Von statischen Bildern zu interaktiven Karten und zurück

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Von statischen Bildern zu interaktiven Karten und zurück

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Von statischen Bildern zu interaktiven Karten und zurück
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Dieser Vortrag erläutert Werkzeuge und Techniken, womit man statische Bilder oder PDFs schnell und einfach in interaktive Karten umwandeln kann.
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this is alex w
the above images button makes Thanks, that will not be more typical
Lecture because I start with it
as many of you leave here to if they are low in front of the look at and know the tools He did not necessarily have to be here
his okay but I'm still looking forward to that so many have appeared and must Excuse me now for a case finally not for my name
but this lecture will unfortunately
Graphic material contains something for sensitive people not quite suitable is thus warned and so on
I have a thing on one so seen the television broadcast is for the audience under 18 years not suitable actually accordingly the following cards are ever here not suitable to watch so you are Please warn now if he actually
to be sensitive is to close your eyes That's my call
I've seen that several times authorities or offices or even like organizations will be under German
sometimes make the tickets and for the train average the as pdfs I am a gesture brandts knows since I not by wickie is a four years i have it at the moment these movements with so mint toll in the league maps has with me so imprinted that if I something where I do not just get along a mouse wants rain son and can zoom out then I get almost physical pain and then it does me terribly sorry because the cards are that publicly that are actually
great that, for example, the Charter European finland waterways from without cd published as a pdf and I do really sorry because if i put that in one open pdf So there is no navigation I can not really a buzzing somewhere there is a mode that I am in there can turn on and then goes like this
halfway but then you always have to always search again and find another one case is from morning mail they have one great library of info graphics the pictures are pmg so that's one
beautiful card and that is a tmg and there when you open that a browser or look at a website there is yes yes, click here and then can one there then a card in and out but that's no Comparison with the state of the art Well, we are actually white not exactly 15 years old have one business
and yes we are glad that we want sleeper maps and we we make the whole easy with a few tools helps rule is vps liebs and imagine let and that would be very clear right now the lecture is specially designed so that that is not necessarily gis
Professional is therefore my target group is actually maybe not because he would visibly manage Right now we have the server seen how easy it is but me people want to address this one cards on their websites publish as pdfs and have to Show if you can do it differently we can do an important one
Legal Notice first time will not be for the first German train here that is very important so I am at the train and a few things I have made in the ground but I am privately here I am not a lawyer but just a few hints Cards are usually copyrighted that is
if he uses these techniques now just going to apply and then the card just on the internet may be published that really gets problematic depending on how sensitive the card is mover and yes i was outside the city and That's good, so we'll look
us our first case this landwasser waterways maps and see if we can So what would that cost us then actually to do the 1 0 our output is pdf
it's easy to download I have more luck and produced that's why it's too difficult to command is the right click you have locally and that 's our source that is a pdf so now comes the biggest joke around in this file as slip To show noticed one needs the tile usually one has or often one has server-side software such as
the server web server anyway These tiles can produce and that does not work either especially complicated but actually you do not really need that for It does not need pdfs There are a few tools of these Make work easy and one of it is dear vps of the linked and that is just a command With this command I can almost do that put any image into the pdf is or somehow a different format and I can say that cut me a tile pyramid and for example I know not google layout and made bmw is out there and shows me how quasi as the how this Processing process runs this command that may take a while anyway So on my calculator, I think so at one minute and then you have one So art pyramid it is easy times a screenshot so I love screenshots in presentations right just in screenshots of the file structure which then at the end So much gravel is produced professionals among us and they are actually hall so that's zero eight fifteen cebs i lon file structure and you can easy to create with a tool you do not need a money server then Also a popular tool ran with us
with client easy with i do not know 7 You can often do lions do the flat client and with these partly also configurations one can just go to a local directory hinweise and say well there you go
your part and that will be fine function unfortunately it will be a bit at the beginning look stupid because these are cut tile pyramid naturally fits in no coordinate system at all because that it is completely virtual what it is that has me with a real one coordinate system absolutely nothing because that's why you just do it centered on 00 then you land somewhere so that's ever has with Reality nothing to do then you can easily in almost every one
browser in the web console so it does do not hurt to press f12 you can say one wave per console forced and then you have the zoom level and discreet then one has, so to speak, the coordinates where you can almost zoom in can therefore command with two so first then you have to center and to for example dresden also the area what you want to show first and with Two commands tell you what you are actually as coordinates in the Configure song in lee flat client must have the coordinates of course nothing to do with reality but that just has somehow the idea
the numbers you enter a little can you can then configure it purely and
I also there are as yet a few more things you like there could adjust for example so max so that you can not go too far and the map looks too small from this pdf or vice versa, that too deep pure can hum and there are the details in the pdf not at all so that is no human being needs that too insm and max around then also has this pdf somewhere the limits yes and that can one with in the max tree and with us then to adjust i also really like this attitude mexico city that shows that
Now all that is actually live just beautiful is with this card
That's that's an attitude sometime if you try rauszusuchen then completely back so looks like I should look like this try here now and this this this dynamic of this physics that the that comes the cdu so that this feeling almost has that her feeling and that I like very card I like doing that settings ok so back in the zdf
I hope I am ok so there
just a few configuration and more
you can do it all right So center the area what you are actually wants to show it first example here so interests and that was
it is only a first part of the a lecture is our result We have with very simple tools where you do not actually plaster
professional at all must be one interactive map produces the map can be published as a static web which is online offline and local able so what is called offline capable man may all just be in local grab directory and just index would have opened more and that will work that is offline and local capable but capable or online modes can take all these files and to example in once such a s3 or goes has pages or otherwise somehow upload where you just have a real one so far used and not more you do not need a server web server like that always around to show the things that even if you no plaster professional is there no chancellor at all expense grossly said yes so I like it a lot that to make pages because I am very like with the files now manipulated and there is of course no but the hosts can still do it publish my cards By the way, the same thing would happen with something more effort participates judgment go that it then more interesting but I have not tried now because of that I do not show and so at I would like to publish online let's point this out Legal aspects do not do that simply because that can actually very bad end so if you The map nowhere just takes
and in a nice format somewhere publish that can be another duplication is and is a offending okay well now and that was
the journey in one direction, so to speak Now I want to travel in one too show other direction and indeed Suppose you already have a one lip map or somehow such a active map with tiles how can you This one can say that restore original image
good question why you need it so a very simple reason is express yes so I have him if you like one I do not know whose card has or Anything else and I want one Express area I want to produce a picture of it for example, for both cards now that this has just been shown be careful because as I said Watching outside is also a bit problematic so more was several times in copyshops denied cards Express exactly so you are there a bit careful but good I show but now another case why you need it and that is actually a bit pragmatic and although there are also old ones cards that became sometime so I do not want to say the end of 19 but at the beginning
Since 2000 not touched and they linger a bit and German does not speak like I said Once again, technology was an example
what I would take there
from a German train me my employer so German train is very big and very many companies this is a verbund card so character the traffic groups theirs electronic course book is present and there is very big interactive composite card which means interactive in this case I can left there on a website here click above then I land on one other web page on another Here's where this is and if I'm here clique then I'll come to another
pages and no, I can not scroll here and pennon the way we practice it But I have to go to these arrows Press here and then it is almost like that that's an interaction, too I do not mean to talk that bad was, however, so that was unable Technique somehow I do not know 15 years or so exactly and the question So yes, when I saw that, I did edge is valuable the question is how can we do such a thing card but new you thing maybe neither would anyone touch now how can we be on it make Schlemmerkarte and that's the way it is reverse way well you have to first
download footage alone may be legally problematic but we just see that everything is so to speak training purposes and only as an example and of course none of us would be that do something here ok so with the way you can the the download pictures I have the extra not with a creeping order bsh or somehow made somehow but very stupid because as I said so be
you probably will be based here We can and how to avoid a loop in windows patch scripts then do I would have to googgle like that first that is so ok so you down letters and that results in yes few dozens of pictures you can see The problem is so because already so What is the problem? but they are not many now his presentation suitable because they So they have an overlap so to speak with countries and then one comes to the question if and how can we the now cut without the 70 time to open a graphic designer must there somehow select and so on and so on so fort tool to a great tool is in the magic that you should swiss life for image processing also in the batch processes and there you can For example, make this combination mistake you have to measure it once how big then actually times but then you have to cut it simply class 4 varied and then get the pictures already they are not cut, so to speak have overlaps you can then summarize the pictures turn with image magic main and main My recommendation is first somehow a direction so to example strip or split things we are not that important so I do like to line up or strip first and in the second step I do the together again and then get one picture the picture is huge that it as I do not know that it's like many megapixels is there that I have so a picture once expressed to 1 0 that looked good has the man in copyshop got one a little bit surprised that I am with one Giant away to him and me that did at all but he has it expressed and that say good from exactly and then you can do this the picture produce products and we have then now, as it were, where we are times have a huge image again and the question is how can we get out of it make an interactive map and that
I told that earlier today too you can just go with vips again
cut and get the card and
now it just looks like you have to not because these arrows press but can be quite normal that is quite normal you can not go there with a map yet only pure buzz out there is very enjoyable okay so
I'm not really a fan of microsoft like many of us but there are also an alternative if you like one picture and I think so tool so awesome that I'm on everyone Unfortunately, the case has to be told
that with private ece and that's nice he does not like me at all microsoft etc it's quite a bit but there is an insult actually from microsoft research these never composite editor and instead of that you can do everything with magic etc say okay we're doing one thing panorama then you can see all these pictures the invite so you have to right there this in ischgl connor and direction that's important you have to do it right set so install panorama like many split how many lines man has in which order should the pictures come and then they are she's already doing her good here arranged you can see that here so to speak, these overlaps are a little bit as you see double but the tool makes it one already
very nice card so with this sting the tool will recognize the overlaps can remove and get the end a picture that you can export
and you can see these at all Run because not that 's it processing is very cool that is actually tool for fotopanoramen made but works in that case also a wonderful tip what an okay well anyway so I'll tell noisy if you have an old big map
you might not have it somehow want a normal copy shop will that refuse to scan the card for legal reasons you can do that but with conventional scanners mafia the war in several pieces scan then number so many pictures and then turn to a question like Can I use this to a common map reassemble That's a very good tool for that but I never said that okay okay the two left so the two mistakes the
I have shown that are in youtube too
so see europeans in wales and composite card but I was outside the city ??????and this is thanks a lot
thanks for the interesting Lecture gives questions One more question about the time required I come quickly from such a of image files for this interactive map So if I ask the question correctly understood how long does it take one Processing minutes so I do something sometimes in between because I in small pdf card can not stand and I just do it by the way actually that even so the Imaging is very fast that is under a minute I would say so very quickly what a little More elaborate is this supplies Kurden You had to find one actually go in the console and to find these with us is like that a bit problematic but so in total per card so if I am one have pdf and published a map So create I have to advertise with model be careful where the light I want to say if you what I would like to say if we do that when done once has and knows how to do it all under ten minutes total time expenditure that is from my point of view totally out of direction journalists the Something like this morning post graphic actually one does not have no excuse that somehow takes a long time schmid 's love finalisten macht mit the beautiful lip maps thank you Many thanks for the lecture you have ever tried the next step to go and then the maps to geo reference if they do not have their own coordinates yes I did too So, above all, that's us, for example I already have this composite card I've already geode that for us yes is a very So funny process I would say so that's the way it is in cookies loaded and cook with them then there It is a tool for georeferencing you just have to put those, so to speak you can find them with a normal map good position and that can be a bit problematic because often such cards are so to speak, still graphically processed and That's what makes me what I am called simplification of geometries and such on and on I always look for somehow interesting corners or interesting geometric features that you look good on a normal card can comply but leads to my understanding follow so that was so mediocre yes so now more or less but at big swamp gradually we see that the somehow a bit off the mark and because it is not necessarily at which point I need to see now is which is better sometimes when, in fact, so to speak originally he was in a good of good katar graphic power has been made then a right one or known at least coordinates reference system and you will be on a main card then you can get a good one have agreed but that 's how said to be from case to case So he very different only cookies is of course a soft tool There is more to say then I thank you for something interesting Thank you thank you