OGC Diensteverwaltung über SVN

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OGC Diensteverwaltung über SVN
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Zur Verwaltung der UMN Mapserver und QGIS-Dienste wird beim Regionalverband Ruhr Subversion genutzt. Über post-commit Hooks werden für jeden Dienst eine Apache-Konfiguration erzeugt und auf die Reverse-Proxy verteilt. Zusätzlich können Berechtigungen für den Zugriff auf die Dienste mit angegeben werden.
Subversion <Programm>
Subversion <Programm> Service (economics) Login
Subversion <Programm>
Noten <Programm> Server (computing) Proxy server Project <Programm> Authentication Metadata Configuration space HTTP cookie Installable File System
Uniform resource locator NeWS Service (economics) Proxy server Metadata Database Configuration space
World Wide Web
Now go on
David and over the services administration on svn and go hello my name is david
I work at the regional association
ruhr in essen am there in the referat geoinformation and spatial planning in team leader for the team geodaten technik and we have been around for a while
thought made as we reasonable our web server configuration and judis configuration easy version keep safe and maybe still Generate more information from it can so that you are a reasonable one, so to speak structure simply has of the whole also already started it is
that we said okay we have our local file system the Configuration for the web server web files or for the cubis files and we really want to publish it
that ran earlier so we have the just pushed on our server that problem was already there that we not only have a web server but several web server that means we have to do that then always on several servers at the same time postpone that one forgot then the services did not work properly there you still had the multi metadata to generate since you have the once generated the service but does not update the metadata updated and remained there accordingly, we have ourselves how can we do that better? we now have to do each one Not just a configuration Configuration of the map knows how to get there above sees map map map metropolis web and bka puke us- but we have too my metadata file to and in this metadata file are additional information when I created the then then the files will be in one software repository committed over now there's where because here in the Project development is just so in it that we already have that and we can finish at the end if we can Committees have something called posco with them hooks states that are just scripts the run and things run and as First, you just do that our web files cookies projects on the available servers we have just spread that everywhere same configuration is the second thing we do is we have in the Metadata file to regulate the possibility give who ever on the which means which data can be accessed User group is allowed to access the data then comes an http authentication which ip addresses are allowed on it access there because there are the fia rules We can accept metadata file with indicate which is then applied and on our reverse proxy it will be this configuration then in one Configured and there applied immediately that is then becomes the patch server once a reload made and the rules are applied the services are secured or even also not depending on how you do that needs and would like to have the beautiful Of course it can be done now So everyone is doing so far always the younger of the always the patch configuration needs to adjust now it can also make the one who Configuration for the maps files created because he just the ip must enter a group the address next thing we thought with the whole inspire thing or something you have to of course also expect that one which must generate metadata and for the Of course, it is mandatory for metadata it is necessary for us to be sensible data service and have the coupling data service comes must also vote and if we service to this data Of course we have the coupling actually already in the web file described there are the metadata the left on the metadata in it that means we are now generating from the captain thies of the service and additional information we have metadata arrow in this md file we could now generate our iso metadata and then they are immediately reachable as soon as the service are published so to speak are the metadata also published and on-line and can then also directly as thought be used as soon as I serve delete the metadata again away so that I too somehow
no dead left then have somewhere but I really have those here possibility around that just that it just always stood on the same level is and the next level you have
would of course also like to see if the services and how they run we are currently trying with software ag health check around that is also a offshore project based on both which basically checks the services for your availability and there will be the services also registered directly or when the service again deleted is also flies out again from the database so I really have the possibility also there always everything too check and I'll get it then also the news if a service is not running and the big advantage of this thing is now Of course we have one place
configuration and operated by it all systems and always are consistent in a consistent way state if I'm behind and with new ones I have to buy web servers in one configuration with only specify and then everyone gets to there immediately also published accordingly that simplifies a lot for us in the configuration of the services
and so if I thank you