Tour de FOSS4G - Eine Reise durch den großen Dschungel freier Software für Geodaten

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Tour de FOSS4G - Eine Reise durch den großen Dschungel freier Software für Geodaten
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Es gibt so viele tolle Open-Source-Projekte im FOSS4G-Umfeld, von denen man als FOSSGIS-Besucher eventuell nichts mitbekommt. Entweder kommen die Kernentwickler nicht aus Deutschland oder sie setzen mal ein Jahr aus oder sie mögen einfach nicht vortragen etc.
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Many thanks again to the dominik elle
has a little bit of clarity now as far as the open source world is concerned and felix can not leave it that way I would like to have one now a bit of confusion donate sporty Target 70 projects from the frost area in 30 minutes much fun ok thank you a short question in advance who is because for the first time at a frost is
okay, there are some and an affront she is certainly the same yes then Maybe this will be a bit the others are slain now already more often were the know probably many projects maybe Not every 70 projects sounds the same pretty much that is probably too for the much too much for most of them to process everything was my interest actually just a big one to make some big envelope overview and maybe everyone has his own areas of interest and can then accordingly take something in the field be it over now than not point clouds or bim we have with me too in there or 3d i hope i am too not as loud as I would be somehow ourselves very loud good we catch at times I'll start with different ones
categories the first libraries because they are actually the most important Headstone is always difficult too what is the library and what now
not because many software projects can already do that as a library the films are bound
actually always built that up licenses from projects on the right get up and the programming language in the the it is also written and it is written if it then maybe one more Konsortium gives what is responsible or under and the project in is copied then I have that too So it's not only with usb aux there are others consortia ok let's start there with go I have here also that is now every project is the last I only have release date Projects from last year with recorded so when it is older flies out of friday I have mine brain and then you do that latest features but those on the can I actually in the short of the now not even time so it will only be a brief explanation of what the project actually does and yes we do
start with gl gr This is actually a specialist for converting from a format to a other for grid shape angela for vector informatics manno gr The whole is mainly leaves operate via command line or just also easy to integrate as a library that's a bit so how can you Imagine what he misses has worked before then you do everything with graphical components with everyone that's all mainly on command line but it really supports a great many formats and is pretty robust like that another project in recent years
years of experience bistros that stayed pretty long a version so that one can hang someday thought that has the library just means weird or 4 but that was actually always only the version name and there has now a big developer Community also found the project now fairly well advanced and in the gate it's really just about coordinate transformation geodesic transformation is actually found really in an incredible number of projects again this library so the Zero years in Alsfeld was still pretty shaped by java one of the most important Libraries had always been there I had yes today politically suite so who anything with geometries in java edit wants to arrive This little library is over also so popular that is already one other programming languages ​​translated So in cee it was called ios in he was there is also trouble going on there for
python is there that is based actually everything on gps and in JavaScript is also available a java project is geo tools it is
still a bit more extensive than gts there are also module packages for rasta data for webservices and for what we still have nice cdf and so on So it's really a big one framework for all sorts of things
to do in java and geometry ok ok oh toolbox is probably a a little bit more unknown is something else
younger project focuses mainly on the processing of rasta data so synonymous a bit far how can you process the data for For example, machines think two projects that sound quite similar like g data and also a bit of art Related are the try pedal tries a little bit that goes for point to be and oil or metal or moodle after how to do it tries to pronounce the same thing to make for 3d machine ok then would be programmed with r there there are some, especially the statistics area are there should be Definitely my sf watch that is a fairly new library though quasi son in the modern he embedded is and other old libraries sf is for vector-based actually, geometry almost uses itself not much like a postbus database the project stars tries us the same thing actually did for rasta So it's still relative young and the discount very active development so if I already mentioned then most people always want to hear What it any python is there are It also several libraries also quite modern libraries like geo can do that is quasi negro extensions also can the tool of python where one also in the quasi tabular data structures works this is becoming more and more modern somehow Again it is here that geo can do that mainly for vector amounts thought is raging he is actually that problem for rasta data and if you have the statistic wants to work there is then the project kaiser what now synonymous just in a new major release Okay, so it's okay times looked at ne openstreetmap card maybe they will wonder How is this style going on ? actually made that one actually the library is used for many years Apnic prepares all this raw data you actually have point line up on a nice map Sun sells it there is also a lecture At this conference live let has one a bit like the web mapping revolutionized because it is a very lightweight library is around just quickly get a map on the web bring to who then gis a bit more there too to bring functionalities with you would like to come to berlin maybe fast to its limits you should then layers up there are also in the lecture here on the fund is already one many years of successful geo project has just a successful funding campaign among themselves and offers really many functions in the The area will be so if it is in direction 3d goes then there is the library cdu / csu allows for one 3d globe in web browser to look at There are also several others libraries that also can museum Actually, that's what it's like in a short time time has actually done so To create the largest community as well you always have very active forum and constantly new release and so on that's just just always a thing some projects succeed somehow in the In turn, projects does not have them and they see until then quite successful Candidate has been two others projects in the 3d area are itunes based on a 3d library in javascript and that actually works too process point clouds flora so you say this 360 degrees panoramas or 3d can edit to do with it wts melonen maps the czech company has an open source truth about for wide models for right Complex 3d mess models ok and still two projects openstreetmap This is mainly the result for example, once osm buildings and to the other tangram and these two Libraries have the idea that everyone data in openstreetmap has the apa you first 2d are that you can use covered information to turn rule-based 3d city models to generate that's what these two projects do okay that was a libraries that was by far the largest category come We to desktop applications desktops so maybe most of them worked
a primitive thing there is s trust Originally there was also the post actually the user meeting Interestingly, so long is there I believe already over 30 years and is so special about everything Also large amounts of vector or raster data and time series data honestly so But a kind of profit is very stable to us I do not have much to do about cookies say there are so many lectures on book is at this conference where you can learn more about it two
more open source representative of it sgv has been around for a long time kind of like it is spain emerged a bit in spain at that time, too, saw as disc worthwhile really in the market is very similar meanwhile it has to be natural own goal and accordingly many options not quite as active development now like googles or kraske and open jump actually exist I am still at the Research always surprised which projects still are still exists and always live too continue and open champ is almost as light weight brings easy fast if you are fast wants to create a map and without much of course, clicked also on the other tools but open job not overloaded with now insanely many features so still two specialists in the field that A saying is what I have experienced among the users of raster data So it is very popular for the relationship of rasta data it is a very asked tool and geo da he comes out the scientific field with the focus on the statistics ok and hail to Finally, light is not really bright gravel in the classical sense that's me Also like everyone alone a tool around different data formats into another format but the focus is on here on complex information models So say inspire the 3 model and so on you have just been there with the hero possibility has graphical mappings
You can do these mappings now also export and ngo embed server or degree that is actually pretty ball okay then on the subject of databases what is there
maybe you already know poss the geo extension for postgresql There have been many since 2001 years and is still active is evolving too so i would say that feature rich and yet most popular pool in the segment of lightweight litter of which special night special nite is cool on it lite and it is cooler a file based database so postbus is gold a server based database if one It would be easier for mobile applications then Many smartphones than lite and cool accordingly, can also be cooler specialized geo package is actually a format is not real database is based on it though cool lite and is actually synonymous turn a database but because it then formats and above all coaches standardized format has since to follow certain rules maybe that's a bit too the development of the release cycles so far slower than now right free is other software so who maybe worked with rasta data also heard of rasta man that a so-called ray database the specialized on the lattice structure of a grid so before all things also in the time series data cubes etc that the specialty of rasta-mann also a german product and two perhaps the representative for the Developer among you not so well known it is now part of the aid one in memory database the most of all has focused on geofencing to solve tasks so if a moving object in one certain radius then moves that message logs are activated then we say the project is now in this advice is now in this the fans and the roccat that's one too data a score database so the stores all objects in tomorrow was
which has the indices coach becomes annoying and thus you can especially gml models save the so of the user of the roccat okay then three tools that even
do not have to explain big who works with javascript and wants that his queries against his layer the man therefore in a browser has to be fast that they are fast you can do this three libraries used airbus kg burgstadt bush what they do is easy just an index on the geometry of the put with it the queries and the Analyzes go as fast as possible and so who works with point clouds there has Much has been done in recent years meanwhile, you can too point clouds of whole countries in the browser watch without the software Anyway, if it breaks correctly is programmed and a solution the here the stand out is a 2 that is in grunde taken even one index Structure for point clouds specifically was built because you saw when we see the point clouds in databases have or have files in it just too slow, we need it a special infrastructure with it query and also the presentation in the browser as soon as possible is ok There are also web servers to card servers a lecture here at the conference the different solution comparison therefore I do not have much to do right now say the server is I think since then thus the most popular representative because of it also a pretty comfortable one configuration interface yields everything possible to adjust the web servers is a bit slimmed down as you work a lot with but has actually written by functional scope view, it is offers actually the same on perhaps small differences so the war gives it also the breeze also one cards server specialized in front of all things etc standards and complex gml so you can put gml in there database rheinland and have one automatic or web service pack above it is actually quite cool so that's two other motogp Implementation for wps server and sos server so sensor operations service and the processing service is rather smaller projects when you go to the internet you also have to change somehow caching prevail there is the web cache for that often in conjunction with the geo server used at web services too Often web cache and then there is still a tool webfish print that is one service based server is based tool around cards printouts too enable ok and a thing that's still right modern and new are partly vector So you look at the cards you get looking online does not just look anymore in the picture tiles come but that the now also in vector tiles come so that you can zoom stepless is a bit a bit works faster and there is Also different solutions for you open web is quite popular streaming solution to just osm cards part is based in the web stream
but there are also solutions to from a mail of the database partly to transform the data into vector for example with ebola and with me so parallel to the lecture even at the t rex workshop it's okay web clients we are not finished yet
I hope you have endurance what is there there will be map tapes the train wants to be with different components and the whole design would like to do then on the web internet There is also a lecture here on the conference oskari is yes comes from another Country I believe one specializes little on the order prevails production of thematic maps geo not calling yourself as well content management system for geodata also quite a big project where many companies are involved that is also two representatives here already a tool for rich internet to build clients and the guys yes that was, for example, a step of this Tools Cinemas comes mainly from those from the usa have their users there you do not get that much here in europe from there are some projects the one at international conferences sees with every now and then carried forward her on the frost then maybe not for a long time but they are after as before in active development so in the kugl universe has also done much since There is now already one bullet server and there are now also in google's web client so that one virtually his entire stack just with googles has let you is quasi in the end also something similar is also based on the ball so im I also had area now nothing promised there is only once a Korean maybe a bit of a solution cryptic acts when you look at the repository goes you see a lot Korean characters but there is a very interesting Application takes data from one post database and margins cnc them around So finished models on cnc them in surfer is also still pretty young project and how dominique already said does not necessarily get irritated at the version style some software programs simplest versions are there I ask myself sometimes 00 64 so you want that is not used or there is therefore There were already many accordingly
gullys and the service so to speak art frontend for the server that I'm on a fairly familiar database solution in the area so and still two clients for the rendering of
Point clouds in the browser responsible there are poetry once there meanwhile from most point clouds developers or free points developers is used and quasi os Also client based solution around huge to run point clouds in the browser and So there really is something done meanwhile pretty impressive this category i had is now for re-introduced this lecture styling it There are also tools that specialize in it are really only in a browser that
one not only displays the cards but also the geodata you see then that you can change them live, too can be in your style and there is one solution that's called big parts too still a very young project
also present at this conference I think that's the main thing to edit sl de león republic is an editor for editing vector partly that the colors themselves to be changed that the colors be changed or that too I think it's just about that the color scheme mainly ok and another tool that some data journalists also like to use it because it simply the creation of cards and also charts on cards or in is very simple combination makes the data rapper from the berlin company so penultimate category are metadata of course, always incredibly important and have to do everything in catalogs what is there for a solutions that it has been quite a long time now network the java solutions also like connection with the server is used and various formats for metadata catalogs supports a bit easily weightier variant is it is as if not quite so active but actually offers too so the basic requirement for one catalog webservice so in kojak is still a last solution here so far something other things are not necessarily to do with metadata has such a with it the fusion of geodata so if one now works in the project where several users maybe in parallel working on a project how can you that we can rehabilitate how everyone can so has its own version and can do that in a central repository back play because you know from the software development there is david and then for the geo for geometries will be the same for want to make geometry there are the music that's basically taken as just goes with geometry ok last category desktop computing big data me did not know exactly the important category that's what it's all about
this is mainly projects actually their developer base in the It really does not get usa so much with her in europe a tool was It's getting a little done so slowly
generating more attention geo mesa gmbh dock like that bit with this big data world hadoop and all this apache projects and makes it possible really huge amounts of geodata somehow to be able to interrogate and to be able to analyze There are meanwhile connections plugins to bullets and geo server that one also just corresponding geometer layer in these tools can handle and it's mainly about that if you have huge player with white light trillions of points then that you can handle that quickly and a focus for the geometer team has also set in recent years is that you also strengthened a sql interface continues to support that changed now for example from post if there the database simply the big one
have become post that easy on geometer around peaks can so wave has actually a very similar one He supported approach to geo mesa also works with a lot of patchy
projects together is just a java implemented geometer is a scale implemented james park that is actually a purely scientific Project but I am always again astonished many scientific there are projects that we will quickly pulled up for a paper and then you can see if you look at that fred repository looks at looks you pretty straight line probably not much activity is more but the us bank will indeed Still with new release is considered and evolved who knows that he now even the little one community has found it so and so conclusion still the eu trail is the other projects I just now just presented the goods mainly on vector based data dallas aligned now has the focus on really the evaluation of huge Time series of rasta data and the whole it is also best based on cloud already wants to be huge today lots of rasta data on his server download that can mean everything in one There is now a cloud for that also optimized formats like the cloud optimistic that ski trail is native supports and optimizes this cloud one can still experience too deeply that's where this conference is Also a lecture too ok so we are now
probably very blazing I know I still have time for questions in fact , the advantage can be I have practiced myself probably much more for me declared myself there I am somehow Easy to get over half an hour
So who is interested who this me I hope that after this conference with a lot of new experiences home drive and maybe you will get you did not get enough and would like to know even more there is still more funds for the conferences in other countries and there is always one every year international funds for the conference So almost in the international fund is this year again in Europe is taking place last year you in africa before that is a usa This year in Bucharest in Romania not so far away so there is still
ask so many were now projects many may ask still in dedicated lectures be answered at this conference I hope she has such a little in it some areas maybe projects these still did not know these do more now I would have less questioning but also a note if you shy away from everyone software to install there are from the sg oleftal is a finished immel one finished file with an operating system Where is the data on where I am think a majority of the projects too Then you have those on it first hurdle taken over I have to do it all now install and that is actually always a good idea georg or I think that's live go out of georg and there you can get the Download and the complete Operating system with data with software and is also used here, for example for the workshops and if it is not on where it is on it then geol there is perhaps loosely image know I would already be working with a dogge did the installation actually always pretty easy does anyone have a question i have forgot some project i have Certainly forget the complete us emstek , for example, still lacks the all the tools that are there nova pass or osmium or graffa but there's it yes one more lecture to so openstreetmap a project that is still is what she likes to do here now? would also mention part of the development is involved yes if it is interesting for people with day in the tachometer or working with GPS data as this data so full activity into gravel come in there is a small It's called program which means that the source code so short Hide codes full attributes of the data can then generate directly into the gravel can be loaded Königssee - tools dot org is there a lecture on this conference but I have seen something like this given in berlin of ok it gives up yes the tachometer lecture some day So get such a related project yes yes ok maybe i can join him record in the future we still have enough time for questions Now everyone knows which product he is must use for what he is in back then now it needs probably the heads [Music] well there are no questions because quit Many thanks to Felix Thank you


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