it does not matter where the data stored is only important that The data stored are just like that much to the topic back to the presentation
what is the other of them for one thing that I can imagine in metadata catalogs who deal with it has been busy what for example if we think of inspire so now stuff how to do the metadata govern and then it comes but super demands possibility several times the same data in it, the quasi have an identical but you can then of two different systems and then you have one the map inside us and would continue to it's just this data just hash then you are immediately identical I have to have them already I have to do not dub or local always from files of data that no better name invaded what i mean by that For example because it always thinks you have somehow run around Obermann's update in the gate and get in the data actually from the internet but he imagines that in the company and many colleagues one is yes too, and you do the somehow update system and actually pull all people are constantly sharing the same data down like it would be nice because I'm doing this once they do not have that walls saved me locally and mine Colleague then just directly from me as has the internet that would be great much faster and just awesome efficiently and it comes just as often was that of course in the office the people similar data, for example, draw and what I have is a working group I'm busy with that any satellites at one certain area then drag course all people are the same data over and over again and make the little one more efficient other if it is not anymore it depends where the data is but that I can go somewhere align my works with it but what I want to open workflows with you the data of s3 and then does it and the problem is there and there I have more about last almost so the intention you talked about is what it is but my internet simplicity bad and do not have the bandwidth Of course, I simply thank you, for example the data somehow transferred differently For example, a hard drive is the problem that you get a whole together the workflow on Amazon S3 is based on that means I had to rewrite or I have to do the system as if it were Amazon s3 and on it will be a lot nicer if not just say I can namely next disk plugged indeed a state of the node to the and can you work for the four met europeans, for example, in fast would have internet then of course the Knots also get the data from s3 example would not be a problem because it just regardless of where they are stored but I just had the opportunity data also locally and that has this hard disk we described also as internet this means brink what the data with my sneakers Hauptschule and bring the data to he and he can just plug in and use so now I have a lot with the customer addressed Stuck anywhere and have nothing I also do not lose many words that was just very briefly that's called that is just that interplay devices because that's just one Implementation of such a system and this will be internet in java, there is one intervention javascript and co hopefully also at the break and it are so you can not get in browser there is a browser plug-in for chrome and firefox then I can really knot in the browser and then run could just now, for example, at the post is the people also between synchronize the browser instance in the wireless Internet access and that, of course, is open source under the mrt license both but under mrt and apache license annoying militia it I can not explain why change that now but for normal user is so I would like still always take the one and the other At the end I still want to mine future know how i do it all want to do and currently like that center of the data is disseminated just super prone to errors victoria and not efficient and me I wished that the esa just a p2p I take care of network and as my plan it was within ten years to implement I'm over a year so I have it still new years time so if you are in so I have constance to aces already several connections and if they somehow also contacts I would like to report or I would have too like to lecture about it because it's him really one is inflation we unfortunately I have no time to detail but i still like to go afterwards talk explain what exactly to why it would be useful for the center of the data yes and that was it many of the attention followed by japan
your experience with slips can data I confirm unfortunately
we have a little premonition get what is possible with the central infrastructures and I think sometimes one or the other has a question to yes only times thanks for the lecture my question in the direction of how that is delimits from the project that is yes
also very similar or pull on one strand So I actually forgot it too little I apologize for that City coined yesterday that 's just the same technology in principle so what I have explained here helps one also understand and pull together in the sense of you want p2p networks popularize technologically they are really separate technologies They used to have it 34 years ago overlaps but now gone It's already in another direction a bit accurate but that on it every case is also a project and me would say at the moment it is like that at the bottom and is not yet really usable so from the user side and that makes it will be one of the other directions and is very much usable to take that or cross build systems and and the premiums but still a bit on the background more so but that's my impression of it but yes it sounds like one of them there you are another page continue that somehow packed together so there is no aspirations or so yes yes there is me would say so there are just from from the apg there are really the aspirations all the things too was a bit too etf too to get and there could be with for example data jump up that would be with for example Here is the fia foundation for for example, they are somehow wrong that's how you want to be now something done and describes that we such primitive world is not analyzed you can just do it too unlock standardized this primitive and that you want to live on the primitive first and then there are more questions First of thanks for the nice lecture we now assume that we somehow the id hash's the goal that somehow want to know how do I deal with how do I get then out what the lord of my goal partly my tired images and how to get I am updating it when I do that I have a central one again single point of failure yes, that's a good point So the problem is quite natural So what we already a bit prevails For example, if I am a Thai woman would therefore be stately and different How do I know which one it is then there is also the mpn it that interplay james system was in favor on dns a decentralized system where then In principle , yes, wienen call again the hard for the data and currently quasi always on the current version and me must have quasi this idea in the update to the latest version so accepted understands example was that also exists recording by wikipedia and for the Action of articles have what they do update and the difference to dms is that it was safer was like this I need it again to change the idea the key and it can I have something I trust that the person is the one this id has always been that on the toilet version but shows me have quasi then again in the system where you can do dynamic things as well that he show any things it is so we can do it too live short so that's the answer who a little bit long That's why I like to talk about it I do not think so fast a few words Thanks for the lecture but me had also here I had Trümper also a question an understanding lie you have at the beginning of this beautiful example brought with the isbn where yours girlfriend then with the help of the cia in the book order can but requires that she knows how to use one espn a book somehow at amazon order can and must be the address so specify that ultimately her is coming and that is now back to me the file system world is not clear yet if I have now this how come the system or how works that I have with this with help from the pike how knows how to do it the way from the right to the data which will eventually come to me yes not so sure what the way is So everyone has just installed so everyone basically a pier on your own system and connect the flat with other teams and where in the world or in the world it can also be a local network and there is the technology behind it called the commanded lever that's just what they're doing here has the quite in shape as the short version is he flies in on a skillful The four others have the same kind of way so you have the data you have the data that the data and if no one has or he knows someone else has it then you are informed and then give it back and just now is still like that we just got this http interface always easy for nowadays too works that has http www.tv and then you can normal over http the background happened this time back tells that means that all pierce in the network of all hashes and all the files or I know, so to speak , I understand that's right no they'll be distributed like that that you almost know what apps have Could not have it all and just do it So you know that discipline table the ps know where to get the information get here which pia has the file So in the complete network is enough if someone has the copy and someday I find out who that is this better me several copies dependency faster and when he gets it has only one kind lasts longer but it There are just possibilities is then in the team-internal to find so very short question to conclude, there is somehow graphical user interfaces that the could also make more popular, so to speak that's just not up to now Consoles users consists of so there are there are two projects there are always to specially installed graphic surfaces the web surface but it also gives net desktop version presidium has data store and so therefore the This already exists followers thank you very much for this vivid introduction in decentralized infrastructures [Applause]