Vom Luftbild zur Trassenplanung

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Vom Luftbild zur Trassenplanung
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Im Vortrag zeigen wir die Verarbeitung der Open Data des Bundeslands NRW für die Planung von potentiellen Trassen über Kostenoberflächen mittels KI-basierter Luftbildauswertung bis hin zum Web-GIS für Planer.
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and the tenth and hold true last year Thank you so much from the aerial view planning a lecture by till adams from the molaris gmbh till is sad that he will not be here
It may be the first fund since the beginning that he does not exist it actually has he knows he is sick has asked me his demands do i know this leipzig can the content i know what is happening there I hope I bring you this or you
and that's it over there too becomes understandable I actually also again notes made for the lecture that is not more so main mainz part actually I know that one more a bit safer about what I 'm talking about i hope your world learns how to do it from the aerial view to a route planning can be advised is the director of the
molaris gmbh & co kg you are sitting a partner company of the company terrestris de la danse sentence founded the dr markus neteler the one or others may be known under his pseudonym Maybe God really does it from the absolute grass which one popes hinrich can pause social has eight employees 30 off and especially cares about massive gis Data processing and remote sensing Overall, about the people you have hired and theirs Managing director you have one whole lot of decades of experience in this whole area with gravel open source and above all, as I said also kreisky's motto friday with free software is more or less too the motto of this vosges conference on the right you can see that a bit too people are behind it lower picture is from the common klausurtagung from barcelona in the last one years
what are you doing in total? eye source applications and above all this emphasis on high performance computing so cloud computing and that everything with this focus on geo processing is a big one Far more thorough share in there as well the markus brings with it markus nickel and All this ultimately makes the moni everything
we come to the problem and the basic proceed which in this pot will be treated the
question is ultimately in the
You want to get away from it all find where you can attach a track in this case like here for example to lay a cable
the idea behind it is now for now maybe it's trivial but it is it is by no means trivial if you see how zumba had there is a lot of costs that's why it's planning actually be as optimal as possible the costs are behind it hide with this trading or what you get here looks just to minimize that, so we
want to plan cost-optimized planning order to lay new cable networks depending on which through which superficial through must with my cable so be it an asphalt is one rock stone is it a lawn area hide completely different costs each room unit behind and at the beginning Everything is possible so first if I We are already planning a certain room I can from the back left to the top Go right but then stop pretty and optimal cost structure
under circumstances that results from it so that ultimately all single surfaces in a form and additional costs with one cost need to be covered then a cheap routing ultimately get out where you have a track embarrassed but that's all too technical If I'm just one now
must trivial drauflos then let come there very technical potential speak out speak those are by no means harmoniously the jump like crazy between asphalt and green area simply because the algorithm in that what is not optimized before yes what is nice to produce what you ultimately too as for another plan can use that means that is definitely too the algorithm must be in a form be conceived that same be avoided and straight should be sought and possible rarely the technology is changed too speak there are different there are Of course, as always, not only in life a fashion such a cable in to spend the road but there is different techniques depending on underground are suitable after lower different costs have the but also ancillary costs also something like Noise or duration simply different effects plus plus you change such a laying technique So that's what they have when I say it I've publishing technology that I'm doing a kilometer and then I make a to next kilometer due technology b for 30 cm simply because it is on the aerial picture corresponding here right now would be cheap and then again one whole kilometer laying a that is for an algorithm is completely legitimate to produce something like that and for each one in the subsequent one planning further on it is completely impossible as well as too Above all , there must be one more work So a lot is to be considered We are the property relations if I am I can go there by public Simply cut the room or do I have to Maybe because the owners have them explain etc That's why you have to do that now
The ideal thing is that is ultimately a two-step process of step One is that you have surfaces
data from aerial pictures gets so to speak a car photo classification become the then train around so I have one aerial view of a field and train there manually a class-gate this test data I pass on and leave that calculate the total area then have I have surfaces on these surfaces that have a certain classes that I'm doing routing and then finally I do a post Processing that is on this graph not to be seen the ultimately such criteria just Harmoniously described with the theme were just one more time Validation updates are the change design-and so on and so forth you I come to these so-called potential routes contains potentially he market potential what is there come out are no tracks but it One is a population at the beginning to say no more to the area consider everything is possible after I am through this process is not everything possible for a long time And I have a lot of candidates drastically reduces those in the more
planning, for example, to input where, in part, actually around human blood is in turn and other software packages this potential routes then continue to work then really a final route from it to generate
That was high level 2 components first then a professional qualifications cost based routing on top and that postprocessing that finds him it then contains in addition to how
this places photo works classification there are the decisive play on the left side to see there is the once to name a software share then is on the grass kings and the software who knows how and that the software is pronounced Interestingly enough, even if they are poodle why little footnote on the edge
there are and there are good that is 2 Great known google means what we do as an adversary and that he is on it google the beautiful and the rhyme beast or fiona maybe ever heard poodle writes one must speak out deals with point cloud Ultimately it offers possibilities and ways to work with it Graphics is perhaps the oldest open source gravel what is there and actin yes ultimately a rest api on top of grass on top which ultimately also grass yes cloud capable I would like to say so one speaks thus has the power of grass in the cloud and can then can automatically via a standardized residual api grass processes let count and also these in turn can also with the help of make poodle then match things input data is in the middle like that that's about once shown to be called aerial pictures various indices avenged green So I'm not an expert because those like for example a yes index the ultimate from the air with information can be achieved the sat 1 1 gave parameters there is the Unfortunately, the data in nrw, for example Also available are nrw so open data alkis data arrive purely road network there comes to my knowledge Available above for use but of course other road network too its the first synonymous does not matter and the training data already mentioned there is also this block right besides segmenting statistics that this training data is called proportion of then quasi the places flood classification also he makes is already wonderful that means the user was parallelized actually this whole through the provided cloud architecture wonderful but how to certainly he will do even better It was wonderful that you stop can calculate in parallel and several large task of several compute components at the very end get through all this data use of this great software the left side we have one classified grid card
there you see such a few input data this is nrw on the far left
then cut and then you see that an aerial view and there you can see actually some problems so with the aerial photos arise First of all, it's wonderful that you as well discovered are available an otherwise it's not that easy here do but you can see here are different burials in it so the shadow case just seeing it is to recognize and also distortions in the building you would have to believe it in the middle can recognize relatively well above that something is relatively distorted These are just a problem with the man then must deal with the recording time points on different corresponds to see which in the downtown area I do not know exactly what happened to him maybe in july? has been but on this if you are quite nrw Look at this is not one
time even close to 1 newspaper that means one sometimes has leafy trees sometimes do not claim has relatively fast changing mappings thus speaks that can be on short Omani distances to change extremely even within a homogeneous stock is that maybe you are considered for example, the city ​​around borders or So that's not natural somehow predict when will be The quality is aerial now actually massively for change a or other direction
also the wedding dress are unfortunately available Here I think I see the Cologne Cathedral and in Cologne train station they are actually in a resolution this is not great for what in this open nrw data but you is sufficient for this process
support in particular around For example, trees are better too detect or other objects the simply in the way would be in the event of a the route you would lay there just be a problem so to cut down an old tree by one laying there is reason for one is an exclusion criterion that there is no path for the first time can go or any one other spatial object also exists
we only remember now at the
I just explained route planning How to get to these surfaces Classification comes with different classes and that's exactly what it's all about input for the final cost routing in the end, they are the same actors software on the left side in turn activated the grass gravel and poodle myself Of course, sometimes we concentrate I hope he does not have me bears that you really can I call and laugh poodle now broken but good next to this classification we
just looked at us where they are is still the Alkis building has come the road network is already relevant there so-called interferers and a relative savvy rule catalog and cost the hide behind certain elements For example, lanterns are the disturbers there are and can be disturbed by these to break up, so to speak, exclusion then generate that for the routing not be used at all which as surfaces for a potential red or a track at all difficult are eligible the rules catalog there it is what I already mentioned that the Technology did not change that often should be that one of these but also regulate the ownership of the area by the
the potential route goes through the should a certain yes the the Ultimately, as a rule, the influence Adding paths are also already with results
that's a cutout of one object-based monitored classifications as I said on Training data happens also per place it must be created manually was a very difficult one now one-offs are therefore unique to generate test records for i say sometimes dresden and apply those cologne or something in this area is not so easy now we also see one on the right here little legend to it and you can see He actually has this aerial photo quite a few individual elements are recognized looks especially the light blue
water, for example, I suppose are so small swimming pools I know it in the concrete case did not ultimately have yes, every pixel there has a class actually get assigned as well looks very handsome that is now
again the result of such potential paths that means every surface on these pixel, in the end I have a cost bertram and this something thinner before all reddish lines are the result such a potential route one actually we see that we are really beautiful so they are relatively straight that is an effect this posting a little bit down and switchen that means you see now here very few different technologies and that's exactly what it is that's exactly what the goal was
that we are here now a few different Seeing classes is basically the goal confirmed here we have the whole
results then again on the
aerial picture applied and one recognizes then here in the middle I hope it is At the presentation we also recognize actually a few times different classes but this one area here where it is very very close becomes the architecture
I already mentioned it and the all the colleagues of harmony everything are just simply experts for Cloud-based geo-processing Accordingly, they also have here a corresponding complaint is in the offing set loose is so close to you there
plays very decisive and stops in cool case is the whole thing is deployed in open ship openshift and down here this last point is too sometimes very interesting aspect ultimately ie infrastructures code that is the complete infrastructure behind with the data with the individual software components we have just seen is ultimately generated from comics that is an action of an employee of the there at this at this processing some analyst comments and then delon a whole chain of actions the whole infrastructure in the end It is especially possible to raise all together
These are the direction of this I have software called activia shares already briefly presented Take home message is it is a rest api on kreiskys and makes it grass kings cloud is still capable special work which I like to emphasize would like the aptima chromat execution the is ultimately on my local terminal a program which is can install or what years with comes, so to speak
then i can get my commands here make rest is communicated with an instance where the running optimally in turn speaks with a glass of kiss or with many grass kings Instances in a cloud and I do almost my calculations as I like them always done and only executed be remote in the cloud and the results are very fast turn in front of me Overall, that's all you do
To cover it you can see it various thematic things the one can cover there with very important at the bottom right this point even if he is not so relatively prominent as inside is this api behind it therefore wonderfully documented I had it on the front left here
in the lattice waschi of monreale corresponding left there that's him everything better, or whether it is now documented so that I relatively easy
also make it small and as I said overall, the whole thing only thanks to actimel and activia is just
recently also on the open source away we all prefer here it is namely recognized since 2009 sobieski community project and that all very youngest a job like this project So take a look this software to the links are the according to it all is at github it's a community project and me can only hope that this lecture
has helped a bit if they have more want to know they can for connection like to ask me questions I give mine Best of all, talk to them and answer stand otherwise are here contact Information about the company is ideal got us down from the company terrestris below, they just come to you They talk to us we pass on everything and thank you for your attention at all a few questions or notes as well
we have a seat in the room now representative of the archaeological faction people is here They said that at the beginning or sometime In the middle of a nature conservation a tree The couple of hundred years old is nature is protected and so would the route then can not go through why can not you also if necessary in agreement with the monument Bodendenkmalpflege are already in charge the lower and the lower lying monuments with maps they are finally again crucial for the cost reduction of the causer then build and lay cable or bigger Build living excellent question In fact , I know that it is in the process there were also discussed so that's what I pictured here I'm sure there is still a choice is falling on individual places depending on availability certainly other data First of all in this process with pure come be it like protected areas ground protection monuments if they are the data are present and then there are At least we have no problem with that my perception of this data do not exist nationwide or do with you [Laughter] or they made that way around us that was how it was with mapping fundamentally allowed are very many data available at the monument office in archive there you can ask and so it would indeed it would be a win win situation for both sides for the Archeology and the Bodensekmalpflege and for the cause of the before he knows what to expect many suspicions now exist It also maps a ground monument of soil monuments that not yet are excavated but you know that they are there and some of them data that for example in North Rhine Westphalia already open source available I guarantee that exactly this input further I know that exactly was talked about the aspect of mine last knowledge was that there Information situation just not so Homogeneous is that you prioritized so let it flow If you say otherwise, I am ever so glad that I have this lecture have actually made then I will continue accordingly give and then you will have a look in how far that can be improved because win we all want to win there I think this is about it I would rather not hello andreas product key from paderborn also north rhine Westphalia and that's where we have the problem we have from the municipal side always triggered such data open to provide source open data in North Rhine-Westphalia Westphalia because we finally give our communal data to the archaeologists continue but what ultimately exists in the archaeologists we will never get back So that would be nice because we are Also for our municipal planning law Of course, potential suspect areas Locate and here we have even commercial applications of it then they could benefit North Rhine-Westphalia, they can do something assess players from North Rhine Westphalia but me I am not from the office so yes it is me What would really be just then communication would have to be established intense yes great but that's what I have just made for you super pleased me I will definitely go there somebody will decide because maybe even one cards out or as a whole that was just in such a conversation come in and then we'll see what he does make it so good with each other Talk that's great we have here is a word message so back to then words that is so far because the questions because of the earlier on the problems pointed out what the aerial photographs one could concern the dead in the future make better use of photos if they are available to us yes So it's about these photos from the photo would be better suited in the future instead of the normal aerial photos or otto I still would not have her open source but I have in the future too I'm sure that's the reason is crass ultimately the crucial the crucial software and jobs already during the markus one decisive heads also behind this process that I imagined the is with joy of any data quality which improves when you is present accordingly if it is not I can do what I want from home actually not 100 percent can answer all that he lever in move that that goes in turn because he loves exactly those challenges of an area mediator there is no now there's already there There are already nationwide red There are already pictures of vienna mccomb nationwide dead before it for North Rhine Westphalia also available already do not call them I believe for exactly so the room is called Not So how was that again? not available although the wish is there but exactly well we are now with the time at the end Thank you very much for the lecture with many tag for all word contributions Many Thanks [Applause]


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