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Mapbender – Neues aus dem Projekt
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Mapbender ist eine Software zur einfachen Erstellung von WebGIS-Anwendungen. Über ein paar Klicks können mit dem webbasierten Administrations-Backend individuelle Anwendungen erstellt werden, eine Benutzer- und Gruppenverwaltung mit der Möglichkeit Rechte zuzuweisen.
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beautiful we have come look now map bands on every year an idea what the webmaster everything happened in the last one year and this year we want us focus on what's new in the web bender project now first the question in the round we had tapes in commitment which version we will come soon on it so exactly in some here in the audience have always sit Usage meppener 2 in use there are also 44 people in the area audience not bad and accurate So what I want to do in here now the lecture is not a feature travel that the people do not call the meppener can recognize they may be disappointed but exactly we want to see what he has So done in the project where are you what's up for new versions too functions where do we want the focus
put who cares for the fathers
I'll give you a few pages right away Can you get the men then directly suffer from head to head with bender above all things in the workgroup We are programmed in three locations bonn berlin and freiburg with 40 Employees exactly we use modern technologies agile methods and are one owner-managed company already is quite old and we have many Experiences above all things in the web in area our software projects we
Programming during recovery are the liter doris that a metadata portal then the bender with it already many years as the client's web and this is an offline client with the you also take the data into the field This is a pretty new project also to be linked to web bender and ball is so that one the data directly outside and we can
have training institute the funds Academy in which we have various trainings in the open source area so have I am here now I wanted this now so good but short was fast pass what is there actually it's an upbeat client with administration administration web interface so really similar to the lecture before at least Cookies just seen the weather we have a frontend and einbeck
and for administration We can provide geoportal applications create without a line code too Write that is the concept that we We have been following for years now build a services repository on us have a user management and can We will then serve on the web if he have announced in applications can assign users and groups create and the permissions on whole Applications also give up individual elements in the applications that means we have these three components and even though times times
again with bender it looks like that a standard application we use with the Dealers deliver the demo applications three pieces are directly with it and
you can then copy as a template take and can quite a lot create individual applications
that was just a slide of the mep in the website because we have such a Gallery produces many where you can Solutions with bender benefit can look and look what is there for components to use
Here come three more slides from the project rio of the oberbergischen circle have quite a lot of donors Applications generated and have their
cards serve the communities and citizens provided and use there the components we always bender deploy with bender delivers quasi a modular elements of which I individually and then can and can use me according to then individual assemble applications and also through the card services I go there Location or the search I generate or digitize I might work then put together individual applications for different users provide through the authority I have then also the possibility protected Application to provide you only specific users or groups
short nor are disposal in view into the backend we have administrations back end because you have to sign up then additional functionality to disposal we see that here completely and then you can at logon you can edit applications Can the with services and elements fill and can also easily new generate applications so now
But we look at the current developments what has happened in the project?
we have a text in the committee and a away developers and development teams more and more is growing until a few months ago the axel shepherd has the project as derived and now has the holiday Button took over this role because of axel shepherd leaving the company has and we have brand new the marcel normann a new colleague now yes also in the projecting committee and have recorded there We have regular meetings in front of everyone Things in Bonn at the works where we vote and the new and the new to tackle developments and we also have one last year get reinforcement in the development team two colleagues in berlin the felix and the polo and jonathan in ours Bonn then we had the last release in the november 2008 10 and start now the next version to the next
version that's the 308 which is short before there we have the merz end of march 2019 planned as the next release there various things happen that happens everything was pressure overworked, we're getting closer now buy one of numerous bugs fixed and we have We made that from this version make a long term release that means we want in this version So continue to maintain this version january 20 21 and want to join this version only bugfixes do not implement a new feature there and exactly because this version is the 308 of the version which continues to use open airs 2 What I said the ribbons is a word on php javascript open airs on and uses the symphony framework and We had a big one last year Elan's move to a new open airs version we went to we have but it has not been implemented and thereby here is this 308 the last one be the version on open airs two builds this version has to be synonymous symphony 28 will be available from november 2009 10 no longer with security fixes supplies that too discontinued model it and we afterwards
this 308 version is the 31 version parallel ians tackle is also for This year she is scheduled to be in the third come quarterly we want the Developments last year have made direction open airs 4 or perhaps up until six which now comes out soon so close
the men then on a euro 1 version and also on a newer version then builds exactly in the 31 version should be synonymous still new features are developed The concept of the developer is that we for a short time at 12 and 14 parallel still in this version hold so that you can not help can go the old way and one have easier transition and what now must happen that the each element is rewritten and yes , then, with the new one open airs communicates with this we also want that response if approach design we just have the kukis webclient taken and accurate so we saw that with bender im Comparison is already there potential because we can still you have to say a little bit better
and that's what we want to do and exactly
response if design means above all else that the application we use on the I use the desktop too then use mobile devices or tablets Can do it without multiple applications or several applications for mobile and desktop then to have separate concerns
exactly and then when the three a stands then we have a project something then what is funded is there we want reusable services Instances and install the with the Many applications have to do with will do many services have the rejoice now because it is planned that If you have a card service now you just configure them once configured and then this configuration that you did then into different applications can at the moment it is so I configured in one application then in the next And every configuration is independent exactly and it should be installed but so that you can do the whole thing too decoupling that I can say can okay although I have these services but in another application maybe i would like to serve a little different anyway configure that this possibility exists then
exactly after the version 3.1 is the planning still open voting we have in internal projects implemented like mts we have also implemented cs in projects boys and 3d could become a topic but we want only times hintendran ask and first these two tackle milestones Now we have something in detail again brings these 308 version values heard pressure is overworked the digital version will be increased and we will have numerous bugfixes here you are the link to the changelog where you can see what has happened so and exactly one I want some changes now ever introduce we have a looping mode in the pressure built in so that larger Print jobs simply in parallel can send and get a message when they are done the pressure was changed so that not only a large picture is required So far, the concept was the one with high quality printing in very big card on calls that we have so changed that now tiled so quasi smaller tiles are requested and then that the printout will spend money then exactly can you mark the print then as well as in the card are issued that are eg then the brand has sat him well become we have feature labels to be printed and the styling at the digitizer for For example, when I line polygons or actually it is with the then they will also come with you in the printing and as well enclaves are printed matters times
it's really details when you look the map countries does not know then that is maybe not that interesting but that the pressure chamber of the reserves to be set size if I still have
Let's make it out of the bucket view and then he becomes one again bigger view of the city the print needs less memory faster than before we had an error eating at wm the groups use that because the laying pictures several times in the expression were issued which of course was annoying that is now we are sent too if we have very big legend pictures We did it that way now be cashed so that on so a din a4 page then fit and Back issues that when multi-line flow text that the free fields or Legendary title mistakes that you do not very much that the lyrics are very far stood apart and that is now
also fixed then exactly the digitization always bender benefit we will be happy have new plans 12 with many features and innovations of now in the new version should come out there the andrea had the bug very much a lot of energy is plugged in this was continued by others Developers and they have this element taken over and out of the project experiences that we have at the group of works is a very exciting What a lot of people like to have in theirs use and data about projects to capture there you can upload pdfs and
download and can own path specify we now have the possibility of objects to duplicate while keeping the definition copying rules of factual data specify we can move one object automatically save the button let show the whole can save directly that was so far that you had to open dialog so extra we have the internationalization built-in so that the be digital several languages ​​then available stands and exactly that must now even before the release comes out in the Documentation will be listed so that because you also understand these things can
then there is the wms loader which is
for a long time an element of web bender there is the possibility of the info request additional cards so the load is used in Gütersloh at the construction plan online for a long time used there was a fact that on the iframe was not callable that is now fixed and is a beautiful Possibility that you almost over the in ask additional card services can integrate
then there is the possibility that one via a link themes from the application Activates every topic every teacher has id so on the one hand with wms the on the other hand, a lady and you can passed in the call and could about it then activate themes in the application and eg all gas stations or all Show fountain or something and
Activate these teachers then we have here is the possibility that is still a look into the backend looks like that like in an application for example can activate different elements and then make sure that out of it applications and here we see such a key here since you can virtually every element again additionally with an authorization provided so that this element then only certain persons is available and right there was a bug that that in the cache was not properly regulated and that is exactly why it depends on who has opened the application first and then it could be that the persons then actually use the application should not access it then could because quasi the cache authority not filed clean
or the element Configuration not loaded or the button interaction so more bender You can see exactly which banks are active and therefore there was a mistake with the button interactions that the state was not displayed correctly in connection to the element and that is fixed now and it is like that one at the start of the application too an element can activate for example I could say that is in question at start directly active and the Of course, consequence is that the button should actually be active And that was not the case so far
that's also fixed now then it seems that way Yes, we would be more and more popular have given us extra effort this developed and now goes the trend back and people want to dear whine write about her build applications and there was exactly For example, here are two parameters those who were missing are now here too after being pulled
then we have a tool that quite new with it one can to coordinates jump or can be another so it can be centered leave at a certain point or can maps coordinates from the map and there it was ever after which zoom levels are defined you have to be totally healthy in the map is or not so in any case the could configure which level one chooses that we have installed now
Exactly then there are still various layout cleanup of the red lining
adapted there was the behavior was Part not correct in the search or gave it's a bug and that's the new one Colleagues paolo we now have one too Italian translation so that the Men now completely on
guilty Italian then there are new ones command from console bender config check he checks everything so my whole bender setting whether the correct are and give me that on the console then according to here so on
yes, we are just about the beta release 1 is already available and will be available shortly The provider should have two versions They also like to be tested So can those who have the pleasure To look once she can do that Download and as much beck give and otherwise we want now after the fund is in the fall meet again and invite to bonn We have this year from the asg without get financial support too every project of the usk with 2000 dollars have been equipped and we want like with the then make sense to the user but there is and there we all want Invite neighbors and one day yes to work for me and we ask the question maybe in the round the more use bands who would have interest meet we've already got that in bonn too maybe short yes
there are a few here in the room too interest yes then we have the lot
with bender org there again the ask has there ever someone just look at that, that's actually the arte documentation is just the discussion led us to do this abolish because it is not used and because the effort would be too large to build with the newer php version yes
as far as the journey to what to stand right now in the web bender is going right now follows after this meeting a user meet who has lust to be there and exchange experiences again with what's what on the web reports loos you are welcome to stay here at 6pm But then we want to stop because there starts the france tv user meeting and therefore the hospice is united meet association members' meeting and that's why a short users now meet well penner


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